Shower Pan Installation - How to Install a Shower Pan Video

Updating the Bathroom

A great way to update your bathroom as part of your bathroom remodeling is to add or enlarge your shower area. However, any significant change in the layout of the shower will require that you eventually come up against the need to install a new shower pan. Seldom does it work out that a bathroom shower remodel job can reuse the shower pan. This pair of videos show how the do-it-yourselfer can take on a project like this that may seem intimidating at first.

Key Elements to Shower Pan Installaion

These videos cover a number of critical points on shower pan installation techniques. The videos are from the Tile Shop. They start with the installation of the drain slope and progress to the finishing touches.

Key points covered in the first video include:

  • Selection of the proper tools and supplies to install your shower pan.
  • Subfloor construction
  • The installation of the tar paper layer which acts as a backup in case of water seepage.
  • The installation of the drain in the subfloor and setting the proper pitch for drainage.
  • The proper way to prepare the floor mix, and selection of the mixing container.
  • The technique to create the proper pitch when mudding the base.
  • The installation of the shower membrane, including those tricky shower corners.
  • The installation of the shower pan kit, which helps create the proper slope to the shower pan drain.

Completion of Installation

The second video goes into the completion of the installation of a shower pan.

This video includes:

  • More on the proper use of the shower pan kit, including the setup of the curb mold, and the proper technique to pack the mud.
  • The installation of the cement board. Cement board is recommended over drywall or greenboard. They also cover some tips on using recessed shelves if that is something you would like to use in your shower installation.
  • Finally the laying of the tile for the shower floors and wall is shown. And as a little bonus they show the installation of a shower seat, including how to shim it to make it drain properly. Note: some parts of this are not completely shown in this video, but most of it shows up.

These 2 videos give a great overview of the whole process of installing a shower pan. Take a look and see if you think you could do it yourself!

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Don 6 years ago

Very informative. Thank you

Linda Wilson 7 years ago

Nice job on explaining how to install a tile shower.

david 8 years ago

i was very facinated with your video on the shower pan and it was very informative, Thank you so much !!! Continue the good work.

johnr54 profile image

johnr54 8 years ago from Texas Author

The videos are available, the problem was just a temporary glitch at Youtube.

Jerry 8 years ago

Sorry to see the videos are no longer available. As a retired plumber, I was interested in what they had to say. This method of installing a shower pan or base is what the code (plumbing) refers to as "Roman Tile shower base". It's common in many parts of the country today to use preformed or manufactured shower bases that come in many common sizes and are just set in place on the subfloor and plumbed in. Good hub, John!

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