Tips On Having Suitable Bee Flowers In Your Garden

What kind of flowers do i use in my bee garden?

There is an interesting relationship between garden flowers and bees. The two need each other in a certain stage in life. For instance, the bee depends on flowers for nectar, the flower needs the bee for pollination. This is known as symbiotic relationship whereby they depend on each other for survival. Not all flowers have the ability to attract bees. This implies that for the bees to be attracted to your garden, you must plant the right flowers for this particular purpose. This article aims at providing adequate information on the suitable bee flowers. Several factors to consider when designing the flower garden with an aim of attracting bees are also provided in this article later.

There are two things that attract bees in the flower garden. These are nectar and pollen which are found in plenty in some of the flowers. The nectar is needed to feed the old bees and the pollen is used to feed the young bees. It is therefore important to have adequate information on the types of flowers that are rich in nectar and pollen. As mentioned earlier, flowers also depend on bees for the process of pollination which is an essential part in fertilization of plants. It is therefore vital to plant the flowers that are likely to attract bees in the garden for this reason without mentioning honey harvesting.

There are several varieties of flowers that are more likely to attract bees than others. Double flowers are not preferred for attracting bees. They have numerous petals which prevent bees from accessing nectar and pollen. Others are designed in a way that they are in position to breed without male and female parts. This implies that they can breed without the assistance of bees. In most cases, they are likely to be avoided by the bees.

Single flowered roses such as crab apple, angelica and sedums among others are highly attractive to the bees. There are also those with a shape of a tube like heathers and foxgloves among others. These two kinds of flowers are essential in attracting bees in the garden. They give the bee an easy access to nectar and pollen. They are also dependent on cross pollination which can only be done by bees they attract. These are among the essential bee flowers that are commonly planted by most bee keepers.

There are three main factors that one should consider when planting the bee flowers. These are the presence of pollen and nectar in the flower. Nectar supplies energy to the bees while pollen is rich in fats and proteins that is ideal food for young bees. The garden should also consist of flowers of different colors. A good mixture of colors attracts bees to the garden. The most attractive colors include yellow, pink and purple among others. The flower garden should be located in a strategic place to be easily accessed by bees. The most appropriate location may be sunny place free from strong winds. You may need to provide shelter in the form of a hive to prevent the effects of strong wind. has a variety of fertilized chicken eggs and supply for backyard Honey Bee's.

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