Acne Blackheads Natural Treatment Home Remedies

Acne Blackheads Natural Treatment

I've dealt with acne for many yearsand I finally got rid of it. Acne has had a negative effect on a great part of my life and I still suffer from the consequences. Before, I was always searching for an acne blackhead natural treatment or in general a treatment for acne.

My searches resulted in some good experiences and some bad ones. I've tried the Acne Free In 3 Days and for me it worked relatively well, I must say. If you want to read my personal story please Click Here. But now lets move on and go to the tips section.

Acne Scar Home Remedies

Like I said I tried a lot of treatments, and I found some good treatments some I already knew about others, I'd never heard of.

Here is the small list of techniques I use to keep my acne under ccontrol:

  1. Wash your skin everyday with natural acne soap, don't use normal soap because this could dehydrate your skin and could have an opposite effect.
  2. Get enough sleep, if you don't get enough sleep your skin won't have enough time to regenerate and heal itself.
  3. A healthy diet, always keep an eye on what you eat stay away from junkfood and all the other greasy foods.
  4. Don't stay too much in the sun, this could negativly effect your skin giving you more acne.

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