A Mother's Love (Poem)

by Christine B. 2006

  • A mother's hand is soft and strong,
  • It helps us up when we've done wrong,
  • And comforts when the nights are long,
  • With no word of thanks required.

  • A mother's smile brightens up our day,
  • And makes our fears dissolve away,
  • While keeping all our tears at bay,
  • And makes our world secure.

  • A mother's heart is oceans wide,
  • And often full of unabashed pride,
  • While being blind to our darker side,
  • And is very easily broken.

  • A mother's life is more precious still,
  • Than all the gold in California's hills,
  • And there's never enough time to get our fill,
  • Of our mother's unquestioning love.

My Mother and Me - circa 1948

My Mother and Me - Circa 1948
My Mother and Me - Circa 1948

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