What are Fiberglass Swimming Pools

What are Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Among the many types of swimming pools that you can choose, one model that is very popular is the fiberglass swimming pool. Quick installation and easy maintenance, a fiberglass swimming pool has several practical and economic advantages, besides being an investment for life.

What are fiberglass swimming pools?

Traditionally, fiberglass pools are made as a single piece that is coated, as its name indicates, with fiberglass. The fiberglass is a polymer composed of clusters of very thin filaments of glass, to which is added a polyester resin. The result? The fiberglass material proves to be a flexible, durable and easy to maintain, which proves to be perfect to cast pools of all sizes and models, with no seams or joints.

The fiberglass swimming pools have the advantage of being produced in one piece - which accelerates the production and installation - however, in recent years, the fiberglass has been used in other ways to line swimming pools surface or to line swimming pools of concrete.

Main characteristics of Fiberglass Swimming Pools

  • As they are prefabricated modules, the fiberglass pools are usually cheaper compared to other types of pools, however, this fact can also limit the choice of models available.
  • Often described as "a giant bathtub", the manufacture and delivery of fiberglass swimming pools in an one piece format, makes the installation process faster. Once dug the hole, just enter the pool on the hole and mount the electrical equipment.
  • The process of installing a fiberglass pool can often be completed within one to two weeks at most.
  • Since fiberglass swimming pools have no seams or joints, the risk of rust formation, as well as greatly reduce water leakage, not to say that they are nonexistent.
  • The fact of being coated in fiberglass and not plaster, has several advantages: stronger and more resistant to cracks, lasts longer, without the need for improvement works, requires no liner or replacement.

  • The time of maintaining a fiberglass swimming pool is very low compared with other types of pools.
  • The smooth surface of fiberglass pools require less cleaning because they are less susceptible to algal blooms.
  • Once the fiberglass does not significantly influence the properties of water, requires 60% less chemicals - which also allows financial savings.
  • A swimming fiberglass swimming allows energy savings of around 30%.
  • The fiberglass pools keep the water warmer longer.
  • Although more expensive than a concrete pool, the fiberglass swimming pool is 17 times stronger and tougher than concrete, so it is even recommended for areas most prone to earthquakes, for example.
  • A fiberglass pool can be decorated to the tastes of the client, using various colors and distinct textures.
  • The structure of a fiberglass pool is guaranteed for long life and can be used for many years without being damaged or needs repairs.

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