To Act or To React or To Neglect

Every body, every alternate hour, lands up into a situation, which calls for his/her attention and taking decision. For a given situation his decision has to be either to Act or React or Neglect. We have all heard how important it is to act rather than react yet most of us fail to give it any thought. As it is normally conceived, even in corporate world, To Act (Action) is positive contribution and To React (Reaction) is negating the purpose while To Neglect is passiveness. Persons who decide To Act experience life in a new way and acquire leadership qualities, while those who react tend to be self styled reactionary leaders. Normally passive persons fall behind as followers.

One’s mind is often at cross roads while deciding To Act or Re Act to a situation he is in.

For most of us, and most of the time Reaction to an incident is what occurs to our minds.

Recent bomb blasts in New Delhi (India) by terrorists invoked immediate Reactions by opposition political parties blaming ruling Government and its administrative machinery.

Thus the situation shifts from fight against terrorists to mud swindling amongst ruling and opposition political parties. Actually the situation called for Acting with togetherness to address terrorism and ensure safety of Indian citizens and their properties. Political parties have taken a stand to react to achieve so called their gain! This Reaction has made only negative impact on weeding out terrorism. Even in ongoing U.S. elections presidential candidates and their deputies of both the political parties are engaged in Reactive measures against the statements made by other. This can escalate into digging at each other leading to dirty politics. To Act is to justify their policies and implementation methodologies so that U.S. citizens can make right choice of the leader. Lehman Brothers insolvency declaration caused worldwide share prices dip as a Reaction by investors. We have no idea how many small investors would have gone bust! Perhaps financial pundits must know and advise investors how to Act under such financial debacles.

This reminds me of some of the teachings Dr Dyer hits upon. “We as a people look for reasons to be offended”.

“Choose to be internally motivated to act rather than externally to act”

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ColdWarBaby 8 years ago

Politics is an intrinsically reactive enterprise. This would be true of any endeavor with the purpose of gaining power and control over others.

poornimasrinath profile image

poornimasrinath 5 years ago from Midrand, Johannesburg, RSA

You gave a nice topic to ponder.Correct me if I am wrong... You spoke about acting and reacting. There is no much information about neglecting. According to me neglecting means ignoring. When people try to intimidate it is the best technique to use. It is not as bad as reacting I guess. When a person gets offended if he chooses to ignore the other person and moves forward he will never loose his peace of mind. Most times my husband would use the word "right click, ignore"

Politics is all about who is great. It follows no ethics. They oppose what the ruling party says. That is why they are called opposition party. They are there to react unfairly all the time.

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