Abandoning all duties, take refuge in me alone.

I shall liberate you from all sins, do not grieve”.

We should completely surrender to his will and take shelter in his love.

“Surrender is the easiest way of self transcendence”.

The finite soul alone cannot deliver it self from the trap in which it has been caught.

“He only is fit to contemplate the divine light who is the slave to nothing, not even to his virtues”.

In order to get rid of all negative tendencies, unhealthy thoughts, anxiety and worries, one should totally surrender to the higher power which implies opening one’s mind without any reservations and doubts, to the inflow of divine consciousness.

The needed guidance will come spontaneously…

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gabriella05 profile image

gabriella05 9 years ago from Oldham

Great hub like it

Thank you

Rudra profile image

Rudra 9 years ago

who said those words.

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