A Lemon Remedy for Painful Urination

A Note on Painful Urination

According to Ayurveda our body gets heated up and more so during summer due to the following:

  1. Lack of sleep, or working at night without proper rest.
  2. Excessive consumption of non vegetarian food.
  3. Drinking less water or fluids.
  4. Strenuous physical work for long hours without rest.
  5. Indulgence in excessive sexual activity.

You can know that your 'body heat' has increased when you have irritation, pain and redness of eyes, no appetite, irritability, painful urination with irritation on passage of urine. Also the pH value of blood would have lessened resulting in increase of acidity of blood.

Ayurveda states that most of the diseases can be prevented if you can maintain a 'cool' body.

Given below is a simple remedy for curing painful urination due to increase in 'body heat'.

Fresh Lemon!

The Lemon Remedy

Following ingredients are needed.

  1. Lemon juice 1/4 litre
  2. Indian gooseberries 50 gms
  3. Honey 300 ml

Take away the seeds of gooseberries and grind the pith to a fine paste.

Mix this paste to lemon juice.

Add honey to this. The remedy is ready.

Take this thrice a day (morning, afternoon and night) after food, for three days. About 100 ml each time would be ideal.

Please note that this remedy should be prepared fresh each day for three days.

You can take tender coconut water and butter milk during these days. Also remove hot stuff from your diet. Reduce intake of salt.

This remedy will quickly 'cool' your body and will cure painful urination due to 'heat'.

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simon nazareth 6 years ago

very good i enjoyed reading it

santosh 5 years ago

Honey content is 30ml or 300ml?????????????

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