Tips for Buying a Drafting Chair

Drafting chairs have a variety of purposes. They are often used in the fields of architecture, retail, server rooms and more. These chairs are available in a number of sizes and styles so you are never lacking in terms of options. Although the basic use of a drafting style chair is for use at a drafting table, you also see them used by people on computers and for any other task that requires a seat with an adjustable height to get comfortable.

There are a few things to remember when buying a drafting chair. It is important to choose your chair wisely to ensure the proper fit and also ensure your money is spent wisely.

Drafting chairs are all about ergonomics. They are supposed to be comfortable and supporting on the neck and back. That does not mean you should just assume every chair is an ergonomic drafting chair, because that is not the case. Often, the word ergonomic is used too freely in marking today.  Always take time to learn more about a chair before deciding whether or not to buy it.

The most important feature to look for when shopping is the length of the backrest. The longer and larger the backrest, the more comfortable the chair will be. Especially if you are a larger person or otherwise have a larger sized torso, you need an adequately sized chair. Your chair should offer ample room for the girth of your body to ensure you are most comfortable and not squeezing into your chair.

Also, take the height span of the chair into consideration. Obviously the taller you are the higher up the chair needs to be. If you already have a desk you plan to use the chair with, ensure the chair allows you to sit comfortably at the height of the desk. There should be room in between your knees and the bottom of the desk so your legs are not crunched in between.

An adjustable drafting chair is always the best option. This allows you to adjust your chair up and down as you please, which is especially ideal if you plan to use your chair at different seating areas. A drafting chair stool is another option although there is no back and therefore much less comfort offered by this type of drafting chair. These can work in tight office situations where there is not an abundance of extra space.

Cushioning is another important feature on drafting chairs. You want to have adequate cushioning not only on the back area of your chair but also the seat area. When you sit down it should not feel like hard metal because this will become uncomfortable and even painful after sitting for a long period of time.

There are additional features you can look for such as recline and tilt. Some drafting chairs actually have a tilt feature so you can tilt it back and recline to an angle you are more comfortable on. These chairs do tend to be more costly as well but if you know you will be working in this chair for extended periods of time it will certainly be worth it. Your goal should be to find a chair that is comfortable and yet still fits in your budget.

Finally, you can decide on all the extras, like colors and particular name brands you may find yourself interested in. From green and blue to brown and hot pink there are drafting chairs available in pretty much every color imaginable. Personalize it however you want and the most important thing is that you now have a proper drafting chair for your business or other work purposes.

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