The 5 Most Popular storage jar Brands

We all have them in some shape or form in our kitchen and probably most of us don't give them a second thought. Storage jars are an essential for the modern day kitchen and when selecting a glass storage jar you have a few choices from which manufacturer you are going to buy them from. Below is a list of the top five storage jar manufactures as taken from amazon.

Anchor Hocking

Founded in 1905, Anchor Hocking is a leading manufacturer of a comprehensive line of glass products including beverageware, servingware, ovenware, storageware and other glass products. Anchor Hocking is the second largest supplier of glassware in the United States. Its glassware products cross all price points through the retail market.

Anchor Hocking manufactures mostly all of its products at the company’s facilities in the United States and markets its products internationally.


Libbey has its roots in East Cambridge, Massachusetts, home of the New England Glass Company which was founded in 1818. William L. Libbey took over the company in 1878 and renamed it the New England Glass Works. After moving the company to Toledo, Ohio in 1888 the name changed to the Libbey Glass Company in 1892.

The glass making process was much different than it is today. Following WWII, Libbey discontinued the production of handmade glassware and began to concentrate on the automatic high volume techniques that would help Libbey become America's most recognizable name in glassware.

Libbey has fulfilled its promise to provide the largest selection of tabletop products for foodservice and consumer markets, purchasing Syracuse China in 1995, World Tableware in 1997, Traex and Royal Leerdam in 2002, Crisal in 2005, and Crisa in 2006.

Libbey acquired from Vitro its 51 percent of Vitrocrisa holdings of Crisa, bringing Libbey's ownership of Crisa to 100 percent. Based in Monterrey, Mexico, the acquisition of Crisa positions Libbey as the world's second largest glassmaker.

Bormioli Rocco

At the beginning of the XIXth century, in 1825, the first Bormioli Rocco glassware laboratory was built in Parma. Since 1825, Bormioli Rocco has had the ability of uniting the ancient wisdom and passion of master glassmakers to modern industrial processes, the Group, with 9 plants, 3 decorating ateliers and 11 stores is today one of the main actors, not only on the Italian, but also the international market where it represents Made in Italy.

The Bormioli Rocco Group operates in over 100 countries, with around 3,000 employees, and is the only Italian multinational reality, divided into 5 divisions: the Homes Division, positions the Bormioli Rocco trademark as a major player in large consumption household glass


Snapware was established in 1994, beginning with just one product line—the Airtight Canister. Made from PET plastic, the blow moulded food storage containers featured an easy-to-open flip-top lid and silicone gasket which created the airtight closure.

The simplicity and unique utility of the canister would become a hallmark of the Snapware brand and provide a glimpse of what was to come.

Committed to providing its customers with high quality and innovative designs, Snapware specializes in storage and organization solutions for the home. The company's storage brands include Snap 'N Stack, Smart Store, Airtight, GlassLock and Airtight Canisters


Is a family owned company, was founded in 1944 in Copenhagen, Denmark by Peter Bodum. The founder succeeded in positioning BODUM internationally already in the 1960’s owing to his unique concept: development of products, which consistently pay tribute to functionality, quality and affordability.

Today BODUM offers its customers everything from the latest coffee and tea making products to tabletops, kitchen, storage products.

In 2003, the Swedish Ordning & Reda became a part of BODUM Group. Ordning & Reda have franchise shops in 15 countries and their shop-in-shops in the BODUM.

The BODUM Group is a 100% family-owned business. Today, it is owned by Pia Bodum and Jørgen Bodum, daughter and son of the founder Peter Bodum.

Glass Manufacturing Process


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