Troubleshooting Refrigerator Problems

Troubleshooting Refrigerator Problems

Few domestic issues are more stressful than a broken appliance. Sometimes the repair is impossible, but sometimes the task of repairing the appliance is very simple and can be made by someone without much knowledge. In this article we will show the most common symptoms and if the repair can be made by you or a technician or whether it came the time to buy a new appliance.


Problem: It is not refrigerating or freezing well.

It can be: The condenser coils. Are at the bottom of the fridge in the back and may be full of dust or dirt.

Solution: Turn the refrigerator off and clean the coils with a soft brush. After clean the dirt.

It can be: The rubber insulation of the refrigerator door. Use a paper to test whether the rubber insulate well in several locations. If the paper fall then you need to change the rubbers.

Solution: Buy the new rubber to the model of your refrigerator. Loosen the screws holding the old rubber and install the new one.

It can be: Ice accumulated on your refrigerator. A thermostat in poor condition or a leak in the compressor can cause this problem. Anyway you will need to call a technician.

Solution: If the thermostat, a technician can solve your problem. If the compressor is damaged then it is best to replace the refrigerator. The cost of repair is not justified.

Problem: My refrigerator is making strange noises.

It can be: Dirt that got stuck in the condenser fan.

It can be: Dirt that got stuck in the condenser fan.

Solution: Turn the refrigerator off, remove the rear panel to gain access to the fan and remove the dirt that is causing the noise.

It can be: The fan motor that is making noise.

Solution: Ask for a technician to replace the fan.

It can be:
The compressor. When it stops working, produces a dry sound.

Replace the fridge. The repair is very expensive.

Problem: The icemaker does not work.

It can be: The lever of ice can be in off position.

Simply change the lever to the position on. The lever should be pointing down.

It can be:
A blockage in the water valve. To test, put your finger inside the dispenser, if not feeling any ice cube then it is possible that the water system has a blockage.

Ask a technician for repair.

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