5 tips for a killer online dating profile


Online dating has so many advantages and become so accepted that these days people who haven't tried it are seen as the weird ones. No longer is it the last resort for the social outsider but a necessary tool for the modern single. Whether you don't have the time to go out and meet someone or you are over the bar and club scene, online dating provides a convenient alternative that has countless potential love interests just a click away. But before you can start laughing at the thought of telling your future grandkids how nan and pop met online, you need to create a profile that will have you stand out from the pack. So here are five things to keep in mind when creating your killer profile.

1)Have a good photo

As superficial as it may be, the first thing anyone is going to look at is your photo. It is just human nature; we make so many judgements about a person based on how they look, despite all the cliches about not judging a book by its cover. So if you have a couple of great photos that are sharp and in-focus and show you looking happy, use them. If not then try and get some made up, any cheap digital camera will produce photos of an acceptable quality.

If you don't feel confident to include a photo then you can create your profile without one. Personally I've been on dates with dozens of girls I've met online and I've never used a photo in my profile. To get away with this though you really need to make your words count and paint a picture of the type of person you are so it captivates their interest. You are relying on your personality and sense of humor being so engaging that the reader is going to forgive the fact they don't know what you look like. Keep in mind though that at some point after exchanging a few e-mails you will get requests to send a photo so you had best be ready to cough up the goods.

2)Be positive

It is amazing how many people fill their online dating profiles with negativity right from the start. The very first thing you read about them is something like 'Well I've tried everything else and had no luck so I thought I'd give this a go', or 'I'm tired of being messed around by guys and getting hurt, why can't I just find someone decent?' Wow. Seriously? Is that the very first thing you want to communicate to someone in the hopes of getting a date. As tacky as it may sound, the product you are selling with online personals is yourself, and first impressions count so make yours a good one. Which brings us to...

3)Keep it light

Don't bring up any of your baggage or issues that you have for all the world to see. You want to come across as an upbeat and fun person who has interesting things going on in their life. Some good things to talk about include your passions, hobbies, travels, music, movies, what sort of nightlife you're into, food etc. Anything that you have a strong interest in that is not too deep and meaningful is good. If you get stuck for things to write then you can pose some of these questions to yourself and answer them:

'If I won a million dollars I would...'

'If I only had one day left to live I...'

'My ultimate fantasy would be to...'

Just keep in mind that your goal in writing a profile is to get someone to respond to you. So don't reveal too much about yourself or else they will have no reason to get in touch. If you can have a sense of mystery about you and leave them wanting to know more then you will find your inbox filling up quicker than you can keep up with.

4)State what you want

It's important to have an idea in mind of what you are looking for and let people know this so you aren't wasting your time. If you're a forty-year-old woman and looking for an 18-year-old toyboy, more power to you. If however you're not after a kid who's biggest goal in life is to get rid of his acne, you might want to indicate you only want to receive mail from men aged 30 to 50, for example.

If there are certain things you require your partner to have (height, weight, race, age, location, smoking habits etc.) then it is worth listing them to save time in the long-run. However I'd encourage you to be as open-minded as possible about the people you're willing to meet as often some of the most rewarding relationships can be with the people you would least expect to click with.

5)Don't be someone you're not

The idea is that you are eventually going to meet up with this person so your best bet is to be straight up from the start. If I had a dollar for every time a woman told me about how great a guy seemed online, only to have that vanish when they met in person, Bill Gates would be polishing my shoes. It may be enticing to embellish your attractive traits and paint a certain picture of yourself, but you're only setting yourself up for a fall if you fail to deliver on what you promise. Remember, if someone isn't going to like you for who you really are then they are not worth being with.

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epifanny profile image

epifanny 8 years ago from AU

hey Trojan.. great tips.. i agree on your #1 about a great photo.. it is the cold hard truth that we are judged upon first impressions.. but we see this everywhere dont we?.. like try and get a job or apply for a loan if you give the impression you dont take pride in your appearance.. you wouldnt get very far would you?.. also keeping it light i cannot agree more.. i mean who the hell wants to chat to someone with hangups?.. it would scare em a mile away.. well done! great read ! im a fan!! cheers!!

Trojan 8 years ago from Australia Author

Thanks epifanny...I love a woman with great taste ;-)

Melissa Uhles profile image

Melissa Uhles 8 years ago from pdx

Great tips!

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