Home Storage Ideas

Home Storage Ideas

Turn another page this year with these new ideas for better storage. Whether you're remodeling your kitchen or simply trying to improve your storage space at home. These tips will help you get everything in order.

1. Maximize the maximum storage space in your wardrobe.

Install double rods, hang shoes in the closet door, use shallow chests under the bed to store clothing that you are not using in the season.

2. Nooks and crannies can be transformed into good storage space with the help of baskets.

There are on the market baskets and boxes of all sizes and formats. You are sure to find a solution that can install in that corner of difficult access. Always opt for modular solutions that can be reused and used in different locations.

3. Transform old furniture into storage solutions with style.

An old cabinet may be the perfect solution for storing your towels and sheets. A cart with shelves can be used in various ways in your kitchen. Decorative pots and jars make great containers to store things in your bathroom.

4. Looking to invest in new kitchen cabinets?

Choose cabinets with deep and wide drawers to store pots and pans. Make storage much easier. Consider creating a drawer for spices and a cabinet with dividers that allow you to store, boxes, packages and containers of various sizes.

Make sure this works in a practical and simple way. Always consider the details. A spice drawer is great but can be even better if the base of the drawer is uneven so that all the jars have small-angle view that allow the contents of each to be shown.

5. Consider buying storage modules for your wardrobe and large closets.

You can buy storage modules specific to most items that are kept in cupboards. These modules can be installed in almost all the cabinets and closets.

6. Unleash your imagination.

If the aim is to save, then why not transform objects you have around you in unique storage and creative solutions. Try painting some empty paint cans of the color of your wall and mount them near the door with the back facing the wall, to serve as storage for gloves, scarves and stoles. This idea can be adapted and used abroad for storing garden tools, can be used in your kitchen to store wine bottles, etc...

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