When to Wash Clothes

When to Wash Clothes

Here is a list of garments and how often and when they should be washed. Keep in mind that any piece of clothing should be washed if it have stains or when used on hot days.


It should be washed after 3 or 4 uses.

The bras do not come into contact with the armpit and therefore can be used a few times without washing. Should take a break of 24 hours between uses so that the elastic can recover. A good tip is to put several models in your bra wardrobe. Remove the first in the morning and late in the day put it in the bottom of the pile.

If you are a person who sweat a lot, you should wash your bras daily with a detergent for delicate clothes.


Should be washed after 4 or 5 uses.

A good pair of jeans is great to hide stains and dirt. What is an advantage given that washing jeans too often can cause them to lose color.

When washing a pair of jeans, turn them inside out and use a cold program. You should also avoid using a tumble dryer.

If your jeans have a tendency to enlarge, place them in the dryer for 10 minutes.

The denim leggings should be washed after each use so that the knees do not extend.

Creased trousers, suit or ceremony.

Should be washed after 4 or 5 uses

This type of garment will be used mostly indoors and air-conditioning. Therefore they are less likely to get dirt and odors. If the pants are part of a complete suit, do not forget to dry clean the two pieces so that one does not fade more than the other.

Jackets and Blazers

Should be washed after 5 or 6 uses

Usually this type of clothing does not need much maintenance. Moreover, a jacket can make unwanted odors and therefore should put it to air or spray a little air freshener for clothes before you store it in the closet.

Periodically check the areas of friction of the jacket - the collar, wrists and elbows - for signs of dirt.


Should be washed after 2 or 3 uses

The color models are clearly very vulnerable to stains. Do not forget to apply a good stain remover before washing.

There are some models made of materials that repel dirt. These models allow a greater number of uses between washes. Never use fabric softener because in these models causes them to lose their repellent properties.


Should be washed after 3 or 4 uses

You should change your pajamas twice as often as you change the bed sheets. Usually we have no notion of how much we sweat during the night. Not to mention the fact that we lose thousands of particles of dead skin per minute while we're lying.

Do you usually take a bath before bedtime? If the answer is yes then you can use your pajamas more often than usual. On the other hand, if your pajamas are silk, so it must change every day because the silk absorbs body oils more than cotton.


Should be washed after 4 or 5 uses

Skirts are a garment that is not used in days of great activity. This means they can be used more often than usual. Do not forget to apply a little air freshener for clothes before storing it in the closet.

Be especially careful with silk skirts and light-colored skirts. These should be washed daily.


Should be washed after each use

The salt and chlorine consume your bathing suit and do the elastic lose strength. Wash your swimsuit handy with a detergent for delicate clothes and let it air dry.

Even if a person is not going to water, wash your bathing suit when using it. This piece is like underwear, absorbs body oils and odors.

Dresses and Tops

Should be washed after 1-3 uses

To be able to use such parts more often should not abuse of deodorant, if possible should wear a shirt inside, and should always inspect these parts before iron them.

Be especially careful with the whites and silks. These should be washed after each use. If the dress is for ceremony, then it is preferable to wash and dry before store it.

T-Shirts and Jerseys

Should be washed after each use

Should be treated like underwear. Always wash them in hot water.

Follow the rule of four hours. If you used a t-shirt for a little while it does not need to go wash.

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