Stain Removing Tips

Stain Removing Tips

Here are some tips for removing all kinds of stains from most fabrics.

1 - Sweating

Quick fix: If you're sweating like crazy, wipe with paper towels. It is not a glamorous but will prevent stains from damaging the fabric.

Solution: Treat the perspiration marks with a strip for stains before washing. Then wash the clothes in the maximum temperature that the tissue can withstand. Use oxygen bleach if necessary.

2 - Grease stains

To remove grease stains, use corn flour. Corn flour absorbs the grease in soft colors tissue. Pour a little cornmeal on the spot and let stand for 30 minutes.

3 - Vinegar and oil stains

If the material where the stain is is washable, put a little talcum powder to absorb as much oil as possible. Then remove the talcum powder and pass through water. Then put a strip for spots and let it run for 15 minutes. Finish with a normal wash.

If the material is not washable, place the baby powder, then let the stain dry and apply a stain remover suitable for non-washable materials.

4 - Orange peel

Do you know that the orange peel is great for removing stains from tea and coffee from your cups. Rub a bit of orange peel on the stain and wipe with a cloth.

5 - Marker stains

To remove stains such as permanent ink markers, walls and countertops, use a piece of cotton soaked in alcohol.

6 - Glue, crayons and other similar stains

To remove such stains frequent in children, first remove as much as you can with a knife or spoon. If the stain is bubble gum, first place the garment in the freezer.

Then apply a little glycerine or other similar lubricant to make the material a little softer again and remove the excess with a knife. Rinse with water, put a little dishwashing detergent and wash in machine.

7 - Mayonnaise stains

If mayonnaise is dropped on the carpet in your living room, first apply some stain remover on a cloth and rub the stain. Let dry for 15 minutes and repeat the process. Wash the stain with a cloth dampened with hot water.

8 - Berries

Stains left by berries like blueberries, raspberries, etc... Can be removed with a little vinegar mixed with water. After applying in the stain, let stand for 10 minutes and repeat the process if necessary. Apply a regular strip spots and finish washing the piece in the machine.

9 - Remove lipstick stains from the lining of a suitcase

If your lipstick broke and left the inside of your bag all spotted, use dishwashing detergent to remove the stains. Dilute a cap of detergent in warm water, try to separate the lining of the suitcase from the outside and apply the mixture with the help of a little cotton.

10 - Removing stains from your plastic boxes

Foods like tomatoes can leave your plastic cases stained. To remove stains, leave the boxes in the sun for one day and then apply a little lemon juice. A little soda also works.

11 - Deodorant stains

Your deodorant left stains? Use a baby wipe to remove the stain.

12 - Grass stains

To remove grass stains, apply a paste composed of detergent and water and let the garment sit in a warm place for 30 minutes. Then put a little vinegar mixed with water and then wash the garment in the machine.

13 - Red wine stains

Put the stained fabric over an empty bowl. Press with a dry cloth to remove excess stain. Do not scrub so not to increase the size of the stain. Then cover the entire stain with water. Put on the spot a little salt and let sit until the salt to absorb the red wine. Now pass the stain by boiling water and finish with a washing in the machine.

14 - Mud stains

Let the mud stain dry and remove the excess with a brush. Put a little detergent diluted in water on the stain. Then clean the rest with a little vinegar and water.

15 - Wax stains

To remove wax from fabric, place a paper towel over the wax and press. With the clothes iron pass over the paper. The paper will absorb the wax and removes it from the tissue.

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