What is a Swimming Pool Liner

What is a Swimming Pool Liner?

An excellent alternative to tiles and mosaics, including in financial terms, a liner is a fabric with PVC lining of the entire length of the pool, including floors and walls. The swimming pool liners have several functions within the pools, they help to maintain a water temperature stable and comfortable; protect the pool against water leakage and any cracks resulting from the use and continuous exposure to weather conditions.

This material 100% virgin vinyl has other features for the ongoing maintenance of a pool: it is coated with a high elasticity to ensure a stable and uniform coverage of the pool and receive specific treatments that are designed so that the liner resists UV rays, chemicals, bacteria, fungi and algae, or some of the most harmful to health and longevity of a pool. The liners can be equally applied in above ground and inground swimming pools.

Swimming Pool Liner Size and Shape

The liner has to fit perfectly in a pool, which means it has to be produced taking into account the shape of the pool in question and its size. To ensure a liner with no flaws, gaps or excesses, the measures of the pool will have to be exact, which means that it is always recommended that this service be performed by a professional.

Swimming Pool Liner Thickness

The effectiveness of a good liner is in its thickness, with the majority of swimming pool liners a thickness of 75/100 (around 0.75mm). There are, of course, models of various thickness, some thicker, some thinner, which ultimately influence the final price. Generally, a thicker liner is better, more effective and longer lasting. However, the choice of thickness is usually made taking into account the shape and size of the pool in question, and while a thinner liner may be suitable for a swimming pool, a thicker liner may not be the best option for the same pool. A professional can help you choose the thickness of liner that best fits your pool.

Swimming Pool Liner Color and Style

Gone are the days when the only existing pool swimming liners were blue, today, the offer is vast and colorful and there are liners for all tastes, environments and decorative styles. Since a major concern to have when installing a pool at home is to make it conform to its surroundings, the truth is that the liner can greatly contribute to the creation of this space. Therefore, in addition to the existing flat-liners in several colors, there is no shortage liners with all sorts of fun patterns and motifs such as fish or stones, which lend a dynamic and contemporary pool. You can even select a motif for the walls and other for the floor. There is no better way to give a personal touch to your pool! Only caution is advised in choosing dark colors for the liners, since they attract the sun and can possibly overheat the pool.

Swimming Pool Liner Price

The price of a swimming pool liner depends on several factors: the size and shape of the pool and the quality of fabric used (vinyl or plastic, the plastic is cheaper but less sturdy), the thickness of the liner, the colors/patterns chosen. Once the liner is a device that will protect the pool against the use and all sorts of external factors, it is crucial that your choice is weighted up to ensure their longevity - which can reach 15 years! Quality is the most important aspect of a liner, which means that this is an initial investment with great returns in the short, medium and long term. Your pool thanks!

Swimming Pool Liner Guarantee

Another relevant factor to consider when choosing a pool liner has to do with its warranty, since this is a product which, although it may need to be replaced eventually, the truth is it was built to last. Most companies offer a warranty between 10 and 15 years for the liners, so make sure that the company which is dealing with does the same.

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