20 Tips to Assess your chance of success

Assessing our chances of success makes us aware of our fault as well as our good points. It then becomes possible to correct them before they get a hold on us and stop us making the best of ourselves.

Here are the best 20 tips that can evaluate your chance of success.

1.Make yourself clear about what you want to do? Have a definite ambition in mind.

2.Be sure of yourself that what you want to do really and truly suitable to your capabilities so that it lies within reasonable possibility of achievement.

3.Work out a plan of progress so that you know, step by step, how to set about achieving it.

4.Obtain the necessary qualification and training.

5. Make it a habit of taking the utmost advantage of outside interests and activities, such as lectures and extra classes, likely to further your knowledge add to your experience and put you in touch with useful and helpful people.

6. Learn the art to meet people and talk to them and get along with them, in your social life.

7. If you feel that you possess irritating mannerisms of speech and habits in yourself, correct them.

8.Be quick in spotting opportunities and take advantage of them.

9. Be ready to take the initiative and go it alone even if this meant taking a risk.

10. Be prepared to change jobs and move around in the interest of promotion.

11. Listen to people when they talk and pay attention and grab what is useful and important.

12. Try to ask intelligent question, make sensible comments and put forward useful ideas.

13. In every action of yours weigh up all the merits and setbacks and make up your own mind. Be ready to take action.

14. Try to distinguish between constructive criticism and destructive criticism which you are liable to face.

15. Learn to work on your own without any supervision.

16. Obey orders, follow instructions, and bear to be briefed, shown how and corrected, without becoming disagreeable.

17. Stick to the job what you have started until you finish it even when it is hard, unpleasant or monotonous.

18.Take pride in the standard of your work and welcome responsibility as an opportunity to show what you can do.

19.Treat difficulties and problems as a challenge to spur you on to more effort.

20. Instead of getting depressed by a failure examine and find the cause of the failure and work on it.

Practise these tips and you will find your chance of success.

"If a man takes no thought about what is distant, he will find sorrow near at hand"- confucius.

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