A Man's Guide To Romance

Giving Your Significant Other Some Romance

I have been asked to give advice to countless men who just don't get romance. If this is the kind of man you are then this hub is for you. Does your significant other always ask you to be more romantic? Well I can give you some great ideas that may seem simple and easy but that is exactly what romance is all about: The simple subtleties that you can do for your mate.

Well the first thing is your attitude. I can't help you if are not willing to understand that you have to do the work involved and that it will take change on your part. So lets get that out of the way. Know right now that you have to serve your mate in this. (I will refer to all significant others as "mate") That is the key to romantic success. Serving others. This is not a natural thing for us to do we have to want to serve to succeed.

We'll start with some simple actions. The first thing to start with is the door opening. You must make an effort to open the door for your mate all the time. With today's culture of feminism this has been an action that gets kicked to the curb to often. Yet it is a very basic servant action you can do not only for your mate but for any female you encounter. I guarantee you will make anyone's day if you open a door for them. You will enhance most women's self esteem if you take the time to open a door for them. This small act is very powerful and needs to be done more in our society. So first step start opening those doors.

Next lets talk about cards. This is a great way to express feelings in a very romantic way. You don't even have to come up with a great poem or saying the professional card writers can do that for you. The other good thing about cards is they are cheap. You can stock up on them for any occasion and that way you have a card ready to go on the fly. I usually buy a few at a time from Target or Hallmark. U can get some pretty cool ones at Target. If you are creative go to Michael's or a local craft store and make one. You can get a poem book from Target or the local Library. This would be a way better romantic hit if you do some creative cards, women appreciate us taking the time for them. So remember gets some cards to say what you feel or to just surprise your mate. One thing to know though is, you need to ration out the gift giving. If you do it too much then your mate will come to expect it and the romance meter will go down, do it too little and the romance meter will go down as well.

Flowers are a no-brainer. If you buy flowers for your mate you can score endless amounts of romance points. Again they shouldn't be given too much or the specialness of it goes away. Use it for special occasions, when you are in the dog house and every once in a while just to tell them you care.

An area you can score big with romance is tuning into your mates emotions. There will generally be some clues to when you mate isn't feeling well or when they are down. This is a great time to do something special for them. One thing I like to do for my wife when she is sick is to get her what I call a sick basket. Fill it up with things like cough drops, cold medicine, tissues, a movie they may like, chocolate and some soup. Follow that with a card and some flowers and you move the romance meter up. I guarantee you will be the hero at your mates office next time they work. You have to take the time to listen to your mate to see what their needs might be and then find some creative ways to say you care.

This is the next area we can talk about: Listening. If you want to score really big with your mate then spend less time talking and more time listening. If you genuinely listen to your mate you not only make them feel important but you can find out what makes them tick and then you can figure ways to sweep them off their feet.

Ok, so I have given you some basics that you can work on. The more complex ideas pretty much follow the listening. If you listen to your mate then you will know what really makes them tick and what things they really enjoy to do. So the next time you start to think that the Monster Truck rally you wanted to go to will make your mate fall head over heels for you think again. It isn't about you. You have to listen to them to know that what they really wanted was a night at the dance club being held tightly in your arms. You need to plan time away for just the two of you at least once a year the more involved you are. Married couples need to have alone time. Don't go two years with out some alone time you will pay the price. If you want to be able to take that fishing trip with the guys for the weekend without the wife then you have to invest in some time with the wife. This will strengthen the relationship and give you some credit to use when you want to go out with the guys.

If you require more personal ideas or want some romance counseling give me your email in the comments and I can see what I can do for you.

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Rich  6 years ago

So I am constantly being told by women I have dated that they have never met a more romantic thoughtful man. but they all leave and most of the time it is for an ex boyfriend or husband who from all accounts thiers and their friends were not the best of individuals and treated them poorly. So what to I do where am I going wrong. Hortonelphnt@aol.com

John David 6 years ago

My girlfriend and I fight all the time and she says it's because I 'forget' her, which admittedly I have forgotten about plans we had. I like to buy her groceries at the supermarket and I think it is romantic that I want take care of her but she says I'm not romantic and I don't 'pursue' her. What is she talking about? How am I supposed to want to work to be romantic after a long day's work and when she is always disappointed with me from the day before? Also, is it possible to make up for 6 years of accidentally hurting her and not being romantic? Thanks for the help. My email is headchem@gmail.com

Angel 6 years ago

You guys are too funny! Ideas of romance are obviously not the same with men as they are with women. There are some great starting points here but, as a woman, these are not nearly enough to truly romance women. You should really take to heart a woman's point of view.

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