Snail Serum Prevents and Eliminates Stretch Marks

Skin collagen is best monitored by skin thickness assessment. This guideline was used to certify the theoretic skin benefits of snail serum for stretch marks.

A study conducted with 15 mothers who had stretch marks for 12 to 18 months during their first pregnancy demonstrated that the application of an emulsion containing 5% snail serum twice daily leads to an increase of skin thickness of more than 9.9% relative to day 1 after 2 months and 11.8% after 3 months. This is an excellent result. Application of snail serum was also able to improve significantly (p < 0.05, compared to the emulsion without snail serum) other skin parameters like elasticity, roughness and streaks depth.

The anti-stretch mark efficacy was assessed by echo-graph and dermatological evaluation, results:

1) Color - 22.9% p<0.05

2) Relief - 22.2% p<0.05

3) Width - 27.6% p<0.01

4) Skin thickness + 9.9% p<0.05

5) Stretch mark depression - 71.8% p<0.07

Another analysis this time on the effects of the serum in the prevention of stretch marks was conducted with 15 pregnant women and the outcome was positive: 85% had no stretch marks at child birth and the other 15% had some stretch marks appear but without roughness or redness, and the white lines tended to fade in 2 months by applying a cream with the same serum.

A 1999 report published in Spain confirms the clinical efficiency of snail serum inan Evaluation of Anti-Wrinkle and Reaffirming Efficacy of Cryptomphalus Aspersa related product in the Treatment of Skin Photo aging. M.J. Tribó, E. Serra-Baldrich, M. Asin, J.A. Camarasa, Dermatología & Cosmética.

Another study revealed 32 individuals who showed signs of facial photo aging for an eight-week period using snail serum on a continuous basis, they were evaluated at 2, 4 and 8 weeks of treatment using a clinical evaluation method, the results were correlated with those seen with the use of instrumental techniques. Subjects also kept a subjective journal of their own observations and feelings toward the product which were revised at the end of the study.

A cosmetic product is rarely confirmed by histological and immune histochemical analyses. These live studies consisting of 15 women in the ages of 35-65 of Fitzpatrick skin types II and III confirm snail serum treatment results in the significant subjective (clinical signs and satisfaction) and objective (profilometry) improvement in skin photo aging, confirmed by the improvement of subjects histopathological condition.

These results can be achieved by utilizing the effective and natural stretch mark treatment known as BIOSTRETCHMARK cream. If you seek more detailed information on this and many more skincare products then visit our main site:


Pregnant women cry no more...BIOSTRETCH MARK CREAM is here!
Pregnant women cry no more...BIOSTRETCH MARK CREAM is here!

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hr 5 years ago

interesting. is it actually made of snails?

Jennifer Winter 5 years ago

Do not buy any products from Bioskincare/Biocutis! I used to use a facial product from Bioskincare containing the same "snail serum"; all of a sudden the smell of the product changed in the last shipment they sent, and it began giving me itchy skin all over my face. Worst of all, the company refused to refund me or let me do an exchange, even for an unused, unopened jar. I had been a customer for about three years, spending hundreds, possibly even thousands, and never asked for a refund for anything before. This company has horrible customer service, products cause allergic reactions, and worst of all they will not give you your money back if something is wrong with it (please note: this stuff is not cheap, either: what I was using, Bioskinforte, cost about $70/jar).

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