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courtesy of pixxiestails


What is a steam cleaner? Back in history it was invented to remove lipstick stains from wine glasses. Italy claims to be the ones that invented it. Now, in present times, steam cleaners are updated and very powerful in cleaning and disinfecting. Here is a look of some types of cleaners and how things work.

How They Work:

A steam cleaner works by heating up water and the water will create steam because the water reaches the boiling point. This increases the water’s volume by 1,600 times. So, pressure is built up inside the machine.

There is a small pinhole in the nozzle to let the steam escape. When it hits a surface, the molecules from the vapors will penetrate the pores of the surface. This makes the pores expand and dirt, detergents, grease, and bacteria are forced out.

It will destroy and kill fleas and their eggs, molds, dust mites and more. The steam will deodorize and sanitize also.

Here are some types of steam cleaners and what they are used for:

Vapor Steam Cleaners

A vapor steam cleaner consists of smaller and hotter droplets than regular steam. They are better at cleaning, as they are more thorough. With the steam being smaller, the vapors can get into crevices and cracks and get into areas that regular steam cleaners can’t.

It can reach into multi layers instead of just the top layer. It reaches up to 260 degrees Fahrenheit and the steam ejects at 60 PSI.

The steam is 95% dry and leaves hardly any moisture. A rug or carpet will not remain damp after cleaning it because there is only 5% moisture in the steam.

With a vapor cleaner it can kill dust mites, molds, germs, spores, and even some bacteria along with removing stubborn stains and dirt. A disinfectant and cleaner all rolled into one. No chemicals are used at all and are environmentally friendly. If a person had allergies or Asthma this would help them in trying to clean without a reaction.

Hospitals, places of business, and restaurants are now using vapor steam cleaners because of its advantages.

Stained Carpet

courtesy of cityofroundrock
courtesy of cityofroundrock

Carpet and Canister Steam Cleaners

A carpet has to be cleaned to remove the stains and remove the dirt. You also want the carpet to be disinfected. There are a lot of companies that you can hire to get all your carpets cleaned at once in one day. By yourself, could take days.

A Canister or Carpet cleaner looks much like a standard vacuum cleaner and typically hold a small amount of water. If you choose to clean your carpets yourself, the carpet may not be penetrated enough to clean 100% deep down. Usually the top layer will be cleaned and sterilized and a spot remover can also be used for touch ups.

Here is how to choose the correct company to clean your carpets. See how long they have been in business and check with friends and family who they have used and any complaints.

Make sure they guarantee their work, check to see if they belong to any organization or association, and are the employees themselves licensed and certified to use all the equipment.

Does the company have insurance to cover accidents? For example your white carpet becomes red and needs to be replaced or they break your vase by accident. Talk to them to see why they are better than other companies. Get everything in writing before hiring a company.

Hard Floor Steamers

Most of the time to clean a hard floor a mop and bucket is used. But, now in modern times people are using floor steam cleaners. The machines look like a mini vacuum cleaner because it’s upright and has a canister. The machine’s cleaning heads are smaller than ones designed for carpet.

Floor steam cleaners work their best on ceramic tiles, sealed hard woods, and linoleum. There are no harsh chemicals to use and soap doesn’t need to be used. The cleaners can remove scuffmarks, stains on a lot of hard surfaces, and dirt.

Some steam cleaners have a removable, washable cotton cleaning cloth. This means just throw it in the washer and you can keep reusing it, which saves money. Some will give you an option of disposable ones.

The cleaner is very environmentally friendly as no chemicals are used. Also, with reaching high temperatures bacteria and germs are killed. This helps with children crawling around on the floor as a baby putting things in their mouths. No worry about chemicals and the floor is being sterilized.

Pricing and Shopping

If you want to buy a steam cleaner shopping online is a great way to find exactly what you want. Read carefully the features of the cleaner and what it will exactly do and the type of surface it will clean. An average price could be $50 for a small size up to $3,00 for bigger sizes.

Even try building supply stores so you can touch and feel them and sometimes get a demonstration of how to use one.

You can rent a steam cleaner almost anywhere. A lot of grocery stores will rent them from $25 on up for using it for a day.

Top Reasons For Using A Steam Cleaner:

The main reason steam cleaners are used is no chemicals are used. This means safe for humans and the pets. Bacteria are killed and the surfaces are sterilized along with allergens so a home has clean breathing. Money is put back into your pocket as supplies will cost way less.

With all the modern technology for so many cleaners it can get overwhelming. Just read everything carefully and see if you can handle the weight of cleaner and can you, yourself, do the job.

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Gruene Steam profile image

Gruene Steam 5 years ago from Austin, TX

Great Hub listing the many benefits of utilizing steam cleaning as an environmentally friendly floor cleaner. Using the power of just hot water, steam cleaners have certainly come a long way in use and function. Being able to clean a multitude of surfaces and items in a house makes it an invaluable tool!

jrcemail profile image

jrcemail 5 years ago Author

There are a lot of chemical cleaners out there and they're not healthy to be around!

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