White Interior Design

White in Interior Design

The white color is the most versatile and also more popular for interior design. It reflects the light beautifully, giving the house a feeling of clean and cool air, airy, and makes it become like a blank canvas that can become alive with the judicious use of colors. White has different meanings in different cultures. Westerners often associate it with purity and chastity, while many Eastern cultures associate it with mourning. Thus, people belonging to different cultures can be affected differently by white interior decoration. While Westerners think of heaven and heavenly, Asians may find it quiet, restful and even nostalgic.

Here are some tips for using White in Interior Design:

  • Accessories such as a container full of water with green-gray stones, a white couch and an aquarium, all seem to have a special place in a white room.
  • Walls of chocolate color need white furniture to balance the look of the room.
  • The color scheme of black and white gives a feeling of cleanliness and elegance when used on floors, walls and furniture, in stripes or squares.
  • Divisions of blue and white reminiscent of sky and water and are fairly quiet for the look.
  • Colorful tablecloths, food, flowers and napkin arrangements, all seem to have more attention when the plates and cups are white.
  • Green and White remind us of gardens and forest. Bluish green can add a touch of undersea environment, while the lime immediately gives the room a fresh look.
  • A lighter shade of tan brown, or tone of white sand on the walls, look better with white trim.

  • Shades of orange citrus with white in a room, it seems very tempting, while kids love the combinations of purple and white.
  • Pastel colors like light pink, pale green, baby blue, aqua blue and clear yellow with white moldings and trim, are simply lovely.
  • Themed decor with white and red, with red strawberry or a few dramatic touches of black, blue, aqua or hot pink, is just perfect for decorating holiday homes.

Today, White has gained a new status and popularity in the hands of creative designers of interiors that break the monotony in a white room with the use of colorful furnishings and accessories such as flower arrangements and fresh sheets, pillows and quilts, patterned.

White is considered the most popular color and a neutral color and it was almost a pattern in walls color, ceilings and bedding in earlier times. If you prefer you can replace the smooth white ivory, beige and cream hues, depending on your taste. What matters is to achieve a perfect harmony of interior design that reflects your well being and comfort, beyond the good taste, of course!

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