Union Jack Interior Design Trend

Cool Britannia

It seems like everywhere I look today, I see a British Flag on something. There's no doubt that this trend is making a huge impact on interiors today, though using a flag as motif and inspiration is nothing new.

In the 90's the U.S. flag, especially vintage flags with 13 stars were on everything from pillows to walls. Though with the American flag you have the advantage of being able to split up the design. Say, put a blue pillow with stars on red and white striped couch and people will get the reference - no such luck with the British flag trend.

In the beginning of 2000 the French and Canadian Flags were in favor and you saw maple leaves used incessantly in interior design.

Pop Art cushions by Jan Constantine
Pop Art cushions by Jan Constantine

How to Get the Look

Its no wonder that these three are more popular than other flags - For one the color scheme is excellent. It's crisp, it packs a punch and makes a statement. Just remember not to over-do the reference. One or two items with a flag are enough. You should really only incorporate this trend into your home if you were already contemplating a red, white and blue interior design scheme.

Remember to vary the intensities of the colors - blue lends itself best to this task. Think a navy blue or even baby blue wall with a red couch and white pillows then add in the Union Jack piece de resistance for that trendy effect.

Vary the Pattern and Scale of Your Patterns

Make sure to use colors from the same color family but vary the size and scale of your patterns like the above stripes and paisley. You can also use this method of decorating with solids by varying the size the different pieces like a big red wing chair and a delicate blue lacquered side table - top that off with a crisp white vase and some pretty pale pink flowers.

Vary the Intensity of Hues

Take a look at the first two rooms below. They work with or with out a union jack because the designer thought about the color scheme before the trend. This should always be your modus operandi otherwise you'll end up with a lot of trendy pieces in your home but no continuity or flow.

Don't Be Afraid to Keep it Subtle

Just because you've chosen red, white and blue as your color scheme doesn't mean you have to scream it out with bold colors (even if I think bold colors look great). Below are some examples using understated, neutral colors as a base with pops of red,white and blue for effect.

Yellow is a Natural Complement

Finally, if you ever do tire of your Union Jack inspired room simply remove the offending items and add in some yellow to get rid of the trend and completely change the look and feel of your interior design scheme.

designed by Kelly Wearstler
designed by Kelly Wearstler

Article by Anne Alexander Sieder all rights reserved. For hardcore interior design fans, check out my blog www.prettyhaus.com.

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Granny Pat 6 years ago

I may be old but i know good fashion! Its great and makes a statement! It feels bright and makes me feel warm. i better turn my heating off.

edelhaus profile image

edelhaus 6 years ago from Munich, Germany Author

And you haven't lost your sense of humor or your style!

Granny Pat 6 years ago

thanks its really nice for an old girl to hear that:) (my grandson taught me how to do a smile):).

edelhaus profile image

edelhaus 6 years ago from Munich, Germany Author

you're adorable!

whitton profile image

whitton 5 years ago

The last picture of that beautiful living room is wonderful! I love how rich and colorful it is! Great Post!

francesca rouge 5 years ago

hello. I have moved from my hometown paris to england and like the flag. its great! this is a great page.

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