Swimming Pool Types

Swimming Pool Types

If you are considering equipping your house with a pool, surely you ever wondered what the options are and which one is best for you. Each case is unique, and what determines your final choice is a combination of factors, including the typology of the area, size, number of people who will use, but above all... the price you are willing to spend.

Each of the different swimming pool types have advantages and disadvantages. Thus, the first step is to define exactly what you want:

  • Size: start by thinking about the number of people who will use the pool. Do not just take into account the current membership of your household, because there will be a good chance of it growing: more children, which in turn will grow and want to bring friends, girlfriends after they become wives and turn... grandchildren. Also, think also in your relatives and friends who know that evil has a pool, will visit more often. One of the worst things you can do is to build a pool that is too small, therefore increasing its size in the future will be virtually impossible.
  • Available area: defined the area you want, you need to know if you have space for it. Will have to add one meter to the perimeter of the pool to get a sense of space that will be needed. Is that space there in your yard or garden? And what conditions or limitations of the land? In principle, these questions should not pose major problems, but it's helpful to think of them and make sure that early in the process.
  • Budget: how you will see, each type of pool entails different costs of construction, although the maintenance of each one of them has significant differences. However, be sure to have a pool also includes other components and accessories that not only the structure itself: pump, motor, filter, any heating system, and above all the additional accessories (such as ladders, slides, systems lighting, etc.). All this will add a few thousand dollars to the cost of construction. Remember also that the actual value of the basic equipment (pump, filter and engine) depends on the size of the pool.

Being aware of these variables, examining each one, then we can go to different types of pool are at your disposal:

Concrete Swimming Pools

Among the in ground swimming pools, these are the most common, though also more expensive. Are built, as the name indicates, using concrete, after being coated with a more waterproof material such as plaster or tile. The big advantage they have is that they are fully customizable and fits into all types of terrain, taking the shape and size you want: as long as your area allows, your imagination is the limit - and of course your budget.

The durability of this material is also superior to the other, and their repair is more accessible. The big drawback is the price. On the other hand, if you keep the plans simple, will probably be the best option.

Steel panels or Resin Swimming Pools

This structure makes use of strategically placed panels which form the "shell" which will put the liner, working as a coating. These panels can be made of steel or resin, and the characteristics of this building process mean that the costs are much lower than the previous option. Not as durable as concrete, is still a longevity more than acceptable.

In the first case, the steel, it is the cheapest solution, and also being more flexible, allowing greater freedom in relation to the final shape of the pool. On the other hand, are also more vulnerable to corrosion, requiring increased maintenance care, particularly with regard to leaks to the ground. A solution to this problem is the alternative to aluminum, more expensive but more durable. Still, it is less malleable, does not allow the same flexibility than steel.

Resin panels solve the problem of corrosion, and even having a higher value and the same problem of malleability than aluminum, remain a preferred option in this genre, since its durability is considerably larger.

Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Are those that take less time to install and also the cheapest. However, the same reason that it offers these advantages is also the great disadvantage: they are prefabricated modules, so your choice is limited to the existing supply. In other words, you can choose any format you wish... provided that the supplier has in the catalog. Compared with those types that concrete and the panels allow, despite the diversity that actually exists in such pools, eventually realize that this is a limitation that may be uncomfortable, especially if you had something in mind.

The fiberglass swimming pools are prefabricated liners: it is only necessary to create and prepare the hole and install it. You can have your pool ready to fill in a space less than a week!

Above Ground Swimming Pools

A trouble caused by the construction of a swimming pool is the excavation that it implies. However ... do not have to be!

An alternative and more practical are the pools located directly on the surface, without necessarily resorting to complex and difficult works. These pools can be of various kinds, including the aforementioned panels or fiberglass.

Another alternative, perhaps more common, is the pools on canvas. Not as attractive (or durable) as the other, on the other hand are much simpler to install - can do it yourself - and much cheaper. Moreover, they are also portable, being an investment that will accompany if you move house.

In fact, all the pools surface are removable, not having to necessarily be left behind with the house. The complexity of the structure and drafting of the deck that will define how far is that it is a task you can perform it alone, or must resort to professional assistance.

Being a niche market booming, there is already a great variety on offer, from simple and basic models, others to give new life to your yard, competing in beauty and added value with the pools sunk into the ground.

The ideal choice

As surely realized, any of these types of pool offers advantages and disadvantages, and the specifics of your project, desires and budget that will define what will be best for you.

Knowing exactly what you want, it remains for you to find the ideal supplier for the specific service you want. There are several companies that specialize in pool construction that will certainly do the job you chose, but there are also some houses that specialize in specific types of pools that have been described. Compare budgets and materials... and get to work!

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ldparker10 profile image

ldparker10 6 years ago

useful hub! i would love to have a pool in my garden- its one of my life aims haha!

Kenny Montgomery 6 years ago

One option to think about when considering a pool is an above ground pool. They can be set up and taken down when you move, meaning no new investment of another in ground pool, and can have the same accessories as an in ground pool - such as a heater, slides, and ladders. Above ground pools are available in smaller sizes than you might have as an option if you're building your own pool as well. Nice hub!

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