Traditional and Modern Decorating Styles

Mixing Traditional and Modern Decorating Styles

For many people it is difficult to choose one of these styles of interior decoration, modern or traditional style. So it is best to mix the two!

Can we blend the traditional with the modern style?

Actually mixing the two styles become very creative: simplicity, cleanliness and appearance of organized modern design combines with the sophistication of the traditional detail. Many of us live in a traditional house, suited to our lifestyle, but willing to add modern pieces to make it more modern and fresh.

You can, for example, by placing a traditional chair in a modern decor room or even go further and upgrade the decorative elements, traditional. One of the new trends of interior decoration is the modernization of Baroque-style furniture, lighting, mirrors... There is no doubt that the lines in traditional style as the Baroque and Rococo are unique. Why not use its beauty in a fresh look, funky and minimalist?

In the past, create the future. But keep in mind that you need to pay attention on certain aspects when you are mixing the two styles, traditional and modern. Here are some tips on interior decorating that can help:

  • Never go for 50% to 50%, the mix between traditional and modern styles. You must have a dominant style in the room.
  • If you are adding some overly ornate peace in a modern room, try doing it with a piece of art. You can achieve a focal point.
  • As the style of the pieces are different, you need to unify them by other factors such as color or pattern.
  • Do not ever make a part of a room modern and a traditional part. Spread the items in the same style instead of grouping them in one area.

Nowadays there is no limit for creativity in interior design! You can use the beauty of traditional style and freshness of the environment created by the modern style!

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