Update Your Drab Powder Room to the Ultimate Modern Boudoir

Rather than taking many steps back and vouching to remodel a bathroom with a more traditional design, many homeowners are making upgrades to their boudoir for a more modern take on the average space. From mirrors, bathroom vanities, sinks and even toilets, bathroom designers and manufacturers are getting their creative juices flowing to devise new looks on everyday and ordinary items.

Modern bathroom lighting is taking the form of wall sconces and hanging lights that boast multiple light bulbs. These fixtures are simplistic and dimmer switches help to regulate how much lighting can be applied to the space.

Modern bathroom sinks are also becoming more popular and are available is all sorts of shapes, colors and styles. Designer sinks are boasting interesting shapes that resemble square boxes, deep bowls and even flowers. Vigo Industries sinks are a popular choice for the modernist and play on free flowing water into beautifully hued sinks. Even something as little as a bathroom sink is taking on a new form to simulate a minimalist and sleek design. Chrome and sterling silver is a choice that is all the rage and easily blends in with many other colors and designs.


Modern bathroom vanities are usually the first purchase a person will make when it comes to deciding what the rest of the bathroom will look like. A bathroom vanity is a great tool to feed off of if you're not sure what direction you want to take with the rest of the space. As simple as some modern bathroom vanities can appear to be, they are also very inspiring when it comes to building a new design aesthetic.

The designers of modern bathroom vanities are thinking of innovative ways to hide plumbing and bring the focus on the sink itself. Take for instance, the Contemporary Stone Single Bathroom Vanity offered by TradeWindsImports.com. The vanity is crafted from travertine and sandstone and adds a unique appeal to the bathroom. The sink is nearly bowl shaped and the lips of the sink fan out on both sides of the rectangular shape. The sink rests above a neo-modern platform that resembles a concave moon shape. The piping is nowhere to be seen and provides an interesting solution to an ordinarily designed powder room. If you can't decide on a specific design for your modern bathroom vanity, peruse a few online retailers that specialize in modern bathrooms and you'll surely find a design that fits your needs.

Is this a toilet, or a set piece from a Stanley Kubrick movie?
Is this a toilet, or a set piece from a Stanley Kubrick movie?


The next addition to a modern bathroom is the toilet. One thing to remember when looking into the purchase of a modern toilet is the term "high efficiency." These products are made my companies that are committed to the performance of the toilet and also look into environmental sustainability. Installing these high efficiency toilets can save over 24,000 gallons of water per year and will deeply affect your water bill—but only in a positive way. High efficiency toilets should be certified to meet the high environmental standards of a sustainable program. Other modern takes on the toilet are offering an automatic lid closure after use.

Shower heads are also another addition you can make for the ultimate modern bathroom. Chrome rain shower heads are a popular choice and feel like you are bathing under multiple penetrating shower heads. If you aren't a fan of the rain shower, other modern shower heads offer many functions and features.

Defining a modern bathroom takes hard work and lots of time to get it to the utmost of potential. Figure out what you want most out of the bathroom and work from there. Special features can come later once your aesthetic is established.

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Frank L. Wright 5 years ago from San Diego

Nice Hub on bathroom furniture and vanities. GJ!

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