Washing Machine Problems

Washing Machine Problems

Few domestic issues are more stressful than a broken appliance. Sometimes the repair is impossible, but sometimes the task of repairing the appliance is very simple and can be made by someone without much knowledge. In this article we will show the most common symptoms and if the repair can be made by you or if you need a technician or whether it came the time to buy a new appliance.

Washing machine

Problem: The machine drum does not rotate.

It can be: A broken door latch. Some models have a latch on the door of the machine that does not allow the drum to rotate when door is open. Close the lid with the empty machine and put it on spin mode. If the machine does not make any noise then the lock can be broken.

Solution: Call a technician for repair.

It can be: The transmission belt or the housing motor, depending on the model of your machine. It can also be a damaged transmission or the engine itself. Do not worry about what it means any of these terms, you will always need a technician to know what the problem is.

Solution: If the problem is the transmission belt a support technician can then do the repair but if the problem is the transmission or the engine then it is better to replace the machine.

Problem: The machine vibrates when spinning.

It can be: The machine is not leveled. Or so the floor is not strong to bear the weight of the machine. Put a glass of water next to the machine during the spin cycle, check the agitation of the water.

Solution: Some models have adjustable feet that allow the machine to be leveled. If your model does not have, use wooden boards for leveling. To check if everything is correct, use a level. If you have no patience for this task, a technician solves the problem for you.

Tumble Dryer

Problem: The clothes take a long time to dry.

It can be: A cluster of fluff. The most common problem in automatic clothes dryer is the agglomeration of fluff that makes the machine work in effort.

Check the machine's filters, air vents and the interior of clumps of fluff. Remove the hose from the machine and wipe it with a vacuum cleaner.

Problem: The machine makes a strange noise.

It can be: The drum rolls are worn. When this happens, the rollers make a strange noise. If the noise is so acute that the belt can make the drum roll.

Solution: Ask for a technician to fix the problem.

It can be: A coin, toy or other small object lodged in the engine. If you connect the machine and can not rotate the drum with your hands, then something is blocking the engine. If the drum rotates the problem may be more severe.

It depends. A technician can do the repair if something is blocking the engine, but if the drum run smoothly you better replace the machine.

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