Benefits of Wooden Shutters or Wood Blinds as Window Coverings

Beautiful wooden shutters and blinds warm up any room
Beautiful wooden shutters and blinds warm up any room | Source

Call Them What You Will....

Whether you refer to them as blinds, louvers, plantation or wooden shutters, there’s no denying that wood blinds enhance the look of most people’s homes. They’re visually very appealing, make a room feel cozy and the different available styles and materials can lend either a sophisticated or casual feel to your window coverings.

For all the men reading this who don’t really know what interior shutters are, just think of your grandmother’s old metal venetian blinds, only made out of warm, rich basswood, oak or poplar, although they can be made out of other materials. You can also check out the pictures on this page. :-)

Shutters for Your Décor and Resale Value

Interior shutters (a.k.a. plantation shutters) can be thought of as furniture, an investment in the appointments of your living space. You can get them in most any color but you may have to have them painted if you want something out of the ordinary, as they typically are offered in natural wood tones or white.

It’s probably best to leave your wooden blinds in the original color you purchase them in, as they add to the appraisal of your home. If you’re selling your house, they are usually noted in the list of features for buyers, who correctly perceive them as valuable. That won’t happen with your curtains or drapes, and spray painting them fuchsia may have the opposite effect.

What I'm really saying here, is that when you move, the plantation shutters don't go with you. They stay with the house unless you take them down before listing with a realtor, or have it as part of the sales agreement.

Even if you’re not planning on moving in the foreseeable future, you’ll definitely enjoy these easy-to-use, louver type window dressings.

The Practical Side of Wood Shutters & Blinds

Having these beautiful blinds as window coverings actually offers you some energy savings. They are energy efficient, maintain their interior temperatures and help reduce noise from the outside.

Not only that, they are also environmentally friendly as they are manufactured from a renewable source. Also, people usually keep them for long periods of time.

Those on a budget will appreciate the fact that you can get the look of real wood interior shutters at a lower price. There are a number of faux wood venetian blind products on the market and many look very good.

Suggestion: Browse online and/or visit specialty blind and/or home improvement stores to find out what you like and what would work best for your particular situation. The staff at the big box stores are usually a great source for advice and help, if you need it.

Another idea that I find helpful, is to view photos on interior design websites. I've found it a good way to discover new products and sometimes, you can generate your own great ideas, inspired by something you've seen.

Wooden interior shutters look good from the outside, too
Wooden interior shutters look good from the outside, too | Source

Getting Them and Putting Them Up

Wooden shutters are no harder to install than any other blind and are available from most hardware, department and box stores. Oh yes, and from Amazon, the benefit being the convenience of shopping from home. If you hate shopping as much as I do, or are just plain busy, this can be a real plus.

If you're really not handy (all thumbs with a screwdriver?), seek help from a friend who is, or ask around for recommendations for a reasonably priced and competent handyman. It doesn't take very long, typically anyway, to install blinds and shutters, so should not cost you much unless you're covering fifty windows or something.

So, no matter what you call them, wood blinds are an asset to any home or office. I think you’ll like spending time in any room you put them in.

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