Swimming Pool pH Levels

Swimming Pool pH Levels

The swimming pool pH levels are the key to ensure its cleanliness and safety in addition it contributes to the effectiveness of chlorine. There are several environmental factors that may affect the swimming pool pH levels, so you must know how to ensure its normal level.

pH Kit. Keep at home a kit to check the pH levels - the more traditional kits are composed of strips of litmus paper that containing an organic dye, that changes color when in contact with water, indicating the pH level of the pool. There are other devices already on the market to measure the pH level of the pool, including electronics.

Twice a week. Should check the pH level of the pool at least twice a week. In times of heavy use, can increase the number of checks to ensure a stable pH and a pool always clean.

What is the normal pH level? In chemical terms, it is preferable that the pool water is more basic than acidic, and that means keeping the pH levels above 7 and below 8. Although the pH levels that fall between the 7.2 and the 7.6 is good, the ideal indicator lies between 7.4 and 7.5.

Check and adjust. Control levels of pH is relatively easy and quickly, it becomes a habit of maintaining the pool. However, as important as controlling the pH levels is to hit them where necessary and immediately.

Lower or raise? To ensure the normal pH level, you may need to lower or raise this indicator. Acids and bases neutralize each other, so if the pH level is high, you need to add an acid if the pH level is low, you need to add a base.

Restore the pH level. Once you know whether you need to add an acid or base to the pool water to restore the pH level, it remains to do so. You must use a bit of the respective chemical at a time until you get used to the amount that your pool needs to return to normal pH.

How to do it? Before adding the necessary chemical to the pool, turn on the filter system to keep the water circulating, preventing the chemical to concentrate in one area of the pool. Wear gloves and put some goggles. The best way to add the chemical to the pool water is to do it in the area of greatest depth. Enter the chemical in small amounts in the water, wait about an hour and retest the pH level. If you have to add some more chemicals make it, coming back to test the level of pH after 60 minutes. Repeat this process until the pH level returns to normal. With practice, you will not have to repeat this process more than once or twice.

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