Removing Mirror Glued to a Wall

Removing Mirror Glued to a Wall

Whenever I looked at the huge mirror that was glued on the wall of my bathroom, I felt a strong desire to replace it. Finally I got courage and replaced it with a much smaller and more modern model.

Getting Started

Generally, a mirror is fixed to the wall using an adhesive, a hook or mounting brackets. Before starting this project, you need to know how your mirror is mounted on the wall so you know which technique to use.

Removing the glued mirror

If your mirror is fixed with adhesive, there is no way to remove without damaging the mirror. What you can do is minimize the dangers to yourself. Therefore, although it seems strange, this is the safest technique.

Place a cloth over the sink and on the ground below the mirror. Place a box for the trash near where you're working. Cut strips of tape the size of the mirror and glue them over the whole surface. Make sure that leaves no space between the strips of tape.

Now put your goggles and gloves and also some closed shoes. With a hammer, break the mirror near one corner. Now pull the corner off with a knife and cut the adhesive tape to remove the entire section of the broken mirror. Repeat for all corners of the mirror.

Removing a large mirror

Depending on the size of the mirror you may need the help of another person and also must plan where to put the mirror after you remove it.

If the mirror has a frame, it probably is fixed using a wire caught on a hook. To remove, simply lift the mirror with the help of a friend until the wire is detached from the hook. Then you can put the mirror in a safe place.

If the mirror has no frame, it probably is attached with screws and fasteners. The screws should be visible and simply remove them to release the mirror.

Always start by screws to the top, you on one side and your friend on the other side. Remember to always keep one hand on the mirror to prevent it from falling forward.

After removing all the screws, lift the mirror and carefully move it to a safe place.

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