Do You Feel Like You Don't Belong on This Planet? Maybe You're an Alien.

You Might Actually Be From Pleiades

WARNING: The content of this post may disturb a lot of skeptics and provoke negative reactions. So to all of you who don't believe in the existence of extra-terrestrial beings, please dismiss this post and carry on.

How to Tell You Are Not Human

Many of you people are not actually humans. You may have human bodies and human blood, but you are not humans. You are extra-terrestrial beings.

How do you know that you are an extra terrestrial being? Here are six easy steps to find out:

  1. You always had a feeling that you don't belong here on this planet.
  2. You've always felt very different from other people.
  3. You have a strong longing to "go home," although you don't know where home is.
  4. You often tend to watch humans and think "Why are they making things so complicated? It's really not that complicated."
  5. You have a strong sense of purpose, that you are on this planet for a reason.
  6. You may possess supernatural abilities: telepathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience, or super empathy.

If these describe you, there is a good chance that you are not from this planet. So don't be sad or angry if people tend to misunderstand you—you were never human to begin with.

You Might Be One of These Beings

People have developed different names to describe the races of non-human beings on the planet.

  • Starpeople
  • Indigos
  • Crystals
  • Rainbow Children
  • Angels

You May Be from One of These Interstellar Locations

If you are not human, you may be from:

  • Pleiades
  • Arcturus
  • Vega
  • Orion

Why Are You on Earth?

Many of you have chosen to reincarnate into human bodies to help the Earth's Ascension process. Your purpose is to rebel against the negative vibrations of this world and spread the positive vibration that you carry within you. In other words, you are here to help bring Heaven to Earth.

Many of you are fully aware of what and who you are. Many of you are just awakening to your true identity.

Many of you will remain on this planet after the Ascension. Others of you will return home.

Images of Area 51

Life as a Non-Human Being on Earth

Many of your children are Starpeople as well. You may have been told that your children have ADHD syndrome, but medication doesn't work. You must encourage their spiritual skills, instead of shutting them down.

Starpeople must avoid medicine, alcohol, and smoking. Starpeople should eat only organic foods in order to be fully activated.

There is nothing wrong with you. You are not weird, odd, or unusual in any way. You are not human, that's all, and you are not alone. There are many others like you.

UFO Caught on Film

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The_Jayce 7 years ago

well then.. were are the places we can all go to hang out?? and what do you do when you lose hope in humanity and feel that the planet needs to start over??? humans arent the right ones to venture out!! or so i feel

The_Jayce 7 years ago

well maybe not all all humanity... i have a hatred for religion and humanity cant get anywhere with such an archaic belief. i haven't had any negative experiences with it, i just feel like its taking people in the wrong direction. My email is so maybe you could shoot me an email or something

matthew 7 years ago

I will tell you that the enlightenment is coming, everything will change for the better.

Jim 7 years ago

Immense sorrow is on of the only emotions I feel people react to.

Mya 7 years ago

I just don't know anymore.. i gaze all the time... i can always feel what someone else is feeling even though i don't care... i feel like i dont belong i always find myself questioning something... i love the ocean no matter how cold it is it dosnt faze me... i just don't know

Lily 7 years ago

I'd love to know who wrote this, because those six points describe me EXACTLY.

7 years ago

It's really funny I fit all six of those things. I've never really felt like I belonged here ever since elementary. I'm a dream psychic...I see events in my dreams and people that I later on end up meeting and the events end up happening. And When I'm awake I have really good predictions I can tell when things are about to happen before they happen.

When I was in middle school I drew a picture of what I believed to be my home. I know to the depths of my very being that I do not belong here on Earth and I want to go home.

timbo 7 years ago

i had a spiritual awakening one day, and i came to the realization of this(topic discussed), in this life there are way showers, who come to realise this, and jesus talks about it being 'in this world but not of it' i have always been alone in many ways,and i often keep my spirtuality to myself even though it is the realest part of me... ive had quite and intense beleif in god throughout most my teenage years though, confused between christianity and just personal spiritualty, thankfully god has lead me to my truth... any one who comes to know their truth in life becomes alien, because truth alienates you from most... so to all those who carry a truth will carry the cross and the spirit... and these are the aliens.

mark h 7 years ago

home is 3.3265 light years beyond the great orion nebula....

randy hawley 7 years ago

So if you know these to be you're truth as I do

And you know that no matter how hard you try

To help those around you, seeing an iminent failure

Ahead, and all you can do is prey to whatever is

Listening for change.

How do you beat the imence urge to sit down at dusk

On a beach take a few last breaths and pull the trigger???

I didn't ask to be here and I no longer care about those

Who surround me...

I'm lost


Kolgoroth 7 years ago

The race of men is at an end. Greed and corruption infect this once beautiful world. The stagnant odor of treachery fills the air. They have had their chance and chose to make war against themselves. Enlightenment will not come. No great awakening for man. They are doomed.

7 years ago

This is hurting my whole life,and i cannot normally function because of these questions i hve,i feel like i don't belong in this society,nd everything is wrong in this society,i don't wont to work and earn money for governments,i don't want to be treated like a slave.All im wondering all day long for years is .What is life,What am i doing here,Why are people acting the way they do,I feel like i have Nothing in common with "Most" of people...this is killing me.

Matt 7 years ago

I am amazed.

Most of the points describe me perfectly.

znedkpit 7 years ago


FUNI GUI 7 years ago

@ znedkpit



eNIGMA 777 7 years ago

For as long as i can remember i have had a feeling that i don't belong here. That there is something not quite right about the planet and people here. Just could never put my finger on what is exactly wrong. I've don't know if this is relevant but i was sitting at home once and the TV was off, I looked at the TV and for some reason I couldn't look away. I kid you not that TV switched on. The remote was in the kitchen and i was home alone. Freaky huh?

luis 7 years ago

I'm not saying that I fit in all those 6; I can't do powers or anything, I just feel and probably know that I don't belong here. Maybe what I feel is a medical condition, or maybe its just my way of being, but for a fact I'm different, and I really wish to ever see the place I can feel I fit in... Even though its millions of miles away from this planet, or just down the corner.

john 7 years ago

I fit all 6, and see that im not the only one. I look up at the stars every night and think I belong somewhere else I see things before they happen. But where can people like us chat without feeling like we are being made fun of

underthesurface 7 years ago

i've always looked at the sky,since i was a kid,like im waiting for something to come..i just don't know first i was afraid of it, now i realise that i want 'it' to come..

i don't relate to all 6 points, but i have a highly developed sense of intuition..including pretty surealistic dreams, that at times have come true.i don't know if this means something..

mak 7 years ago

you will feel this way everyone at some point will. human life is hard to live i wish on this earth every one was happy i wish evryone was equal. and most important i wish violence never existed .example if you keep a bad secret not only your creating a target for your self but your creating a hatred ring around you. every one should be open and help others not leave them and stab them behind there backs . i don't think we will ever change evrything is out of hands look back in the olden days respecting your eldest and ect ect

lui 7 years ago

I am he as you are he as you are me

and we are all together

Round and round and round.

Inga 7 years ago

What about if you are an adult and you can not deal with this planet anymore?Where do we go ?

JaneDoe 7 years ago

This made me think more than I'd like to, please anyone who feels this way can contact me at

Son of Anu 7 years ago

It doesn't have to be the end, Let's remember why we came in the first place, to help. And at this time more than ever we should be trying to help the ones we care,even the ones we don't.I personally don't know hate, I get aggravated at times, but I can never truly hate someone or something. Maybe others can learn by our kindness.

seeker 7 years ago

wellim like 5 out of the 6 points, but i still know the feeling of not belonging, of knowing that none of my friends quite get me, and that im supposed to be doing something but i just don't know wat it is exactly.. and the sinking feeling as if im just not longed for this place and that im supposed to be somewhere else, and that place isn't really close by... im not suicidal or anything cuz i had this feelin since i was like 6,,i mean i have friends,, but somehow i feel so dam distant from everyone, and ive never actually met anyone that is really common with me,,i find my self having to adapt so to speak,,,to everyone else,, cuz no one really gets me,or really shares

john 7 years ago

seeker, I feel the same way as you. I posted on here 5 weeks ago looking for answers but so far nothing. When I say something to people about this they think im crazy, suicidal or depressed but im not. I have felt this way since I was 3 now that im in my late 30's the feeling is getting stronger I feel like I am met for something else or belong in another place.

The Truth 2012 7 years ago

This thread is originally written by member Spooky Fox Mulder at February 6th 2009.

The thread become one of the biggest discussed threads at with over 2.000+ replies, 9+ stars and 80+ flags.

Later on, member Spooky Fox Mulder has been banned from and had his posting privileges removed.


Elohei-Elohim 7 years ago is powered by the CIA - they don't want you to know the truth. That is why Spooky Fox Mulder was banned. has their way to silence people, who know too much. Mulder was no exception.

Confused 6 years ago

I came across this page by accident, trying to see if anyone else out there had any of the same feelings as I do. I was shocked and relieved to find out that I may not be completely loosing my mind (unless all of us here are just plain mad). I am a normal, intelligent 32 year old - on the outside. However inside I feel very differently. I don't think there are any answers out there because if we were to tell anyone how we felt they would think that we needed to be put in a psych ward. I haven't told anyone how I feel, but inside it's getting harder to fake it, to pretend that I just don't feel "human", that I don't understand the race, I just don't get them. More than anything, I feel awful because I know there is nowhere else to go - this is it, we just have to deal with these feelings and be different. I don't believe in the ascension as I cannot believe that a race so intent on destruction, of the planet and each other are destined to ascend anywhere... So where does that leave me? Confused.

Mulder has the truth 6 years ago

Spooky Fox Mulder has the truth. He knows something. Just see the comments on this post. See how many people can identify with Mulder's message.

And Above Top Secret website did put and end on Spooky Fox Mulder. He was one of the top posters of ATS in 2008 and 2009. Suddenly, he was banned by ATS.

He was silenced.

skyy 6 years ago

So weird that found this thread, something weird happened tonight. I filled the tub with water and I wanted to escape through it. I highly doubt im loosing my mind, its more like i'm seeing something familiar. I don't know how to explain it. I'm not suicidal i don't hate life. I just want to go home. This happens especially during metaphysical, space movies, i don't know why. The above descriptions yadda yadda yadda, not sure where home is. Reading all these comments made me go in denial . but denial is just the absence of skepticism. First sign of acceptance. so anyways i decided to write. I want to reach i don't know how, seems kinda weird but only way to find "the way" Im not sure who you all are. But i need a guide, help, tuturial, just a cue. I just want to go , or at least know I'll be going there someday. I definitely don't want to go suicidal, I'm currently on my way to design cars, doing pretty successfully . so maybe theres a reason im here. but just knowing its there helps. I'll be patient. Anywways here's my email. and yeah ive read the indigo crystal children etc. was told i died 37 times previously and that i have a hathor soul. but they wouldn't allow to know how many lives ive lived............Im 22 and it is pulling me, this emotion. I cry like a three year old, i just want to go "there" . If maybe your have any thing close to what im talking about. also im starting to remember alot of things from an early age. TALKING TO GUIDE ASKING FOR MATERIAL POSESSIONS. vERY CHILDLIKE NEEDS. PURPLE BEAMS, THREE WOMEN , 2 OPENS HANDS. i SOUND NUTS BUT ITS THE TRUTH

bluecrystal 6 years ago

That is exactly how I feel. Is this just like that?... am I rom somewhere other than here? That is why I feel I don´t belong?

LISTEN UP! 6 years ago



First of all, it looks like Spooky Fox Mulder from forum (ATS has banned Mulder today...) did really struck gold here. So many of us, me included, HAVE A CLEAR FEELING THAT WE ARE NOT FROM THIS PLANET. And some many of us are waking up at this very moment to see the truth.


What you do is: SPREAD THE WORD! There are millions of people out there, just like us. read. Do your research. Rely of your feelings.


You are not alone! We are all here for a reason, for a purpose. Don't let anyone to pull you down.


Seek the truth! Don't trust the media! Don't trust mainstream conspiracy theories! Be critical!


Only YOU know the truth. and YOU are not alone.

Garrett 6 years ago

I can relate to this article 98%. I avoid all these unnatural foods and chemicals as much as I can. I feel like I wasn't meant to be born on Earth or even be a human. I don't feel that I have a future in this world, in career term. I can't seemed to fit in or even want to fit in with human traditions and what not.. I've watched humans around and wonder, WHY!?

Know Thyself 6 years ago

All of the previous comments (except the supernatural abilities) explain exactly how I feel. I don't understand why we are so evil to eachother, why we hurt and bring eachother down. It seems as though people do not realize that we are all connected, that we are all part of something wonderful. We should love one another and show compassion and understanding to eachother, seeing that we are all a part of this human experience. I don't feel like I belong to the world. I know that I am here temporarily, feeling as though this is an experience necessary for something. What that something is I do not know. And because of this, I feel that no job or career is worth having if it is not in some way making the world a better place. Nothing in this world truly interests me other than theology and philosophy. I feel as though the things most people my age (23) are interested in are a complete waste of time and are nothing more than distractions, to keep our minds off the important things and trying to find answers to important fundamental questions. I've always known that no one is ever alone in their thinking, because there is always at least one other person thinking and feeling the same way somewhere else in the world, but what a wonderful relief to read the actual words of others who feel exactly like me. Warm thoughts and energy to all of you, who feel as Christ said " in the world, but not of the world". Many blessings to you all in our human journey. :)

Looking for myself 6 years ago

I feel exacly like this, It gives me hope there are others like me hopefully i can find myself in the new future

profile image

starg8t1 6 years ago

This is an interesting topic. I would not be writing here if I had not been searching for answers to this very notion that I do not belong on this planet. However, it is also well known that many people who feel the way I feel (and many of you feel, too) eventually become introverted individuals because of many of the social issues that others connect with, but we don't connect with.

It isn't because we don't want to connect. It is because others can not relate with our perspective of what being social individuals is, or means. Others who do not understand our perspective is what has left us feeling disconnected and alone or lonely. Our deepest interests are not like others interests, which, by the way, is not a bad thing. I find that many of the interests of the general population of earth is quite boring and trivial. I am glad much of the time that I do not connect with so many other humans. I am also disappointed to be alive throughout such an ignorant episode of human development as I witness on a daily basis. It is as though I have arrived on this planet 10,000 years too early. It is my hope that in 10,000 years humans will have developed into a practical and believable species. As it is now, I have no faith in the survival of the current human species (the majority of them, that is).

Having said that, I am hopeful that this website might be the beginning of a new and more meaningful connection with others who share similar perspectives and interests that I do. Hopefully, those connections are not superficial or whimsical in some human dysfunction of psychological insanity, but instead, are real and productive connections in thought and intelligence. (Holding a belief in a supernatural religion would be an example of a human dysfunction of psychological insanity).

The fact is that, it is apparent than nearly all of us on this website who have shared their thoughts, feelings and perspective, share a common theme... we either don't belong on this bleak planet, or we are out of step with Time in its current disclosure of the mindless majority of ambition of the human species that exist on this planet. We simply don't fit in with the majority of other humans on this planet ...and that's not a bad thing.

Until later... Starg8t1

me 6 years ago

I feel as if i do not belong here, i have an emptyness inside, alonging for more a a hope that one day i willfind that more. i have been married twice but still cannot seem to love with my whole heart even though i care intensley there is still that feeling that's empty, i have studied phsycology and religion , qauntum physics you name it to feel my gap but yet it seems not to make sense.. in a certain perspective yes it makes sense, but yet that longing is still there ands its worse when I am alone. Its strange but all i can do now is feel that longing with love, i go out when i am alone and look at people and justknow they all deserve the love energy.

skyy 6 years ago

How do i wake up ? i need to wake up, i don't know how, please help.

Chronocaptive 6 years ago

I see things that most people believe aren't there, and I experience time fluidly. I am a psychologist because I can tell what others are feeling, and I can help. To contact me, go to

Tridan 6 years ago

There is nothing you guys can do, the world is just going to have his steps down by the domination of human kind. By no surprise it will help alot if 2012 does occur, but I have my thoughts about it and that the earth depends on us. I have to say us even if we don't think we arnt human.

The world will end by its self, people will destroy each other bit by bit, its just a moment of time till this happens.

If you are interested in some more information of my prospective ways of thinking and how i have seen and studied people sense I stepped into their shoes contact me at ill be waiting.

arin 6 years ago

I don't know what to do. this makes me so sad. i cry all the time cause, this is just so sad. this place and the people and everything is dying...and i feel like im dying too. im not supposed to be here and i don't want to be here anymore : ( And I always feel people's emotions so strongly and that hurts too because a lot of people are so sad... is there anywhere at all to go? is there anything at all to do? i need help. : /

the tree awakened me, you know. anyone else see a tree?...if not for that weird shift everything would be back to normal : p

p.s. thank you for this post...

Asorita 6 years ago

I just want to belong and be loved and not forgoten

Asorita 6 years ago

there is only three people in this life that matter to me. My last son, my dog and a person that i have never meet but have known for 4 years now through playing an online game. These people mean more to me than anything else and I care deeply for them. They have never betrayed me and have never left me. They have gotten mad at me plenty of times but they are still in my life. I don't understand why people have to betray or hurt you. Why do people have to judge you or talk about you behind you back? Even my own family has deeply hurt and betrayed me. My own mother, even in my older adult years still feels a need to betray me. I know there are others out there in worse situations than me but this is my life and I feel, I hurt and I need, just like anyone else. Yeah, I could take drugs to take the pain away but, if I did that would I be alive? I want to feel even if it is pain or hurt and I don't want to take drugs because i know what it does to your soul. Im tired of writing about this.

What will happen in the nearest future 6 years ago

1) Many of you are actually not human

First of all, you must know that many of you are not humans. And you've never been humans to begin with. If you feel "out of place", if you feel like you don't belong on this planet, if you feel that you love this planet but yet you witness that humans are destroying it, if you have some telepathic/clairvoyant abilities, if you have a strong sense of purpose that you are here on this planet for a reason, if you have a STONG LONGING TO GO HOME but you don't know where home is - then there is a good chance that you are not human.

Many of you are souls from Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda and other planets and star systems. Many have different names for you: Indigo Children, Lightworkers, Healers, Rainbow Children, etc. There are millions of you on this planet. Many more are arriving as we speak. You purpose is to be Frequency Holders and to help humanity through the changes that will occur on this planet in 2012.

That is why it is very important for beings like you to keep staying in positive energy and to be unaffected by the negative events in the world. Your purpose is to heal and to bring a new Love Frequency on this planet. Many of you have done it before on many other planets in your past reincarnations.

2) Negative and positive ETs

2012 is getting closer and closer and if your eyes are open, you can already see the globalchanges. As many of you might already know, this planet has been taken over by many races of negative ETs (Earth's history and the history of humanity is way olden than you learn in your history books). Negative ETs have been there since - and before - the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria continents. They are the "Star Gods", the gods of ancient history, the self-proclaimed gods of humanity. And god-like power they have, as they removed the humans' telepathic abilities, shortened human life span down to 90 years instead of 700, locked humans' DNA, pineal gland and chakra system.

But they are fighting their last battle now, because human population is waking up. And it's happening faster and faster.

You must also know that there are a lot of positive ET races as well and they did a great effort throughout history to repeatedly save this planet and human population, even though humans doesn't know anything about it. And the positive ET races are here to help.

3) Stargates

Most of the wars on this planet have been fought to win control over the Earth's twelve Stargates. This is the real truth behind the Earth's wars. The one who will be controlling the Earth's Stargates, will control the Earth.

Stargate 1 - South Pole

Stargate 2 - Florida

Stargate 3 - Bermuda

Stargate 4 - Giza Pyramid, Egypt

Stargate 5 - Lake Titicaca, Peru/Bolivia

Stargate 6 - Caucasus Mountains, Russia

Stargate 7 - Andes Mountains, Peru

Stargate 8 - China

Stargate 9 - Tibet

Stargate 10 - Iran

Stargate 11 - South of England

Stargate 12 - Montségur, France

The negative ETs use their energy networks to send out the Subsonic Pulses to control this planet. It is used to for example modify the weather, create natural disasters, tsunamis, global warming, earthquakes, volcanoes, weather changes, mind control, pandemic outbreaks, etc. It can also be used to cause tall buildings to collapse or to cause an "accident" to start a huge oil leak.

You have to realize that many natural disasters on this planet are not natural at all.

4) Who are the negative ETs

There are many many fractions. Some cooperate with each other, others have their own agenda. You have to realize that they are not only "Illuminati". They are the ones behind the Illuminati and many other organizations.

They are not only "Reptilians" and "Grays". There are many species, many fractions, many agendas.

5) Why the negative ETs want to take over Earth?

Because many of those species populated Earth long before the human race. They feel that Earth is their planet and they want to reclaim it.

6) What will happen in the nearest future

The events are accelerating now:

July 2010 could start off with a global event.

The oil leak in the Mexican Gulf is an excuse to bring on the A-bombs. If they succeed, the explosion would ripple all the way up the Mississippi river and split the North American continent in two. (Oil leak is also close to Stargate 2, Florida. They have already attempted to claim the Stargate 2, Florida with the Haiti earthquake.)

The CIA Headquarters are now moving to Denver, Colorado. Denver will become USAs new capitol, after they split the continent along the Mississippi river.

The volcano in Iceland is also caused by a Subsonic Pulse technology. The purpore is weather changes and to sabotage the crops and bring more humans to starvation. Also, to deactivate human DNA. (Earlier, they created the Swine Flu in order to make humans take Tamiflu vaccine and thus deactivate their DNA and pineal gland. Now, they are doing the same with the clouds caused by the volcano in Iceland.)

Financial crisis would lead to the introduction of one world currency and stronger grip on the human populations.

Just like the mass media, The Disclosure movement, the Zeitgeist movie, Alex Jones, Ron Paul, Steven Greer, New Age movement, are all influenced by the negative ETs. The "First Contact" is coming - probably already this year, 2010. Those ET will NOT be positive, although they will appear friendly, can help with environmental disasters, can cure cancer (that they have created to begin with...), etc. Whatever happens, don't go onboard their ships.

The positive ETs will arrive much later. They won't help you or "make things better for you" - because you have that power to do it yourself.

7) How do you cope with future changes?

Shield your mind and take good care of your mind. If you don't have control of your mind - someone else has. Don't buy into any New Age mambo jumbo with promises of Ascension or salvation. You can save yourself - no one else can do it for you.

Ask questions. Be skeptical of what they tell you in the media and TV. Do your own research.

Don't fight evil with evil - for you will not win. The negative ETs cannot be overcome with guns, fists or fires. They can be overcome with understanding, compassion and love. We are all connected, we are all part of the same Source, no matter who we are.

Help humans. But you cannot save everyone, because not everyone wants to be saved. Remember to speak the language humans can understand.

Know that everything will be alright. You are protected. You have the power inside of you to change everything. You have done it before and you will do it again.

Remember to hold the vision of the future. We are heading towards a new era of enlightenment and peace.

Remember: you are not becoming God - God is becoming you.

Ashlee 6 years ago

I really feel like theses 6 things. I am all of the 6 things, AND IT IS ANNOYING!!!! I really need help though and these things....

"genesis"  6 years ago

i relate to 5 out of 6 of these descriptions

i felt alien and distane for as long as i can remember,i keep looking at my human body and thinking "why do i look like this?, my body's all wrong,the colour wrong!!", i look up at the stars and feel like crying. i'm an artist i shouldn't be stick on earth. i should be in space painting the galaxy!!!

i had a very vivied daydream or dream a few days ago i'm not sure which but in the dream i saw "alien's" senting they minds into human embryo's to grow up to learn the plante's culture.

these children forget that they were alien's from other world's but they don't forget the feeling of Home or wanting exploring the galaxy....

i also saw in my dream other plante's and the spaceship, the ship was black with blue lights, it looked like a city

and bee hive.

the dream stunned me so bad that i cryed for 10 minutes!!

it made sense to me but it also made me sad to think that i'll be leaving my friends and family someday....that's how i it weird??

"genesis" age 18.... you wanna talk to me?? here's my

e-mail :D

Wanderer 6 years ago

I can relate to each point, personally. I have always been somewhat of an outsider, not being able to understand this world, people, religion, even my own family sometimes! I was a somewhat happy child but when I grew up and was able to see the world for what it really was, things quickly fell apart. I feel like I just can't thrive here...I'm afraid of this world and I'm afraid of people here! They're so aggressive and cold, uncaring, hasty, judgmental. Maybe I'm just too sensitive, gentle...especially for a guy but still. I just feel such an overwhelmingly powerful desire to just...go home...wherever that may be. I just know that this place is NOT my home...I've been trying to find a place to fit in for so long now. On internet forums, fanclubs, hobbies, churches, religions, people...but nothing seems to work. I kinda feel like the only way I'll be able to leave is if I commit suicide but I feel an extremely powerful aversion to it. I just wish it were easy...being able to go back....

We are free!! They are leaving us! 6 years ago

This message might be hard for some of you to believe, since the reality of your world seems so gloom and dim. Here's the news that I've retrieved from the global conscience of humanity!!

We are becoming free!! Take off your cuffs and the things that bind you through moral and legal obligations. The enemy is killing himself, fighting his own wars. Let him do it! Don't fight for his reasons. They are killing each other at a record clip.

Their wants and their greed, blindness and selfishness are finally clashing with the reality of the divine. They are coming to their cross roads. The final decision. To continue to be a slave, or to give your life in the walk towards your freedom.

It's happening right NOW! The religious people, the atheists and non believers alike are all coming to a cross road where their spirit is screaming for them to wake up and set them free.

I'm on that walk right now. My God this is the scariest thing I've ever done in my life. I remember who I am, I know it sounds crazy, I swear to you I know. I am from Atlantis, I have been here for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. And this morning I received, what i believe, is my final vision of what is actually happening in my life. I am a slave....

A slave to laws, responsibilities, education, greed, despair, negativity and heart brokenness. Victim of a system that demands my labor in return for it's mediocre nourishment. Working for energy and technology that is already free and available.

Damn you for telling me my dreams were a dillusion!!!

You see, I am a broken heart. Millions of you are looking at me right now and saying to yourself "He's too lazy" , "He's not trying hard enough" "He's dumb, an idiot" 'He's a failure" "He deserves what he gets" "He's ignorant"

NO! I am just like you! I just want a chance of life. Why have you asked me to work for my existence? Why did you tell me that I am bound by your laws and your ideas and your systems? It is you that has lied to me in all of my 3rd dimensional lives. YOu've keep me captive to your stimuli and I obeyed. But I have stopped in my tracks and am looking up at the Sun.

You see, the physical effort you make to secure survival is the very effort that is keeping you from your destiny. It's the flesh telling the spirit that 'I will lead the way instead of the part of me that resides in the higher realms".

I talk to him every day, all day. He is a horse and a Bear. He/She is beautiful, I think it is the spirit of Pegasus. There are so many rainbows above my house. Seriously, there are strange rainbows appearing in the skies above. Perhaps disaster, perhaps not. But I am now secure in the knowledge that I am immortal and my body has been on a cross for 40 years. I am dead but resurrected.

I think I hear the voice of Jesus.......I feel the heat of God.

Free yourself. The tunnel looks dark and hopeless..but trust in what your higher spirit is telling you. Trust not in the lower voice that resonates from fear, hate, selfishness and bitterness.

2012 is happening right now. Close the books, stop working, throw your eyes skyward and realize that you have infinite energy at your disposal NOW. You have unlimited resources NOW, you have freedom NOW, you are in the final steps of this incarnation of the entire Earth.

Do not be scared of the earth quakes, volcanoes and the bleeding of mother earth in the Gulf;. She is well aware of this event and is actually becoming aware that it does not have to be slave to the negative energies that reside on it's surface. She is waking up..and so should you all.

kasey 6 years ago

i have been searching for almost a year for something like this. an answer of some sort. all of those discriptions fit me. the part that got me was the names. my grandma always calls me a rainbow child. ever since i was born. and i always feel what other people feel. if i focus on them, i can tell what their emotion is. feel i have a strange connection with animals. they have always treated me differently then other people. like once there was a wild coyote that got into my school. it was running from all the kids and if it didn't run from them, it tried to attack them but when it was me it changed. we were looking each other straight in the eyes. i could see it was scared and confused. i tried to tell it telepathically to go towards the gate and it listened. i still don't think i have telepathy or anything but if i do its just with animals or natural creatures of that sort. i am not the kind to go looking for attention or anything. i have always wanted to feel normal. to fit in somewhere. i have tried so hard but i never feel home. i believe now.

Owen 6 years ago

Great blog and I can definitely relate to many of the comments.

I’m not sure if I’m Alien or not. Lately I’ve been hearing more and more about the possibility and I can relate to all of the points except for the supernatural abilities.

Sometimes, especially when looking at negative events --- I get struck by how unnecessary and awful all the suffering in this world is. It’s almost like a suckerpunch to the gut. And at that point ---thoughts like “what is all this for” start to haunt me.

Some people think that earth is a prison planet --- and that humans are stuck in a reincarnation cycle by evil ET’s --- who seek to keep us as slaves. Much like in the movie the Matrix.

Other’s see earth as a school --- where we come here to learn and perfect our souls through many lives. I sometimes get very frustrated with this line of thinking --- particularly with all the bad that’s going on in the world.

But I think we have to remember that there is still so much wonder and beauty in this Universe. Even on this earth. I adore nature and animals --- like many people I find that my dogs brighten my day every time I see them. (Unless they’re walking around with my couch in their mouths or even worse my Cat)

So anyways, to all those who believe that they are good ET’s here to raise the vibration of this planet....I welcome you! :) Stay positive, live in the moment and don’t over think the negative too much!

Peace :)

Owen 6 years ago

Forgive the double post. But if anyone here is interested in more information on “Volunteer Souls” (Ie. Et’s coming to earth to raise the vibration of the planet” check out:

Dolores Cannon on Coast to Coast Radio (for free):


Video Interview of Dolores Cannon:

Steven 6 years ago

WoW! I just happen to type that full phrase in and I found this article. I didn't realize other people feel the way i do.

Who can I talk to? I feel like I do NOT belong here. THIS IS NOT MY HOME!!! It's a strong feeling I get as I get older. I still feel this is all weird but I can help the way I feel. This feeling goes against everything thing I believe in but I have to know. Who can I talk to???



HIma 6 years ago

aaaaaaaaaaaaw feeling bit release.. It seems there are soo many like me in here... I do feel like that way since I was very small....... still I do... I was really worried coz I always feels that I'm not one from them... thank GOD there are more like me seems.........

Pixie Elwes 6 years ago

Dammit. This feels so right... And i have the diagnose ADHD too...

cris 6 years ago

1 month ago

i think a lot.

i stare at water feel odd. as if im morphing.

hellyn 6 years ago

I have felt those 6 points all my life, I'm 51 and feel so lost and alien, I cannot form relations with humans, there is something empty about them and they find me to powerful by my energy...what am I do to do and where can I find others like me? I'm tired of feeling like I don't belong here but know I have to stay...if anyone knows, let me know please...FB 'name' goodwin

Mulder was the original author of this thread 6 years ago

Muder knows the answers. But they silenced him.

Find Mulder. 6 years ago

stefanie 6 years ago

I feel like I am not form this planet.. But sometimes I just time am loosing my mind. This is going to sound crazy, but I feel that I have some kind of mission to fulfill I just don't see to know what it is. I just feel so different and not in a bad way. At the beginning I convinced myself that all this feelings I have were because I was a teenager but I am 20 now and the feelings are not gone. I just wish to know what I am or who I am?

skyy 6 years ago

please email me, anyone who has any little answers... im online 24.7...searching i don't know for what,ive looked at the illuminati conspiracy, ufo's, indigos, hathors, pleadian, niphili, atlantis, time zero, ashtar, greys.i have this symbol i keep drawing, please if someone has any suggestions for where i can search for it and find its meaning. thanks

skyy 6 years ago thats my email

oakeee 6 years ago

Love u alll.. I thought I was the only Ima balck male I've been searching for like I yr I must say.. but I felt I have a biiger purpose.. and its not.. getting job and making moneyy. its something else AND OH im a twin.. and I was born a complete surpirse. " interesting " huh ? :)

chaseing yellow 6 years ago

Maybe all people feel like this. Maybe they just don't want to talk about it or admit it. It's a hassle to be like this, to be this deep. It's depressing to walk through daily life where everything is alien. These material things we strive so hard for has taken the place of life. Real life. People define the world and other people by material goods and pointless green pieces of paper. Where did we loose ourselves? How did we get to be so shallow and sad. Maybe they just don't want to admit it. Maybe we're just the sane ones.

One thing is for certain. I am defined NOT by what I own or by this physical body, this physical manifestation of my spirit. I am defined by my energy, my consciousness, and Soul. The physical world is not what matters and I am not defined by it. This is hard to remember when bad things happen. I sometimes wish I could be petty and blind so I can forget the pain. This dimension is so infantile and we could do so much better. I just don't think we will ever wake up enough to fix it. I guess anything is possible though.


P.S. excuse any spelling errors. I am too lazy to check. :)

akire86 6 years ago

I there a site that we can all go to to talk and share things. If not is there anyone willing to make one, I'm able to myself or I would. Is there anyone up to the challenge of creating a site that we all can vist that might take away at least some of the aching need to go home. If there is one or if someone decides to make one or just wants to talk please email so that I can join to. My email is

Alan 6 years ago

Hi guys

My name is Alan and I'm 23 years old.

I'm another one who feels like this world is not my home. I tend to question everything around me and it's hard for me to be social or even feel like I'm part of my society. I have weird dreams and some of them have come true, but I should say that I have scary dreams most of the time, like I see blood, strange people hurting or killing me, etc. Also I feel like I'm gonna die young. I am neither crazy nor possessed by any evil spirts. I've felt like this since I was a child. :( This is my email if anyone would like to share anything with me:

Sally 6 years ago

Let it be heard to those awaken

You are the light!

The light that spreads through time, space and bodies.

You are the light that deffends the humans.

Suppression is made out of the ignorance.

Suppression is the act of non-love.

Suppression is residue of separation.

Fear and oblivion are its extention.

Permission is the Light – pillar of the Existance.

Permission is the world invisible to those who chose to forget.

Mirror reflection – seductive deception.

Can’t you see the essence underneath your robe?

Don’t you recognize the Light – where once your being was Complete?

Universe is the sorrow of abandon home.

Universe is a reminder, sign post for the bolds.

Universe is a dream of the foregoing fall.

Free your Mind – follow the light.

Free your Body – come back to eternity.

Free your Soul – by freeing your Spirit, Mind and Body.

Breath, awake, awake yourselves!

Become what you have always been - Undivided!

That’s the Key!

That’s the announcement of the forgotten Truth that had become the Secret.

Wiccii28 6 years ago

Wow, finally i have found others feeling the same as I do. I hope this helps people.....I love the ocean, I am a dream psychic (my mother was psychic and her mother, just different types). I find it hard to maintain relationships with people, I always feel misunderstood and as though I am smarter than them. I really don’t want to come across as condescending so this is seriously the first time I have ever admitted it, even to myself. I hate liar’s and just the other day I was lied to and it effected me considerably, I found myself crying on the floor and speaking out load I said, "I hate it here, everyone lies, even me, I want to go home!" I always find myself commenting on how 'stupid' humans can be and self destructive. It always saddens me and makes me feel frustrated. I have been feeling so lonely here lately and whenever I am sad or down I have this extreme desire to 'go home'. I have been saying this out load all the time for the past couple of years, I think it's getting worse. I'm thirty next year. I'm wondering what I'm doing. I am extremely intuitive and can read people like books. I counsel well and think about becoming a counsellor to help people even though I am getting tired of people. I suffer from sleep paralysis and through this have begun learning how to remain calm and Lucid dream. When I do lucid dream and I am not afraid, I can fly and remember floating and flying a lot. I have had several UFO's in my lucid dreams including an alien that I kept safe from 'authorities'. Also i dream the future quite regularly but I am still finding it hard to understand, it's never black & white information. I have a child now but always felt I would never have one and it was extremely difficult as I was very ill when pregnant with a very rare condition. Anyway this might seem like very random information however I'm simply typing this in the event that this info resonates with anyone else out there. I get into big debates about humans and their ability to sustain themselves and the planet. I find myself speaking about these issues as though I am not included in the 'human' crowd. Even though I am frustrated with society and people, I am also extremely empathetic and not likely to agree with racisim etc. I recycle and am conscious of the planet. I respect the animals and am drawn to Wicca a lot, ever since I was a child even though no one else I know is. Lately I have been drawn to UFO's inspired by a lucid dream I had recently. I was pricked on the finger and watched a ship fly around my house. I have some general psychic ability's, like I know what lottery number will come up next, I can answer questions correctly in multiple choice, even though I don’t know the answer. My partner is always asking me, how did you know that?, I shrug, I just do. Anyway, there is much of the human brain that we don’t use so some of these ability's could relate to this however the extreme desire to 'go home' as I'm getting tired, just trips me out. It's getting worse. Also, I am not afraid of death, only how I may die. I am so confident that there is more and secretly cant wait to go and find out but at the same time I know I'm not ready to go just yet. I really detest violence, hatred and negativity and wish to fight against it, like on the front line!

Anyway, that’s enough blabbering. My email is If anyone is in the same predicament and wants to chat, I am here. We need a place to go and come together, that's how I intuitively feel anyway.

P.S - Also I am a perfectionist and am pretty sure I would make a great forensic investigator. I have OCD a lot! Does anyone out there have the same traits and if so, where do we come from? Am I an Alien?

cliff 6 years ago

Recently, I have started to view the world (humans and people around me) very differently. ALL 6 of those signs above fit me like a glove. And even before my epiphanies, for instance childhood, I have developed concepts about humanity that sound like they would come from old masters. I consider myself enlightened because "normal" people problems just seem to be self-started and an excuse people make because they are suffering.

Shivam 6 years ago

This has been going on from the time I was, maybe 10 year old...I an 20 now but I don't feel like living in this planet, with these humans, but my thoughts and my dreams have displayed that I have been sent here for a purpose, mostly to team up with the people like me and save this planet from a major problem in the near future, though its very unclear what it is. When ever an incident has taken place in my life, its as if I knew this was coming...Also Ive had dreams of a person teaching me about who I am and Where I am from, but its so unclear, the only line I could understand from this dream was "...we will be there when the time is right..." and also about some seven people who were my if I was on this planet, again on a mission some 100 years back....It at times drives me so crazy that I start calling myself a wierdo and try to forget these things...but they just keep coming back...This makes me hide my true self beneath, which keeps me disturbed most of the time. If anyone here can tell me "what that Seven people thing is", if he/she has had very similar dreams please contact me...I have been waiting for too long...

My email:

What Will Happen in 2012 And Why All Of You Are Important! 6 years ago

Dear Everyone!

Yes, there are many others like us on this planet - we are NOT humans and we have never been humans. We are here to help humans and to help this planet to ascend in 2012.

You are VERY important to these times! You have chosen to come here, right here right now, in this body. Man of you cannot see your purpose or mission yet. Yet you know that you HAVE a mission here.

No one can tell you what yo mission, but yourself. With time, it will be revealed to you.

It is VERY important that all of you must stay in positive energy. You must not forget who you really are and you must not get depressed about humans and the way they treat the world.

In 2012, this world will divide.... It is very difficult to explain. But imagine that 1/3rd of human population will live on the Ascended Earth. 1/3rd of human population will become telepathic, immortal, etc. That world would be a great place. No wars, no pollution, no suffering. You will become Creators, you will return to being God-like.

While 2/3rd of Earth's population will remain on Descended Earth - in the world as we know today. Wars, drugs, abuse, hunger, poverty, natural disasters, etc. Because these 2/3rd are not ready yet to Ascend.

You can already today see who will Ascend and who is not - you can "read" those humans.

You mission, however, is to wake humans up. You cannot save everyone, but you CAN create a critical mass.

That is why you are so important, my intergalactic Brothers and Sisters.

The place is here and the time is now. Get ready for a ride. This is going to be so exciting!


Boddhisattva Angel

Answer to Shivam: about your 7 people 6 years ago


They are your soul family. A reincarnation group.


Boddhisattva Angel

Matthew 6 years ago

I've come to the conclusion that most humans are greedy, small-minded (unable to evolve beyond their base programming), and careless. It's very frustrating, especially since they rarely listen to reason.

If I had the ability to provide my own food and shelter, I would never interact with any of them.

finvara 6 years ago

Here I sit at 48 on medication to just feel and be normal enough to walk each day on this planit. I know I don't belong, my son knows he does not belong but we both don't know where or why. Everyday is a walk with having powers we domt understand, we know are gifts. We stand so close to wiccan because that is what we feel gives us the most answeres. but then I know there is more. I am OCD very pathic and can put my hands on a person and feel there sickness inside and at which point. I am not a nut. I work in the medical feild because thats where i can use my gifts the most. I am not of these same people I cant be. There is a difference and they see it . I can calm and sooth each and everyone that i meet and when im at a place too long people seem to start picking and causing me trouble like ive ben there and it scares them. not the ones ive helped but outside people. like new help and such. Its so frustrating.. We have other gifts we are empathic and feel evrything in everything. I thought at first that maybe I was just weird but when my son at 9 tried to commit suiside because he felt he couldent take the peoples pain and how they were so mean and destructive, I told him about me and that he wasent alone. my God if there are a lot of us and we arent just sickos then why leave us alone without guidance and help. and if there is then bring it on Im ready.

Shivam 6 years ago

Thanks Boddhisattva Angel....But have you had similar dreams like me..about the group you belonged to, about this feeling of reincarnation...and about 7 people..?

and, I don't have any great powers though I am able to read people's mind and feelings to a certain extent...

Thanks,You've been very helpful mate...

mark h 6 years ago

There is but 1 life form here that truly should inherit the earth. So our time here has not been in vain. Soon my brothers and sisters of the stars we will join to return home.

TheLostOne 6 years ago

I have heard this theory before, and I give it some credit. I too feel like I don't belong here, but my question is when do I get to leave. I am tired of dealing with the stress and complications of this place. I just want to leave.

Alan23 to Boddhisattva Angel 6 years ago

How do you know all these things on what will happen in 2012 Mr. Boddhisattva Angel? Or is this just some weird dreams you've had recently?


goddess within 6 years ago

We are all together as one cellular unit. So when you feel alone and scared or confused and frustrated just ask to feel the collective unit. I you quiet you thoughts you will feel you home. It is with us inside us. This place of home can be felt there is no concept of time and space. Breathe, let go, feel yourself become these cell and atoms. Feel the light. We help most be living our own truth we are examples to the world and our vibration raises all that it touches. The home you feel so lost from is you.

CoryS 6 years ago

wow a lot of people on here im not sure on what to say i mean i have a lot id like to say hhmmmm . I have had some things to think about for a long time it seems and it has only started to come together over the last two years and is only getting stronger i don't feel im from earth no i don't want to be here but i do believe i have a purpose here as life in general gos we don't always get what we want maybe its just not our destiny but maybe our destiny starts her im not happy with what humans so to say are destined for but if i am meant to help i will . I remember when i was a bit younger my mom asked why i stopped to help this blind teenager cross the parking lot to the school i said because he needed help she found that hard to comprehend why i would go outta my way to help but it was right in my way so to say. In the same thought i feel lost because i feel im on my own in regards to the Q;'s i fit all six exactly always have tho Ive always hidden it and tried to repress it as depression with out a doubt things on earth are depressing but i don't believe anything different then im not from here weather it be a genetics thing were maybe one side of me is stronger then the other or that i have a light body i no not much about either or i wish i could go home it does seem hopeless to help those who don't know what they need help with . ignorance is bliss , im looking a lot towards Sumerian history lately as am i looking into turning on my light body if it is so ,iv had experiences when i was little and have no question about life out there so to say ,I wish it was possible to unite our "kinds" we would have a lot to say im sure if we had a chance to prepare together for what comes next it would be something i cant help but wonder what we would be like as a whole what could we change then what negative would stand a chance if you have several little + magnets all over and pools of magnets that are - what happens to the positive ones if you have one big + magnet and thousands of little - magnets witch one ones move ? ill talk to anyone who shares an interest in the questions we have all just answered i am thanks for this sit it gives me hope to a positive ending so to say.

Barnabus 6 years ago

I want to write this for the hope that some can bring meaning from this.

Fellow advanced beings. It is within you to bring love from the divine energy that you are, to hear on earth.

Earth will poss many challenges and it is not easy to become enlightened. Although it is very possible but first free yourself from your current challenges. Once you do this, life will still have obtacles but you will be provided guidance to overcame everything. I will offer you a mediation as a gift that was given to me.

"Mediation of self love"

Find a quiet space outside or inside your house. Take your thumb and index finger and touch them.

Before begining i have to warn those. Create in your mind before this mediation that you are going to release everything negative in your life and all obstacles that challenge you to the universe to solve for you, so that you may not worry but believe in the higher power to remove all that creates stress in your life for you. Essentially you are giving up control but at the same time you are allowing the higher beings of the universe to assit you in your daly affairs.

Okay, so now you are somewhere quiet where you can feel peace around you.

Close your eyes. Don't worry about a position, sit as comfortably as you can.

First think of a problem or situation that causes you stress. Visualize the problem and see in your mind that you are releasing this problem to the universe. See this problem leave your physche and say again, the universe will deal with this and solve this for me.

Next, bring in another problem or situation that causes you stress and once again...See yourself releasing this problem. It is not yours anymore. The universe will solve this for you. See it leave you and trust in the universe to take care of it for you.

Keep bringing in problems until there is no more. Now before ended your meditation, notice the peace within yourself. Not the feeling of tranquility knowing that you face no more issue's or problems. You will comforted know that you are going to be take care of.

Open your eyes and carry on. Things are going to get easier for you now.

Take care my friends.

Barnabus 6 years ago

I also wanted to add the following:

Prayer is powerful. You can ask for help or guidance at all times. There are angels and higher beings including Jesus and God who are wanting to help everyone. All prayers are heard. Just be thankful of the help that will accompany the prayer. It helps to be grateful of the higher service being offered to you in your times of need.

I also want to note quickly: There is a transition occuring. Higher vibrations are being offered to those that want to help. You as individuals and collectively as one are designed to be led to that which you seek. You will identify closely with truth on your quest of enlightenment. It is those truths that will bring you closer with the devine spirit that is within you and around you.

Blessings to you all!!!!

Jana12 6 years ago


YouTube -- Posted May 3, 2007 by -- shiroo69


Listen carefully to this version of the song, "Ripple" ... especially the last line of the song.

zaire 6 years ago

hi my name is zaire im 14 years old all six things fit me perfectly. i got ADHD and i have dreams that come true. earh is not my home i want to go home please how do we get home. why are we here? when do we get to go home? my email is or

alex23 6 years ago

Feel like i'm going crazy, i can't take this any longer! Pls somebody HELP.

Jana12 6 years ago

I just recently stumbled upon this site. I fit all 6 -- although I'm not clairvoyant, psychic or telepathic. People have asked me if I'm psychic, but that's b/c they are confusing psychic with highly intuitive. I can detect when someone is not an empath. I can also detect when someone is a narcissist and/or sociopath, mostly b/c if they are one (or both) then they cannot be an empath. When I give friends well-meaning advice or my opinions about someone, they are always astounded about how right I was. They ask how me how could I have known that they were ... fill in the blank. I just have a keen sense for people's personalities after only a few minutes and I can tell if they are small minded, rigid control freaks, wackos, entitlement people, and so on. I can see the difference between evolved people, meaning empaths/indigos/stars and so on, from the low-life's uncaring and emotionally devoid and other un-evolved life forms.

Anyway, I used to think that I was human and that these other un-evolved people were the inhuman ones. I am glad to have found this site.

Jana12 6 years ago

Listen to this version of the song "Ripple" ... even if you're not a GD fan.


This song raises my vibrations, and it may do that for you as well.

Connie 6 years ago

To Randy Hawlayand anyone like his ... I am sorry I have read rheas son late. I am like you . Why? What else is there? I am not part of this nor was I ever part of this. I have always stared put the window, longing, bot not knowing want.. Vampires, Atlantis, another world...home. I have always known I do not belong here, I feel this is not where I was meant to be. So, I beg the question... This article gives nothing.. Now what? Do not pick up the gun. The writer himself has no clue either. We read that if u think this and do that ..then u are not of this realm....ok.....then....what...?. Do u know dear author? I suspect not. It is of faith. Anyone can write what u did

Fred96 6 years ago

I am a bit different, i feel i'm human, but from other planet. It's disturbing to think that lifetime is so short. If I could live longer I would probably be one man army that knows a lot about science, cultures and different technologies. I'm that kind of alien that stays in the background and doesn't want to come out of there. Different religions are confusing me making me think which is the right one and which one is not. If I would really be an alien, then i'm a traveller lost on his path or just stopping by on Earth to explore it.

I am scared of this.

I think that other people can read my mind, but when i have checked it closer it's actually me who reads other's people's mind.

I see strange deja vu's quite often.

I could already sense things when I was younger.

Now I would really want to go home.

Psychologist would be useful.

My email:

thisisreal  6 years ago

ok. so what the fuck are we all suppose to do! i want to take action about how this fucking world is ,, if u gave me a day with the president , i feel like i could honestly change the world. why do humans live like this! we should all live as ape man or soemthing and live amongst the envirornment.. not createone. i hate the idea of government , religion, police, borders. we are all equal. peace is where its at. i'm a simple kind of man " if u can call me a =man-= " , i have lucid dreams that come true. i meet people that are specail all the time now. as for reading minds and mind powers,,oh to the extreme its off the wall. what i haven't read on hear is..what about manipulating the elements. ..i've only figured out fire. but theres a lot more. soemthings changing in us all!!!

thisisreal 6 years ago

oh yeah. everyone should email me with ur story , or with questions. concerns,. ideas. i also need answers too.,..


All of us - all of us who do not feel that we are humans - who KNOW that we are not from this planet:

We have to create a critical mass! Get together! Awaken others!

There are MILLIONS of us here on this planet! And we are here because we need to change this planet to a better place - a place without fear, wars and suffering. We know this. We feel this. This is our Blueprint.

Wake up. Awaken others. Get together. Start forming communities. Create a critical mass.

Now is the time.

TheLostOne 6 years ago

Once again, I feel like my time on this planet should be ended, either through death or ascension like you speak of. I can't seem to work through my problems, the universe seems to have given up hope on me as well. The stupid thing is that I am in a good position, have a good relationship, and am stable. But things always find a way of breaking me down, brining the tears, and making me think more and more of leaving this life. Are we really supposed to have to deal with this much sadness?

charley 6 years ago

@TheLostOne if you feel like your time in this planet should be ended, then take a gun and shoot your head...

TheLostOne 6 years ago


I don't own a gun, but those thought cross my mind daily. Thanks for your support.

You HAVE to be right here on this planet! You ARE important! 6 years ago

Okay, to all of you here who think of ending your lives:

Stop thinking those thoughts, you silly ones!

You must understand that if you off yourselves, you will be thrown back into the karmic reincarnation cycle - and you will have to repeat the similar life of what you have now. All over again. And you will miss all the fun.


You NEED to be right here, right now on this very planet. You have CHOSEN to be here. You are IMPORTANT.

Although if may be hard. Although you cannot see why. Although you feel alone and misunderstood. You have to stay here. What you are, your genetic make-up, your DNA, your true heritage is VERY important to this planet. You are all Light-Bearers. You will bring the new age upon this dying world. You are already doing it.

With time you will know your purpose. Be patient.

2012 is just around the corner. The answers are coming.

Love and Light to you all.

Jord 6 years ago

Is anyone here in Seattle?

R.T 6 years ago

Thank GOD,I really thought i was the only one,this has been happining to me ever since i can remember,im 21yrs old.6 of those pretty much explained me.i feel as if know one and i mean NO one understands me,i feel as if im going crazy,yet im not,i don't hate,not suicidal.but all i know is im some sort of "Machine" than human,someone please help cause i cant lead a normal life,i feel weird,i feel peoples emotions,as days go by,im finding that i can "read" people,i feel what they feel,i know when the lies are talked,when the truth is said. my email id really like to hear from those who have expeirinces just like me.

Divina 6 years ago

I'm grateful for finding this. I've always felt like something was wrong with me because I'm different..Emotions are hard for me to undestand and people are a handful for me. This has given me hope that I can find my place in this world. Thank you very much.


Please spread the word...

For the sake of all of us, who feel exactly the same. For the sake of all of us, who don't know who we are, yet who know who we don't are... who know that we are not human. We were never human to begin with.

Please spread the word...

That there are millions of us on this planet. We all have a purpose. A mission.

Please spread the word...

That the world is changing. That we are changing the world. By simply being right now right here on this planet. Our DNA, our vibration, our energy. We are changing the world. Making it a better place. Although we cannot see it yet. But we are.

Please spread the word...

That people are awaking.

Please spread the word...

Tonya667 6 years ago

Those six things describe me exactly and I've been feeling this way for months. I know we were sent here for a reason and all but is there really something we can do about the world and what state it's in? Because from what I've been through it seems as if no one cares or just doesn't want to listen to what we have to say. This world to me is completely lost and if we can do something about it we better do it fast.

Angel12 6 years ago

I feel it's up to us to make all changes neccessarry to help others understand and and see the truth what's been hidden from us, how long is it going to take for us all to WAKE UP and realise that the government have brainwahed us for many years just to gain the power to control.... we are not robets, we are apart of Gods energy and love. many thing i'm crazy because i speak this way, (believe) me i'm not. we shud all meet up one day just to see how many of us are now awake and are aware of what's going on around us. Is there a facebook page we can link up on?

One thing never fear anything\one that try's to detroy or defeat u in way or form, lets stand together and face them all has one positive energy source...peace, light, love and guidance to you

Angel12 6 years ago

Is Government in control of this site to???sorry but you never know when big brothers watching...

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Luminous Being 6 years ago

I truly am from another galaxy. I'm not joking. I'm not crazy. Ask me any question regarding the creation of the universe, or how it is that we all exist, and I'll answer it for you.

ralous 6 years ago

I should have searched for something like this long ago all of those things describe me perfectly im sure some of you know how sufocating negative energy is when its in the air it bothers me alot. I even have three very important people I miss and promised ide come back I can feel it deep inside of me.

Mike 6 years ago

Yeaph. I follow you all guys. I've been looking for answers everywhere, books, workshops, people, traveling, nature, everywhere. But at the end it seems like there is no home here. I ask the psychiatrist and psychologist how to fit in the society, how to be like everyone else. I think the best way is what cross may mind every single day.. a perfect gun shoot in my head. someone out there to talk?

Yes, the Government in control of this site too 6 years ago

Yes, the Government in control of this site too.

Every since you set yourself in front of a computer for the first time ever. Ever since you were born. They know everything about you.

Your DNA.

Your habits.

Your emails.

Your phone calls.

Your browser history.

Your dreams.

Your thoughts.

Your eating habits.

Your favorite TV shows.

Your medical history.

They know EVERYTHING about you. You are NEVER off the grid.

And so what?

Would you fear it? Or would you ignore the fear?

Would you stay asleep? Or would you create a new, better, world?

The choice if yours.

Every day.

Every second.


Dear Government (or shall we say the Shadow Government?),

We know that you are watching us. We know that you are afraid of change. You are afraid of humans who are waking up. And they are waking up. Every day.

Dear (shadow) Government of this planet - we need to cooperate. We need to create a new world. A better world. All of us. Zetas, Reptilians, Andromies, Annunaki, Elohim, Vegas, humans - all os us.

We need to stop poverty. To stop diseases. To end the monetary system. Aging. We need to unleash free energy. Intergalactic travel. Teleportations. Stargates. DNA activation.

We need to cooperate - all of us - Light and Dark.

It is time.

It is inevitable.

You know it.

All the best,


canemone115 6 years ago

This is absolutely amazing, I am so glad I stumbled onto this site. I am 22 years old, well educated, atheistic and have ALWAYS felt uncomfortable here on earth. I am a very intuitive, loving person, I have dreams that come true and have strong feelings of deja vu often. I have never really been accepted by people, especially at my college out east, and have survived serious depression. I have considered suicide many times but will never even attempt as long as my mom is living. I have never told anyone about my secret beliefs because I feel embarrassed. Since I was little I have felt that I was from another world, a world underneath, and beside this one (an alternate reality, or dimension, haven't figured this out yet but something more akin to a different thread of reality or time parallel to ours). I chose to leave this beautiful, peaceful place to come here and suffer through life, so that I could achieve something in the other world. I'm still figuring all this out but I've always felt that the evil and hurt in this world is a test that I must endure, but that I can be comforted knowing that this is not my world, that I will return to my rightful place when this 'life' is over.

Shivam 6 years ago

This is wonderful..i never knew so many people feel the same is it people....this is the time we team up to form the most powerful group. The time when we have to change is coming near. we are the ones who can do it...but we have to get together in this change, because unity is our strength. can someone make an FaceBook page on the same topic , its a wonderful Idea by angel12, who said this earlier....on FB we will definitely be more closer to each other...

Raluos 6 years ago

Ive started my own group its small but ive amassed some interesting info my group is known as Dark Ring and all of the members of my group have been together on my home.

some of the information scares me and makes me feel as though some of it could have been avoided but now its to late to turn back so ile fight Ile stand my ground and fight any force that tries to destroy this young race and this good planet

to Reach me email

Angel12 6 years ago

Hi all if anybody does set up a facebook account please could you forward it on this site so we can all join.

It would be ideal to share positive thoughts, poems and inspiration etc: to all who understand and believe...i'm sure you will all receive these things from your innerself.

Yes the Government are in control but not for thing you should all remember: "Don't let your strengths disappear and become lost within your fears"!!!

Nice to know your all out there...good luck on your journey into the unknown.x

ralous 6 years ago

sorry my email was wrong this is the email to contact me through

Ralous 6 years ago

To everyone listening I feel something coming on the horizon ive been feeling it for quite some time I believe our enemy brings terrible pain upon us. makes us feel so lost so defeated. That it drives somany of us to look to suicide.

I was almost killed in a car acident in May and Its believed by me and my team that they were in a way responsible for it. The name I have for them is Chaos Bringers they tried to destroy me defeat me and kill me when all they did was make me stronger I left the hospital 3 days after and no longer fear death

Vlazmor 6 years ago

It's comforting to know that there are others like me who feel the same way. I've always felt I never belonged and contemplated several times on ending this life. Each day I feel more and more distant with myself and with the world. I am here but I am not actually here. I feel myself slowly vanishing...resorting to alcohol and anti depressants to relieve the pain. I have a great job, wonderful family and a perfect set of friends and yet I feel empty. I know with utmost sincerity that I am here for a significant purpose...what that is, I don't know, and I am tired of waiting for the answers. I feel that something is coming...that the reason for us being here will be revealed soon. Let's just try to hold on a bit longer...the battle will soon begin and we will be needed more than ever by our kind.

Listen up - this might be important 6 years ago

A fireball will enter the atmosphere this year. You will not miss it. It will glow green. It will most assuredly be televised on every news network across the globe. This fireball is not a meteor. It is part of a larger plan which will precede further artificial astronomical and atmospheric anomalies. The object has already been launched, and we understand that it cannot be turned back or stopped, which is why we couldn't release this information before today (but now can). We do not know the date of impact with Earth's atmosphere, except that it will be this year. We do know why it was launched, but we cannot fully reveal that information in this message.

If we had written this message before today, the object would not have been launched. But now that the object is on its way, there's no way for it to be turned back. However, it is necessary that the object is launched for reasons that we cannot disclose at this time. The information we are providing to you now is known by many in the scientific, military and black budget communities, and by certain branches of government. Our lives are not at risk by divulging this information, as many people know about it. We are divulging the information because we need to establish credibility (with you). We understand that you require some kind of evidence if you are to believe our message and requests.

When the fireball enters Earth's atmosphere, you must go inside and stay inside for no less than three days. You need three days supply of water, food and any medication you require, in your home. You need to make sure you do not need to leave your home for three days, for any reason. If it is imperative that you leave your secure area, you must stay out of sunlight. This message is for the entire population, world wide. The air will be ok for the most part, but you need to stay inside for reasons we cannot disclose. There's no reason to panic or be alarmed if you simply stay inside. Do NOT go outside for any reason. Do not open your doors. Keep them locked. Close the blinds. Keep a TV or radio on.

Once this event passes, you will know that you can take what we are saying now, seriously:

====The Event:

Within 12 months of the green meteor, four large portals will open in places equally separated across the globe. We do not know the exact dates that they will open. It might be right after the meteor. It might be after 12 months. We do not know the exact locations of all of them, except that they will be close to the equator. These are not fake portals (ie: conspiratorial illusions). They are previously extinct, natural portals. There will be a lot of anomalies around these portals once they're opened, so you will know where these portals are at that time.

They will not be overtly reported by news networks (as portals). Those that live within 100 miles of each portal will know about them, because activityy will be visible around the portals. However, populations will be moved away from these areas due to manufactured disasters created by agencies who want to secure these portals for themselves, try to keep them secret, and use them for their own purposes. They will move populations away from these areas at all costs. We are with an agency that is working to ensure that these portals are not hijacked, but we can't secure them until we know exactly where they all are.

What we need you to do is stay away from these portals, because at the time we secure the portals, it will not be safe to be near them due to conflict. Also, certain organizations will stop at nothing to keep the portals secret. We can't tell you where they are (because we don't know yet, precisely), except that those living near them will see them (and will be relocated), and that's how the locations will become apparent. You need to use the Internet to find and spread information about the locations. Once you know where they are, please stay away from them so that we can secure the portals. You must stay away from these portals. They are not inherently dangerous (themselves), and the activity around them will not be inherently dangerous, but a time will come when they will "attract" danger. We do not know exactly when that will be, so it's best to keep away from the portals.

Recap: Keep an eye out for populations being moved (there are 4 locations). Once you know where these areas are, post the information to the Internet along with the message that people need to keep away from these areas (for a radius of 100 miles). Do not go to these areas, because once conflict starts, it will be extremely unsafe and we cannot ensure anyone's safety. Nevertheless, we must secure the portals.


"The Agency"

Shivam 6 years ago

But......What are these portals and why are you hiding so much of Info?, Please mention something more about these portals....are u referring to the 'Star gates'..?

If you don't have control of your thoughts - someone else has. 6 years ago

You are what you think. You attract what you think. You create your reality with your thoughts.

Ergo, you decide your future.

Your thoughts become your actions.

Your actions become your habits.

Your habits become your destiny.

Be careful what you think.

If you don't have control of your thoughts - someone else has.

TheLostOne 6 years ago

Why do people annoy me so much?

I have been in relationships with several people who are wasteful, lazy, and selfish. They seem great at first, but then their true nature reveals itself. At first I try to assist in changing their habits and showing them ways to be less wasteful, but I quickly find myself growing to hate them rather than trying to understand, help, and love them.

Is this natural? Why do humans become so easily self absorbed?

Agent Smith 6 years ago

I'd like to share a revelation I had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species. I realized that you're not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment but you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply until every natural resource is consumed. The only way you can survive is to spread to another area.

There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus.

Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet.

Shivam 6 years ago


I think Humans do get self absorbed easily...even in my life the people I've met are only thinking about themselves...Money..and their little closed future lifestyle...Fine I agree materialistic environment maybe a need on this planet...But they don't see the world to the depth we see it. We see the earth crumbling down every minute...We see people killing each other for something man himself created 'Money'.....I seriously believe that we should just stop trying to make them understand our views....What we see is the future...And they cant understand that because like I said before they think about themselves first. My Friend, 'The Lost One.'I've been through similar things in the past....Only that I realised it even before falling into any relationship...I am single and I know why....Its this unique nature Humans have that hurts us to the core. But my man....We have to save them not destroy....So don't think of hating them..I've done that before..But then I realised that we are the Saviours not the Destroyers, However bad a civilization maybe, Because they have something that we don't have..think about it and you'll find the answer...

daisy 6 years ago

i am not giving out who i really am incase someone tries to take it the wrong way not that u would i always fell like im not apart of this planet i want to go home but earth is not my home i can fell what others fell emotionally i tend to make things in bigger deals than what they are this world is full of anger wars i love humans i really do i want to help them in everyway possible my friends and family don't get me never have never will i haven't found my soul mate yet i bascailly think males are jerks until futher notice i ve always felt like i don't fit in with humans i know i don't come from earth i may be in this human body i think i m honestly from anthor world i dream of this world where i am happy and not so worried about life problems ive been shipped here to help earth because our planet wanted to help other planets i was on a ship full of others like me wanting to help other beings i know this sounds crazy i hope im not crazy i sometimes think i am since the government has never come clean and is deyning of aliens being around because they are afraid of the truth i don't think aliens are green or monsters they are good aliens like us and bad alieens like the greedy humans are i belive in their god that we all belong somewhere ive done wrong things as a human being i know one day ill go home probley not until im done with my puropse of life you all should embarsee you're gifts dispute what others tell u ! their jealous or afraid of u! we are here to save humantity kind of like all thoose tv shows and movies like v my favorite serious i just never knew why until reading this page i ve always wanted to know why i fell so out of place in this world i thought it was me what was wrong its really this world thankyou!

We wanna go home 6 years ago

WOW! im just glad there are ppl like me!!!!!!

I never talked about this with anyone caz i don't want them to think im crazy!...but im just sooo glad ppl like this exist!!! =))

We need to stick together!!!!

And make all the blind ppl SEE!!!

Angel12 6 years ago

Hi all, just want to let you know i've started a group on Facebook, i wpould love all my fellow peeps to join and share the Love of Thoughts and inspirations with each and all who believe in the truth we all seek... Please come and share the energy of connection that we share with all.

The group is Inner Support services...inner space.

Feel free to give feedback and help make the changes for all to enjoy, open to new ideas... hope you all like it...We need to start something to help us get the word across and get through the remaing time we have left here.

Inner support Inner Space: offers to Share and receive words of thoughts and inspirations, from peoms, crystal healing or a spiritual reading.

Knowing that urban life can be very stressful at time and feel there's no where you can go to recharge your energy, or just looking to relese the burbens that can effect our daily activities.

Then look no further.

We offer:

Times: where you can drop-in to up-lift your spiritual awareness to refresh the mind, Body and Soul

Free Courses: on how to bring peace, calm and tranquillity and many more

Daily Lectures: in how to deal with stress with the workplace or in other ares in your life

Crystal Healing: discover how to use crystals to inhance your health and welbeing

Card Readings: find out what the universe as in store for you

Or just a short break to relax in the the lovely theraputic quarters of Inner support services.

Shivam 6 years ago

Hey, Thanks Angel12....I've been waiting for this. Ive joined it right away...Cant wait to see all of you people there... ^_^

@Shivam and @Angel12 - DO NOT TRUST THE FACEBOOK 6 years ago

Facebook is powered by the CIA. You go there and they will monitor you.

Shivam 6 years ago

Without doubt, you are right those fools are everywhere man....but cant help it....cause no other means of contact are possible other than fb & this site..

sd 6 years ago

ok, so i'm a sceptic of course. However. i've always thought and felt ever since i can remember that i've been put here for a reason, sounds stupid but it's true. I have ADHD and in girls thats uncommon.

i've always just thought i was born at the wrong time and just not meant to be here yet, and with this an incredbly over whelming urge to help people like it was born into me?

any thoughts? does this make me one of these people? help....

sd 6 years ago

good god, just saw the top bit again that said you might be from.... i was also once told by a healer and then another lady who said she was a psycic that i was orions child!?

Shivam 6 years ago

@sd: You could be....I mean we are still stuck with the same questions...similar feelings and yet very few answers..But look, you have an answer right there. This could be it.

Meanwhile I am still searching for those seven people who keep on coming in my thoughts and dreams. Fake dreams don't repeat but these do. And a strange feeling has started to trouble me as if, something is coming and it's big. Not an apocalypse or a destructive force but a change, a massive change in the thinking of the people which will soon lead to something even bigger. Less likeliness for it to be a positive change...I fear it must be a negative one. Any similar thoughts anyone?

NaTo 6 years ago

Is that I often get sad and say I wanna go home but theres something that I'm supposed to but I don't immune system is horrible I've always eaten may but its starting to make me wanna puke bc I smell blood in the meat. I've Nevet fit in with other ppl. I'm Always naturally bubbly, creative, and full of a deep love for all things. What Is wrong with me? Lol - what does this mean?

chris 6 years ago

before we get lost in the hippie ,spiritual, drug induced deep thinking.realize this.we must have all been placed here from outside of the earthly realm.we are not simply chosin to become more than human. we were all born and bred on this planet,it is our soul if you will.our inner energy that pull us towards this thoughts and feelings.this is natural to all sentient beings.on earth or else were.those of us who feel this way about not being from earth is not the truth. our inner energy calls back to the source of all life. ther is but one and that one is leading us to an evolutionary path.some feel it more thatn others but it is the right of all who walk this earth,but, it is by way of can only know the truth when these fleshly husk are shed. we are here for one purpose, the chanc,by choice, to assend or evolve and pass over to a higher form or we as some do choose to fall from this energy by loosing ourselfs in this flesh on can not be created nor destroyed,only transformed. only in yourself can you choose to transform towards the light,or the darkest part of enegy.this is truth and we only have one chance.please don't get lost in deep thinking what we are here is very simple. we cant make people change only they can change themselve and the most we can do is offer our help.

infinity 6 years ago

I've never felt I belonged here, I used to be sure my parents were not my parents. I don't flow or fit in with most others, my time of awakeness is night. I feel my spirit is more pure then the people around me. I don't understand the way so many people worship the $, none of the these material things will matter in the end.

If I chose to be here, I lost my purpose long ago, by the age of 5 I was molested by 2 different people. Ive ended up smoking and being a substance abuser yet I have never allowed my addiction turn me into a thief. I own my problems and don't believe anyone else should be burdened by my mistakes, I've always wondered why everyone else I know is affected so different, how do people justify the evil they do.

I've quit before, I just don't see the point in it when I don't feel better sober and my only crime is my addiction yet I hate to be grouped in with other addicts because the drug is the only thing we have in common.

Animals are to me the nest of company and all animals who like no other will come to me always. I am real and this world is full of fakes. I want out, I wanted out long before my addiction. I'm not serving any purpose here, I want to go home, PLEASE!

infinity 6 years ago

Oh yeah I have ADD and rapid cycling BiPolar

PEOPLE ARE STARTING TO WAKE UP! Can you see it too? 6 years ago

Hello everybody!

People that I have known for a long time, people who never took par in being spiritual are now TRANSFORMING! It's like people are waking up now! More and more every day!

This is amazing!

2 years ago, I was the only one talking about the In-The-Know stuff - today I see more and more people talk about all this spiritual stuff, the 2012, ascension, etc - oh my GOD - there is a HUGE awakening going on!!

Can you see it too? Do you experience too that people around you are waking up?

Please share.

Shivam 6 years ago

Yea!....Its like an evolution. They are starting to realise the truth about the world, about what their real purpose is,about the belief in the super-natural, and I have also noticed an increased belief in the existence of aliens in their thoughts. People have started questioning, reasoning with govt. about the things it hides. Their belief in the 2012 Idea is increasing, and the best part is that its taking place with the younger generations. Its a gift to all of us, it will make our work easier for even before we tell them what the real truth is, the will realise it and change on their own...

Neil Hogan 6 years ago

Having been totally logical, and rejecting others crazy emotions for most of my life, to suddenly start feeling that there was something spiritual or different in myself was quite a surprise. It started with The Secret which changed my life after I was able to prove some of these things using some basic experiments and then further when I discovered the book Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind. This then lead me, through various other connections, to Dolores Cannon. The 6 lines above fit me, though I haven't felt that I have a home somewhere else, just that this is only one of hundreds of thousands of temporary homes I've lived in.

The best book out there that explains everything is The Custodians by Dolores Cannon. Find out more at: Don't read anything else she's written until you've read that one. It is written to steadily increase your acceptance of more and more complex ideas.

I started to create a place where people who want to help aliens could gather. I think it should now be where people who want to help 'other' aliens could gather. Check it out and let me know if you're in the Sydney area as I would love to meet up and exchange stories over coffee. If you're not, you can start one up in your own area. Cheers

Important question 6 years ago

Hi guys,

I want to ask you if you feel the same as I do:

Do you like having sex with humans?

Because I don't... Since I have discovered who I truly am, the mere thought of having sex with a human is repulsive. I only bond with other Starseeds/Starpeople - but to have sex with a human is the same as being forced to eat meat if you are a vegetarian.

That is how I feel, humans are somehow quite... filthy, once you realize your true nature.

Anonymous 6 years ago

I've always felt odd, like I don't belong. When I look at a person I feel like I'm studying them, and really looking at them. I feel like I don't have a home here. This might be weird but ever since I was younger I had this feeling that I was never going to die that I would survive and that i'm here for a reason. I'm in love with this planet. My favorite classes are Honors Biology and Astronomy. My usual place that i feel at peace is staring up at the sky. I love everyone and everything here. At my high-school, I really don't get along with most...everyone is so caught up in there own life's and all this drama..they cant even stop and see what's really going on. Someone please tell me i'm not alone in this. Ugh, Sorry. Words can not even DESCRIBE what i'm feeling. I want to cry >.< Why am I so different? Contact me at Thanks :)

KAILERic 6 years ago

There is no supernatural reason why you feel like you don't belong.

The reason you feel like this is that your family did not show interest in you as a child. They neglected you. Physical harm or complete abandonment is not necessary. Your parents did not make you feel as if you were important to them.

This is called developmental trauma. There are many resources on the internet, as well as therapists who are knowledgeable of it.

cromo 6 years ago

I thought i was the only one who felt like this since i stopped smoking 5 months ago its gettin stronger I'm thinking more and more about things and trying to find answers and the questions but all i no is i feel like going somewhere walking or driving in my car and not stopping I'm not sure where to go but i can't explain the feeling i have its a lost feeling in my chest sort of this site helps a lot knowing that there are others and I'm not the only one

TheLostOne 6 years ago

I had, and have a very loving and warm family. There was no abuse in my home. I am still my mother's favorite child. Yet I still feel like I don't belong here. I push away my familial ties, I keep to myself, and avoid social interaction.

I don't think I fit the developmental trauma theory. I am not sure if I am alien born, I have a theory that I am part Fey.

Either way, I have these feelings, without the psychological causes. So theories like these are important to me.

KAILERic is a Disifo Agent. Beware of them! 6 years ago

Beware of the Disifo Agents - even on this site!

Disifo Agents will say that something is wrong with you and you are mental and there are no such things as aliens and "the reason you feel like this is that your family did not show interest in you as a child."

Disifo Agents are everywhere.

You cannot see them with you mind - but you can see them with your heart.

KAILERic is a Disinfo Agent 6 years ago

Disinfo Agent

Helliss 6 years ago

I feel exactly the same. Have felt it since I can remember......

Mandalor 6 years ago

I have just started feeling like I don't belong on this planet. Growing up I did not follow much of the social norms which led to a lot of bullying, so who knows if it is just suppressed emotions, or if I really feel like I am from somewhere else. I have always felt a connection with outer space, and I have believed in aliens and ufo's since I could remember. I even believe that it is possible I have been abducted before, however I have little proof of this thus I can't say for sure. I guess my question would be how do I find out for sure what and who I am?

Dagne 6 years ago

Seems like there is a lot of us.. here is a chat room we can chat in.. maybe we can help each other.

Gus 6 years ago

I know for a fact im diferent. I'm dying to know what's really going on.

unknown 6 years ago

I always felt different I always find my self analysing ppl jst starring at them even during sex I can't help but watch my girls reactions and expressions like in a analysing way I always want to teach everybody around me new things I have a real forgiving heart and I have this real big urge to just jump up and fly away to a real distant place where there's peace and I love biology some one please explain

October 6 years ago

WOW! I had no idea so many other people felt the same way I do. I am so confused! I am above average intelligence, very good career, 3 kids( 2 with severe ADHD symptoms but very intelligent). I don't take any medication and have always tried to stay away from it as I feel like it deadens the real me, same with smoking and drinking. If I talk to anyone except my mother or my grandmother about my feelings, they think I'm nuts. Maybe I am, but I don't think so. I feel like a very strong being stuck inside of a very tiny little human female body. It doesn't feel right. The older I get, I'm 38, the worse this feeling gets. I have no cares for anything of this world except my children. Too many material possessions drives me crazy. I watch humans running around and they are so superficial and their thinking so finite. I don't care about holidays and celebrations and lots of money and big houses and vacations and all the things humans get their panties in a wad over. I am trying to help my children lead as normal of a life as possible, but unfortunately, they seem to be just like me. I feel sad and lost and I wish I could understand this. I feel like the answer is locked inside my mind just out of my reach. Sorry to all who feel this way too, but I am glad not to be alone.

profile image

Bobstartraveller 6 years ago

Why do I feel I was given a choice at a young age whether or not to remain on earth or go "back". So far regretted that coice every day.

I observed people suck unless they get what they want.

Jordasche Kingston 6 years ago

WOW! I am SO happy I found this page! I feel and have always felt 1-6. I did not know there were other people who felt same. Anyone like this by all means feel free to email me at I'd love to meet like people and it looks like there are plenty more than I thought. Whoohoo! :)

Ryan R 6 years ago

Some of you sound really weird, but I feel like I am a human, I don't feel like anyone else does, I understand my actions so perfectly and understand what others think of my actions or words like I'm in they're head, I feel like I know exactly, to a T, what is going on around me, like I can see everywhere, I feel like I'm supposed to be more than what I am, But I know something will happen in my lifetime to answer it, I'm hoping it is 2012, To all the ones that truly feel like this, one day we'll know why

Frank 6 years ago

I've actually cried when after reading a few paragrafts I felt soo alone soo alone!!!I always knew I didn't belong here and the 6 feelings I fit into most -_I do believe in reincarnation and always felt I was from some where else -I read only half of you good beings in here and felt with tears that I'm not alone or strange now - unfortunetey I have to go to work now but I will write more look and communicate with some of you if you wish --I always knew I was from another planet just for kicks I called it Zeno got to go IM NOT ALONE ANYMORE !!!!! Thank You ALL Thank you!

Dianaleehood 6 years ago

I've been on this planet for 68 years, I feel as I did 63 years ago when I realized my predicament. I want to go home. Okay, so I realize I have to contribute to the "accession" of humanity, hope I'm up for it.

frank 6 years ago

ive been on this planet for 64 years Dianaleehood for some reason I believe you already did contribute- I want to go home to but I have one more thing that I must contribute for the accession be happy sleep well

arin 6 years ago

haha I first found this place about 8 months ago when I was having a breakdown...I mean you know that overwhelming feeling you get when you're just like I WANT TO LEAVE NOW! and I was just confused and alone and angry and blah. And then I found this : ) Since that time a lot has changed...I've finally realised that I'm not insane. This is for real.

Anways, ms. important question, I thought it was interesting that you brought up the whole sex thing because that's something I've been thinking about recently. As in I mean yeah sex is great and all, but not really. It's almost like..well say I really really really like the person and good sex should be an obvious outcome, well no actually that seems kinda gross and I would rather NOT, and when I do it seems somewhat pointless. I was thinking about this lately because I thought maybe I was just being weird ya know? Or that my libido was 'broken' or something. So it's interesting to see that someone else feels that way.

Does anyone know what ever happened to Mulder? And is the FB account actually up and running? (although I am suspicious of it)

Last thing, has anyone ever attempted to learn more by using a psychoactive substance?

Thank you

arin 6 years ago

Oh and my e-mail is

TheLostOne 6 years ago

I have to agree with the sex thing. It can be enjoyable (usually more so with someone new) but after being with someone for a while, it seems like making love becomes a chore. I don't dislike it, but it becomes almost annoying. I have had this issue for some time now.

Frank the First 6 years ago

Yeah maybe we didn't have this sex thing on the planet where we came from it feels good being a guy but the habit can kill you emyioally especially after you know you cant have that certain women back sounds like im venting after all Im or we're all supposed to to something special here and contribute some inspiration to this planef - by the way there are many spectics who

Zoe 6 years ago

Sex and the illusion of love is just a distraction and addiction... like cocaine - they both affect the dopamine receptors in your brains.. just like nicotine too (too a lesser extent). So when you engage in sex and sexual pursuits you are being purely human and not any type of evolved being like all of you claim here to be. You are not being different - you are being ordinary and VERY HUMAN.

Human existence sucks because we are animals who know what's coming next - suffering and death. We suffer more than other animals because we have this awareness. Some of us are more aware than others - which makes us feel different and not human. Fact is, its just an awareness thing-or intelligence thing. Many people - the majority - don't have the depth to comprehend a topic like this on any real level - and it doesn't interest them because their life functions just fine being controlled by the typical routines of society (get up, eat breakfast, go to school or work, come home, eat, maybe have sex, watch TV, go to bed and do it all over again the very next day, and the next, and the next.. forever!)

How absolutely absurd is that? But for the majority it is fine - its very acceptable. For us, we want something more, but sorry folks there is nothing more. There is just this... this mundane routine to live with.

If you try to do things differently you will likely end up either homeless or in a funny farm. A few lucky ones with real talent will end up earning a living doing music or some other art form - and the ones who are happiest are the ones who don't have the capacity for much depth. The one's like us who are deeper who still find a life living as a star to be mundane after awhile.

There is no solution to our condition. We are too evolved for this society but society will not catch up to us. We are simply screwed. You can go off into la-la land and believe your some starperson or whatever, but you are just deluding yourself from this reality.

The only answer is to accept that life is full of suffering and pain followed by death. There is no escape unless you kill yourself, which the human form has a built in mechanism to NOT kill itself - further demonstrating your complete humanness.

You cannot have a body of a being and a mind of another - that is wishful thinking and delusion. Its nice to pretend but it isn't reality, so if you're really about being a person of depth and awareness, stay aware that you are fully human, that life sucks, that its extremely cruel and full of suffering and loss and then we die. That's all it is. Nothing more. And there are no other planets that you will be returning to when you shed your human body... and human mind. When they die, they cease to exist and so does your imaginition... so you become 100% unaware. You go nowhere but in the dirt 6 feet under.

Reality sucks! You can pretend to be from somewhere else if you enjoy it - that's actually a very HUMAN thing to do called pretending, to escape unhappy circumstances.

So embrace your humanness, your suffering, your sadness, your misery and deal with it. Once you see that there's no point to any of this, you'll let go, relax and you know what - you'll suddenly fit in with all those other human beings you think you're so different from - but really this blog and these comments demonstrates just how similar you really are to them.

I've given up everything in pursuit of the highest awareness... foods with chemicals, boxed foods, milk and meats with hormones and antibiotics, take no medicines at all what so ever, even gave up all friends, and all family - and then sex. What did it leave me with? Boredom beyond comprehension. If you do not interact with humans like a human, you have no reason to exist. If you give up all foods that are toxic you are left with nothing because even things like nuts and peanut butter have a mold that create toxins (Aflatoxin I believe) that causes liver cancer. There is no pure food on earth. Even organics are known to contain remaining amounts of pesticides.

There is no pure way to live on earth. It's impossible. I've attempted it beyond anyone else still alive - I guarantee it because it will kill me to continue down this path due to lack of nutrition.

We cannot be THIS aware on earth. We HAVE to just accept things for what they are - pretty sucky! Not any one of us can change anything. We are all doomed... for death. How horrible is it to know you are screwed before you begin, that no matter what you do, there is no positive result, no changing the outcome - you will still die - and likely be disabled long before you do, either mentally or physically.

So accept it- and don't go mental. Those who are not as deep as us are the lucky ones, they are closer to the animals than are we. But because of our more evolved awareness we look for solutions and answers that don't exist and inhibit our living full lives as the human ANIMALS that we 100% are. You are no different from my dog, only that you speak words, which I often can misunderstand - which proves our communication isn't as good as when my dog barks a particular way that clearly means he wants water. This is true for all humans, all animals... we're all the same.

If you are disturbed by my writing and want to counter me - than you are still in denial of True Reality. And I feel sorry for you as you will suffer the most.

Let go, stop thinking so much because it gets you no where (and I thought it would get me everywhere) and just exist - just be. Be in the moment. Stop living in your head. Accept and let go!

Good luck - write if you want

TheLostOne 6 years ago

Well Zoe... You are probably right. But at least I can go within myself and find a happiness in a thought of something different. I feel sorry for you, because you can't. If that makes me human, then so be it. I would rather be human and be able to believe in something, than die withered and knowing that I spent my life in misery.

Skyy1087 6 years ago

I agree with you Zoe partially, but Im sure there is a reason you've woken up. I feel very much like you and i get those moments very often. its why like "And for what??!!". Im 23 and Im in school, and no thers is no way around it. you're right, if you completely stop functioning in society meaning (go to a completely pointless job) and quit, you become a bum. Im pretty much there. They say some are fully aware, some are awakening. I don't know where I fall in. I am alone, i don't have friends, just hellos and goodbyes down the hallways of my college building. My ex tells me my top brings me to a nothingness. Just like you said, there is no way to survive without somehow touching the poison they have for us. I don't know Zoe, but i just feel deep deep deep down somewhere, this odd feeling of RIGHT, how something feels right. There has to be a balance of energy in this place, universe, earth, within us humans. Call it whatever. I just think your impatient. I am too. I don't believe in church or anyting like that. Just that there is a higher energy which goes around and around. Even if in this lifetime this is all you come to know, im sure there is a reason. I used to be very materialistic, i wanted money, cars, the whole shabang.u know i don't care about it. They don't teach in school, how to levitate and how we are perfectly capable of traveling outside our bodies. I wont recall, im sure you've read,discovered, the Dracplans. I believe pardon my french, "sh*t is hitting fan politically and catostrophically around the world for a reason. their era is ending and ours is beginning. I don't know who i am. human not human, what soul energy is within me. I know there is many of us out there like never before. and look at it this way. If we didn't (do not)have a happy ending/evolution spiritually, don't you think we would still walk around with our eyes shut out and like you said "they're lucky they don't know anything" i disagree. They are poor souls that spend their whole life wasting air. they never stopped and thought about this, it never hit them. You are very lucky zoe. Just get intouch with youself. i know it sounds a little corny, just stop for a second, see a different approach. you know humans never invented anything, we just discover, and then claim it as an invention. lol just keep digging. you didn't hit a dead end yet trust me. my email is

truth12-21-2012 6 years ago silenced Spooky Fox Mulder, who is the author of this thread.

Mulder knew too much.

Sean 6 years ago

This describes me exactly how I am feeling and have been feeling since I was a little boy. I don't belong here. I think that humans behave strangely and very animal like. My desire by some strange reason has been to study these humans. I have been into psychology and psychiatry for years now. I have this keen sense and sensitivness towards people. I know if they are good or not. If they are weak or are troublesom etc. Some people have said that I don't understand the "codes of engagement" and how to react and socialise with them in a normal and correct way. I don't like the human ways of thinking and doing things and their rules of conduct. It makes me sick and it feels so subjective just like animals. I start to wonder if they are part animals or something. I stare at myself in the mirror and see myself and my body and body parts and it feels strange and wrong like its not mine. I have children and they do not feel like they belong to me. I do not live with them anymore. I feel no connection or link to them. I feel some love for them but thats it. I live alone now in the "bush" far away from everything. It feels better that way. I feel like I am really ready to go home but perhaps I have to stay awhile longer.

Ana 6 years ago

....i Find this story....i never was home here...since i was small i was thinking different...sometimes i sit and cry...about my self...that i fail all i have done and all i never did...looking to the stars...screaming to take me home...but what is all i think a lie...and im just a loser...maybe humans will never feel not our planet.maybe im just dumb lazy loser which don't know what to do with self...maybe i need attention or maybe i need find my home...who?? can answer this? i don't think anyone. But why i don't feel then home...mail me what you

Frank 6 years ago

Anyway it's nice to be in here -somehow I feel at home or a peace comes over me --I know there's a lot of earthlings that can put a lot of negitives on this but I really believe its true that most of us were proberly born on another planet ,somewhere far far away -I really what's the word im looking for ahbor thats it the crulety that mans given to this planet being in the army ive seen some terrible things I never felt I was there when they were happening - anyway all my life even though being in rock groups I should have felt more of the human side I just kept asking "when can I go home?"and I meant to a world of some truer standards I know the world I came from had different moons and a different kind of light kind of like a light blue haze Anyway I hope to get back to where I came from soon-and most of you people in here mly uust realize that our "civilization" as we know it in America is coming to an almost complete halt by mid year im sure most of you are aware of that -so enjoy what ever you do -this is a short life for most of us now -get right with your supreme being if you have one - I always looked at the Orion belt and the star in the middle felt close to me -------

Flo 6 years ago

I hAVE to confess I haven't read all the posts here, but many I did read seem to be from young people. I may be among the elders in this group; I'm 63. What I can agree with is the feeling that I don't belong here. It was especially strong until my 30's, and I always was lost and awkward in my human body. I've always been considered attractive, even enough to make heads turn, but still, I felt alienated from my body. Eventually, I came to feel a kind of connection to the body I dwell in, but some days are harder than others. Like today. I was at a funeral and was wishing I could feel the connection to religion that seems to comfort others. I attended Catholic schools and though I tried, I never could commit to the idea of Jesus as God. LSomething always felt wrong about it, like it was a doctored version of the truth. It had the essentials--being caring of others, etc., but it was a story, a fairytale for children. This, coming from me as a child. Anyhow, though I've made peace with my human life (I'm a grandmother of 5 now), I still get this "disconnect." I love and experience life, but something is "off, like I'm always experiencing it from a distance. I have an unusual kind of clairvoyance that is most effective when I'm not aware of who is asking about their lives, but after being questioned too many times about love lifes, I soured on its being useful in a real sense. Even my greater premonitions, those that affect the world, feel useless since they will make no difference in this petty, foolish little world. I've considered that maybe I was born austistic, thus the disconnect of body and mind, but if so, it would be higher functioning. I've even considered sociopathy since I sometimes don't feel I'm responding to events as others do. I examine, study, analyze and am still confused. I'm perfectly happy with my music, family, etc. yet those moments still come when I feel i don't belong here

gingercat 6 years ago

I found this site having gotten so depressed last night of hearing about how hunting wolves and other animals is celebrated in trophy style by humans. I see pictures of these people with these beautiful innocent animals slaughtered at their evil blood-thristy hands and I just want to kill them. All I know is that I feel tremendous pain when I hear about cruelty to animals. I won't even kill an insect. I don't feel I need to kill rats and other animals people think of as vermin. I'm not vegetarian but I think my body is changing and would rather I was. I think of humans as vermin and would rather see them die first than anything else on this planet. In that way I don't feel part of the human race as I really don't care about humans continuing to exist through more generations.

On the other hand I feel human because my body is human and I work with humans. I have always adapted in life and to changes. I trained in music first but this was not my goal in life since the tide seemed against me after reaching a point. I am also an amateur artist and for a living I'm in I.T. I feel there's a change coming on but I don't know what. For the last 10 years I've been predicting my own path and sensing where to go. What I do for a living I'm convinced is just a means to and end. I think I'm supposed to help animals in some way but the whole idea of trying to survive while doing something worthwhile that doesn't allow me to survive is scary. I keep thinking I have to earn more money so I can help part time in worthwhile causes. I've had a few setbacks financially but there are a long list of animal charities I want to help. I once heard on a self help recording to help others you have to make sure you don't become the one of the ones that needs help - and that might mean financially. The world doesn't need another poor person who cannot help. I have no choice but to continue my path with the human race. I am just glad I found others who feel the same way. I also feel highly instinctive and have had unusual unexplained events. I now hope for change that the "right" lifeforms survive and wish there was something alien that could change things for good.

Frank 6 years ago

I reallt do simpatize with fou gingercat the crulety to the wolfs and horses is HUMAN I don't feel that way unless I really needed to be HUMAN and kill them to strickly survive but thats not the case for most of us we still eat here in US for as long as it stands and 9t seemes like its being pushed in a wheelchair these days ! Anyway i wish that politian would stop shooting baby wolves and their mother from a helicopter in alaska All the more reason that i abhor Humankind there are some good people but most clamor for dispicable pleasure deriving it from animals ans Humans at this rate we're going they might as well sent up torture colliseams and sell hot dogs no im not from here-----------------------------------

LostCat 6 years ago

I have always felt like I want to go home. I don't understand greed and possession of material things. I have dreams like I'm living another life somewhere else. People seem so lost to me. I don't understand why people hurt each other or why they are constantly fighting and their desires. I can sense things sometimes before they happen when I'm in the right state of mind. It's not like predicting things outright but I just have this feeling to do certain things and it comes out to my advantage. Also, I feel like I was meant to do something special. Is there a place where people of like minds meet to talk about these things?

Cheyenne 6 years ago

I am reading all your posts and I am sad that there are so many of us that feel the same way, lonely, alone, depressed, no friends, don't feel they belong. Why? Why is life so painful for some of us? I want to enjoy my life but mean, selfish, heartless people always make me miserable.

Carolyn 6 years ago

I'm an ET soul completely lost here on planet earth. Nice to see i'm not alone here in my sufferings. There ARE millions of us starseeds. Light and Love

Carolyn 6 years ago

I Also want to add that i feel the say way everybody else here does. I hate money, want to get rid of it and don't feel we should be forced slave wagers to some dull unispiring career. I DON'T AGREE WITH THE WAY THIS WORLD IS RUN AT ALL. It sucks and it getting worse. I too know this world is not for me. I find it disappointing and extremely limiting. BEING BORN HERE IS doing hard time.

Frank 2 6 years ago

yeah-- yes --yes we all do feel a lot -are we all a little crazy -perhaps -as the world judges us or do we unduly judge ourselves? There is an ending coming soon life is an emtional hell for some of us -others just seem to float along like a jellyfish bouncing off encounters they collide with.I think a lot of us go out in the night and squint and look at the stars trying to find one if your in the city lights -theres something about orion belt - you know the 3 stars that can look like a belt -we need all of us to get in touch with more meditation and deep breathing. Some of you were hurt very badly by a humans love and you still feel it and you know where you came from it never would have been that way-back there was an infinite more feeling of respect and love for all -this planet Earth is just learning to grow or be controled which I personally think the case is -and their going to get control of it soon where it will be very very cruel ,unfortunatley for most of us- I want to leave before it gets that bad for mere survival- ----I want to just go --back home- can you feel your soul flying through space and everything is as clear a winter night -its still so quiet maybe a meteor flashes by but you continue and continue to your destination-its been said whatever you think it's already happened didn't mean to take up so much time but then again really what is TIME................

Darkness 6 years ago

Ive read every comment on here and here is a bit of information. There are now 13 planets discovered so far in different universes that have the ability to support life. So the possibility of not being human is not impossible. Also humans fear what they don't understand. So if everyone like us who feel different from humans gathered in one location, that would grab humans attention. By doing that you could cause fear in humans. That can cause them to attempt and remove that which they fear. That means they would try and remove everyone of us to benefet themselves. So as much as I love the idea of being able to meet others, who I could feel at "home" with. Most of us don't like the way the world is being run by humans. So if somone does try something like that they need to be careful of where and how they go about it, so nothing horrible happens.

Now from what people have been saying about the 6 descriptions describing them I feel the same. Ive always been able to see into peoples souls, and if they have good or evil intentsions by looking into their eyes. Also ive always been able to easy manipulate people as well as the elements depending on my emotions.

The only difference I noticed was most of what is said on here is along the lines of wanting to help humanity and "save" them. Where as I despise all of humanity in every way. Ive always watched over how humans act to eachother and the things around them and they just don't seem to care. I want nothing to do with them or to be anywhere near them. Let alone be touched by something I can only see as a plague on this planet.

The other thing is that ive had the same dream every night since before I can remember of when everything will change. The dream is of me standing infront of a girl I don't now blocking a gun being pointed at her by some guy. Im not sure if I get shot because I don't see any blood or my death in my dream. Just me grabbing my chest in pain. Almost like not being able to take how cruel and uncaring humans are anymore. Then everything around me slowly fades into darkness.

The vision is of me a couple months after turning 23 which is in less then 2 months. That is why unlike most in here who want to help humans, I want to do everything I can to eradicate their very existence. I truly believe that is my purpose for being here after everything ive seen, felt, and learned.

My email is if anyone has anything to say...

hidden_shadow profile image

hidden_shadow 6 years ago from none of your buisness..stalker

can someone messege me and talk to me about this more in depth i have been told all my life i am a star or rainbow child and i have given up all hope in humanity this also scares me because i have no 1 to talk to about this my mom wont talk and my dad denies everything i also need so enlightenment on the view of religion and some one please help

Wanderer 6 years ago

I posted a comment a few months ago and spoke in regards to how I felt. Well, even now, I'm starting to feel these feelings even stronger! I do not belong on this planet! I don't care if I'm from another planet or not! This is not my world. These people are NOT my people. I love my family so, so very dearly and would do anything for them, sacrifice my life even. However, for all other people, (besides you all, people who I feel like I can understand and be understood by) I'm starting to wish I could vanish completely from this world. I don't wish any harm to come to anyone but I just want to go back to wherever it is I originated from. A place where I was at peace...whether this is another planet or with the creator who transcends and surpasses all religions - I do not know - I just want to go back. Away from this world, away from all the problems, from all the superficial, hurtful, people. People so caught up in religion, politics, and other people that they forget to realize that people do have emotions after all. I just can't shake the feeling that I do not and have never belonged here. People make life hell...if there is a hell, I'm personally already here.

Hank 6 years ago

Alright, I am not here to tell you people what's right and what wrong, but don't you think that all this is going way off? I mean some of us, find it very difficult to mix with others, that's why we remain lonely. Some of us have a higher sense of awareness that's why we tend to dislike other human views and the wrong things others do. This awareness has also granted some of us, to read people's thoughts to a certain extent. So, what I am trying to say is this, that we are humans, just different from each other in different ways. We were born here and we will die here. Now I don't mean to hurt anyone's thoughts, this is just the most logical answer I could find.

TheLostOne 6 years ago

I have a question for all of you who feel like I do.

Lately I have noticed that when I watch TV, I have to mute the commercials or I get a headache. I have talked to other people who have experienced the same or similar effects; or they have other symptoms such as agitation or anger. These people are special like us. But I have also noticed others (humans) which seem to be overly drawn to the products being sold.

It is a fact that commercials are louder than normal programing, but more than that I suspect there are hidden sound waves in them, beta or alpha waves that human brains will pick up on subconsciously, audio subliminal suggestion so to speak.

So my question is: Do any of you have the same things happening to you?

I think perhaps due to our unusual condition these waves do not work properly on us, where in fact they cause irritation rather than stimulation. I wonder if this is just another way we differ from normal people, and if there are other things like this which we haven't yet put together.

Hank 6 years ago



you've got to be kidding me...

Harry 5 years ago

For Hank,

Hank you have your belief -there is a HUGE UNIVERSE out there Hank and our minds almost all of us in here believe that we did come from another planet or galaxy just because your here and think that you are right there's know way for you to prove it Hank if you believe in the Bible which I believe you do then please refresh your mind and go to the 1st chapter of Ezekiel you must realize by now we did come from other planets of other star systems look at the bold face print in the King James Version please its really posible Hank it truly is possible that we all do come from other planets or world's if we feel uncomfortable here there are many other passages in there I won't debate you on this and I know you must be at least some sort of doctor of the mind but just let it be ok soon im sure you'll see the light about everything one thing I can for most of us in here is that without a doubt we believe in reincarnation peace to everyone who's out there and good hope to all -don't hold anger and if you can try to Love someone

Mitsu 5 years ago

For my entire life (as I know it) I have thought this place is'nt mine, I don't fit here. When I do think of it I go outside, "mabey I just need to get out of the house." Every time I end up gazing up at the sky for hours (I loose sleep over it :c). Just by beeing close to someone or any kind of life weather i see it or not I can feel that this presence is happy, sad, angry, ect..

I also look at most everything to be so over-complicated it maked my own head spin. Theres no point why do it! ugh..

I'm glad i found this, many thanks.

Micheal Jones 5 years ago

For many years I have not told anyone about this, and thought I would do a search on google, and came across this site. For many years I have this feeling that I don't belong here, I have had visions of (I know as a fact) a pending disaster for this planet, I have traveled to other places, where the beings do not use transport as we know it, but hover about 4 feet above the ground, I have seen this planet many years after a huge, major disaster, but what is most confusing, is that I can look at various galaxies, and when I see the Andromeda galaxy, I have this urge to just stare at it, and have a strong feeling, that there, somewhere in that galaxy, is my home,,,,I'll post another even that happened to me, which is completely unbelievable.....

Micheal Jones 5 years ago

OK, here's the event that happened about 15 years ago, and still as vivid just as if it happened yesterday.

I used to live in a 3 room apartment in the UK, and now live in the USA, but, one time when I was in my apartment living room, I started to feel a bit sleepy, and decided to take a nap, then, I remember sitting cross legged on the floor fixing something, and on the coffee table were to large speaker cabinets, I then heard a knock on the front door, and I got up and walked along the hallway and opened the door,, I remember planks of wood leaning against the wall next to my front door, and a bicycle under the wood, standing at the doorway was a man with 2 children, a boy and girl, either side of him,,,,,I shook his hand, and he followed me in, he sat on the couch (where I was a sleep, but in this event, I don't see myself), the 2 children sat either side of him,,, there was no speaking,,,,I then noticed it was starting to get dark outside, and attempted to turn the light on, but when I tried,, my hand passed right through the switch and the wall, but eventually (after several attempts), I did turn on the light, but as I turned round to walk back to the center of the room, I was lifted about 4 feet, rotated (back facing the front door), then pulled away from the apartment, I still remember the fast lines of flashing colors, that past me, then I was standing on familiar ground, I recognized the buildings around me, but they were different, there was no roads or pathways, the sky had a sort of greenish orange haze, and I could see 2 suns, there was nobody around but these 3 beings, that (thinking back now, could have taken human form) just stood there, then suddenly a bright flash of intense white light, and I woke up feeling as if I just stepped out of an industrial freezer....Since then I have had numerous (I don't know what they would be called), waking dreams, visions, travels, I don't know what to call them, but I have seen things happen the exact time they happen, I also have daydreamed and in this daydream I said something, and came out of the daydream when someone a few feet in front of me said "what did you say?", but my friend said he didn't hear me say anything to anyone, he only saw me staring into nowhere, unbelievable? Nobody knows about it, because if I say anything about it to anybody, I could be classified as being a "loony", but I strongly believe I don't belong here, and strangely enough, I have no feeling towards my family, I have a 90 year old mom, and a brother that's 2 years younger than me, and he's a total alcoholic, and killing himself in the process, but do I care?, hell no!.

Micheal Jones 5 years ago

Well I guess none of us exist anymore, oh well, back to to hum drum life of just existing, existing in the knowledge that there are NONE of us left.

Maybe you were all smoking weed at time of posting these messages, and the weed just helped the stories to feel real, but either way, I DON'T smoke weed, but I KNOW, I don't belong, but as for the rest of you, I suggest stop smoking weed and return to reality.

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Meekal 5 years ago

All that I know is that I ma very happy I found this page. I found a lot of ppl who I can relate to. I read all the comments on this page and the most important thing is that we are all here in this page for the same reason, searching for the same thing. love to all

arin 5 years ago

@the lost one...YES!!! I can't STAND the sound of the television. It started giving me headaches about 6 years ago and I gradually stopped watching it because it hurt too much. BUT I just thought that was's tv and you know how it makes that annoying ringing sound? yeah i cant stand that. i never thought it had anything to do with waves or whatever. *shrug* who knows maybe maybe not.

Hank actually yeah according the the bible we were not here first. It is pretty clear...Although I don't know if you mentioned the Bible??

Anyhow I second what Harry says. I know I am not from here. That is a fact. You are one who doesn't feel that way, but there is no way you're going to convince me that I'm just "lonely". I do wonder why you googled this topic...

Yes we were physically born here, and yes I'm guessing we will physically die here, but what does our physical body have to do with anything?

arin 5 years ago

@the lost one...YES!!! I can't STAND the sound of the television. It started giving me headaches about 6 years ago and I gradually stopped watching it because it hurt too much. BUT I just thought that was's tv and you know how it makes that annoying ringing sound? yeah i cant stand that. i never thought it had anything to do with waves or whatever. *shrug* who knows maybe maybe not.

Hank, actually Harry is correct. According to the the bible we were not here first. It is pretty clear...Although I don't know if you mentioned the Bible??

Anyhow I second what Harry says. I know I am not from here. That is a fact. You are one who doesn't feel that way, but there is no way you're going to convince me that I'm just "lonely". I do wonder why you googled this topic...

Yes we were physically born here, and yes I'm guessing we will physically die here, but what does our physical body have to do with anything?

Hank 5 years ago

@arin: when I googled it I was a believer of the same story. But after a lot of thought to the situation this was the only outcome I could come across. I have mentioned before, that I do not wish to hurt anyone's sentiments or feelings about this topic, its just an explanation I could find 'for myself'. As far as The bible is concerend its just our holy 'book', its not an answer to the way people think.

CC 5 years ago

I have always felt a unexplainable feeling... since i was in grade 5 the thought of dragon like creatures begun to interest me so much more. I have been roaring on days i feel, strange, a feeling i like to call "The dragon's roar" feeling like power and streanth in me, a belif that i can become or i am something else. I have roared to the skies on dark rainy, thundery days, were i specificly feel "the dragon's roar" I just have an urge to throw out all my emotions in a long emotional sequence of roars, sort of summoning or calling or trying to tell what ever is out there to release me from the human prison. Im only 16 years old, but i can say, im the wierdest person any one would probably ever meet. The feeling of being something else grew each year, and eventually i drew what i might look like. Sometimes the belif i can become this dragon and go to my true home becomes so strong, that i littrely roar and like i can do it. In grade 7 i eventually belived i could temper with the weather, it was cloudy and a thunderstorm was far out in the distance. In school i saw it, in the morning assemly. Through out the morning i roared, but made sure no one herd me, and eventually the rain was pouring, when i stopped, it slightly stopped, but when i threw out the emotion completely in my roar, and said I CAN DO IT, thats when the lighning got louder and louder. It was bloody scary, i soon stopped because i noticed how close it was. The lighning just came right above our school, and 3 hits one on a large tree 2nd in the middle of the flat grass field, and 3rd on another tree. I just didnt understand... I hat it when i disbelive my self, thats when i fail, thats when the feeling goes away so quickly. I dispise being a human, soon i also came up with the idea of turining into an animal to escape being human. So mabey all this dragon belief, might just be my want to be free... and not human... but its still increadibly hard to explain the incredible powerful feelings i can get. and the emotion of some roars, I call out to the "dragons". Dragons witch i belive to be alien creatues, that have the dragon like apearance. i look to the stars sometimes and just roar, please, please, please... but at the same time im scared. I just dont understand why i think like this any way...

Juniorwithlove 5 years ago

I too have always felt that I do not belong in this world, but over the years I have learned that I shoud not be angry with the world, just sad. If god placed me hear then there is a good reason for it, we are here to make a difference in peoples lives as best as we can, we might take this as a punishment but it's not, we just let our human minds take over and not our heart like it is intended . Anger just keeps us here even longer because we are not doing our jobs to help others in opening their hearts, he sees what we see, he hears what we hear, he feels what we feel, if our god suffered for us, why can't we go through some discomfort for him in this life until our destiny is fulfilled. Anger to humans will not get you anywhere except a longer life here with humans that match that anger. Believe in your self and others and you will see your heart at peace.

Diyana 5 years ago











Frank 5 years ago

Whats really amazing is just how vast our Universe is- what mankind has discovered so far about the size of it is true I believe and if so- its really incredible.....our milky way galaxy- well it would take 100, 000 light years to cross and is 10,000 light years thick as it tappers down to the outer edge where our solar system is not to far from it[ a light year by the way is 186000 miles per second -times all the seconds in 1 year most of you know that ] our milky way contains over 100 billion stars in it ok- now there are 50 billion galaxies! in the known universe - try to do the math- what i'm leading up to is that anything is possible - so if you feel like you wish you were on another world or came from one -you proberly were-

Frank 5 years ago

one more ---- just one more ----in a short time from now your not going to have your oreo's dipped in milk anymore ---do you know what i mean --its just PLAIN changing times -all you out of world of- i mean- get ready to become to get uncomfortable- for the most of you ---dont be frightened ---just accept it --for its coming- enjoy the food - the ability to move around freely like you have been- but its all coming to a quick halt - I really dont know how most of you will wind up - but if you believe in a Creator now's the time to try -so you can get back to that world where you all came from- yes its scarry and no one wants it that way - we've all been enjoying freedom for a long long time - but now its coming to an end --hold close to that vision where you all came from - perhaps it will take you there -remember its such a vast vast universe out there my friends you'll all find your true place eventually - you will - stay at peace no matters what happens -stay true to those true feelings you have about just moving from your phyiscal body to your spitiual plane where you belong - the fear you all posess will be gone from you so you all can just MOVE ON- if you all will just learn how to let it go-it will go- let go and stop being afriad------- please stop the fear and you'll all will enter a new plateau let the Creator --God --Budda-- who ever you want --Trust--Believe - and fear no more ---close your eyes and you'll see that special place where you came from--------we're all connected wheather you like it or not Love is the hardest feeling or emotion to understand especially when it comes down to being able to Love yourself -to all of you in the universe out there I Know I will see you all sometime I know I will FRANK

David 5 years ago

Can you please help me solve this issue in my head? anyone?

Harry 5 years ago

Hi David,

Hey guy what seems to be the problem in your head or issue. This has nothing to do with being from this world or not . Can I tell you a little story? Han a friend I believe came from tis world and after being here 56 yrs. he contracted prostrate cancer. Of course I felt bad he was a best friend he had a friend called lets say John. John and I of course were very concerned about our friend who went through massive surgery in the process . We became friends being concerned about our mutual friend .This went on for 5 or 6 months . John one day told me he had a headache . Long story short it turned out John had massive culster Brain Tumors couldnt be operated on and 2 months later John was dead . And who told me who was dead TOM !! he passed away 1 year later David be happy you dont go out a painful way . You sound young . Be happy in this crummy world as it is .If you were born and came into this world Earth be happy because it wont last for ever . You'll go back many people in here think we're here to add or enhance something for the "earthlings" maybe so David relax take a deep breath . You'll be going to where you need to be soon it wont be that long-youll be here in spirit 2 months 1 year from now 2 3 4 5 100000 years from now you will go on .Go somewhere out in total nature if you can just by yourself stay there overnight if you can just that be afraid or dont be afraid but do it . Harry

James K 5 years ago

Makes quite a room you have here , wonder wonder why i havent found it before ? Well I have now and maybe you people in here are for the most part illutionists- maybe you just dint want to be real, So get real if you want to be born from another then build a flying ship go to there and bring a woman or 2 and impreganate them with your own sperm maybe that will work . What do you think ?is there any possibillity to that!!!!!!

Philanthropisttoanywhere 5 years ago

I know what most of you feel cause i have felt it my whole life. I look at those people around me and can't understand their motives for materialism. I never had any intreast in things and only longed to please those around me. though when i would see things differently

then those around me and I would try to convince them

of the truth & to show them that the world around them

is but an illusion. though this meant someone was misleading them and either it was their whole world and way of life was misleading or just myself. though when they realized this even if i could prove my point most would get angry cause I was shattering their belief system and tell me to shut up. I never understood emotions like greed, selfishness or jelousy on a material level. I wish there was some way off this

world to a place as beautiful where there were people who appreciated each other and the world around them with a total desire to connect to it instead of exploit it. I feel a real empathy for this planet cause Humanity

is so nieve and ignorant. They treat each other like excriment and have no real empathy for this world or anything living on it. I have been here for 42 years and in that time i've done many things i now am totally ashamed of. It allways seems my motives were to try and fit in and when I finally realized I could'nt I would escape reality with drugs. I don't know if i was trying

to escape permanantly though now that I think of it that

may be the case abd I don't have a clue how I am still

here. The only way i can rationalize this is ,I must be

here for some reason though I still have no idea what and feel that I will never convince anyone whats really happening here. It seems as if i am clueless on many points. Though i allways had a higher sense of perception. I can't tell you how both of these things can be true and i don't know if i can believe that i'm an alien at least not in any real sense of the word. I want to believe it, god knows I do but its very hard to believe something that seems so unrealistic. I need for these extraterrestrials to reveal themselves and explain this concept and only then will I accept it. I wish we could all meet in person I would be thrilled to meet others who are not so self absorbed though i fear that if we did we might find things are not as we percieve them and we are in fact all crazy but as long as noone is at all violent I am down to meet. say if we can get some of our alien brothers to chauffeur maybe we can party on mars or uranus? Thanks all for reading my insanity...

Frank 5 years ago

I wush to leave but I can't ---"to be or not to be that is the question" shakesphere the reason Man doesnt want to leave as explained if you will look it up an read it---is because if you decide to go ----things Could be a lot Worse on the other side than you have it now -- get it? its all there I do feel we go on for a long time i mean eons and eons -if your young you feel immortal--when you get older you feel the same way Except ypu know you will cross the line soon and for sure But you still dont believe it! its kind of when a friend says hes going to loan you a good sum of money {drat it all} you feel good about it all nite long but in the morning he says hes sorry but can only give you 10% of it you feel lost since you made so many plans for it --------the point----i think its like we all feel we're not 100% here only 10% because we just dont fit in -so we try to do outlandish things to cover ourselfs up- i think we make humans think a differant ways sometimes but we only change them a little -im tired of all the mess in this country -it once was the best-it will never come back again--and I dont want to come back-I want to leave before "they " have the full powers of our minds LET THE GOOD FORCE OF THE UNIVERSE BE WITH YOU ALL-------------------------------------

Rising  5 years ago


I have over the past few month been extremely agitated with my self and all things around me.

Ive been trawling the internet day and night searching for answers to some of the biggest questions out there. It has been driving me crazy, I feel sad about the human race and the sick decay that has been created. I have always felt disconnected from others except my close family whom all have old souls. I have over the years used alcohol and drugs TV and computer games to try and escape from my reality. I have also been depressed and often thought I wish death to be swift so I can get back to some place I cant remember.

I loath money and the entire human based system of lies and rotting war torn flesh. I have lost relationships because I could not bare to bring a child in to such a sick world. All I seek is love but cannot find it, I feel very little most of the time.

Last year I began my journey by going to a doctor who said I might be Bi Polar, I did advise him that it was more likely due to my previous ADHD as a child. I have now been given a coarse of Ritalin to try and help me cope with all this madness. Im wondering now if that was a good idea. I also feel like im not doing what i am suppose to be doing it has left me feeling very hollow I often feel like i should be leading a pure life and helping others. I have often wished for the planet to be cleaned so a new peaceful species could be given the gifts this planet has to offer and have asked some higher power to bless them when they do go. People go to work they eat sleep and breed, there seems so little happiness around. Today my search has started to bare some fruit. I cant speak to most people about this because I dont want to get suck in the nut house.

I am a 32 year old Man feeling lost and alone. My eyes are starting to open. would like to here from you

alpha1 5 years ago

to Rising---listen your not going nuts only if you choose to be -please stop taking the ridilin asap - its a terrible drug to be on , At 32 you have your whole life in front of you even if you only have 3 years before they take it away from you Rising- hey thats a good handle you got Rising --it means sooner or later your goint to "rise above it all" you will - I hope you have some type of work you can do this may seem impossible to you Rising but if just for 4 days you could just keep off the alcolhol pills and grass or whatever you would genuley "Rise" Rising - you would feel your self actually come alive and new thoughts would enter you mind for the better = after that when you proberly will fall back into your old ways you'll see how it really could have been pick up the book by anothony robbins "the giant within" and read it and follow all the ways TRUTHFULLY and you will change Rising got to go best to you eat walnuts and you wont wind up in the Nut House you really dont want to go there peace and love to a person I dont even know but do -------------------------------------------

Jared 5 years ago

Guys I feel that way often myself. Like I'm not coping with other people at all and I don't understand why the world is such a joke. We're not aliens though people. We're born and bred humans created by God. The reason we feel the way we do is simple, our generation has turned away from God. It's no co-incidence that the majority of posters here are in their early twenties. (I'm 24 myself). So much have we strayed that we resort to fantasising about being extra terrestrial beings sent on a mission to be the salvation of man? That would have been looked at with amusement not 30 years ago. The longing you feel is the longing to return to Him. To go back to heaven where our souls were created. We weren't created for violence and evil yet sadly that is the path that many have chosen for themselves. Those of us that protest the attrocities of the world so vehemently are those that have chosen peace of mind in the form of sadness and a sense of alienation from an existence of wrong.

I want to go home and so do all of you. Keep strong and never forget what has been granted to us all by the very life of our creator

TheLostOne 5 years ago

@ Jared: Wow! You say that these feelings I have are to return to "heaven" Then make me a vampire! I will live as long as possible, kill and feed without remorse, and when I finally get staked, just turn to dust!

@ Everyone: Leave your Unrelated and Unwanted Religious Opinions at home! Like an asshole.... they STINK!

Yes, humans suck. But we are here on this planet and we need to change it. Change humans. 5 years ago

Yes, humans suck. But we are here on this planet and we need to change it. Change humans. Change everything. Uplift everyone.

We - all of us here - are very very important to this planet, to human race. We are the Awakeners. We wake people up. Just like Neo in the "Matrix". We are the Frequency Holders.

We have a very important mission. Ne must not give in. We must not be sad about the way things are and the way humans abuse this planet and each other. WE MUST IGNORE THE FEAR. We must be strong. We must shine and uplift.

Bring your Light upon this planet.

Bring your Light upon human race.

This is your true purpose.

The Heaven is here.

The Ascension is here.

Everything is already here.

But you need to open your eyes - and open humanity's eyes.

thomas 5 years ago

i feel much the same way as most of you, and take comfort in knowing that there are other people who feel this way. But Occam's Razor just won't let me believe in the delusion. I want to. So badly. But the fact is, i'm just a delusional paranoid who, for all his special empathic ability and intelligence, can barely live a normal life.

Maybe you're all correct, even those of you with horrible spelling and grammar (what's the deal with all of that anyway? it makes it really hard for me to take you seriously). I believe that anything is possible. I just don't think i believe that i'm not human, even though i do feel that way almost all the time. Why else would i have typed "I feel like i'm not human" into google?

Either way, the best advice for all of us seems to be to let the selves(terrestrial or not) we hide within us free. I used to know how to do that. Maybe it was the temporary Prozac high or maybe it was the people i was around, but 12 years ago i knew i was on the path to my calling, whatever it was. I did not feel inhuman. I was happy. I loved myself and other humans. I was embracing my freedom and open to the world. Maybe i was just young.

I don't know precisely what happened or how i fell so far from that state of grace, but now i feel more distant than ever. I don't understand other people's behaviors, and i rarely understand my own. I fantasize about shooting myself in the head almost daily. I don't plan on doing it, but i find it oddly cathartic to envision. I have almost not faith in humanity, which i'm afraid means that i have no faith in myself.

I want to spread positivity, but negative thoughts consume me more and more. I lost control of my life at some point and i want it back.

I don't know how to "Shine my light upon this planet" or else i'd damn well be doing it instead of whining like a child here. I dont even know why i wrote all this.

Emeraude 5 years ago

I wonder as to why some who have posted show such disgust towards humans and such. Of course I do consume my time wondering why the world is the way it is now and I find it hard to understand many of them or their motives, but are you sure that as a self-proclaimed higher being should you bear any negative feelings towards them when that is the opposite of what you're needed to do?

We are no more or less than humans... 5 years ago

We are no more or less than humans.

We are no taller or lower than humans.

We are no better or worse than humans.

We are just different from them.

We are not human.

That is what we know is true. No one can take that feeling away from us.

We are not human.

veggie profile image

veggie 5 years ago from Boise Idaho

I like the idea of being able to chat with others about this. As Dagne posted above a while back, why not join that chat room? I guess they do chats every Friday night. But there is a forum where many topics are also discussed.

I might check it out this evening as it is Friday. I just found this page yesterday and am pretty excited to find out I'm not the only one lol!

I don't know if this place lets you leave a link, but I'll try to. It might turn my user name blue, in that case that will be the link. Maybe we can all get together and chat about all this soon.

gummi 5 years ago

"I fantasize about shooting myself in the head almost daily."

^ditto. I think this is the only group of people who would understand what I meant when I say I'd love to off myself.

some sense 5 years ago

can we get this video off thats been banned by fox news or whatever? And veggie this is not a "club where you have the Orange county Ladies club. Its not a cutsey thing ok theres serious people in who have a sense of humor but please dont turn this into a non chalaunt gathering ok-and thomas who cares about the spelling and grammar it seems to us like your some sort of insensitive "snob" how you got here I don't know but you proberly are lacking in one thing or another -I dont mean that badly of you ,but if your in here on some kind of purpose let it be known dont be angry with me on that for I only have 2 months to live so they tell me -some how Veggie your right we should all get together before America falls financially and you all get use to living in a 3rd or 4th world country no matter how wealthy you might think you are ---you see a lot of us our here wheather another planet -world whatever because we all want to ESCAPE from whats going to happen soon to our pampered lifestyles and our forced to look at the reality of what REALLY going on. We're all looking for that dream planet with 2 suns and 3 moons at night possibly whatever--to be from -- where cruelity does not exsit- do some of you cry for no reason at all more frequently lately hmmm? its because you deep inside see no future except it getting worse and you want America back even though you didnt really care about your freedom- no no no pitch about this land where I feel 95% of you all were born -----Yes ---you want to kill or committ suicide to you to escape -I cant blame you all and its not crazy - but you need to consider what's on the other side -do you go back to your paradise world? Or do you go to a horrible lonely exsistence? I don't know I really gave my own self to the Lord but it seems I'm right back where i started from - and I feel the 6 things that make me feel that i dont belong here ---I hope most of you are still employed - hunger and strife is a terrible thing --if i could wrap my arms around all of you at once I'd tell you and hug each and every one of you that I Love YOU please don't forget that you;re all loved by me -no i'm not a messiah I'm just love you all and hope to be and meet you all in space - the planets worlds or perhaps paradice some day I know I will try to care and please dont be afraid of your tears - there their for a reason -all you have to do is figure out why and you will find the answer-

Steely Damn 5 years ago

Am I an alien if I don't like or trust people in general? What if I find most peace when not around other people and look forward to the day I die? Most of the time I feel like I want to just close my eye and float away from this planet and existence.

READ ME 5 years ago

I'm so surprised that this article describes me very well, but perhaps it is just generalizing people who are feeling out of touch with reality, known as being psychotic.

I've always felt like I don't belong, I've always just stopped what I was doing, looked around and observed people, and always asked myself "why are you living like this"?

The way people behave here is so irrational. People waste so much money on stupid things. In relationships, people act like eachother, people are going through the routines, no one questions the government, and no one thinks about these things.

What gets even more crazier, is when the article talked about taking perscribed medicine and being on a healhty diet, and not smoking and dreaking.

Every medical drug gives me severe side effects, drinking and smoking makes me sick, and lately I have discovered that most foods are filled with chemicals that destroy your body.

I also have ADHD, and hate taking my medicine. I can't explain why, my mind tells me not to take it without any conscience reasoning.

War, violence, minipulation, decietfullness, I don't understand these things. I especially don't understand people that "pretend" they are good people but truthfully they are not.

The supernatural gifts really scared me, I didn't know what those words meant so I had to look them up. I've always felt like I had a really strong intuition of what was about to take place, I can feel the energy in a room, and the energy of a person very well. I can instantly know if I will get along with someone all by standing next to the person. Does this sound like anyone here?

I don't feel emotionaly close to anyone in my family, or my freinds. I don't really have a home. Sometimes I wonder if I am an angel or something, or if I am a "Christian" and being authentic Christian means you are "aliens" of this world until the Father of the Universe comes back for his Children.

But maybe I am just mentally ill, I know I have some mental problems, despression and anxiety, OCD, lately for the last 3 years it has been very hard to figure out what is real or not, I am very paranoid people are out to get me, when I was very very young I felt like I was abducted by aliens.

I love looking at the stars, I don't know anyone who wants to buy a telescope, but I do..

Hope78 5 years ago

Where do i start?......So im not crazy? or I have found a whole bunch of us "crazies"? Also it concerns me as to "who else" is reading our posts? and how much info we should reveal on here? but I have a sense of relif after finding this page, by tapping in the sentence "I want to go home, but I am home, What does that mean?" I too have some of the 6 in the list, But more than anything my longing to go home is becoming so strong I cry with such a sadness and say out loud " I just want to go home " I have children who I love so much, I dont want to leave them but I so want to go home, there is a void I can feel inside me, then the "I want to go home" kicks in and I cry and I mean really cry, I get worried if someone hears me they will think im crazy or having a break down, I believe my daughter I wont state which one, has the makings of this "other feeling" she has seen dare I say ghosts? on several occasions as have I, I feel they are drawn to her and orbs appear in most pictures of her, and she is a miracle, by rights I should not of been able to even concieve her there is a story to this, but at the moment, i choose not to share this on here but it is amazing!, and animals of all kinds are attracted to her, and adore her, but again due to my concern of who else is observing us on here, I wont say much more, I know when somethings wrong, I get an over whelming feeling, I know when my phone will ring, I see things, my dreams are off the scale, I am very very ocd and I wash my hands so much I get bad skin, but I can feel the dirt from how do i phrase this, from this planet, I feel it on my skin,and it makes me feel ill also I have to be very careful what I eat, natural food is best, processed food makes me ill, also may be totaly un-related but I hate, no no dislike spiders very much, but they seem attracted to me, they will run/chase me, or drop on me it sounds daft, I used to think they sensed my fear, but im starting to think..its something else, I also can read people very well and cannot tell you how much I "care" I have had jobs in the "caring" sector, I just want to help EVERYBODY!! I have had some very strange experiences, which I have in the past put down to "god" miracles if you will, I have seen ufo's and watch every ufo movie documentry etc looking for answers, the other day, having a conversation with my partner we were discussing "aliens" and it was quite an intense conversation, and yet I calmly looked at him and replied "there already here" it was not untill later that day that i relised, I have always replied to these conversations with everyone I have had them with with the same simple calm answer "they are already here" now I dont know if its the way I say it, or something else but It seems to end the conversation, maybe when I say it I send out some sort of calming power or something that stops the conversation, to change it, like a protection power? Like most of you, I also dont "fit in" and no matter how happy I am, somethings always missing, and I do just long for home, its getting a bit out of hand the rate at which im feeling this, I have always felt it, for as long as I can remember, even with my brother, we would sit on our doorstep at our family home, and say "one day they will come for us" and "we dont belong here" and we would sit and wait...and wait, my brother is very similar to me, but as yet in my 30's we have not had the go home conversation, but we are both in to other planets, space ufo's and conspiracey theorys, We both feel we have telepathic feelings, with each other, we both always know when the other is hurt or upset, or anything, no matter how far apart we are, and we have both experienced strange things together, anyway I must now conform to this mundane exisistance, duty calls, so glad I found this page, and hope that something more will come of this. peace x

p.s please excuse any spelling errors, running late, no time to check :-)

I want to go home too 5 years ago

Yes. I want to go home. This planet is not my home.

But the time is not right. This time, although very difficult it is, is very important. We are - all of us here - are for a reason here on this planet. You have to understand, that we have to change this planet. We have the ability to do that. We have the power.

SpearFruitSlicesh 5 years ago

You know when i sleep i always hope to wake up in another dimension,planet, time, but on this shitty place of 21century what is called earth! Humans just don't realize what we do!

SpearFruitSlisesh 5 years ago

Not on earth definitely!

Frank 5 years ago

Hi all of you-

I hope you all had a good diner tonight and please start uplifting your thoughts - try to be grateful just a little - Please Im going to say a prayer for everyone whos in the registra a special one your lives some of you wikk have amazeing results if you just can believe Ill start with Jayceee and with you SpearFruitSilsesh these are good prayers and some of you may experiance some sort of Miricles rest easy but all o f you I wish a sort of love that will come into your souls Enjoy it please Frank

Meg 5 years ago

Although I'm rather sceptical about being from somewhere else than Earth, I realize it more and more everyday - I'm different than most people. I often have dreams about situations that come to happen later. But this situations are rather plain, like a scene from my work where I talk with my boss, or sit in a classroom during lesson. I love nature - I really feel good sitting outside of the city watching stars, or being at the beach in the evening listening to the sound of sea. I feel like I'm somehow connected with this nature - why people can't see it - we are a part of it? I deeply love animals. Can't kill them, even mosquitos I'm trying to get out of my house but I don't like killing them at all... And I don't like spiders - but can't kill the one that is living peacefully outside my window ;-)I also have strange ability to know what people want. This is probably why I can't find anyone to share love with. Sometimes I think, that pure love doesn't exist here among people anymore. Am I an outside soul in human body, or human that just can't adjust to the life today - I don't know. I wish I had met someone to tell me all those things. Well, I guess I just wanted to write it somewhere. Thank you for reading and sorry for any mistakes. English is not my native language :)

Charles 5 years ago

I feel the same way.I feel like im the only person who watch the stars at night thinking about the times people enjoyed nature instead of using technology.I think I'm from another planet because I always daydream about another person who is me in a another fantasy world with immortals and humans together.

Charles 5 years ago

I feel the same way.I feel like im the only person who watch the stars at night thinking about the times people enjoyed nature instead of using technology.I think I'm from another planet because I always daydream about another person who is me in a another fantasy world with immortals and humans together.

coall 5 years ago

hey, im a pagan who is incredibly intouch with nature and his spritual side and to be dead honest im a lil releived iv found this site, because i really felt suddenly compelled to find answers to questions that iv long buried away.

iv read through literally every comment in awe of the fact that a scary amount of people experience the same feelings and occurances as me. my family has a long history of pagan and wican practice, mainly my great nan, who has been the person iv always gone to for advice.

when i was very little i used to have extremely violent horrible dreams that caused me to scream the house down, but they just went away for years, then when i was about 11ish i started getting them again altho not as violent, they were always pointless dreams with really defined moments, which of corse i forgot wen i woke up. well until i found myself telling myself how my day was gonna go and over small periods of time found myself in social situations telling the people i was talking to what they were about to tell me. i obviously never told my family anything until my great nan phoned our house nd i went white and had the most intense emotional breakdown, i couldnt even stand up, my mum didnt quite realise id collapsed so she naturaly ran to grab the fone, sadly to be told my great grandad had just had a heart attack and passed away. my mum just put the fone down and looked at me, she didnt say anythin just we had to go to nans. later sadly she clicked and realised id busrt into tears before she'd even told me anything. then after i bizzare family conversation my nan just pulled me aside and said let whats! she told me not to be scared and that id understand it all when i was ready to. then now im reading wat im writing thinkin what the hell people are gonna think im crazy but to be honest theres atleast ten comments of people sayinn they experience the same/simular things and iv mentioned alot of personal not to mention emotional info so if you are scepticle, i wont judge you so please show me the same grace.

however since i hit my early teens, iv found it incredibly hard to except people, i seem to be drawn to helping sort problem out in many people wether its a freind or a strangers lives. but im becoming very distant, it seems i spend everyday looking around pittying people for the way they act towards other people, and im finding myself going into silly spells of anger and rage for the way people act. i consider myself lucky as i find it easy to read and sus people out and it seems like people who step on other people are the ones who are rewarded with praise. while the less fortunate get left to pull threw on there own. iv been i several confrontations with groups of guys who are either just acting like p**cks or seem to find it funny to beat up some guy or girl because he walked past them. i feel compelled to punish all of them for it! my faith in mankind is gone, and considering iv always felt i wasnt normal or to some extremes even apart of the species i shed no tears for them. i know people talk about the ascention which is pagan btw lol and how the world will be better after, i supose im a lil more grim as i look at all of the cultured profocies such as the mayan, incan, norse, christian (dare i say it) and they all say there is something coming, which i honestly hand on heart hope for. sounds grim but humans kill everything they touch!!! so if it means a loss of a species for the survival of thousands of others, call me cold but there odds idd take in a heartbeat.

Charles 5 years ago

I think these human species are against us and we should rise up as one and show them the true meaning of life.Not clubbing and doing the same routines daily.We should show them how beautiful nature is and our side of true life and our perspective of life.If humans could share there knowledge thru school Than we can to.We don't need to be afraid of what they might think because we know the truth.we need to unite and stop the humans from destroying the nature of this planet because it's part of our lives.They want us to suffer and forget about magical moments and nature.Now there trying to make us equal to humans by watching reality shows and violent video games.It's not earth that's changing my kind.It's the humans destroying life.For example,Disney was cartoon story's Like toy story,Cinderella,And lion king.Now the young generation don't no anything about magic and turn Disney into reality.We need to rise up before it's to late.Or our people will die.

Hank 5 years ago

Attaboy....I don't know why I came back here, Missed the atmosphere I guess. Now instead of watching Russel Peters, I came here to grab a few laughs and trust me, you guys didn't disappoint.

YEAH 5 years ago

I was just wondering , if all of us actually fit the description above , and able to read each other feelings , do you think we actually need to talk to each other if we were to meet up?

U Know 5 years ago

I dont even how to spell the president's last name thats how disenchanted I became with our society. It was once all filled with peace [sort of speak} and kindness ,some type of respect and we were once a very good and proberly the most powerful country in the world.Most people would help one another ,we had charity organizations that really, really did work here in America for the benifit of all . It wasn't a complete utopia ,some of the races weren't given an equal chance i know -being black i saw the grievences, still it was going somewhere somewhere for the good of all people -me am I or was I born on another planet in another galaxy far far away ,its posible that i was born on another planet and yes i go out and look at the stars -and they say to me --well they make me homesick there's a passage in the bible that says we're really from another planet if your a Beliver -i dont know but it is a "strong feeling " that overcomes me that wants to go "Home"unfotunalety my sin keeps me {not that they are that bad mind you} but I know if I truly "believe" i feel ill never go -so whats the result believe in the outer spaceman Jesus I guess thats all we have. Mankind , Iwish God never made anything except Man and Woman and children. So that would never be any cruelity to animals down to bugs yes even bugs wish we could have gotten all our nourishment from trees -hey how a prime rib tree or a pizza tree LOL but why so much cruelity to everything all the time -im sure i dont have to explain to you certain governess from Alaska shooting baby wolves from a helicopter for example.

Maybe our home is in a "Heaven" like they say Idont really know _-but ill tell you this if you canhold your breath for 30 min {no cheating! lol} you will find out where you really did come from

Picture this and them i'm going ok? whew! had enough of me? Anyway do you know who God is ? I honestly think im on the right track with this one -why are there men all dressed in white caps and a straight jacket down there ??? lol

Picture this: look how far we came from 30000bc if you believe that which seems somewhat beliveable- 30000years lets say to the industrial revolution ok- with me ok lets say 1900ad from 1900 to lets say 1950 lots of changes and we unleashed the atom BOOM! im going fast but by 1980 computers push button phones mircowave ovens medical advances you name it use your imagination- now its almost half way through 2011 wow wow a lot of good tech. advances and a lot of bad ones as well technoligy is become rampant! I dont know if it leads to a race of robots of what BUT - if the "World" kept going on it multipling speed of technoligy Can you imagine what it would be in 30 years - 50 years -100 years 500 years ok use your outstanding imagination 1,000,000 years 10,000,000 years

ok lets really hit it ok 500,000,000 thats five hundred million years which is nothing in galastic time I surmise that "God" would be an ether all knowing all seeing all understanding yes "He" {there goes that male dominence force again lol} He would know everything He might even hear our prayers!

So sing the Santa Claus song you know the one -" you better watch out you better not cry ---ect ect all seeing all knowing so do we come from another planet somewhere over the rainbow of course we do peace to all of you

Caleb Daniel 5 years ago

mermaidsheart 5 years ago

are there others who feel as i do? lonely,knowing I belong to a group of people,a society,

mermaidsheart 5 years ago

are there others who feel as i do? lonely,knowing I belong to a group of people,a society,

Frank 5 years ago

Imagine being able to control all the loneliness you possess in your being and be able to control it until it goes away? You were just by yourself -but really knew the -call it a feeling if you will had a powerful supreme being with you at all times ,and no matter what took place -you just knew you were being guided to the right place- and all of a sudden fear,disillution, impending doom,failure, and pain suddenly all subsided -and an uncomprehensible feeling came over your whole being -soul - however you what to call it - but you knew you were on your way home -where there was a true utopia just waiting for you -you could feel yourself taking a very deep sigh of true joy and true peace ========and guess what who ever reads this and can repeat it over 21 times you will get there YOU WILL get back to that planet that you desire in vision so much you will you will-----------

ted 5 years ago

what can i do to find myself?

Kalel 5 years ago

We are the chosen ones and our true path will

reveal itself very shortly. We are not of this world

but we have been left here for a reason. And that

reason is to protect humanity when judgment arrives.

My brothers and sister we will once again be together

because there is nothing stronger inside of us

than that feeling which compels us to find one another.

Do not despair for our time is near! Remember we are of good

and we know justice but we are alone only because

we do not belong here.

Hope78 5 years ago

Just checking in for new comments or news! and to check the page is still here, how many people are actually reading/writting on this page? an actual figure/headcount would be good and more info! or links anything...abouut to check out caleb's link be back in a few days and hopefuly people can just write a comment about how often they come here, or if your just a "reader" your user name for a headcount x

Milla 5 years ago

I cried when I read the above article - I fit all six points and feel so sad and alone! I will open a website or blog where we can "meet" and share experiences and chat. I feel extremely lonely about it and therefore I want to meet others like me. I will write the address on the webside/blog here and I hope that you will come and visit!

Milla 5 years ago

I'm back - the new blog I made is

I hope to see you soon :o)

Irving 5 years ago

Is there really any hope for me,I used to think so but i've seemed to be lost in the technological "race" with computer tasks i should take a computer course I am So lost and there's no reason for it , I wish I could start the reset button which i really am not allowed to do im starting to be exceedingly fast by my junior juniors how pitiful, had such a strong mind to letit pass me by lazy procrastiation horible really outstandingly horrible .please if your sort of young or so even if this world seems bleak please dont give up. You do have a future ,but the hardest thing is somehoe to learn to love yourself , try that for just 1 week and you will see a differance ,I know i do not have the athority to give this advice

clato profile image

clato 5 years ago

Hi have just found this site its like finding long lost family I feel I know you all, at last I have found a small piece of home, tears have rolled none stop reading all you have to say, I have felt so weary today it gets so tough to carry on, the longing for home is strong today it days like this I look forward to sleep so I can cut myself off from this world all be it for a short time. I have known for a long time that I am different and do not originate from this planet, and like many of you know we are slowly being drawn to find each other this is no coincidence, we are the children of the stars love to you all. Do any of you have the Reh negative blood connection?

Hope78 5 years ago

Hi clato, I have this blood group x

clato profile image

clato 5 years ago

Thank you hope for you comment, how many more of you have this connection? I feel we are all being drawn togeather like a magnet for the time when our combined energy will have a great influence.

Hope78 5 years ago

Hi Clato, Nice to get a reply/coversation with someone on here, I check in all the time, dont think many others do, im not sure. I did speak about getting a head count in a previous post but to no avail, I think your on the right track, we should start to figure out these connections. I also wish more people would comment on here, especialy the people who have already commented, be nice to keep up to date with everyone, and to make note of changes in peoples thoughts etc, and the guy who started this page, I want to know more about him, and where he is at now etc, anyway I look forward to comming back to find a reply from you soon, take care clato :-)

clato 5 years ago

Hi again hope I agree with your comments a 100% we have all been drawn here the connection is strong its not easy being so open about our true feelings and the desire to return home...just today the urge to leave was stronger then ever I truly feel an alien on this planet, and believe me I am no crazy person I am quite a sane logical person but please somebody out there show me how to finish what ever I came here to do and get me he hell out of here. I am with you hope the person who started this link where are you now and how much more do you know?

Sindy 5 years ago

I am 47 years old and have had the feeling that I am lost all my life. I did not know anything about lightworkers, starseeds, or indigos and have only recently found out about them. In doing some research I am certain that I am a starseed. When I told my mom she told me that she thought the same thing, I was shocked! I didn't even know that my mom knew what that meant. She said that she had only recently figured it out. She saw a documentary on indigos and thought it sounded like me. She said that when I was little I always looked lost. So much so that she had my sister and brother because she thought I need companions. The ironic thing about that is that she spends so much time with my sister and brother and their families that I am left alone (I did not have any children) I have been married for 29 years, but even that has been tumultuous. Don't get me wrong, I love my husband, but I have such an overwhelming feeling of being homesick and alone that I don't feel connected to anyone. I do not have friends and have always found it difficult to make friends. People on this planet are fake. I did have a close relationship with my sister, but have just recently found that relationship to be fake also. I agree with clato, I just want to know what I'm supposed to be doing so I can get it done and go home. I can't tell you how many times in my life I have screamed out loud that I just want to go home. I do not feel appreciated here on earth and most of the time I feel invisible. This is the very first time I have written about this and other than talking to my mom about it just recently, I have never even talked about it. Let me know what you think and if anyone knows when this will all be over, I would love to know.

clato profile image

clato 5 years ago

Hi Sindy you are not alone anymore, you may not be home quite yet, but by being drawn to this site you have found your star family, we can use this site to comfort and commune with each other without fear of ridicule. I believe we are here to raise earths energy vibration hold tight Sindy the journey is nearing its end... take care.

You are God 5 years ago

What hinders you in remembering that you are, in fact, God? Religion. Every religion in the world is fabricated - including the New Age.

You do not need to believe in God - you have to believe in you.

Because you are God.

You do not have to be "chosen" for ascension.

You have are already ascended.

The shift is already happened.

You are already there.

You are what you always have been: a God.

All you need to do is to remember.

Religion, the system, the New Age, the social structures, the matrix - all of those things don't want you to remember who you are.

You know what you have to to.

You have to remember.

Blue 5 years ago

as soon as i read this post i felt relief. I know that i don't belong on this world. i don't feel connected to people. not even my parents or other family members. I'm glad i found people that share the same emotions that i do. I dont know how to "wake up" but i feel this longing to wake up and go home. If anyone has information that can help me, You can e-mail me

Sirius 5 years ago

Hello, I feel like I belong here to protect mother earth from any future attacks. I do agree with all six signs, but something tells that I will be staying on earth to take care of her. I know that people have good in them, all do, even some of the worst. We all have roles to play and sometimes someone has to play the bad guy.

profile image

Sylanwen11 5 years ago

Do any of you have a strong bond with animals especially cats? Animals seem to be drawn to me as well as me to them, (dogs, cats, birds,etc) My cats follow me and not only cuddle with me but stare into my eyes as if they already knew me from somwhere else and were sent to me to comfort me as if they're telling me "just hold on a little longer".

lost soul 5 years ago

I'm really glad i found this, i also thought i was alone, always thinking why am i here, i'm not meant to be here, no where feels home.I used to be able to predict accidents when i was younger and got wierd feelings when something bad could happen. I find i'm often looking at the stars and wishing i could just fly to them. Never really made friends as i thought most of them were just for them selfs and was proven right all the time. Also never got close to family, so i'm alone in how i feel.

Glad i'm not alone anymore. 5 years ago

17 years ago I was stricken with ulcerative colitis. I battled it for 10 years. Then inner ear function shut down in both ears. I found a healer that helped my body overcome the colitis, but the inner ear problem persists. I came across a strange little man from Nigeria and he told me my problem was that I was in a hurry. I told him that I did indeed anticipate something happening, but wasn't sure what it was. I was hoping it was that I was going home. He said...not yet. He said that I had a purpose here that I had not fulfilled. I actually knew that. In talking with him he said that he felt that I was adjusting to the acceleration of time. (Frequency change?) He said I should just let it all play out and I would know what to do. He said I had the control and the power to make the correct decisions that I would need to make. WHAT DO I DO NOW?

clato 5 years ago

greetings maxxoverdrive now you wait like the rest of us who know we are different, our time is coming its not far away... all will be revealed. But mean while we are free to speak from the heart here, without the fear of ridicule.

take care

Stargazer 5 years ago

Whenever I gaze up at the stars on a clear night, I feel so overhwelmed and small. I want to float up there and be part of the stars...

I fit most of the points. I'm not sure about psychic powers, but the others are exact. And I'm a spiritual person - empathy, sensitivity, etc.

Has any of you noticed that TIME IS ACCELERATING?? 5 years ago

This is too weird!

I feel now, and have felt for many months, that I don't have enough time. That time is somehow accelerating. It feels like we have 16 hours per day, not 24.

The Sun's position is odd too. The other day it was 09:00 hrs - and the Sun's position was already moved to 13:00 hrs. But it was still 09:00 hrs in the morning!

There is something odd going on with our Sun and our time. It feels like time is accelerating in waves. And these waves are becoming more and more often.

Any of you experience the same??

Sirius 5 years ago

I have noticed the same thing with sun and our time too. I think I may know why time is accelerating, it is because our planet is speeding towards the 5th dimension.

21-12-2012 5 years ago

There have been a lot of Doom Dates in 2011: May 21st, September 26th, October 21st, October 28th, etc... On all these dates pointed that something BIG was supposed to have happened: Ascension/Nibiru/ELEnin/End of Days/Rapture/Alien Invasion/EMP/NWO/etc etc..... Yet nothing happened. The world remained the same. There are still wars, conflicts, etc. Still the same miserable 3D-planet.

What if nothing happens at 21-12-2012?

What if we wake up at 22-12-2012 and the world is till the same?

What if the world is till the same in 2013, 2014, 2025, 2075?

And yet...

Yet tell me WHY do I feel that SOMETHING is going to happen in 2012? WHY have I felt it my entire life? Why do I have this certain feeling that something major, something BIG, something UNIVERSAL is going to happen in 2012?


And why do I feel that this is why I am here, this is why I have incarnated on this planet, in this body, in this time?

I want to go home.

I am tired.


Yet have to hold on just a little longer.

21-12-2012 is just around the corner.

We're almost there...

lion71 5 years ago

So very, very strange. Every one of these points fit me to a tee. Since I was a child, I have always had the yearning to go home. I find myself, and always have, looking at the stars with an overwhelming feeling of homesickness. At the same time, a feeling that I have not yet accomplished the task I was sent here for is ever present. Wish it would hurry and get here, I am tired.

Fifsta 5 years ago

I don't feel I belong here. I feel disconnected to my body, almost like there is a separate me in me. I am 30 and still don't know what to do with my life. I have a great job, but I am not happy with it. I'm always waiting for something to happen. I feel like I need to do something important, like helping people and animals, to save planet earth ... but what, where and when??? I am a jack of all trades so to say because I dabbled in everything already ... but nothing peaked my interest and there was never any real ambition.

I am empathetic, I care, I understand ... but nobody understands me. I have a lot of loving friends and family, but I feel alone ... why is that?

Normal things like eating, drinking, showering, driving etc feels sometimes alien to me ... like I am doing it wrong or different than other people would ... strange feeling that. Sometimes I feel so alone that the room I am in seems like the only thing in existence. And its not that I'm lonely ... I just feel that I don't belong.

At nights I pray for answers even though I am not religious. I pray for someone just to show me the way to salvation, to help me escape this world or just to find my true calling. Every morning I wake up with no answers. There is one thing that comes into my head though and its "You already know what you have to do". But the problem is I don't. I have no clue.

Society is completely alien to me and the system is a freaking nightmare. I don't understand why people destroy, kill, hurt and hate so much. Why people get so attached to the wrong things. It brings me down, it bothers me to no end, it paralyzes me, it sucks out all my energy.

I can read people pretty well, and I had some strange experiences like OBE's and psychic connections with a close friend so I understand that there is more to this facade than meets the eye.

To be completely honest I hope what the author says is true. It will be nice to know that I am here for a reason and not just some lost soul trying to fit in. I believe in life on other planets (common look how huge the universe is), but I never really imagined that there are beings like star children. Well I am open to anything!

One Love

clato 5 years ago

fifsta you may think this a strange question but what blood group are you? it is quite relevant.

light and blessings

Haylie 5 years ago

I Fit all 6 thing in elementy i feel like i dont belong here i can see things that human cant see i can sense things before is happen . When i dream like for ex a girl that i know will have a new backpack the next day i see she does ! I wanna go back to where i come from i feel like i am here to make world peace .

satan 5 years ago

what if white ppl came from caves underground near the icecap where the first Neanderthals came from and ascended on the earth as a plague. almost like an invasive species. the earth is a cell and like a cell many organisms make up that cell. humans as a race are a cancer to that cell but cancer can be good or bad. humans help control other pest that can cause harm to the earth. but lets say the white mans way of thinking (linear) has caused things to go a muck within the eco system thus now the earth must have an abortion or die

InfiniteCreator 5 years ago

What if I tell you that the solution to all your problems, fears, insecurities, selfishness,etc, is...


Nolo 5 years ago

I felt this way and this article made me laugh because of the idea of being being an inter galatic love child, lawls!

serg 5 years ago

Find it hard to belief even though you just describe me exactly. I have actually thought about this before, but again hard to belief.

profile image

evandb42 5 years ago

Contact me at if you actually believe me and want to discuss life and all that stuff..

But I feel like this is the creepiest thing ever.. Im actually getting really emotional just from being on this page.. I want to meet more people like me.. I fit all 6, and I can do this weird thing Ive never been sure what it was for.. Ive always thought maybe telepathy.. But I just feel this sensation through my body. I remember doing it one night in like 3rd or 4th grade and I told a boy, who was picked on a lot, to dress a certain way so he could be "cool" and come up to me and just wave so I know the message got to him.. The next day he came and waved at me and wore what I said.. I will never forget that. I feel like no one will ever believe me, but it really happened.

profile image

evandb42 5 years ago

One more thing.. I write music. One song I wrote is about all of this. Here are the lyrics and link to the song if anyone understands and actually feels lost here on earth..

Whats the definition of us?

The definition of us is hate and greed with the need to cheat so we can gain and gain some more,

Until we're head high with power at the cost of pain that others endore,

The definition of us is love and peace with the need to breed to breed to breed,

Well at least until we grow and evolve and a new us is conceived,

So Ive been thinkin lately,

Who are we?

What's the definition of us?

The definition of us is someone who doesn't know how to stay in touch with the life inside of their mind,

Someone who cant decide if its right to fight for the freedom of life, well freedom is just a lie,

Someone who cant stand up to a superior 'cause theyre inferior and their brains might be twice the size of the guy with brute force and can coerce anyone through years of fears and tears and jeers,

Thats the definition of us.

Well we are who we are trapped beneath the stars,

Clouded by our reasons for the changing of the seasons,

We believe we know we are alone,

In this so called home,

We think we know who we are,

Tho we never think very hard,

'Cause we know what we see and not whats lying under the tree,

Well I don't feel that I belong to this world I don't belong to this world,

And I can't be ok with killing one another instead of using words,

But I guess that actions speak louder than words,

And You can't listen to words but youll listen to pain so I'll bring down the rain,

So maybe I will bring down the rain.

I have much much more if anyone is interested.

I am of course on face book, and the only Evan Beckstedt,

Or email me

waiting 5 years ago

I’m shocked and relived at the same time that I’m not alone feeling like this but I’m 43 years now and in all my years I have never met anyone in real life who feels the way I do. Recently I’ve had this strong urge to connect with others like me so that I don’t feel so alone in this world. I know the end is coming, I’ve been waiting for it for so long, and I know I need to be doing something, but I don’t know what that is. I’ve been searching the internet for groups, so far I only found this thread.

I pass the test with flying colors on the 6 points. Since I can remember I always wondered why I was so different, why I felt like I didn’t belong here. Since I was young I’ve felt like I wasn’t even a human, I feel like I’m more evolved. Superior, knowing things that others don‘t know, feeling things others can‘t understand, able to see the truth from lies. This has brought me lots of unhappiness in life, because generally speaking, I’ve always looked at humans as these dumb creatures that are very primitive with their drive to reproduce, to be violent, to overindulge. How can I be happy with one of them as a mate? Well, I can’t. I prefer the company of my dogs to humans.

I’ve preferred animals, trees, rocks and flowers to humans all my life. In all honestly, I don’t like most humans, and especially don’t like the nature of humans. In my opinion, through history humans have illustrated that they are cruel, violent, power-hungry, corrupted, narrow-minded, selfish beings with no regard for anyone who is not like them. From time to time I do see good in humans, I see good deeds and kindness, and it really feels great to see because it gives me hope for human kind, but that is so rare nowadays.

I love earth and nature, more than I love myself. I would die for this planet, and it saddens me how battered it is getting by these humans. Nature is awesome and self-balancing, but the human is a parasite on this planet, always looking to take from this earth, and leaving nothing but garbage and destruction. They are changing landscapes, climate, and destroying whole habitats for their elfish reasons.

Since I was young I’ve been searching for home, searching for beings like me, searching for answers, and looking at the sky like I‘m waiting for something. For years I’ve been saying “stop this world, I want to get off”. I get a lot of premonitions a too of things to come. Most of the time I don’t know what I’m seeing until it happens, but then it’s too late. I’d love to learn how to read my visions better.

Fjorgyn 5 years ago

Mor av tord,(modergud) Fjorgyn. Hun føler alt, og må offre seg selv om hun vil ha evig liv. Hun vil ta med seg alle de som har visst seg og ha ærlige hjerter.

i think its to late know, just do the best off the las. R.i.P

Ori 5 years ago

I got this strange feeling for a long long time, even though i've admitted it to no one. Recently i betrayed by someone, felt really really bad. The agony was so strong, but not of hatred, so i need to google "i feel i don't belong to this world", which gets pretty intense whenever i'm down, and landed on this site. It was so surprising that there are so many of you have a same feeling. Visited also some other pages on starseed topic as well and thought i would leave here a comment. It had really helped me to understand why i feel the way i do.

Like someone said, i often find myself uttering the words "I wanna go home, i wanna go home" (not my parents home for sure) or "If all this ends i'll go back home" (what should end?) or "I'll never be human again" (you are human, what are you thinking?). Often wondered why such words came into my mind. I never felt connected to other people and feel always very alone even though trying really hard to socialize. My body feels also strange, sometimes i think i don't know how to use it. My dreams are quite vivid and am sure they are not of this place. From the age of 7 or 8 i begun to have fantasies (or thought) about Orion and that i am from there and this person is not real me. By growing up such idea was naturally not possible in the slightest way, so i gave up. But i always felt my true self is something else or different. As long as i remember, since my teenage years ended, the pain inside me has grown. Read about depressions, anxiety and suicide thougths, but it was not like that. Read also many spiritual books, they also haven't helped much. The rest of me fits to all of your descriptions - feels different, empathetic, especially towards animals and nature, can read people, clairvoyance, urge to fulfill something and more. I tried twice to explain someone how i feel all the time, but ended up being snob or something like that.

I just hope we will all remember our mission, fulfill it and then go back. Post here please immediately, if any of you find a way to cope with this situation or find a way to remember what we should do here etc. That would help pretty much.

P.S.: Sorry for my bad english, this is not my first language.

Answer for Ori (and for everyone else here) 5 years ago


Welcome to the club.

There are many of us here, who feel EXACTLY how you feel. You are not alone.

You must understand that first of all, to cope being a human, you need grounding. Yoga, healing, grounding exercises, right diet, crystals - whatever works for you. You need to connect with this planet Earth, otherwise you won't be able to function here as a human.

And no, none of us are humans- although we have 100% human bodies.

All of us here are ALREADY "ascended" - we are ALREADY home, we are ALREADY There. Whet we do now, is we are at both places - Earth and Home.

I realized that recently.

Yes, we want to go Home (and we are already There) - but we are also needed here on Earth to lift up the Earth's energy. And it's here and now in 2012. It is happening right now.

So, imagine yourself as your Original True Self, that has taken a "coat" of human over your body. That basically the human body is just your Avatar. And just like in the "Matrix" trilogy: when Neo was in the Matrix, he was using his Avatar, his RSI (Residual Self Image). But it was outside the Matrix, who Neo really was, his True Self.

So basically, Ori (and the others who seek answers), we are in this Matrix (Earth) our humans bodies are our Avatars/RSI (Residual Self Images) and who we REALLY are is our Original True Selves outside this planet, in the place we call Home.

Does it make sense? I hope so.

So, why are we here? What is the purpose of all this (hell)? Well, it's quite easy:

Experience Points.

When we reincarnate as humans, our True Selves gain a lot of Experience and once we return back, out spiritual evolution is getting much accelerated.

We basically end up creating planets and universes. We are basically getting the same powers as the Source.

So, in order to get as many Experience Points as possible, we choose to reincarnate in the most shitty human lives possible. As harder the lives are, the more Experience Points we get.

Our purpose here is shine the Light - no matter how hard our shitty humans lives here are. And many, many of us Fall (and become like Fallen Angels) and get sucked down in drugs, abuse, negativity, etc.

So the Purpose is to stay on the Light Path, to bring Light in this world and to lift the vibration of this planet.

Especially now, in 2012, where the Shifts really starts. You don't have to become a Guru, a Messiah, to write a book of become a movie star. All you need to do is continue to let your Light shine. Every day. Every hour. Every minute. That's it.

Remember, Dear Ones, that there is always a bigger picture. Don't be sad because of the human conditions or your human lives. Remember that there is a bigger picture outside your human lives. And yes, you are getting there. You are already there.

But it is very very important that you are here on this planet now - because you choose to be here (although you have forgotten that).

We are in very exciting times now. You create with your thoughts. Everything is accelerating.

Remember, that it's all just a game. And you control all the pieces. You always did.

Because you are God.

THAT is what The Power That Be don't want you to know.

THAT is what The Power That Be don't want you to remember.

THAT is what The Power That Be want you to know to forget.

THAT is why The Power That Be are afraid of you.

Because you are the Light Bearer.

Ori 5 years ago

Thank you very very much for the answer :)

By the first time reading it was hard to fully understand what you wrote. It is not long ago that i landed on this thread (about 2 or 3 weeks ago). Before that i had no idea in my conscious human mind that such thing was even possible, but the feelings were always there. Right after your response there came too many questions. As someone here suggested i thought i would first check on Dolores Cannon's books. Her last book "The Three Waves of Volunteers and New Earth" caught my attention and just completed reading it today. I would suggest this book to everyone, it is newly published and can be used as a crash course (first chapter is free on Amazon, you can read it first and buy then as eBook). So what i read made perfectly sense, many informations were there, if not complete, and it can be a really good guide. However, i must say, it's not easy to fully or quickly process all informations with the conscious human mind, but you know, the deep down inside you know it all the time. There are still many things to discuss, but i think it would be too much here :)

I just want to point certain things here. Many people are afraid that the doomsday is coming in 2012 and fearing it. Just today saw on facebook many posts like "we're organising a doomsday party" or gravestone photos with their names etc., which makes me think there will be a mass hysteria around the world and it would scare people much. We should be very calm and direct the people to the right way, right? As Light Bearer.

Right around last October, i started to mutter the words "every second counts now, you need to hurry", which i associated them with ending my study. But i think it now has very different meaning. Like you said, we should adjust to our body. According to Dolores Cannon, many of us just don't want to be here, therefore rejects the body and this causes problems. By doing so we also don't fulfill our mission, which we actually agreed upon coming here. I immediately changed my diet, now need to give up smoking. My mother always told being vegan is good, which makes sense now :)

When the right moment comes, we will know what to do. Everyone has a different mission here and the information is burried inside us. I hope we will realise it quickly. Break the usual thinking pattern and follow your subconscious mind. It knows better. Just like it did to me :)

Dear Ori... 5 years ago

Dear Ori,

---"Just today saw on facebook many posts like "we're organising a doomsday party" or gravestone photos with their names etc., which makes me think there will be a mass hysteria around the world and it would scare people much. We should be very calm and direct the people to the right way, right? As Light Bearer." ---

Exactly! Because shit WILL be hitting the fan! 2012 is the Year. Everything is already set in motion. Ane remember: we cannot save everyone. But what we can, is shining our Light on the planet - no matter what! - this is what we must do.

---"Right around last October, i started to mutter the words "every second counts now, you need to hurry", which i associated them with ending my study."---

Me too! I permamently have that feeling that we are in GREAT hury now! That every secon counts. That we must focus. That time is now. We are here and we ere now. And this is happening now. We must not waste any minutes.

---"But i think it now has very different meaning. Like you said, we should adjust to our body. According to Dolores Cannon, many of us just don't want to be here, therefore rejects the body and this causes problems. By doing so we also don't fulfill our mission, which we actually agreed upon coming here."---

Yes, this is very important! We need to be 100% adjusted to be here on Earth (wich is not oroginally our Home). But it is very very important that we are here right now - becauuse each of us has a mission here (to uplift the energy).

---"When the right moment comes, we will know what to do. Everyone has a different mission here and the information is burried inside us."---

EXACTLY! When tims comes, we all will know exactly what to do. No one can tell us that - because we already KNOW it. But we have forgotten (or not ready yet). When teh right time comes (and it will come in this year), we will know what to do.

I completely agree, Ori.

Thank you.

Ori 5 years ago

Dear, can you please explain what you meant here:

---"All of us here are ALREADY "ascended" - we are ALREADY home, we are ALREADY There. Whet we do now, is we are at both places - Earth and Home. I realized that recently."

Maybe we are all ascended, but how did you realise it? Were there signs?

---"So, in order to get as many Experience Points as possible, we choose to reincarnate in the most shitty human lives possible. As harder the lives are, the more Experience Points we get."

I won't say my life is horrible, but i suffered most of the time from the constant inner struggle. You need to live a normal human life, but deep inside you know something is different.

---"So, imagine yourself as your Original True Self, that has taken a "coat" of human over your body. That basically the human body is just your Avatar. And just like in the "Matrix" trilogy: when Neo was in the Matrix, he was using his Avatar, his RSI (Residual Self Image). But it was outside the Matrix, who Neo really was, his True Self."

Thank you for pointing that out. All i ever wanted in my whole life was just to be my True Self.

How do you actually imagine the shift would be? Do you have any visions or ideas? I think right now just "to be" or better "be among people" is the right way, but i feel there is something more. Like how we should be activated. Did you watch the movie "Wanted"? You can read about it on wikipedia for a quick information. I think the activation process will be something similar what happened to the main protagonist. Something must trigger. Anyways, this is just my opinion. It would be interesting what you think :)

Dear Ori... 5 years ago

Dear Ori,

My guess is a good as yours: I, too , have a strong feeling of purpose. I, too, feel that something inevitable is going to happen. A change. A shift. Just like you, I am awaiting to be "activated".

I think that you can do a lot of thing to help the Activation (Yoga, positive thinking, diet, uplifting music, being with uplifting people, etc). Whatever works for you.

As for the Shift:

I think that when the process starts to happen, you, me - we will all suddenly know what to do. Where to be. And with whom.

What I experience now is "time jumping".

I started, as crazy as it sounds, jump in time... Always jump forward. Just a couple of moment. As if the event is happening, and somehow you suddenly discover that it already ended. As if you have been fast forwarded somehow.

It happens to me a lot. Just seconds, nothing big - but I still happens. I am very aware of that.

I think that it's very important now to be mindful of ALL signs. Every day. Who you talk to. WHo you run into. The events that are happening to you. Your thoughts. Your feelings.

There are messages EVERYWHERE. But you need to open your eyes to see/hear those messages. Open your 3rd eye.

I feel that we are very very close.

Another thing:

I see nothing past December. I always had an ability to see the future. I always knew and saw and felt what would lie ahead.

But past December this year, nothing. It's like all black.

As is I don't exist anymore. Don't exist on this planet. Or it's maybe this planet/this plane doesn't exist anymore by then.

How about you, Ori?

What do you feel?

Ori 5 years ago

"Time jumping" - what a nice ability you have. Yes, me too, i can sense in some way what the outcome of the new year would be. It is oft pretty monotone. For this year i have actually very positive feeling. I even told someone that something fulfilling would happen. I cannot fully explain it then, so the person asked about more money, significant other etc. I thought it is something different. Whatever happens, it is not meant to be bad. What i sense is there's a time window till October, or at least for me. Afterwards decisions should be taken. Otherwise i am absolutely clueless. No matter how hard i try to focus and sense, it is just point blank. I can't look beyond anything.

Like you said, right now i'm trying to pick up whatever information there is. There is actually no consistency in the many predictions. They too, can't see beyond it. Or more like, the outcome hasn't decided yet. Also the Earth is a living being, if she decides to change her face, then no one can tell how it would be. So we can just speculate. What makes me consider is, if the magnetic pole shift occurs. I read about it many years ago. They don't know what causes such shifts, but there were some in the history. Some say, if an eon goes to an end, it is associated with such shifts. If this is true, that is my biggest concern. Imagine, if that happens, what happens in the movie "2012" would come true. According to Drunvalo Melchizedek, the planet has a grid pettern that holds the human consciousness together. If the pole shifts this grid would fall, cause it is supported by the magnetic fields. It is also possible at that time we start to remember. There would be nothing that holds us back.

Lately, certain dream of mine became very vivid and it repeats. There i learn something and there's a whispering. Someone is instructing and teaches me. The point is, it is progressing. It just pains me afterwards, that i can't do it when i'm awake. Also lately, my sleep became longer. Usually 8 hours was enough, now i need about 10 hours sleep daily. When i wake, i oft find myself very disoriented, need a moment or two to realise who or where i am. Has anyone noticed such thing? Before sleep, i ask my subconcioussness about what should i do, what would happen. But there is just nothing, no answers. It won't tell anything. It is not the time yet.

----"I think that it's very important now to be mindful of ALL signs. Every day. Who you talk to. WHo you run into. The events that are happening to you. Your thoughts. Your feelings."

That is also what i'm thinking. Do what your inner voice says, immediately. Now there is no time to think. Whatever feels right is right and your heart knows it. This is why we can read people in certain way.

I'm writing this stuff in the hope that others can relate to it and share some information. Yes, we don't have clue yet, but it's just soothing to be able to express how we feel.

Dear Ori 5 years ago

Indeed, I too have this good, calm feeling of tranquillity about 2012. Even though all doom-and-glom people. I am at peace. I feel somehow that the events that are coming will come and we have passed the deadline to change them. And this fact give me a feeling of peace.

Weird.. I ought to pile up food, look for shelter, etc. But I am at peace. I know that people like you and me, like all of us here, are somehow protected.

Yes, I too feel, that when we pass October, there will be Point Of No Return.

My dreams become more and more lucid now. I need a lot of sleep lately. Sometimes I cannot all asleep, because all the energies are coming here.

Drunvalo Melchizedek gives me the creeps... There is something off about his "teachings" that. As if we wants to direct people on the wrong path... Many of those so-called "Enlightened Masters" are nothing but big Enlightened Egos. Don't trust them.

Seek your won truth. Follow your heard only.

"That is also what i'm thinking. Do what your inner voice says, immediately. Now there is no time to think. Whatever feels right is right and your heart knows it. This is why we can read people in certain way."

Exactly. There is no time to think anymore. Time is speeding up and it will end. It's time to feel and to act. Listen to your heart - only your heart.

Think with your heart, not your brain.

Ori 5 years ago

Haven't really wanted to spread a panic here. At first also thought about food, sheltering and other supplies, but no no, i have a feeling there is no need. Maybe little bit. If people panic then they may buy everything that they could. For some caution little bit reserve is not bad in case there is nothing to buy in the stores.

The "Enlightened Masters", there are plenty there :D. Drunvalo Melchizedek may be one of them, definetely. He is good in Sacred Geometry, this part makes sense. But he has no idea on entire thing. But about this grid thing, it is actually not really hard to find out. There was some scientist, he accidentally connected mysterious places like egyptian pyramids, Easter island, poles etc. on a globe and found out that there is very accurate porportion between such places. So one can easily make grids over the entire planet and on every node there is some sacred place. It has definetely certain purpose and maybe it holds all the consciousness together.

Do i need to punch myself for writing such stuff? No one can prove it and all of them sounds definetely crazy. But why do i believe all this is true? Well, every certain pieces are starting to fall together.

As i was in school, i found that there is something terribly wrong with the history. The evolution theory can't explain everything, no explanation of many anomalies, abrupt emergence of evolved cultures etc. No need to mention about it here, many of you have definetely figured it out. But it had helped much. If one wants the real truth of the earth history, it opens the doors. Like one should think different. As i started to read books on this topic, it also introduced me to the spiritual part. You need to accept that there is a reason behind everything, there should be no missing link etc.

I was starting to accept my miserable human life. What i didn't understand was what did i ever do to reincarnate in this life, what the hell has brought me here. Leading a life in which nothing peaks my real interest, just floating through. Didn't understand. So i accepted. All i asked was let me be my True Self in next life, if it is not possible in this lifetime. But there was always the other side. This part unconsciously picks informations, prepares for something and knows things. Did i know all this was associated with certain purpose? Hell no. Had no idea. When i'm really emotional or down, this side always wants to break through. It also throws me off balance and i can't handle it very well. Well, somehow everyone needs to be grounded, right?

briony 5 years ago

Hi all

O.o so, this is really weird. I've been feeling it more and more lately and it's really quite painful. Like everyone has said-a feeling so intensely, exceedingly, indescribably strong that I belong somewhere else. It hurts. I love the Earth dearly- its creatures more than anything else....and yet I don't belong here. It's a wordlessly sorrow that hurts more because I can't describe it and don't really understand it. I fit all the signs like so many of you here (ADHD and pretty much anything else listed.) I've also caught myself crying and randomly whimpering (quite pathetically) I wanna go home, I wanna go home. Which was a big shock that other people have been doing that too. I hate this feeling because I can't describe it and I don't understand it! All I know is that I feel extremely isolated- not just that I don't belong where I am but that I'm not where I belong. Like, I keep thinking, where are my people? I know I belong somewhere, and there are people I belong with and who love (even miss me?) out there but I'm not with them. And it's frustrating, because again I feel isolated from where I really belong.

I keep looking at myself and where I am and think this doesn't make sense!! How did I end up here??! But I do know why I'm here, I guess it feels like I've known forever that I'm here to help as many people as possible- and NOT because I believe I am better, special or an angel, I don't consider myself enlightened; it's just that I know from the deepest part of my soul that my purpose here is helping every living creature that I can, and that I derive my greatest pleasure in life from that. And I feel horrible that I can't save it all in one go, that I can't save the orangutans and the starving children and the coral reefs all at once. All the pain our earth feels is pulling me in a thousand directions and I don't know, its almost like I know I'm going to be here for a while doing everything I can, coming back and back and back to earth?

Wow, I sound crazy. Sorry for unloading onto all of you. I guess I'm just trying to express how I feel I DO belong here and I have a purpose here and I do love earth- yet at the same time feeling so very lonely and anguished and isolated. I help.g here and at the same time I don't. I'm a fourteen year old girl if that has any relevance

Well again sorry for unloading on all of you, love, light, laughter and life,

Bri (Briony)

Dear Ori... 5 years ago

Ha ha no need to punch yourself! :-)) You are not crazy.

Yes, you are right about the grid stuff - it's easy to find out. And Mr. Drunvalo, well I agree, is not right about everything. And yes, you are right about stuffing food, just in case.

About True Self and Purpose:

Ia have no idea either - only a strong feeling of Purpose. I try to accelerate the process, so I will awaken, so to speak.

I have just become fully vegetarian. Maybe stopping eating dead animals will help the process.

We'll see...

Dear Bri... 5 years ago

---"O.o so, this is really weird. I've been feeling it more and more lately and it's really quite painful. Like everyone has said-a feeling so intensely, exceedingly, indescribably strong that I belong somewhere else. It hurts. I love the Earth dearly- its creatures more than anything else....and yet I don't belong here. It's a wordlessly sorrow that hurts more because I can't describe it and don't really understand it."---

Yes, yes, YES! I feel EXACTLY the same way!

I miss home so much, it hurts!

I just cried my heart out yesterday, chanting: "I wanna go home, I wanna go home."

---" I guess it feels like I've known forever that I'm here to help as many people as possible- and NOT because I believe I am better, special or an angel, I don't consider myself enlightened; it's just that I know from the deepest part of my soul that my purpose here is helping every living creature that I can, and that I derive my greatest pleasure in life from that. "---

Oh Dear... I have exactly the same feeling!! I get the deepest pleasure of helping humans... but it's not because I care about them at all (I find humans to be quite weird and irrational creatures, I might add...)

I understand you Bri - and Ori. Because I, too, experience the same.

Angel Smith 5 years ago

Being vegetarian doesn't work for me. I don't eat meat neither chicken - but I eat fish and eggs. Need my proteins.

I am so tired of humans. I just want to go home.

I want some kind of huge cosmic event to happen soon. Because humanity as it is today, cannot continue. They are destroying the environment, the nature, the oceans and each other. What a waste of space they are.

I am so tired of them. I no longer believe that they can be "awakened". I firmly believe that 1% (or less) of the Earth's citizens are "awakened" (people like us), but the big majority is already lost.

I am so tired of humans.

Ori 5 years ago

My dear Answerer,

thank you so much for sharing your insight and thoughts all the time. What Bri wrote also describes me literally. The age, gender and ethnicity really don't matter, we all feel same. Since this revelation, the feeling of anticipation became so much stronger, like one can hardly even wait. Want to accelerate everything, so we don't need to sit and suffer any longer. In this short period of time so much has changed. The blindfold has fallen, the soap bubble of illusion has burst. I won't lie, the shock hit me quite hard. The hardest thing is, you can't talk to anybody. The people around me are aware that something happened to me and they are asking. I don't want to lie, but i can't tell them anything. You wrote that we are already ascended. I can't quite figure it out then, but yes, many of us should be already ascended. I remembered that about 6 years ago something really strange happened to me. I was in a train in the middle of many people, standing. Suddenly felt some very strange sensation. First, it seemed like all my senses were gone and then they returned. My heart was racing and i felt really dizzy. I also felt disconnection to my body. It was really strange. This condition lasted few days. Prior to that i felt particular numbness to my body parts like leg or arm for months. So according to what i've read, this is the symptoms of the change. The body is being adjusted.

Yes, me too, i want to be activated as quickly as possible :) When is the time? I can hardly wait.

Dear Ori 5 years ago

Oh Dear oh Dear... You are not going to believe me. But I must tell anyway.

Yesterday, just before I went to bed, I noticed something new on my body:

A sudden thin white horizontal very straight scar-esque line that appeared OUT OF NOWHERE.

It goes from my solar plexus right down to my navel. It appeared out of nowhere! I swear I didn't have it before. I went thought all my vacation pics, etc and studied my chest and stomach - nothing.

It appeared out of nowhere. It's 100% straight, much like a surgery scar. Besides from I didn't have any surgery there....

But I am very cool about it. Strangely, I am very calm, even calmer than before.

So odd! Your thoughts?

Ori 5 years ago

Why can't i suddenly post here anything?

Toas 5 years ago

Scars out of nowhere huh, i wake up feeling like ive been running all night but i just think its the astroplane that's been making me feel tired, and my physicyness has been well the only word for it is stronger, im mean its not like i can see into the future or anything like that its more like i can read your aura or you mood but if i hang around you long enough i can read your mind. as for star children yeah i think they're around but why would they still be on earth? i mean they should of been picked up by they're "daddies". or maybe someone got lazy in picking up the kiddies. anyway i was feeling very loney crying in fact, its not easy being where i am, and its not so great picking up on other peoples feelings.

I hope something happens soon, i feel like im waiting, waiting to die or whatever, i dont know.

Ori 5 years ago

Ok, you can't post here any links. Yesterday the comments were apparently not working. So here is my response :)

Yes, it is definetely odd. But if you feel calm and safe, then it is definetely not bad and there's nothing to worry about. First thing comes to my mind is it may be some kind of confirmation. That you're on a right path and doing right things. Or maybe you have unconsciously asked for a confirmation that you're not making it all up. If you want you can keep asking and wait for a sign. If nothing comes, it's ok, it's up to you to make your own decisions.

I just found out some thread on "Starseed Symptoms due to Awakening & DNA Activation". Just google it, i can't post here any link. There are many symptoms due to changing of vibrations, which confirms what i wrote yesterday. It is first written about 7 years ago, strangely i experienced many of these symptoms from that time on. So one is not going crazy, if these symptoms are occuring.

Do you feel that planet wide wake-up call has been cast lately? It becomes stronger everyday and more individuals are responding to it (noticed some positive activities on facebook). It's like "What should be done is already done, now it's time to realise who you are. Awaken". I think this is truly a time window we can use for and concentrate on ourselves.

Dear Ori... 5 years ago

Yes, you are on to something here! I actually DID ask for a confirmation of whether or not I was on the right path. And suddenly that scar appeared. It's still here.

And I feel... good. Very very calm. Nit stressed at all. But also... detached. Like I'm here and at the same time I'm somewhere else (home?).

I feel like I sometime observe the humans world, without taking part in it.

Thank you for your thoughts, Ori. And for the Starseed Symptoms due to Awakening & DNA Activation" thread - it's very useful!

Briony 5 years ago

@Angel Smith...I hate to cause a confrontation but I have to protest. Humans are NOT a waste of space, and we are not better than them. After all, regardless of what we believe ourselves to believe on the "other side," right now we are in a human body- we are human now, even if that's not our "true form." I found myself quite distressed by your dismissal of a race of creatures as a simple waste of space. God knows we/they have done horrible things, but they/we have done good as well! Many people are loving and doing their best to make the world a better place. I argue that the "evil and hopeless" people are the 1%, not the 99%. (And I don't even believe that anyone is evil, or beyond hope.)

And @Dear Ori...that is so bizarre! I recently had a new mark appear on my stomach as well...but its brown and birthmark-y, so I hope its not cancer o.O

Love, light, laughter and life,


Angel Smith 5 years ago

My Dear Bri,

YOU are not one of THEM, my Dear. YOU are one of US.

THEY, 99% or more of them, are pathetic waste of space.

Yes, they are hopeless.

Would you stand up for these species, who abuse children?

Would you stand up for these species, who abuse animals?

Would you stand up for these species, who abuse nature?

Would you stand up for these species, who abuse each other?

Would you stand up for these species, who would do nothing but to ridicule you, tread on you and spit you out?

Would you stand up for these species, who don't event WANT to wake up?

Well, be my guest.

Ori 5 years ago

Do you mean that you are just barely there? Like you see everything from a very distant time and space? The feeling that you don't exist here mentally anymore? Some days it seems really hard to hold on, to exist in this dimension. Nothing matters anymore, nothing peaks so much interest. I don't know, maybe we are already there and now just holding on for a while.

Dear Bri and Angel Smith, there must be something good in people, otherwise we are not here. Yes, they are irritating, very childlike and easy to manipulate. They give up everything from fear. But we are all sparks from the Source (God or Creator, whatever you want to call), deep in the root we are all same. So is every living thing. I am more and more assured that people, who are responding to wake up call is mostly lightworkers. Who posts on threads like this, visiting web sites for spiritual topics and searching for answers. They are asking why they are here, they are awakening. There are many kind of lightworkers incarnated right now: starseeds, old masters, shamans, old souls from the ancient civilizations etc. But I don't know how humans are responding. I don't know if they can see the light. Let us see when the time comes.

Ori 5 years ago

Just don't give up hope yet. Don't think this life long suffering won't mean anything. We are agreed upon coming to wake up in total amnesia, forget who we are and find somehow a way back. All these efforts must have a meaning.

Dear Ori... 5 years ago

---"I don't know, maybe we are already there and now just holding on for a while."---

In 2005, I was camping in the woods one day. Deep into the woods, off the grid. That night I was chilling and watching the Moon. Suddenly this - vision, if you like - came to me:

I saw that in around December 2012, the world will...ehh...divide. That one third of human population will continue on an Ascended Earth where there is no evil, no wars, etc. Those humans will have special abilities, telepathy, etc. They will also meet their cosmic brothers and sisters.

However, two third of human population will be migrated to a similar Earth and will have to continue being there. There will still be wars, fatigue, pollution, crime, etc.

Since I had that vision/revelation, I shared it with many of my friends (who are healers) and many of them confirmed that they, too, had similar visions of the future!! I think that Dolores Cannon also describes it (try to YouTube her..)

But there is another thing as well:

The other thing is that I think we are on two Timelines (google "two timelines 2012").

One is the Positive Outcome (Ascension, Peace, Golden Age, etc) - and the other is Negative Uutcome (New World Order, doom and gloom, polar shift, chaos).

And humans choose on which Timeline they will be. And I have a feeling that all of this will happen in December thus year.

And the reason why I (and a lot of other clairvoyant people) cannot see pass December this year, it's because we will be jumping on another Timeline. So, if we are on the Doom-and-Gloom Timeline, we naturally cannot see pass it, because at some point, we will jump on the Ascension Timeline.

I hope it all makes sense.....

Ori 5 years ago

Yes, it does make sense. "Everyone chooses their reality. In what reality they want to be, it will manifest for them." I think this is very simple explanation of it. Many people are too stuck in this reality, it became really hard even to imagine a world with no money system, no politicians, no wars and countries with no boundaries. But why are things always need to be so negative?

I wrote earlier on pole shifts and destructions like in movie 2012. As i started to think about it, i felt utter sheer horror. One can't describe it in words how horrible it felt. But somehow it was contradicting to my positive feeling about 2012. I didn't understand why this horror came to me. I read and read, searched for answers and found this very possible explanation:

"...History repeats itself. A replay of these memories passing through “The Ring of Fire” as told by the Ancients, has surfaced again in the planetary field. We are undergoing this (re)memory cycle right now and it has been the source of great confusion for those sensitive to these frequencies. In many cases it generated predictions of impending doom and prophecy of cataclysm and destruction to our planet. This was like seeing into the timeline looking glass without understanding what one was looking at – it is a memory field of our past history..."

So it doesn't have to play out in destructive way. Everything will be fine, depending on which timeline you are.

Dear Ori... 5 years ago

Dear Ori my Brother in Light,

Yes yes YES! I agree so much! We have to choose our Timeline, we have to choose our Reality.

Do me a favor and find Leija Turunen on YouTube. She is also of of us and her channel is amazing. Just by watching her videos, you can get in the right mood... and perhaps on the right Timeline.

Yes, i too feel that everything will be fine. Everything is Good. Everything will be good.

Ori 5 years ago

Thank you very much for the suggestion :) Wow, her videos are really uplifting and inspiring. Hope some of her advise will help me finally to overcome my bad habit.

Some of you said you have a feeling of waiting to die or something, or don't see yourselves past 2012. I never had any visions, it doesn't work for me. It works like that: i concentrate on something and try to sense the outcome. Sometimes i try to imagine what my future will look like, especially on which job i will take after my study. Everytime i ask, i can't see or sense anything, there is always really agressive rejection. It seems like i am futureless. Naturally my interpretation was "i can't accomplish my study" and was somehow very disappointed. Finally, just today it shimmered to me why. Me too, i can't see beyond 2012.

Dear @Bri: About your birthmark-y thing, I also got two on my neck (don't know when), but they don't seem to be bad. Hope it's not cancer.

Dear Ori... 5 years ago

Dear Ori...

Yes, I feel the same. I truly honestly cannot feel anything pass the end of this year... Anything.

I build up plans for 2013, 2014, etc...but in my heart, I know that I won't be there for these plans. So very odd....

Ori 5 years ago

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Light,

i think i have finally found some meaningful message, especially directed towards us. We are in some way awakened and trying hard to figure things out. Since i landed on this thread i am desperately searching for answers, clues and on what's going on. I am collecting all my previous odd thoughts, fragmented memories and looking for how to find a way back.

There are many web pages, forums dedicated for upcoming events, earth ascension, new age etc. They all write from different perspectives, but in the depth they all write about same thing. There are also many channelers who bring the messages from the outside. I don't know much about channeling, if all of them are true. Anyways, i read some of them and filters the useful informations which makes sense. In the meanwhile some names like Ashtar Command, Salusa, Adamu etc. have become familiar. Yesterday one message caught my attention and wanted to share it here immediately. This particular message came from a Being called Sananda. It's your choice to decide if this is true.

"...So my recommendations to you, if you are interested in this process, and this is sounding and feeling like truth to you – prepare yourselves. Open your hearts and investigate this. Take this course. We will work with you on many levels. We will work with you intellectually and do our best to explain within the limitations of speech the information about the ascension. We will also work with you in your hearts, in your chakras, in your awakening, opening, balancing; in preparing you. If it is your desire to be among the first, we will do this.

The current plan calls for, and I might say that it is quite a brilliant plan in my opinion, three waves of ascension. The goal of course, as difficult as it may sound, is to have every human being on this planet experience the ascension in this lifetime. It is doubtful this will occur. We are going to do our best to harvest as many as we can who are ready. Therefore, we will have three waves of ascension. The first two waves being, for the most part, the returning of the Starseeds to their true states, the reascending of you who are originally ascended beings who have come here. It is our hope that many of those Light Workers who will awaken will avail themselves of the opportunity to be lifted in the first or second waves of ascension. The first wave is imminent. It is our hope that it will occur very soon. The sooner the better, in my opinion. Those who ascend within the first wave will be given the opportunity to return to Earth as Ascended Masters, to walk among humanity teaching and performing “miracles,” sharing this incredible message, and assisting in the transformation of human beings. This is ultimately the purpose that you came here for It is time for you to open to the possibility that you can complete your Earth missions and do this work from a higher perspective quite a bit more effectively than you have been, being as you have been enmeshed in third-dimensional life and its limitations.

So upon the ascension of the first wave there is an opportunity for choice. Many choices will be given to you. You can choose to return as an Ascended Master in a light body, having a body that is immortal, having the ability to matierialize and de-materialize at will, to zip back and forth between the ships and the planet, to perform miracles, to create spontaneously out of the etheric substance, to heal, to do many wonderful things. In short, this is to attract a lot of attention. You haven’t been attracting very much attention, have you? In all of your work, all of your mediations and your sharing has done some good. But for the most part it has only assisted in gathering the Starseeds back together again. It has not had a great deal of effect on humanity as a whole. It is a bit more profound of an effect we are hoping to have, as you return as Ascended Masters and create quite a ruckus and a stir. Being in the ascended state you will not be affected by negativity, doubt, fear, money, these sort of limitations. You will be able to be as radical and outrageous as you truly are and as you were before you took on the veils. The veils will be lifted from you. This is one choice. This is the choice that we are hoping many will accept. It is not mandatory to do so. If you as a Starseed choose to ascend in the first wave and to do some other service in another area with the Ashtar Command, or to return to your origins, this will he perfectly acceptable. As ascended beings you are always doing some form of service simply by being and showering your presence wherever you are. You have come from very many different places, different levels of consciousness, different angelic realms, different states, and you will have the opportunity to return to your soul families and points of origin. If you have not felt comfortable and entirely at home on Earth there is a very good reason for this. And it is good and it is a blessing that you have not. For it has kept you a little bit more awake and a bit more hopeful of something more. So here is the something more. It is coming your way on a silver platter with all of our light and all of our love..."

The original message is quite long. If you google "INTRODUCTION TO ASCENSION by Sananda", it will appear as a first topic in the search results. If this sounds true to you, please spread the message. Maybe this is what we are waiting for. I know i can't hold it much longer. I am sooo tired, weary and awfully homesick. I hope it will occur soon and i am ready.

Love and Light


flaxman 5 years ago

I have never felt like I belong here. I have a few deep metaphysical gifts. I had some mystics in my family. I have the deep emotional feeling that I want to go back home to be with my own people. This is not my turf. I do not think like people of this world. I think beyond their world. I do not consider myself superior to anyone but these people are shallow and destroy themselves by their own words. The speak curses and sabotage upon their own relationships, health and their own well being. Does this sound crazy?? I know that I am a very sane person. Sometimes I wonder about the people on this planet however and their maturity????? flaxman

Jamie-B 5 years ago

I am all of those things. I'm sad most of the time and do not understand people. I have this feeling everyday that I just want to go home. It's weird cause I do feel like I have something I'm supposed to do but it's frustrating because I don't know what. I don't care about what most people do. I don't care about money or material things. I don't understand why trivial things seem to be huge deals. I just plain feel backwards here and I hate. I do have a question. So there are plain humans and then there are starpeople. Not quit sure I get it. All I know is I'm not scared to die because I know something is better is out there. Does anyone else feel wierd about religion. Nothing seems right about it.

clato 5 years ago

Do any of you beautiful people know your blood group?

JAMIE-B 5 years ago

I am A- I don't know if that really means anything. I do have on the low side blood preasure and my temp usually runs a little lower.

clato 5 years ago

Hello Jamie thanks for your reply you say your A blood group is that Reh Negative?

profile image

Jamie-B 5 years ago

Yeah both of my garandparent my father and my son are all A negative

Pip 5 years ago

those six points described me exactly , i feel very alone in this situation and strongly believe i am not from here can any body help me is there any groups for people like us ??

Dear Ori... 5 years ago

Oh MY! I have experienced the time jump again!

Two days ago, I sit and want in the car for my friend. He is out and looking for a parking ticket machine. Suddenly, I see him running across the parking space. I don't pay much attention - I thought that he probably ran to another ticket machine, and ran because of the biting cold winter.

Then it him me.

The clothes that he was wearing were from the DAY BEFORE. He had the exactly same jacket, which I saw on him the day before.

Suddenly, he returns from the opposite direction of from which he ran. And he is wearing another jacket now, the same jacket he was wearing all day that day.

WFT! I say. I tell him the whole story.

We even drive around to find the "him from the day before" version. But that one was gone.

WHAT THE HELL is going on?

It's like the time is collapsing.

So odd!!

clato 5 years ago

They are coming back to claim there own you are all just awakening, your DNA is shouting it out to are all serving your purpose by just being here and raising the energies to bring about global change on a mass scale it is the time to remember who you are, you will all be back home sooner then you know don't try and work it out just know you are here because you wanted to help earth and your all doing it naturally. Love is all there is right. x

Dear Ori... 5 years ago

There is something else happening...

It feels like 2/3rd of the humans in the world are gone!! Strangely enough, since beginning of this year, I see much fewer people on the city streets. I also receive much fewer e-mails.

Yesterday, I was driving in a taxi, and I asked his whether or not he noticed that there are fewer people on the streets. And he said YES he noticed that!

Jamie-b 5 years ago

Clato, may I ask why the question about blood?

Ori 5 years ago

Oh my...this is really strange. There is nearly no friend activity on my facebook too (i'm not a frequent user but i receive most emails through fb). It feels like we're in a some kind of limbo.

Yes, the linear time is collapsing, you can feel it in the way it's accelerating. It has surely certain effects, but your case is very interesting. Never heard until now about such thing. For my case, i have no time orientation anymore. Sometimes i can't even remember what i did the day before (not kidding), keeping a time is very very difficult right now. It seems like there is just NOW.

Ori 5 years ago

Welcome to the club Flaxman, Jamie-B and Pip :) You are not alone and there are many of us. It is programmed in our DNA to be awakened at certain time. Right now we are awakened in certain degree and wondering what to do and what is our purpose.

I can imagine for someone new there will arise too many questions. I first read Dolores Cannon's book "The Three Waves of Volunteers and New Earth" and got some idea. There are also many websites there. Just read all you can find, but be careful, there are also many disinformations. Right now i frequently visit the2012scenario(dot)com to find out what's going on. The contributor is also one of us and he posts many useful informations. Somehow i am certain he has a pure intention. Also many of our discussions are addressed there. It is of course up to you decide which site you follow, but if you want more information, i highly recommend this site. Right now there is something very very interesting going on.

@clato, @Jamie-B: Yes, most Starseeds tend to have Rh negative factor in their blood type, but i don't think this is the global case. But who knows.

Dear Ori... 5 years ago

OH MY! You experience it too? This is too weird!

It's like time is collapsing..... And I feel that I'm in some sort of bubble. Or limbo... It's hard to describe. But something is happening with time...

By the way: I just saw that you recommended the the2012scenario(dot)com website to @clato, @Jamie-B here. Wanna hear something strange? 5 minutes before I saw your post here, I surfed onto this very website! Wow!

pip 5 years ago

to ori . thank you for explaining to me as i feel very alone and every day my feelings and expierences are getting stronger and my wanting to go home .could you advise me on how to learn more on this because i do feel very alone and can not talk to anybody about it , thanks and another thing my dreams are getting very strong is this involved ??

Ori 5 years ago

Since all of you have discovered this fact, you are defineteley aching to share this knowledge with someone, yet you don't know with whom. This is the hardest part. You can't talk to anybody. Some very very few of us have a privilege to have someone in their life to be able to handle this, but many don't. This is also why we feel so alone. I too, keep it secret all the time. Yesterday, i tried. I just wanted to know how people will respond. A certain best friend of mine, she's asking what happened to me. I lie to her everytime, which i am not proud of. So i finally told her "i feel like i was a never human before". She just skipped this part. She didn't ask what i am. She just said she was afraid that i was suicidal or something, so she was relieved. I think she just skipped this part.

The humans tend to fear or ingore what they don't understand, which makes everything so diffilcult. I don't know what we should do. I don't want to scare anyone actually.

Ori 5 years ago

My dear fellow Starseeds, don't give up hope yet. We are indeed in some kind of time window right now. All i write is what i feel, but somehow i become the affirmation afterwards. It seems like other people write too what i feel or what i perceive. Something is happened on last October. According to some channeled information, there is some kind of gateway openned. It doens't function 100% yet, but it allows us to be a some kind of radio tuner (a forerunner of some kind of group mind network). You perceive what is there broadcast, but it is very faint. I noticed it and was very aware of it even though i didn't understand. I think what you send is also can be noticed by every other. Maybe this is why we all feel in same way.

Dear Ori... 5 years ago

Yes, i too feel like something will happen. Right now, we are in this "bubble" to to speak - we are in-between worlds and timelines.

It's like we are here on this planet - and at the same time we are already in That Other Place/Dimension (home).

Right now, it feels like waiting and waiting....

I feel that in March, some break-though will be achieved. Maybe a Global Disclosure? Who knows.

But I think that from Mach, the finals set of events will start taking place.

We have to be patient.

clato 5 years ago

Hi Jamie I know the blood difference is a key to whats taking place Reh Neg blood has a high copper content which acts as a natural receiver I believe it is highly receptive to frequency changes, Reh Neg blood has a natural healing quality to.


VanillaSin 5 years ago

Howdy fellow Others,

Ha. I can only repeat what has been said-I am so very much relieved that there's people out there who believe it too. This website/forum/blog is great. I read through it last week and it has turned the switch completely inside of me. Thanks to my mother I've always felt different. She has too. I felt different since the moment I can remember stuff. Always quite the outsider...always seeing through peoples lies. But it was always numbed out you know. Through the years the stuff that occurs in every day experiences would numb me up..then a conversation with my mother or my own feelings would break me out of the 'i have to fit in' cycle and i would feel more alone than ever. Headaches are a given. Anyway so since last Tuesday I don't fit in anymore. I read this and I suddenly thought-ok this is not just me or my mum. This is a group already. And honestly, it counts to one of the best moments of my life. Knowing I'm not some nut job who's weirdly wired(well weirdly wired alone) is amazing. I don't feel this need to fit in anymore. Of course when discussing it with people(and I have since I 'woke up' last week) they don't get anything I'm saying. They blame me being young(20) and not knowing where I am going with my life but that is not it. They say I feel like this because I'm bored-I should find hobbies. Not it either. I. Am. Different. The. End. and there is lots of awesome people (^ the posts up there just confirm it) that feel the same way. It's an amazing feeling. Knowing one is special and knowing there is others out there...I can't even describe it. but you guys probably know how that feels since we've all been here.

I must say I was always lucky having my mum who completely understood what I was going through. She taught me that I don't have to rely on others just as she didn't do it. Thanks to her my feelings were encouraged and I was able to build up strength on my own and rely mostly on myself.

Anyway...2012. I agree with all of you. And for some weird reason...I feel much more 'right' with every day passing by. I know by heart that something will change. People will change. Or earth will. And we were born to serve the purpose of leading. It's in every single cell of my being. I get so stoked when I think about the changes to come..whichever they are. It feels like 'going home'.

But these headaches really annoy me even though I do embrace them. Sometimes I think what my mind comprehends m body has trouble with because it's - well- human.

Anyway. Thanks for enlightening me and you have a new person on board. Vanillasin has set up for duty (:

clato 5 years ago

Welcome aboard vanillasin

VanillaSin.... 5 years ago

VanillaSin, you are very very welcome here! You are not alone. There are many others here just like you.

You don't need to "fit in" anymore. Just be who you always are. What you always have been.

You are beautuful.

I cried when I read your words. They touched me very deep.

Thank you.

Ori 5 years ago

Welcome to the club VanillaSin. We all welcome you with open arms :) Isn't it nice to have a place like this, where not many people would interrupt us? Just look at youtube's comment section and you know what i mean.

It's exciting times to be here on earth right now. Look at all these things that are occuring and how they are affecting us. I mean in the inside. Don't be afraid if many of you are enduring some physical or emotional pain with no apparent reason. These all are ascension symptoms. If you google "Denise Le Fay: Heart Torus Field & The 2012 Solar Transmissions", you will find an article with all the descriptions, which our body is now going through. I reference her here a little bit :)

"...With the larger solar flares/CME in 2010, 2011, and 2012 my body still experiences chills like when you have a fever, but my head has hurt with tremendous inner pains and pressures (not “headaches”) nearly constantly. Even though this head pain and pressure is constant it increases and diminishes in waves. The head pain is always there but sometimes much more painfully so than at other minutes, hours, days and nights...

...In late 2011 and all of January 2012 I’m feeling the energies in the tailbone and hips area too. It seems we’re feeling these energies at both the top and bottom—the head and base areas primarily with the occasional heart expanding palpitations and poundings as it becomes our new ascended base of operations..."

I too experience many symptoms. It is sometimes very painful. The headaches have been decreased, but the pain in the hip area is still there.

Someone has mentioned about "Portal Jumpers". This part may be also interesting for you:

"...This inner ascension process is the inner stargate and orb building process of which some of us have been learning to navigate, as a type of portal jumper. Guardian Portal jumpers are assigned as a Sentinel (Defender) to make sure as many persons/soul bodies can cross through the frequency fence structures to be supported into the next options available for the consciousness evolution journey. And for some of us the skipping through timelines and working in bi-location of consciousness in time fields leaves the physical body experiencing a heavy, dense grogginess similar to bad jet lag. Night time adventures and what we call dream cycles are highly unusual now for many of us. We are moving extremely fast through timefields now, for various purposes, to complete and collapse obsolete parallel lives and their potentials, as well as learn the way out through the maze of timelines. Depending on the role you agreed on the earth to assist her and humanity through the ascension turnstile, will be the level you are aware of this situation, as it is at crisis level for some of us to go act as stabilizers or grid repair teams..."

The whole article can be found under "Lisa Renee: Self Definition".

P.S.: Sorry for my bad english, I hope you all understand me. :)

Vanillasin 5 years ago

Clato, Ori, Unknown person...thank you guys :)

I feel already welcome here. And yes Ori, it is amazing to finally have people to think alike. And I'm both happy and sorry I made you cry. If that makes sense to you?(:

So browsing through..

I just re-read your post(Ori) about your best friend. I must admit I can relate to this-as I said in my earlier posts I have spoken to a lot(or what I consider a lot in my tiny trusted circle of people-I have trust issues) of my friends. One of them said I'm just one of those guru you know they drink tee, look at whats rest in the cup and predict some bullshit that won't happen anyway....another said I was young and had to learn to make my life work with my surroundings...another took it quite good but turned it into 'you just dont like society, we should try to make the country better' and of course, as you said, there was also the suicidal mentioning.

-the political part caught my attention and at first, I was very enthusiastic about it. I felt like...ok I was born to make a difference. I can take it on with politics-but quite frankly...I'm not a learner like that. I struggle with being interested in the topic simply because it has so many things attached to it that don't catch my interest.

How to explain this better- let's say you are really into sports. You love playing tennis right, and your friend tries to talk you into physics. You look at it and go 'Yes, it might help me improve/understand my game since physics is part of the knowledge of how to win better' but then you look at it and all this knowledge you have to gain is just not your area.

Now instead of liking sports. Relate this to us. make sports the value X. X being what we are/want/need. I'm saying X because quite frankly we might be guessing our answers to explanations but we cannot put a phrase to it. (bare with me here) anyway.

We want/need/are X. And now people try to interest you in life. but life feels so alien to you. Life is like physics. It would be great to understand/fit in but it's so not your area of expertise that, after a while, you just give up. You lose interest.

So that didn't quite work out for me. Now I'm simply accepting the fact that we don't know 100% what we are/ what we are meant to do. I'm accepting and enjoying that I have now found people to share my thoughts with who get me. Together we can remind ourselves that we are indeed special and the 'few' so that life/people don't force us back into this everyday circle.

The thing that comes with that is that my 'not understanding' humans is growing on me. I get what they think/feel/want. I see through those immediately but it's just so annoying. Sometimes I just want to scream out 'Hey seriously, this is the only thing you worry about?' its so frustrating. While I question my existence and purpose every single day my friends worry about getting the right make-up/a new car/a holiday. Hrmpf.

But as said, I'm learning to accept. I'm changeing too. I just recently quit 3 bad habits. Alcohol being one of them. Junk food another. And Caffeine. I feel like it's strengthening me already. I'm eating salads...eating healthy and I feel much stronger.

Sorry for this long post but it's one of the things I guess everyone goes through this phase when finding this site?

Also...has anyone of you gotten this deep sinking feeling that whenever you think of your future you think 'it makes no sense to plan because it won't come how life is supposed to be anyway?'

It might be related to 2012? I hope? God how I wish something happens this year. I feel the rightness of my words but I'm just scared they aren't true.

Thanks for reading this..and I hope you guys have had/are having/will have a great day!

Over and out.

rahn 5 years ago

Not sure what the ppl on this planet are thinking or why they don't get what seems to be real simple answers to our problems if they see the problems at all. I believe I have all 6 of issues listed. I've made every possible adjustment just trying to coexist. But still to seem to belong hear. If this post makes any sense to anybody send me an email at

Tri 5 years ago

Vanillasin I really like how you phrased this:


We want/need/are X. And now people try to interest you in life. but life feels so alien to you. Life is like physics. It would be great to understand/fit in but it's so not your area of expertise that, after a while, you just give up. You lose interest.


TBH I think I am a human and can have a real open and curious mind. I think where ever you guys are at in this moment of time I am neither here or there. What I mean is I feel stuck between "awakening" duno if that makes sense or not. I also have lucid dreams but also when I was younger I dream of my having a very bad headache and unable to open my eyes and everytime I try to open my eyes the headache will get worse and worse until I somehow trick my mind as to relax and in the count of three I use all my strength to open my eyes and when I succeed I wake up :S strange. I still have the same dream now but much less than when I was younger.


I used to be very outgoing and very fond of life but this part year I felt very difference like I suddenly can't relate to anything or anyone anymore :( What's worst is that I can not trust anyone to share this with as I feel they will not understand and not blame them as I can't understand and I'd feel more alienated than I already do right now :(

Jamie-b 5 years ago

I'm courious to see if anyone else is highly sensitive to other people's emotion or feelings. I'm so much so that I don't feel good most of the time. I feel drained, tired, over whelmed, and sick to my stomach. I have been to the doctor to see if something was wrong medically and he said I was perfectly fine. So , I was just wondering if anyone else felt this way?

rahn 5 years ago

During my life, I've always been driven by a sense of right and wrong but I couldn't understand why a majority of the world around me seemed somehow distracted from it. Yet I seem to be the oddball. But those who were driven by their sense of right and wrong had very narrow understanding of what was going on around them. And yet again I was the oddball. So then I started hanging around free thinkers. Wonderful loving people, but didn't seem to have a good sense of balance. Once again I was the oddball. The more foriegn I felt the more questions I asked. Quite often answers would present themselves. I realized that all the problems going of at every level of life on this earth can normally be solve by observing and respecting balance. At first I felt good understanding this. But then I come to realize that the majority population on this planet don't seem to really want to fix the long term problems or how to find balance to fix them. Instead the population would rather exist in fearful groups with views of one extreme or the extreme or the other. Most often these views seem to be motivated by immediate gratification. So now I have what I believe answers to many question and many questions that need answers, but all the answers are useless on a worldwide population that doesn't want to hear them. Which makes for a lonesome journey. I'm not looking for sympathy. But is there anyone out there who even remotely understands my babble. If you can email me at or respond on this hub page.

rahn 5 years ago

@Jamie-b, Quite often I feel emotions from just about everyone around me and physical issues of those I'm connected to. By physical I mean anything from hurt back, to headaches to nausea. I don't know if the way I'm dealing with it is correct or not. But if what you're going through if close to what I've described, I sort of understand.

Vanillasin 5 years ago

Jamie-B funnily enough I just emailed someone the (almost) exact same words you used. Or the context anyway. I get affected by people's emotions so much that it's sickening. I'm constantly tired...always got headaches..I feel sad before I ask one of my friends how they feel and they reveal they are even gets to the account where i feel what the other person feels. I think this is how i almost lost track of my loved ones these past few months. Hanging around people who didn't think much of themselves and hated the parental role in general i adjusted and constantly had to fight the pains and feelings that came with it. It had almost alienated me to my parents. And let's say my self image went down the drain.

See, my parents were the only ones who've supported me during the last years and they are the only people i actually unconditionally love and when I'm with them I feel happier and stronger. Hell my headaches go away too.

You can actually say I got sick (physically)of living with certain people. Seeing them daily-adjusting/feeling their emotions.

So I'm guessing sometimes you feel lost too, not knowing what you want/are because you don't know whether what you feel comes from the person next to you or from within you?

Dear Vanillasin.... 5 years ago

---"Also...has anyone of you gotten this deep sinking feeling that whenever you think of your future you think 'it makes no sense to plan because it won't come how life is supposed to be anyway?'"---

YES I feel the same too! I make plans for 2013, 2014... but I know that they won't matter. Because something will happen this year. Something that will change the entire world.

I feel it, just like you do.

Yet, I don't know what it is.

Dear Jamie-b... 5 years ago

Yes,I feel the same too. You are, like me, very empathic. You can feel people's energies at they enter your energy field. Yo need to learn how to ground yourself - and do grounding and protection exercises every day.

I started doing them since 2007 and they REALLY really helped me.

Ori 5 years ago

Which exercise do you make? Does it help? Can you please give me a little help? It might be very useful for us :)

I was also very empathetic. All the things you described happened to me too. It started some time ago and peaked in 2006. It was really really hard to handle, coz i interacted with many people. It was too overwhelming. Instead of doing something i shut myself completely up. I built some kind of blockade, suppressed the empathy and refused to feel others emotions. Now it backfires on me. People pick up my presence all the time. They don't need to see me, or even be in a same room. But they clear their throats or cough and signaling always my presence. For me it is very very irritating.

Have any of you experienced such thing?

Dear Ori... 5 years ago

Well, basically, I invented this by myself:

1) You sit in Lotus position.

2) You start with your Pineal Gland and Imagine a Merkaba (google Merkaba) spinning around the Gland.

3) Now push the Merkaba along with your spine, at the core of your body and push it down to the center of the Earth.

4) Then, pull it up from the center of the Earth, but now connecting with a cord of light from the center of the Earth.

5) Pull the Merkaba thought your body again, while igniting the Chakras one by one.

6) Up up up, pull the light through your body.

7) The pop the light up though the center of your head then up up into space, until you connect with your Home Star (whatever your Home Star is).

8) Imagine the Light envelop your body and make a protective shield around you.

I do that in the morning and in the evening. And whenever I go, and if I feel bad energies/attacks, I touch my forehead (3rd eye) and it reinforces the Shield.

So this is my own little invention - and it works very very good. It really does work!

Remember to call upon Angels twice a day too. They will protect you too.

Ori 5 years ago

Thanks so much again. By the way do you know your Home Star? You seem to know about yourself for a long time. How did you find out, or did you realise it all by yourself? Have you made any contact with your guide/Star family? I mean consciously?

It is very helpful to learn some kind of way to protect yourselves. Sooner or later all the emotions of other people will make you chronically sick. Even the person might be not bad, but double their energies to ten, you absorb a fine dosis of negative energy/karma of others daily.

I was never into meditation, yoga or something healthy in general. But i changed. I try to overcome all my bad habits. Hardest part was to give up smoking, but finally achieved it. Never again :)

Dear Ori... 5 years ago

First of all, congratulations with you quitting smoking! Well done!

And yes, I've always known. I always known that I was different, not from this world. I haven't been on this planet before, this is my first (and last) time. I've always had this feeling that something will happen around 2012, something evolutionary. And that is why I am here, I've always known, since I was a small child.

I know that I have to do something, but it is not yet clear to me (other than raising the vibration of course). When time come, I will know. We will all know what each one of us have to do.

After I'm finished doing whatever I need to do here, I will return Home (whatever Home is, but it's not on this planet).

Bt not before fulfilling my mission here...

rahn 5 years ago

Not sure if this will make sense to anyone here but I feel as though I've been lead to different answer to various questions by something. I don't know if it aliens, angels or spirits, but something in and out of myself. I feel as though I've been lead to Gnostic studies that seems to tie theology with philosophy with psychology and with spirituality. If anyone has or haven't had a similar messages let me know. It will help me to know that I am or am not in the right direction of my journey.

Dear Ori... 5 years ago

Dear Ori,

What do you feel about March by the way?

I have a feeling that something will happen in March. Something big. But I don't know what it is.

How do you feel about March, Ori?

rahn 5 years ago

And yet I'm still speaking a foreign language. Sorry to have wasted your space.

Ori 5 years ago

I don't know exactly. Maybe something, but tell you the truth, i can't concentrate, there are lots of things going on in my mind lately. If something happens, then it won't be the Disclosure, not yet (that would be actually awesome). But I have a rough idea, let's see, it isn't very clear. But what is normal right now? This year will bring lots of surprises, both in the inside and outside. There is no dull day, even if you don't realise it, even if you are suffering. Things are changing and the ultimate outcome is not yet set. It changes according to your decision, or your thoughts, which makes it nearly impossible to predict (at least for me). Nothing is certain, but everything is definetely headed in a right direction i think. There was lots of impatience in the air, lots of it (because of disclosure?). Now people have calmed, they want to move on (which is a good thing).

You don't want to be a human again? Me too :-) Enough. Now stick to the mission, see the fruition and go back. Miss my people. I hope they miss me too.

Ori 5 years ago

Dear @rahn,

i don't quite understand your point. But you can of course express your opinion freely.

Jamie-b 5 years ago

All I know is I have a tidal wave going on inside me. It's been really bad lately and my husband noticed it so much that he is building me a room for myself because I have felt so overwhelmed and having terrible head aches and leg cramps. I feel like I'm losing my mind. There seems to be a tidal wave

of feelings and emotions inside of me I don't understand. I wish I knew how to get in touch with a guide because i really could use them now.

Vanillasin 5 years ago

I find it fascinating how everyone has the same symptoms...and then is lead to this page/or others maybe to then begin the realization.

If I wouldn't say it better we are pulled together-the lot of us. To start begin the transformation. It's like a magnet.

Ori you are right. Even though things are very confusing at the moment-still every day is evolving around the thoughts we have. We look at different angles, possibilities, thus new pathways in our brain are wired....maybe we are building a bridge to the part of our brain that is to be activated? I believe that it is connected to both the brain and as a consequence of this awareness to our heart-brain.

Jamie-b....try to focus(: It isn't a bad idea to have your own room for yourself. Right now I would say you receive a humungous lot of emotions around you and your whole being wires differently-hence the headaches and physical pains- unless it's a condition I would advise to not take medication. I have stopped taking any as I am trying to activate my self-healing system in my body. Its starting to work better and better and I cope a lot more with the things around me.

I would suggest the grounding step too. You have to connect yourself to the energy of the earth. Plain and simply because imagine the earth being a safe for all the energy inside the earth. Your energy might be used up. Especially now since you evolve. When you sit down imagine roots coming from your feet. You connect yourself to the earth to re-load this energy. Make it's like the kind of fresh air you can only inhale in the mornings. Feel the cleaning freshness go through your body. Be in harmony. It works.

And if I can say one thing- you don't need to rely on anyone else to show you the way. You are different. You have self-healing applications in your body that just wait to be activated. Use them. You are strong. If you weren't, you quite frankly wouldn't be here. But that you are proves it. I know it's hard but trust in yourself. Your instincts. Your gut feeling. You, my dear, can do it.

Jamie-b 5 years ago

Vanillasin thank you sooo much. Your advice and encouragement made me teary eyed. You are absolutely right. I do not feel grounded to earth. This might sound crazy but about 6 months ago I was feeling very uneasy, stressed and had no focus. So I found this chalkra Test. I took it and my spiritual side was off the chart but my root was closed. It said a closed root means you have a feeling of not belonging or fitting in an outside. I love the root idea I will definitely do that. I do feel that Im close to the understanding that I'm supposed to have. It's like the only thing holding back this information is a tiny piece of thread. When it breaks maybe I will know my home.

Also kind of off topic but does anyone seem to be more energized by thunder storms. I have tons of energy and have a feeling of comfort joy and happiness when it rains or storms out. A grey sky to me is beautiful. I just feel in intense feeling (sorry) I can't find the word but it makes me smile and


Tri 5 years ago

I found myself keep getting drawn back to this page. I can't express what I'm feeling these days. Roughly one year ago I was full of positive mental energy I just wanted the best for people but one year on I don't know why but it's all flipped upside down. I've lost my positive mental energy and want it back =(

Vanillasin 5 years ago

Funnily enough I'm just on my track back too Tri. (:

And hey if I can do it so can you.

You're probably drawn back here because this feels familiar to you. Everything all of us describe feels familiar so you're drawn here because you can express yourself.

Always keep in mind that you are the only person who can get it back. Try the same exercise we've discovered for us now..root(: Usually the new energy you receive should either be neutral or positive since I highly doubt you'd get negative energy from this planet. Which in return provides you with a good mood/ enlightenment. Your can use that piece by piece to find your positive mental energy again.

Also another reason for you being drawn back here(which just popped into my mind) might very well be that BECAUSE you aren't filled with that positive energy want to find a way back(as you yourself stated) and hence you are meant to get ready for something...add that to the fact that it's 2012 and it's just another little proof we all have that something is coming up. And for this particular something we need to be positively energized and mentally well(:

Remind yourself of happy moments every day. Even thinking about your very definition of a happy moment should help.

Tri 5 years ago

Thanks for reading my post Vanillasin.

I totally agree with you that I am the only one that can get it back. I want inspiration and want to feel alive again (enlightment) instead of hiding from the world (this past year). Hopefully this place could be a comfort zone for me. I will try the root exercise.

TBH at the moment we mind is just so clouded that very difficult to focus on happy thoughts at the moment it's like someone has put a spell on me or something :( But thanks for listening.

Dear Ori, Tri, Jamie-b, Vanillasin... 5 years ago

@Ori: I'VE GOT E NEW SCAR! OMG this morning I've noticed a new scar/spot on my right shoulder, near the blade. Three circles... One big at the middle and two small at the sides, all connected... Have no idea, where they come from. First the white line from my solar plexus down to my navel, then this.... I am also experiencing like I'm...errr..."high" or "drunk". (No, I don't do drugs or alcohol). But I feel...errr... ligher.

So, you don't think there will be Disclosure in March? Me neither. It's too early. I feel that there will be something else in March. But I don't know why.

@Tri: Grounding will help a lot. See my post about the grounding/protection exercise earlier in the above thread.

@Jamie-b: I think that those are the signs of Ascension... I experience them too. Grounding ids the key. We are getting Lighter and Lighter so to speak, so it's important to ground - otherwise we will "fly away".

@Vanillasin: Thank you for your good advices. Indeed, it's important to stay in the Light and in Positive energy and thoughts. Focusing and grounding id the key.

... 5 years ago

(argh sorry all the typos, I'm dylexic...)

Dear Ori, Tri, Jamie-b, Vanillasin... 5 years ago

By the way:

I had this dream last night (just before I got my new "scars/whatever it is".

In the dream, I dreamt of 2012 Mayan prophecy - and the Big Event was an alien invasion....BUT! But these impressive ships were RETURNING the humans back to Earth (the humans that the aliens have abducted thought time...).

So we never saw any aliens - just the returned humans. The humans told us that the aliens lo longer believe in humanity and now they are returning the ones they are taken back to Earth, because humans are not needed in space.

And the Earth is by the way dying, so all the humans are returned to Earth to die along with the planet in some big Extinction Level Event that will follow....

Weird dream, huh?

Ori 5 years ago

This is strange, but don't worry. Do you notice anything unusual besides? Maybe you've been abducted (sorry for using this word). That means you've been monitored, checked and possibly got some help. I've read about it on Dolores Cannon's book. The term "abduction" sounds of course horrible. Many have problems with adjusting to the body and to the environment. So they monitor and take care of us. Some have implants in their bodies, which helps to regulate the blood circle, transmit their whereabouts etc. During night times the etheric bodies are also frequently taken to the healing chambers. And the memories are closed afterwards, so one won't remember anything. Otherwise it would scare. They haven't forgotten about us. We are not abandoned here completely alone. Which makes me wish for an actual contact. I want to see them. I miss my people so badly. Why don't they reach me? They could've done it easily. The dreams are useless, i ask nearly every night for a contact, or glimpse, but nothing comes. If they won't reach me, then i will somehow find a way.

Ori 5 years ago

Hmmmm, not a good dream. Which makes me think of my dream from yesterday. I heard a voice that said "all the major/big cities will be destroyed". This voice was very clear. I hope this is just a dream.

Dear Ori... 5 years ago

Yes, it does reminds me of Dolores' book ("Keepers of the Garden"). And maybe, well, you are right. Maybe the Timelines are already shifting and I get the implants/scars from my Higher Self, so I can cope being here in this realm.

---"I heard a voice that said "all the major/big cities will be destroyed". ---

Was it a dream or a vision?

Ori 5 years ago

It was a dream. Never had any visions. In my dream i usually go to a certain place. There are lots going on there and I am never alone. Usually someone gives me lessons and instructions and there are always discussions and meetings etc. But i don't have any visual remembrance of it. I don't know what it is or where it is, or if it is just a silly dream. But when i dream this place i recognize it. Yesterday i was there again and heard this conversation.

Dear Ori... 5 years ago

Hmmm it doesn't like a dream. More like an Out of Body experience, where you are been taken by your Guides/Spirits/ETs, etc.

Very worrying...

"all the major cities will be destroyed"

Not good...

Ori 5 years ago

It might be just a dream. Let us pay more attention to our intuitions now. But you should know, whatever meant to happen is not intended to be bad. The human race and earth won't die. There is too much effort invested in it. Many many Beings have volunteered for this mission. So it must succeed, and it will succeed this time.

Do you know why we can't have any contact to the outside? Have you tried it? Since i found this site, i am thinking and asking for a contact. Even my subconscious mind knows what to do and where to go. I need to experience it consciously, but I don't expect anyone waiting me in my kitchen. Something tells me we must raise our awareness/consciousness, let the fear go and then is a contact possible. Maybe we become too stupid in this 3d reality and direct contact is not possible? Out-of-body experience with full consciousness would be great, or lucid dreaming. Then we can go to the ships and sneak little bit on what's going on.

I am trying to do this out-of-body experience, but can't concentrate really. Instead something happened recently. I told myself that i am ready for a next stage. I wished so badly that something will occur. Instead my crown chakra has opened. I received some kind of white light for about 5 minutes. It was warm. It has cleared my brain and the constant headaches are now gone. My brain feels sore and much bigger.

Cucusaa 5 years ago

Im young, but feel like I've lived another life. all my life I've felt like I'm not myself, like someone looking at the world through these eyes. I don't know how to explain it. I was always a conspiricy junkie. Sometimes being made fun of cause I'm forever looking up at the sky, looking for Ufo or something. Wen I dream I can't ever remember it to actually understand what it ment. I'm antisocial and everyday I feel like I' m out of place, like I know I don't belong here, I'm forever depressed. I just want to go home.

Dear Ori... 5 years ago

Hmmm well I think that we are still between two 2012 Timelines. One is Golden Age - and the other one is Doom and Gloom.

And many of us haven't decided yet. I feel that in March, there will be a new sense of clarity....

Ori 5 years ago

Yeah, you are right. The timelines haven't begun to shift yet. Not yet. Things are still changing. What do you sense for March? Will this be a global event? A positive one? I would be happy, if you can share more to us.

I've been thinking why i was so calm after writing this stuff yesterday. I live in a big city too. Then i got some idea. If something new to take place, the old must completely go away. If people cling to their past, how can they go forward, right?

I remembered what my friend said to me. She has been trying to quit smoking too. Her boyfriend doesn't approve of it and they moved in together late last year. She got a new job in January. So every routine was new for her. She didn't smoke all this time. Once she was on her old path (to her previous work) she suddenly needed to smoke so badly. She said she just remembered how she used to do it on the way, during the pause etc. so she couldn't shake the urge.

This is the analogy. Certain changes are inevitable for the upcoming event. Everyone needs their past to let go. So one can look forward freely. But many many Beings are helping and watching, they won't let just millions of people die in horror. If something happens, people will be forewarned or something. This is also some kind of test to stretch their limits, genuinity and willingness to help others. They want to see how people will respond during difficult times.

But I don't know exactly. Just listen to your heart and you will know.

rahn 5 years ago


Yes, I absolutely agree that we need to listen to our intuintions. I don't know if it is what it's a heavenly mother, universe, angels or uninvers. But gaging on my journey it is usually right. I do agree that we have volunteered for this mission. Why else are we given answers that seem to be lost on a majority of the population.

As far as having contact with the outside I believe we can. Of course I don't claim to be a guru of any sort. I am simply sharing what I think I've manage to learn. But I have had meditative experiences that I believe have taken me out of the restraints of time and space. I will tell you it is not something I put my conscious finger on. But when I'm able to get to that point it is a feeling of pure innocent joy. And it seems that when I get to that point I have to be able to let go of any purpose and just be.

As far as dreams go I've been taking a Jungian approach. Like I said I don't claim anything I've come up with to be the final answer but something else to consider and I am open to all feedback. I found a lot of Carl Jung's dream interpretations on the following website: Other than that I would say embrace the white light you do feel without over focusing on it.

Ori 5 years ago

Thank you Dear @rahn.

You are soo right!!! I got all the proof that i needed, but yet i've been too greedy. I have my guide during my sleep who teaches and instructs me. They protect me all the time. What more could they provide? I literally demand them to appear in front of me. It is me, who needs to work on myself. Have I done any meditation, yoga, or anything important? No. I was a whiny little baby who complained too much (yes, in my head all the time). I am so sorry for that.

Jamie-B 5 years ago

I can see changes coming to this world but not ending. I think there will be a fight of the elite that are in control but the elite will be a thing of the past. No more kings, queens, dictators or presidents but an enlightened age. It's in the stars. We have been contolled to long unable to see our true potential. This world is in for a rude awakening. There will be many who will resist and get left behind. Those whose heart can't see beyond what they know. I fear the terror that will come here first but out of the ashes a purer humanity will arise.

rahn 5 years ago


Hey not looking to be right or talk down to anyone but I am willing to share the little bit that I've been shown and that is I think your guide or spirit is still guiding you. I just think we have to keep all of our senses open to many different medias.

Leo 5 years ago

We may not belong here or feel like we don't but seems as if we chose to come here so what the hell is everyone complaining about. I have super empathy for people yet I despise them, it has driven me crazy. I have helped countless people but I can't help myself. I have brought people together yet I am always alone.

Whether we like it or not THIS is our home. We chose it, we are meant to be here. So do what you must do.

At least we are not alone, we might feel alone, but really, there are so many of us.

There is no point regretting or hating who we are no, that defeats our purpose, and makes us no better than those we hate.

Dear Ori... 5 years ago

Yes, I have a feeling about March/April. Something BIG.

Good/ Bad? Well, it can turn both ways... I don't know. It depends on the Timelines.

We are still choosing at this point.

rahn 5 years ago


I agree that we all chose to be here but I think you have also nailed quite an irony. Many of us are able to help others with their problems and issues. Yet when it comes to ourselves it seems to be a bit trickier. Now we find ourselves drawn to this website with our problems. Could it be possible that we are here to help each other. I mean a message that we seem to all come across is to help your neighbor. It's a message we seem to come across in just about every culture, religion or belief. If there is anything that I can shed a different light on I will at the same time I'm open to any different angles on my babble. I've found interacting here with some wonderful like minded spirits I'm feeling a lot less alone and thank you everyone.

rahn 5 years ago


I agree that we all chose to be here but I think you have also nailed quite an irony. Many of us are able to help others with their problems and issues. Yet when it comes to ourselves it seems to be a bit trickier. Now we find ourselves drawn to this website with our problems. Could it be possible that we are here to help each other. I mean a message that we seem to all come across is to help your neighbor. It's a message we seem to come across in just about every culture, religion or belief. If there is anything that I can shed a different light on I will at the same time I'm open to any different angles on my babble. I've found interacting here with some wonderful like minded spirits I'm feeling a lot less alone and thank you everyone.

Ori 5 years ago

Yeah, you all have very good points! At least i have complained too much in last few days. Now it is time to focus on important things, the time is running short.

How are you all doing last few days, emotionally and physically? Do you read energy forecasts? Instead of weather forecasts they can be very helpful like what we should expect in the coming days etc. So far they have been all very accurate.

About March/April: the visible changes will begin to take course soon. We can at least expect some kind of breaking news on political or financial section. It is now time.

It is also time to break the silence - to tell your loved ones what is taking place right now. But we must speak their language and be cautious not to scare anyone. If we start to speak little bit differently, at least our few closest friends would listen. They may ridicule us, but who cares. Can you talk about clothes, cars, parties etc. anymore? I can't. Such talks seem very empty now.

rahn 5 years ago


No worries, as far as I'm concerned, if you feel you've been complaining. It's what's on your mind. It gives us food for thought. From what I've read most of the spirits in this forum seem to be very open-minded.

I am interested in the energy forecast you spoke of. Are there any resources you can direct me to? As of late I've been trying to focus my attention on ascension. I've been focused on a Gnostic approach. I am more than willing to share anything I come up with. At the same time I am open and interested in any ideas or direction anyone else have? Love to hear from you all.

I agree with you Ori, that we must reach whomever we can. I will say it is a bit of a trick trying to get around group-based fears and misinformation. But I'm up to the challenge.

Ori 5 years ago

I read most of the time. The editors there pick really good and useful articles around the web and post them on the site. If you are interested specifically on energy then i would recommend Lee Harris (, Lisa Renee and Denise Le Fay ( 's current articles. They can give really good explanation about our dreams, physical and emotional changes etc. As you all are certainly aware, we are constantly bombarded with massive energy of different kinds. This causes lots of confusion, emotional turmoil and physical pains. Many times we don't understand why such things are occuring.

Lee Harris wrote for February energy forecast:

"...For those of you who work with the chakras consciously, the most active chakra of this month will be the SOLAR PLEXUS, located an inch or two above the navel. So as a daily practice, placing your palm over this area, or a crystal of your choice will help balance this center and ultimately all of your own energetic movements in February."

If your stomach acts really crazy recently, don't worry, it has definetely something to do with it.

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles wrote recently:

"...After the life-transforming events of 2011, Humanity entered the auspicious year of 2012 on a wave of unity consciousness beyond anything we had ever experienced. Now the Earth is receiving greatly amplified waves of Solar Light that are allowing our I AM Presences to activate our pineal glands and open our Crown Chakras of Enlightenment to new breadths. This is enabling people everywhere to hear the inner voice of their I AM Presence and the celestial guidance from the Company of Heaven in new and profound ways. This act of Divine Intervention is causing a powerful shift in the mass consciousness of Humanity..."

They write many many interesting things, but i don't understand everything yet. Hope it will help little bit.

Dear Ori... 5 years ago

You mean that we soon have to break the news down (about SHTF) to our friends and family. And we have to speak their language....

When is soon? What do you feel, Ori?

Jamie-b 5 years ago

Ok first of all please don't think I'm crazy! I have read some post above about meditating and trying to find your spirit guide and all that. So... One night before I went to bed I ask for help. I felt like I just couldn't take it anymore. I said please help me please talk to me. I just want to know where my home is. If I know I think I will feel better. I really down and fustrared. Well, I closed my eyes trying to concentrate and open my mind. then a praying mantas like creature comes to me with some kind of weird sounds. U was scared to death and ask him to go away. I all most lost it. When I was telling him to go away it's like I could feel him holding on to me not physical but mentally. I was to scard though and just shut down my thought process and it finally went away. If anyone can help me make since if this I would be forever grateful. Or was this just an imagination issue. It felt real though and like it wanted to talk to me but I was overly scard and shocked. Thanks to who ever might be able to help.

Ori 5 years ago

The following statements are only my view and i will be very happy to hear all of your opinions as well.

If something new should take place, the old must fade away or make place, right? This is universal. Therefore immediate changes are inavoidable in the recent future. The question is how long does it take? At this current pace, every step feels like an eternity. It seems like we are stuck in this reality forever and can never go back home.

But many of you are certainly feel it, the 3D reality is disinterating quickly. Some days more stronger we feel it. My sense of time has completely collapsed. I don't feel any time, i just exist in NOW. Everyday mundane tasks have become so hard to manage. I am just barely hanging there, i know that i can't hold on too long (understand that i am not complaining this time. It is just i can't identify myself with this reality anymore and the feeling that i am loosing it comes frequently). So something must occur soon. But if we think about it deeper, the changes have already begun to take its course. These Occupy movements in many countries, collapse of the overall economical structures are signaling the oncoming change. So the huge and visible changes must take place soon. If everything collapses, how would people react? The people would panic. They won't understand why such things are occuring and maybe this will lead to utter horror. Maybe we can talk to our families and friends about these things in a positive way and sooth them. If we talk about positive things, they will listen. If we talk about truth (what we perceive as truth is very important), others will listen to it. In the confusing times ahead they will remember us and come back for more answers. So we can fulfill our role of Light Bearers - being complete calm and assuring others that there is nothing to be afraid of.

rahn 5 years ago


My understanding of the praying mantis is that it'll come to us in dreams or meditation when we need peace and calm in our journey. Have you been stressing or have to much happening at once? If that's is the case I would embrace the mantis without fear. And I know there are many methods to meditating but I would also suggest to approach him without expectation or thought and just bask. I think it'll be a beautiful experience for you. Enjoy

rahn 5 years ago


First off I want to thank you for sharing that website with me. It read a lot of eye opening articles. I also am the first to admit having difficulty dealing with what takes place in my immediate surroundings and the world as a whole. I mean I know we are here for a reason but why is it there are so few of us that can see past this group-fear mentality? And why does mankind keep destroying this planet to have as much as he can? The best that I've been able to come up with on the days I can shake off the funk is that there seems to be only a few of us with this insight. And physical life I think is suppose to be a constant series of learning and teaching. But you can't teach a fearful mob. I believe that our best bet is to try and reach individual who will listen and in time it will spread. Everything I have read said that only a small number will ascend. So I say the more time we have the more spirits that will ascend. I try to be guided by knowledge, truth and balance in this physical dimension. At the same time I try to take time to find time to look through the eyes of an innocent child. Yeah I know some days are easier than others. I wish I could tell you my positive spin everyday. But I'd be lying. I guess a dualistic way of thinking would tell me if I didn't have negative days I wouldn't know the positive ones. For what it is worth you're not alone.

Angel of Light 5 years ago

Something will happen in March-April.

It begins in March-April.

I don't know what, though. It's just a feeling.

rahn 5 years ago

@Angle of Light

Any suspicions? Could it possibly involve the protest on Wall Street?

ShiVa 5 years ago

Hi All

Like many of you, I've felt the exact same way all my life - I'm now 32. It's been a very uncomfortable existence. My earliest memory was at the age of six - I looked up at the sky and said " God made a mistake, I'm not supposed to be here".

Fast forward some 25yrs, and I've been told so many things by psychics, by spirit etc. The last of which explained why I was here. Most of us who feel this way are highly evolved souls that were "ASKED" to reincarnate here on Gaia at this time. We hold the vortex's open.

We're never going to be fully comfortable here, simply because we dislike being in the linear. We feel the way we do, because Earths energy is just too dense for our liking.

The only way to survive this is to stick together, to encourage eachother.

BTW, I'm in Sydney, Australia. I would love to be in touch with all of you that feel this way.

Please do email me


Jamie-b 5 years ago

@rahn wow thank you so much. I actually have been extremely stressed and just out of wack. That's how I found this site. I was just at my wits end and the words I just want to go home came out of now where. To tell you the truth I never understood or believed people saying E.T's have tried to communicate with

them. I'm still kind of shocked but now I very disappointed I told him/her/it to go away. Do you have any suggestions where to research this. I didn't know that there really are for real praying

mantis creatures. I just hope he comes back and helps ne with my question. Where is my home?

unicorn 5 years ago

I was very interested in comments and as for sure there is a lot of people that feel same.I do not understand suicidale desires- that will turn negative energy on.Even if this life is loosing its sense, there are still so many wonderful things about this planet and if this is the time we waited for, then let it happen.I do not understand if we upgrade ourself and embrace new DNK what that means?Will we stay here or die and move on.I am also confused about karma - when will I know I am done with this form of life on earth?

ShiVa 5 years ago


Yes, there are real Praying Mantis's. Many spirits, entities, being, creatures that you hear about are actually real. They exist on many realms, many dimensions. They can come to us to either aide or hinder.

What you can do is meditate again, and call upon it. Ask it why it has come to you.

rahn 5 years ago


I totally agree with what ShiVa writes. I have no fear of animal spirits as I feel they are our guides in this physical dimension. But know also she is correct when she say's some spirits are here to hinder us. I like to refer to them as black spirits. But when we are in that state of meditation where we just are I can most certainly feel them and I stay clear without feeling fear. As far as where to research this I'm being guided by a close friend who is a strong Reiki/Shaman healer. I'm sure that if you Google 'praying mantis/dreams/meditation' something is bound to be there. I find that if I dwell on a relevant question that the guiding spirits reveal the answer one media or another.

rahn 5 years ago


A huge thanks. Although I totally understand what you have written, sometimes in this physical mind and body I need to hear or read it. We will all get through this. This is not an easy task we've taken on.

Ori 5 years ago

Dear @unicorn,

my implications may sound suicidal, but that was not the meaning. I became more and more detached recently, it feels like if i will i can already float in the air. I cannot ground myself somehow. It feels like the wall between dimensions gotten so thin, if i strive myself little harder i can have a glimpse. The feeling that something is merging (or purging?) has become more apparent.

Another thing is the battle of the Old vs. New is taking place right now inside us. For example linear thinking must make place for the multidimensional thinking (that is what we are striving). If we want to survive here, we need to work, do homeworks, do other mundane tasks. All these tasks are completely linear in the way its working. Every cell in my body is resisting now the attempts to follow this old way. I can't do my old/usual routine anymore. And i have a terrible memory lapse. But that doesn't mean one should give up. We need to find a new way. Need to find a way to break this old thinking pattern completely. Must let go many things - fear, sorrow, regret, whatever you find as hindering in your path to the light.

Ori 5 years ago

Dear @Angel of Light,

i really really hope that something big will happen soon. Really hope it will light the end of the tunnel. Only little hope and faith can give us so much strength to overcome this confusing times ahead without falling in negativity.

Ori 5 years ago

Dear @unicorn,

this is the quick answer for your questions :-)

Our DNA is changing. Originally human had a twelve strand DNA, but it has been deactivated for many reasons. All these so called junk DNAs are now activating - to hold more light and to be reinstated to its previous state. If our physical body remains same, we can't receive more knowledge and raise our consciousness. The old body cannot support all these. In the New World there will be so much light around, therefore your body should be able to hold it. The changing process is not a quick and simple step, it progresses gradually and can be sometimes painful.

The karma will be cancelled too. The karma will cling people to their past only. Everybody who decided to go with the New Earth will get their karmas virtually cancelled. But i think that doesn't mean that we should produce more karma. Just try to raise your consciousness and listen to your heart. We won't die. I have no idea how we can go back home. But we can someday go back home without dying.

Ori 5 years ago

Dear @rahn,

i can fully understand you and feel you. The initial shock hit me quite hard too. I always knew that i was different and felt that i cannot fit anywhere, but the shock was not pleasant.

--- "I wish I could tell you my positive spin everyday. But I'd be lying. I guess a dualistic way of thinking would tell me if I didn't have negative days I wouldn't know the positive ones." ---

Thank you Rahn, you just spit out my words.

We will succeed this time. We will take everybody with us. Everyone can ascend this time. I don't like being here so much, but let us not judge anyone. If we have a hope in our hearts, everything will be fine.

ShiVa 5 years ago

Hey Rahn, mate, I'm a guy ;-)

@Angel of light, why do you feel something will happen in March/April? I've been told April as well. I don't know what it signify's yet.

There was a energy infusion into earths grids in early Feb. Since then, I've been fairly emotional. So something must be happening already. I have become increasingly detached from everything and everyone. I know who my "twin soul" is. She's in another country and planning on marrying someone else this year. I find myself continuously thinking about her, missing her, crying/yearning for her.

I certainly hope something just happen by or before April.

ShiVa 5 years ago

Hey Rahn, mate, I'm a guy ;-)

@Angel of light, why do you feel something will happen in March/April? I've been told April as well. I don't know what it signify's yet.

There was a energy infusion into earths grids in early Feb. Since then, I've been fairly emotional. So something must be happening already. I have become increasingly detached from everything and everyone. I know who my "twin soul" is. She's in another country and planning on marrying someone else this year. I find myself continuously thinking about her, missing her, crying/yearning for her.

I certainly hope something just happen by or before April.

Angel of Light 5 years ago

Those sound that everyone is hearing - you know, the weird sounds in the sky (Google/YouTube them..)

Well, they are NOT coming from the sky at all.

They are coming for the Earth beneath us.

It has something to do with Timelines. The Earth is shifting now.

March/April. I don't know what will happen. But it will happen in March/April.

unicorn 5 years ago

Thanks Ori,

all that makes sense in very odd way.I was always feeling odd when comes about religion.I was born in the country with Islam, Judaism, Christianity and I always felt like I was in very strange movie, nothing had sense to me, actually I always felt like it was still kind of pagan form of seeing the truth or not facing the truth, like missing links to make a sense.I was raised on social system, forming us into working educated class, putting religion on the side.Still old generations wanted to pass some tradition upon us and I just never understand putting your head down to something that does not have shape, response or instant feeling of love.It was more like a fear, do this, do that, obey, if you do not, will be in hell, sex is wrong, but still people need it for reproduction...It was just too confusing and too far from truth.I just tried to explain friend of mine how we end up on this planet and why we have black, white, brown and asians and she was refusing to beleive in another alien kind and giving answer writtenin Kuran that we are build to look different to learn from each other, that God created us because of purpose to learn and share.Than why God created too many nations of they not ready mentally to exept each other?It is obvious that we had many visitors and that we were in the middle of desire for leadership, and I wonder how come they did not overcome that shallow feeling to rule instead to feel freedom and give?I thought that Anunnaki were much more advanced in their hearts..When I was younger I always wanted to know - what is bigger from universum, why we here, why we exist, what is the purpose of being alive at all?Sometimes I felt so tired looking for answers, looking into skyes, beleving in clean and pure hearts like unicorns...I do not know why I alwayes thought thay these creatures existed...Brain works in very odd way, when you have so many questions, and not too many answers.

Ori 5 years ago

Dear ShiVa,

i can understand you totally. How did you find about your twin soul? Do you know her? Have you met? Maybe you should find her and tell her everything. She will feel the bond.

You are right, the February brings so much emotions and yearning. The mentioning of Home Star made me cry really hard. I am begging, asking, crying and complaining just for one glimpse of whatever i miss like crazy. Maybe my twin soul is left behind. But i won't complain now.

Ori 5 years ago

Please read the first article here:

It might be the long awaited HUGE event!

Ori 5 years ago

And all this will happen in March/April? That would be awesome.

ShiVa 5 years ago

Hi Ori

Yes, I've met my twin soul. She's in human form. Met her 1 1/2yrs ago. She came to Sydney (where I am) on a holiday from LA. We have a common family friend. The two of us are the closest people to this family friend. It was her who introduced my twin and I to eachother. We clicked straight away. Then she went back to LA, got back to her ex bf, totally cut me off to the point where there is no contact between the two of us. Not even friends. I only hear about her through this family friend, which is VERY painful. Now, I'm hearing that she's planning on marrying her BF. I dnt know how I'm going to handle that.

Psychics have said that we will end up together, and that I will have an opportunity to move to LA soon....we'll see.

As with you, this yearning since the begining of Feb has gotten stronger. Almost to the point where this is unbearable.

Two weeks ago I had a deep trance reading with April Crawford (you can google her), where she goes into trance and her spirit guides takes over to give you a reading. The Spirit guide told me that I as an Inter-Dimensional being who was asked to be born human at this time to help with earths ascension. She said it was not my choice to come here, hence why I dislike so much being in the linear. I am supposed to be one of 100 or so highly evolved beings that hold the vortex's open, then there are millions of others who are here for different tasks etc. All very uncomfortable beings yearning to go back home.

Here's my email address if anyone wants to chat more:

Angel of Light 5 years ago

Dear people.

We are all being played.

The Anonymous group is created by TPTB to serve as an excuse to enforce the control of the Internet. Anonymous members think that they serve a noble cause, but they are being played. TPTB are pulling all the strings.

The Occupy movement is created by TPTB to serve as an excuse to enforce the Martial Law.

WikiLeaks is created by TPTB to serve as an excuse to enforce bigger control over the Internet.

The New Age/Ascension/2012 movement is created by TPTB to serve as an excuse to enslave all of us, who think and act different.

Wake up people. None of us are free. We never were. We are all tracked, catalogued, chipped and ID'ed. They know our every move and our every thought.

You think that you are free? You are not free. TPTB are just getting smarter. You see, they create an illusion of freedom. They create a scenario, where good folks like you can go and protest, can make revolutions and movements. But its' all just a part of the bigger plan.

You were never free. It's all staged. It's all a part of the plan.

Not your plan - but their plan. It's always their plan.

"But we are beating them" you say. "The Light is winning" you say.

Well, but you are still on this very planet. A part of this very system. You cannot beat the system, because no matter how hard you try, no matter how many revolutions you start, you are still a part of the system.

And maybe, the system was never meant to be dissolved. Maybe, you got it all wrong.

Maybe, it is all just another system within a system. And while you think that you are free, you are falling even further in.

Think about it.

Ori 5 years ago

What makes you think like that suddenly?

Re: Angel of light 5 years ago

Interesting post... very interesting... please continue...

ShiVa 5 years ago

Who or what is TPTB?

rahn 5 years ago

I agree with Angel of light. There are some big players running the show. And no we cannot beat them at their own game. But I also believe that it is the nature of mankind to have as much as he can get with as little work or responsibly for it regardless of the price. I'm open to all ideas on this matter. Right now I'm thinking we should be working towards ascension and sharing with others what we find out. The powers to be may control the physical world but the can't control the spiritual.

Angel of Light 5 years ago

@Ori: TPTB = the powers that be

The ones who run the show.

Angel of Light 5 years ago

Sigh... you really don't get it, do you, people?

TPTB control everything. This world. The spiritual one too. Everything. Because ALL IS the same system, the one Matrix, the one and same platform. You cannot run away from it. You are a part of it.

Ori 5 years ago

You are not the original Angel of Light, dear. You are one of the Disinfo Agents. What you wrote resonates with fear, anger and negativity. You want to distract us from the Light. We are far more powerful than you think, you can't corrupt us.

Ori 5 years ago

Don't pay attention to the last three posts of so called "Angel of Light". It is not our original Angel of Light. Such disinformations are everywhere. Whoever controls this world are loosing their power and doing everything that they could to create more fear and chaos. Remember, they don't have such power over us. Everything which doesn't resonate with light, love and positiveness comes from the dark side.

As i read the previous post it felt just like reading the mainstream news. Mainstream media is manipulated too. They don't want us to hear and see the truth. They are afraid of our awakening. Only sleepy minds can they control. Fully awakened minds will never allow such enslavement, war, controlled systems and all that negativity.

Ori 5 years ago

Let us gather together somewhere else. I registered myself on You can find me there with this name. There we can discuss certain topics specifically and maybe find others in our area too. I read many things there and this network seems to be a real deal. If we stay here longer without moderation, any other negative entities can post here with our names and stir chaos. Let us meet on !

Ori 5 years ago

Don't post your email addresses here please. On we can exchange messages. At least that would provide little bit authencity.

Angel of Light 5 years ago


Ohhhh Ori my Dear, if you knew who I really was, you would be shell-shocked. All of you would.

You got it all wrong.

You are not enlightened. You have an Enlightened Ego. It's just another form of Ego. But still Ego.

That is why you react so strongly to my messages. Because they are shaking your Enlightened Ego.

Angel of Light 5 years ago


You have to understand that we are all on the same Team. There is only one Team. There is no Light and Dark - it's all One. It all originates from the Same One Source.

That is why it is impossible to fight the "bad guys" or "the powers that be" because they are you and you are them. They exist because you exist. You exist because they exist. They control you because you create the need for someone to control you. You actually made them.

That is why revolutions, protests, movements are still a part of the same system - because we are all still within the same Sphere, the same Holographic Universe.

Once you understand that you are all a part of One, you will become free. You go beyond the Matrix. Beyond this world, beyond this reality.

This is bigger than 2012. This is larger than Ascension.

Once you understand what it is, you become someone else entirely.

ShiVa 5 years ago

Angel of Light - you say we'll be shell shocked when we discover whom it is that you are - tell us then!

Secondly, what is your prescribed solution to the problem of the TPTB? You're saying that they are a part of us, and we are them, so how exactly do you propose humanity escape them?

I think the world has reached 'critical mass' in the number of people needed to achieve ascension. There is a lot of outside help, and many of us, have specifically been sent here for this time to aide in ascension.

Angel of Light 5 years ago

Dear ShiVa,

That is the point. We cannot escape TPTB, because we have created them - the very demand for them - in the first place. We are them - they are us. We must not "fight the Dark stuff", etc, (because by fighting we will not win) - we must escape the Duality.

Light and Dark exists only because of the Duality. Outside the world of Duality, everything is very different...

"Angel of Light - you say we'll be shell shocked when we discover whom it is that you are - tell us then!"

It is the message, that matters - not the Messenger.

Dear... Angel of light 5 years ago

I think you have scared Ori or come on a bit too strong.

I can see where you are coming from with the... we are all connected but this is nothing to do with it. This is about what may happen in 2012 and about how it has affected many here... and most here share a common ground and feel each other.

I'm sure you mean well but some things people experience and share it on here is out of the world. Possibilities are endless. Life is what we make it to be.

Ori 5 years ago

My Dear Angel of Light,

---"...It has something to do with Timelines. The Earth is shifting now. March/April. I don't know what will happen. But it will happen in March/April."---

What do you feel about these times else?

rahn 5 years ago

@Angel of light

Not sure how to take what you're putting down but I am open to any and all knowledge. I guess I have a couple of questions and I'm asking them openly and not with skepticism.

How is it that the powers to be have control over the spiritual dimensions?

Quite simply, who are you?

I ask these questions in a positive light. You seem like you have a lot to offer but I want to understand and not to fear.

rahn 5 years ago

@Angel of light

I had a few more thoughts. I understand we are all one energy and I understand the concept of the dualistic world. But I also understand that we are all free will creatures in this physical world and something that seems to be consistent in this life is the ongoing teaching and learning. I guess I don't know what it is that you are suggesting. I mean does our free will and learning and teaching serve no purpose. I don't know if you're suggesting that we look away from what we are being shown because we are one energy that has create this and take the ignorant is bliss road and let tptb do what they will. I make no claim on being elightened but I do have knowledge that a major portion of the world doesn't except. I do have a good understanding of balance. If this is all for nothing than what is the purpose. I would ask the Angel to shed some Light so I can make some sense out of knowledge and free will. please

Angel of Light 5 years ago

Thank you for all your good requests, my Dears.

Ori, good to see that you're back. It was not my intention to scare anyone. I was just stating some facts.

I will be back soon and answer all your questing, the best I can.

//Angel of Light

rahn 5 years ago


I was reading some of the older entries and realized I made reference to you as she. Totally sorry about that. You know what they say 'bout ASS-U-M-ptions. My bad.

ShiVa 5 years ago

@ Rahn Not to worry!

@Angel of Light, please do come back and speak further. We're not fearful of anything, just want to hear the full story.

Also, please do tell us whom it is that you are. Its not about shooting the messenger, you said that we'll be shocked to discover whom it is that you've sparked my curiosity!

rahn 5 years ago

Still waiting for the Angel of light....Yep still waiting. So hows anyone doing. Any thoughts of life, spiritual or physical. Let me know here or email me at Not to worried about tptb. I think our journey is bigger than them. Just saying.

ShiVa 5 years ago

@Rahn What are your thoughts on this:

Unicorn 5 years ago

why my post did not went trough??

VanillaSin 5 years ago

I've been reading passively for a while...I know this might not come as a shocker but seeing Angel of Light is kind of like seeing a shepherd trying to take control over a wild flock of sheep. It just ain't happening.

At first though, I was thinking of the statement of 'we are all one' which kind of is are we fighting then...but I came to the conclusion I won't say no to it.

But to me it doesn't make sense that I feel like I don't belong from within. Not because of certain media influencing me(and I don't even have a TV and hardly ever listen to radio) or because people talk me into it...but because the statement 'I don't belong' feels right from within- from the very core of my being. So yeah it might be true that we are all one but I still feel alienated. Doesn't really change my point of view.

So...but...Angel of Light...nicely tried. This flock isn't tamable though-juts like Miley Cyrus(I wouldn't recommend looking her up-quite frankly the music isn't worth it).

Our strength comes firstly from our believe..then from our people here...who are there for us in this time of discovering and from the energy around us. You can't really beat this.

And d'oh of course we won't head off with sticks and stones and bring the government to a fall. Why would we? That's the beauty of life. It bites the people in the butts who deserve it. Thanks to a thing called balance. Something WILL happen. Because-quite simple fact here- we want it to. Don't you think we already influence the people around us/the energy around us with this constant need for change? It's spreading. If not officially on the surface but at least beneath it. People start feeling the itch. And this will resolve in everything falling into place by itself.

With this said-Have a lovely day folks. Make the most out of it :)

And most importantly of all, be happy.

ShiVa 5 years ago

Hi, is anyone else feeling overwhelmed right now? It's almost like my skin is crawling. I don't feel comfortable at all....can't understand why. The energy, and everything else around me is very unsettling to me.

Is it just me, or do the rest of you feel the same way?

rahn 5 years ago

For what it is worth I been receiving messages that have been giving me a direction of how to possibly have an impact on tptb. Nothing I can discuss on this open forum and the big players wouldn't be very happy if they knew. I guess my point is to keep our minds open to our role and tread carefully. Fear nothing and respect everything.

Ori 5 years ago

I really don't want to give too much attention to the TPTB and don't want to fight them with bricks and stones. Time is running short, i want to do something useful instead.

I've been reading too. The last few posts seem like direct instruction to us from the Galactic Federation of Light (the words just resonate). Please read some posts first, they are really informative. We can do following things meanwhile, if we want to accelerate certain things:

1. Spread the word of many oncoming arrests of the Cabal/Dark Ones. The crumbling has already begun in the financial section. More will be revealed soon - there will be lot more changes/resignations in the politics, financial sectors and overall. The old system is shaking and it will start to collapse soon. Spread the word, it shall not be feared.

2. Spread the word of their Presence and the incoming First Contact. The people should be prepared. They should not fear them. We can tell people that there is life outside there and they are helping humanity.

Don't you want to see your Star Family? And be reunited with them soon? There will be many opportunity if the Disclosure/First Contact/First official landing occurs. They ask us to dig this remaining little wall.

I've been thinking all the time now how to proceed effectively and reach as much people as possible.

IMO, most effective way can be through social media like Facebook etc. I don't have too many friends, but i can reach about 100 people. If we all try together, we can reach at least thousand people on our front. And it will definetely spread. We may be ridiculed, but who cares.

There is/will be also raised opportunity of the sighting of the space crafts (UFO). We may see/notice them any time, so be prepared and open your eyes to the sky. Take your cameras, smart phones etc. at reach all the time. If we post this on FB, Youtube and other social media sites, that will draw more attention from our friends and family.

Let us take some action now.

Ori 5 years ago

Dear @ShiVa,

yes, we all are experiencing some emotional turmoil right now that cannot be explained so easily. I read today some channeled message from the higher realm and found this:

"...We understand that there are many of you who are dealing with recycling energies that keep coming back for further resolution and that maintaining discipline is sometimes very difficult. To this we say, do the best you can and forgive yourselves for any setbacks that you experience, they are temporary in nature and cyclic in occurrence. This too shall pass..."

Ori 5 years ago

Dear @VanillaSin,

your words sound just like this part of the message :-)

"...As you go through each day in your daily activities, please understand that all that you think, feel and do has its reflection upon the malleable astral plane and this in turn has influence upon the atmosphere surrounding Earth and affects the All through it.

This is why we advise you to become cognizant of the need for self discipline and self responsibility. You are walking the Earth now as powerful energetic Beings and everything you do makes a difference. When we say that your Light makes a difference, we mean just that!"

Ori 5 years ago

Dear @Rahn,

i agree 100% with you - fear nothing and respect everything. Fear is not real and everyhing based on fear is a lie. If we are in our feelings, there is nothing to fear. No one can give us anything and no one can take anything away.

Glambert 5 years ago

Hey Everyone,

getting to the bottom of the comments, I am so glad to see that people are still posting here, because I have A LOT of questions that need answers.

So, this all started last year. I started hating being human. I hated belonging to the human race. I felt bad for doing all the things humans do. You know, having to eat, drink, have all these things to survive, like roofs over our heads, and…well I’m sure you understand what I mean. I thought I was an Indigo, but now I’m not sure whether I’m an Indigo or a Star person. Either way I am one of you all.

Anyway, it was only this year, 2012, that I started to think ‘I don’t actually think I’m a human on the inside. But what am I?’ I know I am from another planet, somewhere out there. I know for sure that earth is not my home. I look at humans like I’m not one of them-for example I observe their behavior, kind of like in question 4.

I should probably let you guys know that I am only 14 years old. (Turning 15 in May.) Is it special to be realizing this at such a young age? I fit the first 5 questions, but I don’t think I have any psychic abilities, unfortunately. Or will they come later in life?

I have a friend that is an Indigo. She is so amazing and I love her to bits. Today I told another of my friends about us-you know, Indigos, Crystals, Starseeds etc., and she seemed very interested in it.

What hurt me though was when I told one of my very best friends, and she simply said she doesn’t really believe in souls and aliens. She didn’t really understand where I was coming from at all. I hate knowing that she is probably just a normal human because she means so much to me.:(

You have no idea how glad I am to see others who feel the same as I do! I thought I was alone, so I searched and searched for ages on the Internet for what I could be and now I’ve found you all. I’m so glad! Am I the only teenager here though? I’ve never really met another teenager with these beliefs as strongly as mine. I will hopefully get some time to tell my Indigo friend about all this and show her this webpage.

Most other teenagers seem to be normal…but I love difference! I have idols that are different and uncommon, too.

So I have a question-I have no idea whether I’m a star person or an Indigo (as mentioned earlier.) I believe I came to earth EXACTLY how a star person would, but I have more traits of an Indigo. Do Indigos come to earth the same way star people do?

I have never been very interested in space, but this year there’s been a hint of curiosity in me…and I’ve always loved looking at the stars and wondering what’s out there…I hate when clouds are in the way of stars because I can’t see them. I do strongly feel homesick from where I really belong though.

I have yet to do research on which planet I’m from. I am busy though, of course! I have school. School. I hate school. I hate authority and rules (mostly the rules of the real world though.) I’m kind of an anarchist I guess.

Also, I’m always wondering what the meaning of life is. Why are humans here? It all feels like a circle, going round and round. The humans are born. They go to school, study and get a good job. In their job they do things for other humans. Then when they die, their kids will do the same…and so it goes on and on. You get what I mean. I’m always wondering what the meaning of life is.

Also, I should probably tell you guys about this world I made up in my head a few years ago. It was called the Fantasy Forest and it was NOT on earth. It was somewhere in another galaxy, far, far away from earth! I used to go there every night. I try to go there now, but the real world just invades. My imagination feels as if it’s gone.

Do you think that would have anything to do with this though?

I’m so glad I am finding answers and making progress with this. If anyone has anything to tell me, anything at all. Questions or comments, please comment back. So am I one of you or do you think I’m just crazy! Remember I’m only 14! Some things are a lot to take on in one day, because this is quite new to me. Don’t be mean. I know you won’t be, but just saying…:) thanks!

(P.s. Sorry it’s a lot to read!)

Ori 5 years ago

Dear Glambert,

don't worry that you're too young to feel all these things. The age is a biological measure, it can't define who you really are.

Looking from what all others write there occurs many common symptoms when one is starting to being activated/starting to ascend. You can read previous comments and you will understand little bit about DNA activation and ascension symptoms. Each has a different schedule of being activated, mostly one doesn't realise it consciously. While one starts to be activated one goes through lots of struggle. You may feel physical pain, emotional turmoil, depression and experience many other unexplainable changes. You can definenetely think that you're going crazy. The activation process breaks nearly every relation to your previous habits. You can't feel same, you can't think same - every other change of interest can occur. Through this process we part with unnecessary burdens, emotional barriages and old thinking patterns that belongs to the old energy. It is not easy, because we need to work on many issues in relative short period of time. And the physical pain is sometimes strong. There are also many other things happening right now - we can tune to more channels, we feel with Earth Gaia, we feel our collective thinking. All these together can be sometimes so overwhelming. But it is worth. We are being transformed so we can move to the new energy easily. When all these end we will see a beautiful creation before us. And at this time we will say every suffering was worth.

Ori 5 years ago

Let us spread the words my Dear Sisters and Brothers in Light. This is a part of the yesterday's message from the Galactic Federation:

"...This is important to understand today as so many of you, our Lightworkers who were chosen to be here to help manifest a new reality for this planet and her people, choose to sit by and wait for events to happen for them, instead of making events happen by them. Do you see and understand the difference? We see many of you asking for us to make ourselves known to you, to offer you proof of our existence and our intentions by placing this proof in your hand, but we tell you again we cannot reach your hand until you create the circumstances that will facilitate this meeting. We ask you at this time to get more involved, to refrain from demanding proof, and make your chosen reality your reality. Choosing is not nearly enough at this time, you must also act to see your chosen reality manifest. Will you begin to take action? That is the question we pose to you today.

So many wait on you and your fellow Lightworkers to get your job done. So many eyes are upon you as we await you to spread the news of our existence and of our peaceful intentions. So many eyes are upon you as we await you to inform your brothers and sisters of the imminent arrests of the members of the criminal Cabal and what these arrests mean to them, yet we see on a daily basis so many of our trusted family members wasting valuable time sharing in their social networks every kind of unrelated content. We tell you the time for sharing this kind of irrelevant information has passed, and it is now time to focus, focus dear ones at the tasks at hand. We ask you to set the table for the arrests of the criminal Cabal that will then open the door for our arrival. Will you do that? Will you complete this part of your mission? Would you give your undivided attention to this assignment until this part of your assignment is complete?..."

Ori 5 years ago

Do you all feel that something is happening today? It's like i am ascending or something is dissolving inside me right now. I just want to float. Do you feel the same?

ShiVa 5 years ago

I feel much lighter today.

Dear Ori... 5 years ago

No I do not feel the same today

Glambert 5 years ago

Dear Ori,

Thank you so much for your reply! That does not sound very easy at all. It sounds scary, actually! Will others notice that I will be acting different when I'm going through the change? Or is there a way to hide it?

I will have a read of the previous comments. Thanks again for your reply :)

rahn 5 years ago


Just want to say how envious I am that you've figured out at your age what has taken me decades to figure out. You sound like a remarkable young man. I know school can be rough especially at that age. The dual thinking of man seems to really kick in then. But I will say try to enjoy school. It may not seem like it but a lot of the teaching will help you put a lot of the pieces of the mystery together. As far as handling the changes, I know with myself there is a time to share my spiritual thoughts and a time I know I must keep them to myself. Listen closely to your intuitions. I find that part of the journey in knowing WHEN to share what you are going through. Unfortunately a good part of humanity is programmed to what they've been taught the norm is. I guess what I'm saying is to pick your battles (don't fight the ones you know you'll lose). I'm sure you've figured out that there are a lot of good people on this site. A few of us have joined a site called They have some programs that help you to identify your starseed origin. Hope I've been some sort of help. Enjoy

rahn 5 years ago


Happy to see you posting again. Always enjoy what you have to offer. Enjoy

rahn 5 years ago


A huge thank you for the starseed recommendation. A very resourceful site. But I also still very much enjoy our smaller group here. I've been finding myself bouncing back between the two. Enjoy

Ori 4 years ago

Hello my Dear Brothers and Sisters,

thank you for all your nice comments. Together we can endure everything. I just posted these messages on my Facebook:

Let's see if someone will read it. I need to translate it to my mother language as well. I don't know how people will respond then. Being ridiculed is the least thing that i fear. I just hope people will read them.

Glambert 4 years ago


Haha, I'm really sorry but I'm actually a girl, don't worry though, it was a simple mistake :) Thank you so much for your kind words. Which subjects at school should I pay most attention to so I can figure out more about myself? I try to pay attention in every subject so I can lead a good 'human' life, even though I hate it so much. I just want to get a good life on this planet so I can do what I came here to do. I think you're right about the sharing thing. One of my friends who I told about this didn't believe me at all. She said this was all a load of s***! I know she's wrong though. I will definitely join up to that website. Thank you so much.:)

Glambert 4 years ago

Thank you all for accepting me. :)

I have another question-does anyone know some good websites that will help me discover more about my origin? I'm trying to find out but there seems to be this thing inside me that is blocking me from finding out more! It's so annoying! I wish I could get some answers through my dreams. Is there anything I can do that will cause a dream that will give me some answers?

ShiVa 4 years ago

Hey Glambert

I know how you feel. I started feeling this way when I was 6. I'm now 32, and still haven't fully discovered myself. Your timely entry into this world was all pre-arranged. 2012 and earths ascension will lead you and everyone else to the level of awakening we each need to reach individually.

The subjects at school won't lead you to discover who you are, although it may lead you towards an interest, and a career path, which may have to do with your mission here on earth. Follow your intuition. The guidance will come from within. The answers lie within you!

Ori 4 years ago


You're welcome :-) Like Rahn said, you're fortunate that you have realised it so early. It took me also decades to accept. Don't worry about many things. At least now you know you don't have to force yourself to fit in with others.

Ori 4 years ago


I like our little corner too. It has been amazing two and half months since i've discovered this thread.

Ori 4 years ago

What a strange day it was - the day before yesterday. Just wanted to stick my head in the clouds and disappear from here. It all seemed quite possible.

rahn 4 years ago


Hi, sorry about the gender confusion. For what it is worth I made the same mistake with ShiVa. As far as trying to find your origin, once you get in the starseed site look at the top menu bar and you'll see an option that says 'teachings'. Click on that and it'll bring down a drop menu. Then click on 'origins'. As far as looking for answers in your dreams, it might not be your gift as we all have different gifts and different ways of receiving messages. Don't worry I'm not a dream warrior either. My gift seems to be that if I dwell on a question or problem the answer seems to manifest itself. I'm not saying that's your gift but I offer it as a possibility. One thing I do believe is the spirits,ET's or angels will reveal answers when it is time.

unicorn 4 years ago

Hello to all of you,

I personaly do not feel anything, but I do have a problem with hunger, I do not eat too much, but desire for different food is simply crazy.I am small person and I never been overweight, now I gained few pounds and it is killing me, I feel heavy and distracted.I read that we will star changing, needing food to prepare our body for incoming events, but honestly, I think nothing major will happen, just shifting in human minds and bodies and this will take another century or more.I cannot see anything special coming into our ways, time is not something that we have control over time is just another illusion to find sense in this existance,so looking into 21 December or any other date will not help getting answers, it is alll in our imagnations, depends how much we can let it go.

rahn 4 years ago


I think I understand where you are coming from. I myself find myself stuck between different messages from time to time. I guess how I deal with it is to try and do what I think is right whether 12/21/12 is a major change or not. I been receiving the message of giving what I can when I can and finding an innocent joy in it. I also have been taking on a major undertaking for humanity which I cannot mention on the internet. I try to follow Gnostic teachings of the Ascended Masters and offset the bad karma I have in this life and previous. I figure spirits will do what spirits will do and they will give messages as I need them. I hope my babble has helped a little. I'm always available to talk on this hub. If you are more comfortable you can also email me at Either is fine with me. Enjoy

Glambert 4 years ago


Wow, 6 years old! That’s amazing! Did you tell anyone or did you keep it to yourself? I know everyone is talking about the world ending in 2012. Does that have anything to do with us?

Ok, thank you for the information. I wish I could go on a journey inside myself to find out more, because there are definitely a lot of hidden answers in there! :)

Glambert 4 years ago


When did you begin to realise that you were different? I guess the older you are when you realise, the more shocking it is, because by the time you’re older you’ve kind of grown into the human world.

Ok, I will try not to worry :) I have never fit in very well anyway. I’m quite quiet around people I don’t know very well :P

Glambert 4 years ago


Don’t worry about that, it’s completely okay :)

Ok, thank you. I did that and saved the page on my laptop, so I will go back and read/study it later.

Alright, I am certainly not a dream warrior then! That’s an interesting gift you have. How long do you have to dwell on it before the answer comes?

I’m not sure I have a gift yet. Maybe I do but I haven’t realised it yet, or maybe it hasn’t come yet. I am quite intuitive though, so maybe that’s got something to do with it :)

I believe in that too. I have angel oracle cards that I use every so often. Thanks for your help! :)

ShiVa 4 years ago

@ Glambert, I said it to my parents. They didn't know what I meant, and at that age, I had no idea what I was saying either.

The world is not coming to an end. It's the end of an era. Earth and everyone on it, are ascending from existing in the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension. These changes have been happening for many many years. 2012 is the year all of this was happening for. We reach a stage of completion this year, which marks the begining of a golden age. Though, we may not realise it to be that initially, as there will be a wash of the old. You can't have a wash without destruction.

VanillaSin 4 years ago

@ShiVa. Yeah and that destruction is what actually stirred some really odd fearful feelings in me at this point.

ShiVa 4 years ago

@ Vanilla Sin Unfortunately, I don't think it's going to be pretty.

Unicorn 4 years ago

Shiva and Vanilla Sin,

what to be affraid of??Life is one stage or one side of what we know, death and destruction is part of it and fear is not normal.If humans did not affraid al the time, our past and our future would not be as we know.We created so many events because we feel the fear of so many unknowns, but that is imprinted in our minds trough what we know about this world, and that need to be changed.There is nothing to be affraid of - pain cannot last forever,everything has cicles, goes up and has to go down, everything has opposide side, so we can make a difference and as long as we carry that in our brain we will not make change on this planet, it has to be absolut faith in something bigger and stronger than what we see around.We should not dwell up on those questions.

rahn 4 years ago

I had a link to a download sent to me. Don't worry it didn't damage my computer. It seems to answer a few of the questions we've had and I wanted to share it with my friends in this hub. I hope everyone enjoys and gets some use out of it as I have.

Peace and Love

@ShiVa 4 years ago

I understand that. If I had told my parents that at such a young age, they would've thought it was just a childish fantasy.

This change sounds exciting! Do you know of any good webpages where I can read more about it? I didn't know much about it before now, so it'd be cool to do some more research on it. :)

Thank you!

Glambert 4 years ago

Sorry, that last post was from Glambert :)

unicorn 4 years ago


is it possible to get in touch with Master Tony, some things still do not have sense...why we have to go trough all these stages, and work on our spirit, why we are not created to be more spiritual instead have all these phisical journeys, and still we will get to the end of road and there is absolute nothing - blank point, what is the point if existance and any kind of form of life?What is one big nothing?Why we have to go trough all these changes to learn something and do the Creator has to make malufanction creatures and spirits just to keep those below?Still do not understand,I still do not get the point of reaching there - where is all?

rahn 4 years ago


I'm only about half way through the reading but from what I can understand is that we always have a purpose helping lower frequency consciousness in the ascension. As to why we aren't more spiritual in the first place, good question. I'll see if I can't find some contact info.

rahn 4 years ago

Pink Floyd lyrics "Is there anyone out there"

Glambert 4 years ago

Do you all find life hard? I am finding human life so hard. Recently I have just been wanting to go home, but I know it's not that easy :(

manny34 4 years ago

tonight I found myself crying...I just can't hold it...why? I dont't know...where is the answer? I feel I'm not from here, and I don't know why I'm here. continue living, going to work, fulfilling my goals but still have a feelling that something is wrong, that Im not from here and that I need to get somewhere else...I'm 38...since I was a little kid I remember myself thinking way far ahead from my age things that no kid thinks life and where we come from and where are we going after here...I need to talk to somebody about it who does not think I'm crazy or stressed

Ori 4 years ago

It has become really hard to hold on for me too. I miss my people so badly and cry everyday my heart out, longing for them. Apparently same goes for everyone. This mundane life doesn't make any sense anymore. I neglected so many earthly duties recently. I just don't care and have no interest for anything. My thoughts are all the time somewhere in the sky. All i can do is read many things as possible, search for answers and look for my origin. Sometimes i read, hear or see certain things and they trigger some of my past memory. Sometimes some things resonate just so, later i find out why it has resonated. Of course this method is pretty slow, need to read huge amount, but it is better than just sit and wait. I want to remember.

How long now, how long do we have to suffer?

Ori 4 years ago

Dear @Glambert,

You asked how i found out that i was different. I think all of us know it just within - of not belonging, of homesickness and of many other odd things/thoughts. As i was 2 or 3 i talked about UFOs.I didn't knew what i was talking either. And my childhood dream was to be an astronaut. At the age of 7 or 8 i was sure that i was from Orion and my real hair is greenish black and i have violet eyes. But all these were naturally not possible, or logically explainable, so i thought this was just a childish dream and forgot about it. As a teenager, everything was not easy at school too. Tried all the time just to fit in. I just hoped this feeling will vanish in the future, but nothing has changed. And i realised nothing will change too. But why did it take 26 long years to actually realise it consciously? I think it had a certain purpose. I read about indigos, crystals and rainbows, but always overlooked somehow the starseed part. Maybe it was not the right time and my Higher Self prevented me from discovering it. I think i couldn't have handled the longing. Because all my life i knew i have my people, my real family somewhere and missed them, but never knew where to search. As i first read this post and some comments, the realisation was "Of course, that must be it". So my every odd thoughts, dreams and longing were actually real. They were the past life memories.

And the initial shock was hard. I was aware of some kind of inner countdown that started in last October. After reading this post the first thing that came to my mind was "Cycle ends, so this is real. What will happen then? Pole shift?" That was the first thing that came to my mind. With this thought i kind of tuned to wrong channel, most likely to a past memory of the planet, and had a horrible feeling for some time. Needed some time to overcome it with positiviness.

eddie mccowan 4 years ago

those things exactly describe me i feel like i dont belong like nobody understands me i dont fit in with anyone its like im totally different maybe im not from this planet but at the same time im questioning it a lot of people try to put stuff in your head to make you think certain things or act a certain way but for my pschic ability im a clairsentient

Angel of Light 4 years ago

It' the Sun.

The Sun will cause it. It will begin soon.

Our Sun is not what we think it is.

Also: beware of the first ones after the official "first" contact. They will offer salvation, miracles, cure to all deceases, free energy.

But listen with your heart - not your brain. You brain can be deceived - your heart can't.

//Angel of Light

Ori 4 years ago

Do you read many informations that are available on the internet? What one can easily observe is there are still lots and lots of confusion going around. The people would read about ruling bloodlines, global elites, reptilian/negative alien agendas, New World Order, chemtrails, doomsday, big pharmas, Annunakis etc. Good examples are Prison Planet, Project Camelot and Exopolitics. They are posting the leaked informations from the whistleblowers, which is a good thing. But in some way they are lacking to present any solution to these situtations. All people would feel are anger, fear and frustration towards government/illuminatis/negative aliens. But it is also good to see that the lightworkers have started to spread the good news, love and light everywhere. The people are starting to see what's going on in the world little by little. We can help ourselves and others to see everything from a better perspective.

Yes, there are still many hidden agendas going on. We can use our heart and discern the truth. Everyone can do it, because we are all powerful Beings of Light. It is important not to fall into some hidden agenda.

Ori 4 years ago

@Angel of Light:

Can you please explain little bit about the sun? What will she cause?

rahn 4 years ago


I think she speaks about the Annunaki as they been referred to as sun gods by a lot of cultures and legends. Or maybe because of the completed cycle of our solar system, galaxy and universe. And yes there is also the Illuminati to consider as well. I'm with you Ori there is a lot of information and messages out there. But I think we can all agree to discern the truth with our hearts or intuition. I'm still leaning toward ascension. Worse case scenario I'm wrong but doing what's right in the process.

rahn 4 years ago

@Angel of light

I'm sorry. I meant to write above that I agree with both you and Ori as you both said to listen or discern with our hearts.

Glambert 4 years ago

Dear @Ori

I enjoyed reading of how you came to discover yourself. It's so fascinating how you realized this at such a young age, especially how you said you really have greenish black hair and violet eyes. Knowing that at the age of 7-8 is amazing! When I was younger, I didn't really have any signs of not being from earth. It's all hit me now.

Do you think this year, 2012, all ET people will become more aware of who they are? I've read about 2012 being some special kind of year, but i don't know enough to understand it.

Ori 4 years ago

Dear @Glambert,

as a kid you don't ask if something is true or not. You just believe in it. You hear or see something and it just resonates with you and you take it as a truth without questioning. As you grow older your logical mind begins to ask the validity of the fact. Of course thus contradicts every belief system that one is being taught, so mostly you end up ignoring or burying these facts deep inside you. I am collecting all my previous odd thoughts lately, and all of them begin to make sense. So basically everything could be possible whatever you ever imagined or dreamed. This is why i said it was a wonderful few weeks, because everyday i find about some amazing things. As i was an young teenager i read about dragons - that they are ET Beings. I instantly believed it. Now i read about other Starseeds that they have remembrance of being a dragon Being, some are even from another universe.

If you can collect everything that resonates with you, it may tell very well about your past lives. It is not very easy, because they are mostly otherwordly experiences - one couldn't find much resemblance/reminder from this life. This is why some people are very drawn to science fiction or fantasy books. Because it reminds them of their home/previous lives. If one is from, like Pleiades, then it may be unlikely that you perceive yourself as a different Being. Because most benevolent ETs are very similar to humans, even very beautiful and attractive. Our governments of course know it and they try to hide it with boosting Hollywood movies with evil aliens.

The channeled messages of late say that we will be restored to our full consciousness in some time in the future and will have the ability to recall our memories. This is the one thing that many are looking forward to.

Amie 4 years ago

I have always felt like I don't belong in this world.. always.

Every time I look at the stars I feel like I need to go 'home'. I get really down sometimes, being on this planet. It's not because of the usual day to day problems, its because I just don't belong. I see things and people very deeply, I have this great understanding of who people are. Colours seem more vivid, I'm very sensitive to people's energy, I feel like we are all 'one' yet I feel completey alone.

I also fit all 6 of the above, it describes me exactly.. A huge part of who I am is missing, I feel like I have some sort of purpose here but I don't no what that is, sometimes i feel like im looking for someone.. I don't know.

Glambert 4 years ago

Dear @Ori

Wow! Of course! Of course, children's fantasies etc may not be fantasies at all, but memories! I understand now that you have pointed that out. I will find some things I wrote and drew when I was younger, and study them. I have so many comics that I made when I was younger, even though I could hardly draw or write. I had an amazing imagination! It's so sad that as we grow up, our mind has to change :(

I hope that time comes soon. I have been dying to know more about who I really am.

Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it :)

VanillaSin 4 years ago

Why is it, that everyone on this website is looking for guidance? Either gods from the sun...or some organization....or some dream aliens who heal you every night-yeah cause they don't have anything better to do.

Why do we always have to take ourselves so serious? Maybe we are just different. It happens. Anomalies in nature are always there. Coming to think of it....why should we be so special as to receive superb treatment? Because we are a bit more aware of the stuff that's going on around us? Because we might even look different? No.

Guys, stop looking for some awesome gandalf who will lead you to something better.

The power to change your life into your interests is within you. Go work, make money and when you get home- occupy yourself with what you really want. Draw pictures of your past, remember other beautiful things but keep in mind that the past is the past. Even IF you remember parts of where you are from...what you are still here on this planet. Maybe even for the next 40-50 years or so. So deal with it. Find the strength inside of you. To make a difference that suits you. You don't like to talk to these brainless zombies-also referred to as humans? Well then don't.

If we are meant to lead something or help people in the end-it will happen..whether you try to discuss it now or will happen anyway and when the time is right you will know what you have to know in order to do the things you will have to do.

How about instead of complaining of how you suffer now-make memories that will last through your next life. Make everything around you a miracle-this is what earth is. A miracle. We should enjoy it while it lasts. Or do you-at some future state in your life- want to tell you grandchildren 'oh yeah, no it was pretty but i was too busy feeling sorry for myself'???(this is an exaggerated statement)

Get a grip and turn the bad things into the good ones. They might not be there much longer. The world as we know it might is at a verge and no one knows what it will be like in a few months...maybe a few cherish what you have now...cherish every day like it might be your last. Make the most of the now so you have stories to tell in the future. Eat healthy....cleanse your prepared but please don't ruin your days it better.

I'm not saying fit in-don't get me wrong- but make the most of what you personally want. Be yourself. Stop fitting in, in fact. Be selfish for you and your loved ones around you and just make on thing into a 'difference' for the day.

Also speaking of childhood. This song probably portraits perfectly what you guys think

Gotye-bronte (i would suggest watching the official video clip)

Unicorn 4 years ago

Angel of Light remind me of politicians - says one thing and then it should sound like something great but on the end just the way to control minds.So please stop confusing people and like Vanila Sin said - live a life.

ShiVa 4 years ago

Vanilla Sun, well said! I think we all need a reality check. If we're not happy, go out and seek out that happiness.

Glambert 4 years ago

I believe these lyrics fit Starseeds very well:

"We booked our flight these years ago, I said I loved you as I left you. Regrets still haunt my hollow head, but I promise you that I will see you again."

-The Mortician's daughter by Black Veil Brides.

rahn 4 years ago

Sorry I've been absent everyone. I've been juggling about a bit. Vanilla Sin makes a very valid point. Thank you for that VS. Ori, Amie, Glambert and ShiVa I love all of your post. I don't know if anyone checked out the link I posted a few weeks ago. Seems like the visits here slowed down a little bit. But I'm going to share it again. I not trying to shove it down everyone's throat but it seems to tie everything we are and have been talking about together. It's kind of lengthy but to me it was worth the read. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did or at least gets something out of it.

Peace and Love

Angel of Light 4 years ago

Remember to think with your hearts. Not with your brains.

//Angel of Light

Angel of Light 4 years ago


You project the darkness. Your brain deceives you. Follow your heart, not your brain.

Politicians are people, just like you and me. If you are to adopt the We are all One philosophy, then you must include the politicians in it as well.

Because you, I, them, good, bad, humans, aliens, Illuminati, Lightworkers, we are all One.

In the end, we must realize that we are from the same Source.

When you free yourself from the Duality (logical thinking of the 3D mind) and adopt Oneness (you think with your heart), you become One with everything.

You will then realize that there are no "us" and "them", it's all One.

You will then unlock what you've always been. A God.

//Angel of Light

VanillaSin 4 years ago

@the above

Fun fact. First I was writing a sarcastic answer. With the point to strike you Angel. Then I re-read your answer and a funny thing happened. I realized you are right. This is the first semi good statement I have read from you.

Yes, I agree with what you are stating there. But I don't agree with your point of view.

We are One. We are Energy. Build up of whatnot and we are all the same. Some are built differently but we have the same base(more or less)- the body. And then there is the energy of the core of our being- the soul. A different kind of energy and again, yes it is the same.

Realizing that we are One won't make me a God though. And this is also where you misunderstand most of us, a reflection of your poor people reading skills.

We all here know this. Knowing doesn't mean it makes you wiser. It means you start to feel ashamed of the people around you and maybe even of yourself. Because as you say, we are One. This means the people around you are you and the thing you despise the most. Either it means you have a deep self loathing for everything-yourself included or this means being one has gone to a level where single cells, like us here, alienate themselves among the One. A version of the One that has evolved. It happens. We are still all the same but the way I see it, 80% of this planet still has to evolve drastically before they can call themselves One.

And when I say I don't agree with your point of view I mean that I will not accept what you are saying as my belief because that would give me a reason to simply push things ahead in from to me. 'Oh today I am sad, who cares we are all one' 'I should fight against this feeling of not belong, oh wait we are One.' 'I don't like this view of this person-oh wait we are one I have to accept it'

No. If feeling alienated to this stupid species means I will never achieve your belief- good.

And just FYI, I am one of the most peaceful and positive people you would have ever met in your life(would because you never will). And I am following my heart.

That's it from my side I think.

P.S. No surprise that you actually believe you are a God.

Angel of Light 4 years ago

Dear Vanilla Sin,

A lot of negativity coming from your post. You contradict yourself.

And on top of this: There is a difference between an Enlightened Being and an Enlightened Ego, Vanilla Sin. I hope you will see it soon.

I will leave you now to find your way back to the Light. I and will not address you anymore.


//Angel of Light

rahn 4 years ago

Working on balancing my chakras. Anyone who has had personal experience with this I'm open to all the guidance that can be offered.

Peace and Love

Guy 4 years ago

Please explain to me if its just you people who feel like that..or if your family feels the same as you do?

alex 4 years ago

well this is quite interesting. i do belive that it could be true becuase this describes me quite well and my friend believes this is what i am.

Tri 4 years ago

VanillaSin... Angel of light... where have you gone??

Lolipop 4 years ago

I Do not like Earth . Because All Human like is Sex and Money . They r such greedy People . And there are Wars and Fights i want peace just peace . I feel like i do not know where i am . My Parent Don't believe in magic stuff like us . i feel like they are not my real Parent . My dad likes Money and i was like WE DON'T NEED MONEY THERE R TONS OF IT WE JUST NEED PEACE AND LOVE I FEEL SO LOST .

Why Am i Why Am I ? And My Parent all they do is have sex every night unbelieveable

VanillaSin 4 years ago

I'm here Tri (:

Arcturian_Vibration 4 years ago

Humanity must first see the darkness so as to be able to find the light. Humanity must realize by it's own self and not by force or dogma. You can take the horse to the water but only he can make the decision to drink. When the decision is his own it is sincere and he will see the true light.

When there is no light we can see the faintest of lights, That light is the purest untainted connection between us and The Creator. A connection that is untainted by religion, cults, leaders or any other beings.

We have been asked to build the legacy that will serve as a guiding light, and we have accepted prior to entering this vibration! At times we will be helped and there will be a strong connection to our guardians and guides but for most we must help ourselves on this path. We must teach others first through our own actions and then we they ask, we'll teach them.

This is by no means going to be an easy task. We will be guided onto our path through hard, difficult and trying times. We will be put through our paces and trialed and tested in the hashes ways. Do not see this as hardship but learn through it for it is a means to master our path.

Find the inner love and we will be healed from the evil nature of this world. Submerge ourselves in this inner love and we will find Divine Love, and by finding it we will find our purpose and how to fulfill it.

Our Elders speak, "Never forgot you are not alone, although you may not see as us, we are here with you, we bleed with you and cry with you, this is no easy task, through your trails remember one thing, we are here, we have never left your side although at times it seems so, you are here to teach and guide humanity, not to judge any of them and their ways, don't judge them show them the way. remember you are children of love and light!!!"

Tri 4 years ago

Good to see that you are still around VanillaSin (-;

VanillaSin 4 years ago

Hello guys. Just wanted to share a really nice link with you. It's basically streaming the sound of rain and thunder and I personally find it very calming. It's nice to relax or to get in touch with earth(:

Tri 4 years ago

Wow... thanks for that VanillaSin am listening to it now and yeh sounds quite relaxing and in a strange way cosy (-; Someone I knew loved the rain sound as well as the rain drops and she also suffered from constant headaches...

StarChild666 4 years ago

wont we learn this is the punishment for what whe have done back home ? , like a hell of some sort ... we are trapt here for 100 yrs then we return ...

Agent Six 4 years ago

Hi there people. Been lurking for a while here. Want to share my thoughts.

Something doesn't feel right... There is something fishy... Something is not adding up.

Well, I have been following a lot of channeled talks lately (Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command, etc.) They all talk of Mass Arrests, Disclosure, Golden Age, etc. All of it seem to come down pretty soon.

I keep wondering.. Are we humans/starpeople THAT powerless that we need the White Hats/Good ET's to come and rescue our butts?

Basically, every Channeler right now says that White Hats will take down the Illuminati, mass arrest the Bad Guys (remember the Mass CEO Resignations, it can be a cue...), bring on the Disclosure, restore the planet's environment, cure cancer, end wars, introduce free energy, introduce new monetary system, bring new technology, tell us about the humanity's real history (Lemuria, Atlantis, etc) and so on. And then the enlightened people of Earth will live Happily Ever After. The 2012 Mayan prophecy will be fulfilled. Yay.

Moreover, no one will ever question the turn of events, since the humans will get free energy, the cure for cancer, etc. Humanity will be upgraded, we will be telepathic, get super natural 5D abilities, etc. It will be a real heaven on Earth.

But you see, something doesn't feel right...

It's almost like everyone (David Wilcock, Blossom Goodchild, etc) is on the same bandwagon. It's almost everyone is channeling the same thing, singing the same song. It's almost like if you disagree with this stuff, you're suddenly labeled a Disinfo Agent.

I'm thinking... Isn't 2012 all about the empowerment and Ascension? Your OWN and PERSONAL Ascension? So why will we be needing to rely the Oh So Mighty Good ET's who will save us - if we will have the power to save us by ourselves? If we have the power to change everything?

Don't get me wrong. I like the ET's. As far as I know, I'm an ET myself. But I don't like the feeling of disempowerment. And if someone will descend from Heavens so to speak and offer us the solutions to save the world - well it pretty much leaves them to make the calls, right? EVEN if all of humans ascend to 5D. remember, the ET's might be far more advanced - maybe 7D or 23D.

What if... what if it's a takeover? A friendly, peaceful... but a takeover?

First, they cure cancer (that they might have co-created to begin with).

Then, they arrest the Illuminati, give us free energy, free food, stop pollution, etc.

An Utopian society...

But what's the catch? There is always a catch, even on higher levels.

But by that time, none of us will ever think of questioning their motives, because we will be thrilled with our newly gained 5D powers, the cure for cancer and wars, etc. Yay. Everyone will be happy.

But underneath... like a splinter... something doesn't add up.

There is more to this unfolding scenario. Much more.

I have a strong feeling about it. I can't stop thinking about it.

What do you feel, dear people?

VanillaSin 4 years ago

Still pondering on your post Agent Six. (just so you don't think you are ignored)

Agent Six 4 years ago

Thank you, VanillaSin. Looking forward to hear your thoughts on the topic.

Adam 4 years ago

For everyone that is wondering adam is my human name i don`t know what my alien name is but for some unknown reason ihave had a huge interest into proxima centauri and astrophysics

VanillaSin 4 years ago

I think I find your post so interesting because you are making a point of our own power. We don't need some force from outside to push us into free will and heaven on know why? We could have it now.

All these lullabies? Heaven on earth at the end of 2012...some big changes....who knows where they come from...whether they are man made or not. Will we get saved in the end by other entities or not...can we achieve better?

Truth is: if only enough people felt the way we do here we could change. Right now. From one day to the other.

In all honesty we probably don't need anyone else to save us and most likely no one will come and save our butts. Why should they anyway. Just because 1% of the worlds population feels wrong? That's like a needle in a haystack. No 99% feel right. people with money feel good. Why shouldn't they. They have material around them, people who enslave themselves to please them...and the middle people(us) are living ok-ish. Some better than others but we are given goals to strive for. Starving people...dying people in 3rd world countries are too far away for us to care. But at the same time they advertise on TV and surround us with it to let us know we have it better. It's all a circle. And 99% of people on this planet are OK with this circle.

I just don't think we are so interesting for other species. My mum found a great example of this somewhere on the net.

Imagine ants. You see them in the woods, you know they have their little dirt hill in which they create a 'home' and whenever you are in the woods you might look at them or walk past but why or how would you ever explain to them 'hey if you did it this way it would be better' there is no interest from our side and no interest from their side. we just co exist.

Why should it be different with other things out there? with us humans? What because we have a conscious? Because we can identify ourselves in the mirror? Because we cry when we see evil? Or we evoke sympathy in others from our species? because we ask ourselves where we come from? Meh.

All is relative. We aren't that appealing I'd say. And we should stop taking ourselves so goddamn serious for once.

But that is so typical. As someone who doesn't consider themselves 'part of society' we are still trapped. Trapped with the knowledge that it could be better.

I'm sorry if this post is depressing. I know loads of you probably don't need this cynical look on things. You probably struggle enough with what you seek to find but the will end up living this life. Whether we are here on accident or as Et's, pirates or haunted souls.

It doesn't make much difference. Not to anyone but yourself.

(Sorry if I drifted off there a bit Agent Six, but this is the part I was relating to.)

Agent Six 4 years ago

VanillaSin, you have some very very valid points!


It seems right now that the entire New Age community is waiting for some Galactic Federation of Light/Archangels/Pleiadians/etc. to come and interfere with our human lives, free us from our misery and serve us the Golden Age og a silver platter. The odd part is that they all (channelers like Blossom Goodchild, Drunvalo Melchizedek, David Wilcock and other "celebrities" of the New Age community) are on the exact same bandwagon. If you even dare to question the "trend", you are labeled a Disinfo Agent.

But are we humans REALLY that powerless so we will now wait for some Outside Source to save us? Isn't 2012 about US BECOMING EMPOWERED - without any outside influences?

I think that we already have all that knowledge and all those components. And we always had.

What are we waiting for?

Sirius 4 years ago

Hello again, it has been ages since I posted on here, but I have question. Has anyone ever heard about the reincarnation of Mari and the uniting with Alberich/Andvari? I would just care to know, because I feel like it has a play in the whole 21st of December. Also, my friend who saw this back in 2005, before I met her said it was about me.

Adam 4 years ago

Once i had a dream when i was 4 years old and it was about someone that looked exactly like me ran away from home and then i came around the corner and was mistaken to be him and for some unknown reason that dream has been haunting me for the past 6 months what does it even mean?

Adam 4 years ago

Anyone that sees this post please give an opinion on if you think it may work or not and if you see a scientific error please post the error i`m going to be checking everyday and i don`t care about spelling errors.

I believe a nuclear reaction may be able to take us at light speed because when you think about it stars use nuclear reactions to shine light so pretty much copier a star would might work except we wont shine like a star does.

Dear Adam... 4 years ago

What do you mean by scientific error? please elaborate further if you can...

Adam 4 years ago

I wish i could take that part of it out at the moment.

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