3 Tecktonik VIdeos you must see

What is Tecktonik Dancing?

Tecktonik is a dance based on a mix of hip hop and techno styles.Tecktonik style also borrows heavily from cyberpunk. It originated in Paris and has grown in popularity through word-of-mouth and video sharing sites such as Dailymotion and YouTube. Hardstyle is the music style associated with Tecktonik.

The term Tecktonik is also a registered trademark. This is the first time that the name of a dance has been protected in this way, and has created copyright issues for dance events or other uses of the name.The name refers to the clash between music styles similar to the collision of tectonic plates. However, Tecktonik is not a style of music . Dancers tend to have futuristic, sometimes even gothic hair cuts and sometimes wear make-up designs such as a star around one eye. They often wear tight fitting jeans that seem to be the opposite of what would be needed to dance this dance.

Notable Tecktonik musicians include DJ Dess, RV. B, Deepack, Max B. Grant, Miss Hiroko and lately David Guetta, Dirty South and Yelle.

One of the first Tecktonik videos posted on YouTube featured Jey-Jey. Other notable Tecktonik dancers include Lecktra, Lili azian, Fredoo, Vavan, Spoke, Boobiz, Micktazz, the members of SMDB, Maestro, Junky, Sofy, Treaxy, and many others

1. Jey-Jey Wantek, Danse electro

Check out the shoes and the moves. A little more electro than Tecktonik but still very similar. Don't try this at home he is a trained professional.

2. Fatale Bazooka featuring Yelle

While not exactly Tecktonik exclusively, there is a Tecktonik segment in the middle. In French it is the equivalent of "Talk to the Hand". What do you think FBI stands for? Answer in the comments section.


3. Jey-Jey RĂ©-MY

This video begins with more popping and the robot but then moves into Tecktonik. I think it is funny that he is dancing in front of his garage, in his backyard, obviously in some suburb somewhere.

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solarshingles profile image

solarshingles 8 years ago from london

I simply love it! Performing it, makes you very fit and elastic, as well.

francetales profile image

francetales 8 years ago from Toulouse, France Author

Stretch armstrong you could say.

Princessa profile image

Princessa 8 years ago from France

I love it!

francetales profile image

francetales 8 years ago from Toulouse, France Author

Yesterday in my low impact aerobics class the end of the routine finished with a tecktonik arm combination that I thought I'd never get but after like 20 times through it I got it, too bad I don't have a video of it, you'd probably laugh really hard. My french is coming along fine but with the noise from the music I cannot understand the words so I rely heavily on watching. TCK for life!

francetales profile image

francetales 8 years ago from Toulouse, France Author

PI=pad interessé or not interested

FBI= fausse bon idea or not a good idea

PAMM= parle à ma main or talk to my hand

Now if you travel to France you have a few catty phrases you can say when you are being bothered.

indent profile image

indent 7 years ago from New York

hey sweet hub i made one of my own on this dance too check it out http://hubpages.com/misc/Tecktonik

Anna prisyazhnaya 7 years ago

Hello !!I’m from Kiev, UkraineI represent production house. We have a new project now, and we do need dancers of tecktonik (guys and girls) for commercial shooting.Could you please contact me or give me the information how can I contact the guys from this video or someone who is a good dancer???

you can write me to my e-mail annie@online.com.uaWaiting very much!!Thanks

Ryan Hupfer profile image

Ryan Hupfer 7 years ago from San Francisco, CA

Awesome videos...sweet moves! I need to learn this...

Dawn 6 years ago

What are the kind of shoes suitable for dancing tektonick?? For girls?

maya al sayed 6 years ago

i'm12 years old i'm dancing ticktononick

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