Swimming Pool Equipment

Swimming Pool Equipment

Once the decision to install a swimming pool at home is made, we must consider the choice of additional equipment to complement the new pool. There are several options to make your swimming pool more attractive and entertaining.

Equipment for swimming pools: what is the best choice?

Although they may be added later, the choice of extra equipment or accessories for a swimming pool should be considered during the construction or installation of it, since it is more financially advantageous. The choice of the best equipment for pools must always take into account: the main objective of the pool (will be used exclusively by the family or want to invite other people to enjoy it?), The use it will have. The connection the pool with the rest of the house (aesthetic concerns and decoration) and if there are children, elderly or pets at home.

From theory to practice

To better understand how to choose good equipment for your swimming pool, reflect on the following examples: if the pool is for exclusive use of a couple, for example, might not need to install a board; if the pool will not get much use, either by family as by your friends, you might want to consider the inclusion of some extra equipment such as shower or chairs; if the pool area reflects the style of the house decoration, then it may make sense to install a waterfall or other decorative element; if you have children at home, installing equipment like a slide or a security guard make sense either. In choosing the best equipment for your pool, it is important to analyze your specific case, not to mention the budget outlined for the construction/installation of the swimming pool at home.

Most popular swimming pools equipment

  • Stairs: The stairs are an indispensable equipment for the pools, since they are necessary to assist those who enter and exit. In terms of choice, may opt for stairs built into the very structure of the pool - this should be outlined at the planning stage, ie before the construction of it - either by traditional ladders in stainless steel. If the pool is too long, might consider placing a ladder at both ends.
  • Lighting: while it may be optional, the lighting is practically a mandatory equipment in a pool, because nobody wants to see a swimming pool in the dark on a beautiful summer evening, besides the security issues that entails. Between indoors and outdoors, there are various types of lighting for pools - ideal to discover yours.
  • Protective barriers: the barriers are a protective safety equipment for swimming pools, ideal for defining this space, especially if you have children, the elderly or pets at home.

  • Board: While the fashion plates pool has already been more popular, the truth is that the limited space that people have to put a pool in their garden, may compromise the installation of a board. However, it remains an equipment pool for fun, so if you consider installing a plank in your pool, be aware that it is necessary that the pool has depth and enough water. In order to install a small board, for example, requires a swimming pool at least 8.5 meters long, 4.6 meters wide and 2.3 meters deep.
  • Slide: a slide is another fun swimming pool equipment, but one that requires a lot of deck space if you do not have much space, but want to install a pool slide, choose the curved models. In terms of security, know that the higher the slide, the deeper must be the pool.
  • Swimming Pool Cover: coverage is a good extra equipment for the swimming pools because, in addition to protecting against all kinds of garbage and inclement weather, coverage is still a great pool security system.
  • Heating System: not always obey the time from our willingness to take a dip in the pool, but may opt for a water heating system, you can enjoy your pool longer and whenever you want. A pool equipment in which it is worth investing.
  • Automatic cleaner: this pool equipment resembles a small robot that is cleaning the pool, turning downtime into fun time. There are several types of automatic vacuum cleaners, while some merely aspire the bottom of the pool, others clean the walls and even up to the line of swimming pool water.
  • Shower: Install a shower beside the pool is a handy device that allows people in and out of water, a quick and practical shower is required.
  • Jacuzzi: if you want to turn the pool area into a true oasis of well-being, then the addition of luxury equipment, like a jacuzzi, an idea that is not to be overlooked.
  • Decorative elements: it is for those who want to transform their pool on a real haven serving equipment such as fountains, waterfalls or stones - decorative elements that enhance the environment of the pool, making it more sophisticated and a capital gain for the whole house .

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