A safe way to make money on line

A safe way to make money on line

I am just a guy that like's to write about random things. I hope you like the information I write about. Oh and I am not a professional writer nor do I play one on TV.

I have been doing this for a little over 10 months now and I have to say I have made some good money creating blogs here on hubpages. Her is how it works.... You write stories(create hubs) and post them to hubpages and then google will add links to your page. when people come to your page and they click on the links you get money everytime someone clicks on the links.

To get started you click on the link below and sign up for hubpages. then when you done you can creat your google adsense account. Then just wite articles about stuff and post them her and add them to the search engine url's and people will come..... it takes a little time but it will come..... I received my first check from google about 5 months after I joined but I receive one every month now... and they are getting bigger and bigger...REMEMBER YOU HAVE TO CREAT BLOGS FOR IT TO WORK.......ALL FREE.....NO INVESTMENT...

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workathomemom profile image

workathomemom 8 years ago from Western Pennsylvania

Good advice and it does work! Thanks.

debby28 profile image

debby28 7 years ago from WASHINGTON

It dose work but very slow for me. My site dose not make that much money.

P.S. made u some lol

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