DIY for Home: Wireless Door Bells

Door bells are one of the fabulous things that ever created to ease visitors when calling out for people to come at the door. There are two types of door bells, the wired type and the wireless type. Wired door bells are a bit troublesome to install especially if you didn’t do it during your house renovation.

You got to have an electrician to do the wiring for you and that would make you place messy. Wireless door bells, on the other hand, are quite simple and convenient. All you need to do is simply plug in the main unit into an electrical outlet while stick the switch to the door and it’s done.

Depending on the brand and model of the wireless doorbell, most of them come with long range operating systems that cover up to 300 feet and with multiple unique frequencies that could be adjusted.

Such door bells are not only good for large homes as warehouses and office buildings could benefit from them too. With such systems, you can set multiple receivers and main door bell units to the same frequency, so that they could be operated at the same time (at the press of the button).

This is a great alternative to the traditional door bells set up, as installation of multiple push buttons for multiple doors can be coordinated with multiple receivers. For example, the place where the button is placed acts as the center while all the bell units are placed all over within the range of the coverage, so that it could be heard all over the house.

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Wireless Door BellWireless Door BellWireless Door BellBird Wireless Door BellWireless Door Bell
Wireless Door Bell
Wireless Door Bell
Wireless Door Bell
Wireless Door Bell
Wireless Door Bell
Wireless Door Bell
Bird Wireless Door Bell
Bird Wireless Door Bell
Wireless Door Bell
Wireless Door Bell

There are wireless door bells that even cater for the needs of people with hearing impairment. When the button is pressed, the door bell main unit will not only produce sound but light as well.

So if the person does not hear it, he will definitely see the light that coming from the main unit. To compliance with the Americans Disabilities Acts (ADA), each of this unit will come with a high powered strobe light. The light that emits from this unit will be strong enough for just anyone to notice it.

As mentioned in the introduction, installation of these wireless doorbell units is really simple. Just attach the main unit to any electrical socket while affix the push button to the door with high grade adhesive sticker or with two screws.

Some units even come as a decorative item too where you can hung it around as you like. It’s portable and you can change its place as you like. The push button unit is powered with a small battery that could last for a year (this depends on your usage and type of battery).

How Much Does A Wireless Door Bell Cost?

Wireless door bells are not expensive item and they are quite affordable. You can buy the basic unit for fewer than twenty bucks. But don’t expect such unit would work have many features and as quality as the expensive ones. It might just have one or two sound selection and shorter range of coverage. If you are staying in an apartment, this would do the job well.

Door bells that cost higher which up to seventy or even hundred bucks will have a lot of added features. These include wider sound selections, a wider coverage, special speakers system that sounds great and emitting light.

For some brands, you can even adjust the dimness of the light or even change its color but that’s really for the high end. Wireless door bells are definitely the best choice compare to wire door bells, so don’t procrastinate to get one if you existing wired bell does not work anymore.

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