10 Easy Ways to Cheat Google Adsense (and get your AdSense account disabled)

Face it. You come to this article probably thinking to find some ways to cheat Google, or to confirm whether some method you have on mind will work. Well, if you want to know how to cheat AdSense, here are the ways, focusing on the AdSense click-frauds. These covers from basic AdSense cheating techniques to the advanced class.

But before you proceed, you might need to know why you shouldn’t cheat Google (answer: you will get caught).

1.Basic clicker cheat

This is a noob. This guy knows almost nothing about web technology or network architecture. He clicks on his ads every time he has chance. It can be a few clicks to hundreds of clicks daily. Most likely he doesn’t even read the AdSense Program Policies and Terms and Conditions.

2.Proxy clicker cheat

She knows a thing or two about cookies and IP address. Or she doesn’t know, but somehow guessed that if she use the things called anonymizer, Google will not be able to trace her, because her identity is hidden. She may use anonymizer / proxy websites or specialized anonymous software like tor (The Onion Router).

3.Multiple computer clicker cheat

He knows that somehow Google will detect if the clicks are originated from his own computer. So he will try to even out origin of the clicks. He will recruit his friends, family members, relatives, neighbors, his cats, and his dogs on single mission: to click on the ads. He will also click on the AdSense ads when he is using the library computers, or his office workstation.

4.Software clicker cheat

Graduate to the next step is buyers of clickbots / click-bots. These are specialized robot software to click on AdSense ads. It will browse around your websites, clicking on the ads every few minutes. The more advanced ones will cloak the IP address too, so the website seems to be very popular worldwide. To cover the track, this clickbots will browse around the advertisers sites too while continuing its “click quest”.

5.Paid-clickers cheat

If you don’t like automated things, there is always other option for you. Just pay $50 dollars a month to the professional AdSense clickers. These are groups of highly specialized Internet surfers with office in the dark rooms in street corners of India, Pakistan, and China, helping AdSense account owner to earn good amounts of money � before the AdSense account is disabled, that is. They will browse around your websites, clicking on the ads every few minutes. Because they use human eyes, they know which ads worth more. And to be more convincing they can click a link or two, or sign up free offers / newsletters on the advertiser sites.

6.Click-rings cheat

Network is power. So says many business gurus. Instead of taking things to their own hand, this people realize that they can join hands with those with similar goals and distribute AdSense clicks among themselves, the so called AdSense click-rings. Joining this click-ring network means that your website address will be made known to members, who will regularly browse the website and click on your AdSense ads. In exchange, you will also browse other members’ sites and click on their AdSense ads. The medium used varies. Some click-ring groups use mail-list for communications. Some are using bulletin boards/forum, Yahoo groups, or Usenet. IRC is another popular way. Slightly more complicated is specialized AdSense exchange software for collecting members website address and displaying others’ websites for clicking.

7.Other medium cheat

I have tens of thousands email address on my newsletter subscriber list. If I include AdSense ads on my newsletters, with 5% CTR, I can get a thousand clicks per one email. Not bad. Or I can pay someone to write some useful/nice/funny/cute toolbars or firefox extensions or screensavers that people can download and use for free, and display my AdSense ads there.

8.Visitor cheat

Simply putting “Visit out sponsors” or “Check out the ads above” on your website is cheating. This might not be very clear-cut cheat to some. But Google AdSense program policies has stated clearly, the only text allowed are “Advertisements” or “Sponsored List”

9.Spam cheat

This is the highest level all click-frauds, the Maestro of Fraudsters. She spams millions of emails regularly, offering to “satisfy your inner needs if you can help me check on the links on my website”. Of course, email is not the only way. What IRC and instant messaging (IM) are for, after all. She will look for unsuspecting victims, offering something too-good-to-be-true “if only they will visit the website and click on the links”.

10.Click-through-rate cheat

Whichever method(s) above used, there is one limiting condition: the CTR(click-though-rate). Any CTR that exceeds certain percentage (probably around 10%) will raise red flag in Google AdSense back room. To lower the CTR, the professional cheaters will create some pages on the same domain that attracts very high traffic. Some interesting freebies will sure do the tricks. AdSense code is pasted there, thus creating a very high page impressions. Whether or not the the ads are clicked does not matter anyway, because they are targeting low paying keyword that does not have much competition. The fake clicks are, of course, on where the big money is, the low traffic pages stuffed with high-paying keywords.

Disclaimer: I don’t say and don’t think that these methods will work. If you even need to read this article, there’s 99.999% chance you will get caught before you can even get your first paycheck. Your AdSense account will be disabled, and you get banned from ever applying for AdSense account again.



Gerald S

Mambo Networks- CSA







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bluewings profile image

bluewings 9 years ago from Milkyway

Nice article! Yes,it's better working on SEO and SERPs than scheming against adsense.

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 9 years ago from Northern California

Hm... well, I always vaguely wondered about these, and I guess there are even more ways to cheat than I suspected :\

jps61974 8 years ago

i guess someday (or even prior to this writing), someone or some people have managed to determine the crack in Google's armor. however, the bias in Google's policy against people from third world countries and small web owners suck big time. in my opinion, Google should re-align it's policies for the benefit of small, medium and large webtrepreneurs alike to minimize or eradicate cheating

pantasmanik 8 years ago

But i can't see the proof

Dragnskull profile image

Dragnskull 8 years ago

the proof is this:

if you decide to do these tricks, 2 things will happen:

1. your click through rate will skyrocket (99% of the time, once you find a method that works, you abuse it, its human nature to want more of something that is googd) and google will notice it. throughout all the websites that use adsense, theres a simple formula (its called average, to all those lesser educated ones) to figure out the norm for clickthrough rate, and if you go over it it can raise flags (of corse, a website here and there is expected to do crazy things, like the success of WoW for instance, no one expected it to do what it did.)

2. Your clickthroughs will reside within a certain area. Instead of having a spread out range of IP's that click your ads, you will (regardless of your methods) show a trail of simmilarities, all of the clicks are via proxy, they are all coming from this area in the world, they are all from this IP address, they are all the same multiple IP addresses, etc etc

if you cheat, your spreadings will only go so far (save the email method, which has the chance of spiraling out of your control as i explained in #1) and it will be easily noticable to google.

if you DO plan to cheat adsense, the best method would be to incorporate a little of each method, and to spread i tout as much as possible, but even then, you WILL get busted. the only true way to cheat adsense would to find a way to get clicks evenly without leaving a trail of similarities, which only happens via good marketing, not by cheating.

pantas manik 8 years ago

Till now i still don't know how to increase my earning, actually so many people already know my site.

kamlesh gupta 8 years ago

loude ke baal sab copy past material hai. jo bhi yaha pe paste kiya hai madar chod thoda sa apna dimag bhi to laga leta posting ke pehle

richiemarshanda 8 years ago

thanks for teaching me.

but, r u really sure in this time it's still working???

i'm a beginner, so if i succed fast.

You'll be the BEST TRICK that i've found.

SmashMyiPhone3G.com 8 years ago

Interesting article. Never realized there's such an underground industry solely for the purposes of cheating.

Anonymous 8 years ago

well for those of you who want to know the trick, you may send $5 USD to the paypal account jsmith50506969@gmail.com and the secret will be emailed to you within 3 business days, i figured this trick out a long time ago, and i have been using it ever since, no, you won't get rich, but it will put an extra 50 bucks in your pocket each week if you do it right ;)

nimahacker 8 years ago from http://cryptoexperts.blogspot.com

Well, the thing is that you do not need to cheat! Build a decent website and put some good content in it, then you will get lots of viewers! Some of them click on your ads some don't! But you do the right job and be honest, and you will get the result you looking for :)

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seo copy writing 8 years ago

Great information, I take it your big idea here is to find ways to get people to read your content and of course people click!

Blackpuddin 8 years ago

Of course an easy way to increase your earnings is to make your site popular in the search engine rankings. This can be easier if your site has "racy" content. Problem is Google will ban your adsense account. Unless of course your site does not show adsense ads - in which case it is pointless making your site popular - or is it?

RAM 6 years ago

Akshay 6 years ago

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Tell 1000 6 years ago

Interesting idea, I have adsense but since I only get a small number of visitors each day the % of CTR may spike some days to a % above 10% if someone clicks on a low traffic day. Does that mean that google will red flag me?

saran 5 years ago

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deepakkumaarr 5 years ago

Good one friend its very useful

Brian 5 years ago

mmmm...what about plagerism. Notice this url - http://www.buzzle.com/articles/cheating-with-googl... Copied word for word. So adsense clicking is not okay, but stealing content for a hubpages is okay? Seems a little shady to me

BuildMuscleFast! 5 years ago

This is good information on how not to get shut down right away

Siddharth Bhukya 4 years ago

Wow nice info. i liked it.

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sohail36 profile image

sohail36 4 years ago from united kingdom

Don't even think of cheating google,why not put abit of hard work in which will pay off in the long run,no point in clicking your own ads,its stupid,it will get you banned,how long will you get away with it,google are too smart..all you need is a good niche and good content,apply seo for atleasty anour everyday,create backlinks and it will pay off in time……ive just created a new website 2 weeks ago http://www.bestnotebookreviewprice.com and im making 8-10 dollars daily and i know my revenue will increase in time aslong as i put my hard work into it….nothings free in life ppl,do it the right way respect google,they gave you a way of making money while you sit at home on your computer.

Kader 4 years ago

we should maintain adsense terms and condition carefully.


don john 4 years ago

What if one day your competitor suddenly decides to click your adsense ad from his one and only computer and do it a few thousand times? The result is you are banned from adsense from his one single malicious attack. Of course, you won't even receive your latest google check.

Ravi 4 years ago

Look gyz, don't look for some creepy ideas of cheating google. You are a person and google is a corporation. There are thousands of computer geeks hired by google just to prevent these ways of cheating it. My point is, it is a high budget company and has respect for your hard effort on your website. If your website is okay,you will get visitors and you can easily make around 10$ daily. That's it, no cheating and that's what i am making these days!! I love google and hope you don't try to cheat it again.


Bhavik 4 years ago

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joe 4 years ago

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Clinton Morrison 3 years ago

Haha funny article! I can't believe people would try any of that stuff. Google has a lot of people working just to catch all of this.

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theertha 2 years ago

Awesome article. This is useful information to know the correct reason.


Narmada 2 years ago

I was looking for help on how to add Adsense to a website. Nice article. Good to know.


Basil 2 years ago

I cheated Google long, long time. I was the owner of 5 accounts I lost 2Also I used a proxy system for clicks and content injection for content. ca-pub-3206375153809894, ca-pub-7617687509476570, ca-pub-0316849906257810 are still mine

Tech 2 years ago

Liveprotocol 2 years ago

How dare you use India'a Name in your article? Please remove the name orelse I will get sue you.

henry 2 years ago

people always try to cheat the system and yes they will get caught and banned it's a known fact


Neurz 24 months ago

Great Site for Entrepreneurs. Thanks for your support.


zeal 23 months ago

hmmmm nice one there www.myseoscribe.com

Cars 22 months ago


David 20 months ago

Q. And above all else, who are you taking money from?

A. Advertisers - people who are trying to make money from ads. If all they get are fraudulent clicks on their ads then guess what? They'll stop advertising = no pie for anyone!

Azad Chauhan 16 months ago

Well, its pretty simple if you cheat you are increasing your chances of being banned or disabled which can be for lifetime. So best option is to try working hard and grow your site .Post 1 article a week, At first your earning will be low but along with time it will get multiplied trust me.

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johnjones1 16 months ago

If i was going to do it, i would only do it on the views.

let video get 305 views naturally, so they check it.

switch off monetisation

then buy 5-10.000 views about $5.

once i have my 10.000, switch back on monetisation.

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Chris 13 months ago

Interesting read, iv only been using adsense for about a week and heard loads of horror stories, glad I came across this so I dont do anything untoward being a newbie


Shrikant 11 months ago

sweet 10 months ago

it,s nice article, google is too smart if you cheat with google you cought.


Fake You 4 months ago

They disabled my account for 30 days:They are not smart,they are fuckers who can be exploited over and over but as someone already pointed out if one guy has something against you he can click on youre account a thousand times and game over...so FU

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