Creating a Tuscan feel to your home with wrought iron lighting.

Wrought iron lighting can be used to create a variety of different looks and feels to your home. It is one of the only metals used in light fixtures that are flexible enough to mold into any shape and style to suite all tastes. The resulting fixtures can really be a work of art.

A wrought iron lamp sits in the archway overlooking the Tuscan countryside.
A wrought iron lamp sits in the archway overlooking the Tuscan countryside.

Why is wrought iron lighting good for creating a Tuscan feel to your home?

Tuscan décor is traditionally old, rustic and bold with dark furniture and bold, colorful paint schemes. Wrought iron lighting complements the Tuscan theme with its dark metal and rustic looks. Below are some home decorating tips for a Tuscan feel to your home:

  • For large rooms choose bold light colors such as terracotta, mid greens and rustic yellows. These colors will provide thewarmth of a Tuscan home without making the room feel too small. Use a medium size ceiling light such as a chandelier whichwill give out ample light.
  • Smaller rooms require lighter versions of the colors mentioned above. If you go too dark the room will feel small andclaustrophobic. Use small ceiling lights and wrought iron sconces to bring out the Tuscan feel. Mid to dark furniture willcomplete the look.
  • Complement your lighting with wrought iron candle holders, door furniture and wall décor.
  • If you prefer you could paint the walls white or a very light cream color and have a more daring wrought iron light fixture.

The Tuscan look is one of many versatile décor schemes that you can create with wrought iron lighting.

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Maria Harris profile image

Maria Harris 6 years ago from Houston

Wrought iron lighting fixtures on the exterior of your home make a really attractive presentation even when the home does not have a Tuscan vibe. Great lighting selections and nice hub.

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