Know where to buy red worms and other handy tips!

The best way to start when it comes to building your own red worms farm from scratch is to know where to buy your stock. There are a lot of stores that sell within your state, and even some that offer several good deals online. But before you go right ahead into purchasing your supply of red worms, always know your buying options first.

Do your research

The quantity of worms that you would want to start with will depend on how much organic wastes are intended for composting (you can learn more on how to compost at As soon as you are settled on a certain number, find a worm shop that will sell your desired amount. But before adding these to your shopping cart, make sure that the store is trustworthy.

Worm Store Options

You have several options when it comes to worm stores. There are worms that are being sold by fish owners, bait shops, as well as specialty shops that cater the use of earthworms. But you will likely find worms that are continually being sold from gardening stores and from worm farms. You can also look for worm dealers from directory listings or from classified ads since most dealers sell their worms for laboratory or aquarium use.

Check for feedbacks from previous customers or get referrals

Let’s say that you’ve probably gotten a list on where to buy worms, and that you have already picked a few stores for a possible purchase. What you will need to do is to go through each one and check for customer feedback. But if you prefer to save on some time, then you might want to ask for sure referrals from people you know that have already purchased worms before.

Check the price range and shipping details

The price is everything whenever you’re out buying stuff. So if you’re set on a budget, then go look out for something that will accommodate it. But also know how to weigh your options. There may be red worms that may sell for a little over your budget, but the return of investment will surely come back to you fast. Other than that, check on how the merchant/s offers to do their shipping. The best timeframe for having worms shipped out to you should be less than 3 days. More than this can post harmful to worms.

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Cookinmom11 profile image

Cookinmom11 5 years ago from Saint George, Georgia

Interesting! Our local bait shops usually sell "red wigglers". I've wondered about buying worms online. I would hate for them to arrive dried out and dead. :(

Good Hub!

hamsterxd10 4 years ago

Can you clected worms from the ground?

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