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Gardening with Chicken Poop

Because I grew up in Central Florida's favorable climate, I learned how to take advantage of excellent growing conditions during the entire year.  I remember how my grandparents, both avid gardeners, used to keep a large container on the kitchen counter.  The purpose of the container was to collect food scraps which would ultimately be added to their compost pile.  After the container was full my grandpa would work the food scraps into his pile of compost, where it would eventually transform into a rich, organic soil that was much appreciated by their plants.  Many years passed before I learned about using chicken manure as fertilizer.

Growing up with composting had given me a head start on successful gardening once I went out on my own.  However, inheriting my grandparents' love of gardening made me want to learn even more about organic fertilizers.  Unfortunately, I killed a lot of plants while I was learning because I didn't yet understand how to properly fertilize the soil.

It was about then that I finally learned about chicken manure.  A friend told me that chicken manure is a great organic fertilizer.  I figured it couldn't hurt to try it because my gardening hadn't been very successful.  I had to read up on how to use it because the only fertilizer my grandparents had ever used was the compost they made from mixing food scraps with dirt.

My research taught me that "chicken poop" actually has more nutrients than any other type of manure.  This makes it "hot manure," which means it works best if you compost it before putting it into your soil.  If you just sprinkle chicken manure around, the richness of its nutrients can easily burn your plants.

Thanks to my grandparents I already knew how to compost, although I had to learn how to do it with chicken manure.  It took me a few weeks to find out just how much chicken manure I needed to add into other organic material.  Burned plants were a dead giveaway that I was adding too much at first.

I learned that I needed to mix the chicken manure into other organic materials.  If you mix it into things like eggshells, fruit and vegetable scraps, leaves and coffee grounds, and then turn the mixture regularly, over time it will transform into some incredibly rich dirt.  If you add it into your soil as you're planting, your plants will truly love it.

You can collect your own chicken manure (if you raise chickens, it's a useful way to get rid of it!) or you can buy it from area farmers.  Just make sure you let it dry before you use it.

You might even consider raising a few chickens if you don't already.  Not only will you be able to take advantage of this great fertilizer, but chickens are great at controlling outdoor pests.  They also make interesting pets because of their individual personalities.

Now that I use chicken manure as fertilizer, my indoor and outdoor plants are happy.  Use it wisely and you'll be a successful gardener.  Your plants will produce superior flowers and vegetables when you use this superb organic fertilizer. 

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joe 6 years ago

does it really work with out burning it first !!

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