Acne Scar: The Effect of Herbal Teas

The Natural Way to Eliminate your Acne Scar

The acne scar for centuries has been the downfall of individuals – specifically teens. Acne scars affects more than 12 million Americans. This self-esteem corruptor, unfortunately, is much more serious to a persons mental-state-of-mind than acne.

It not only damages your your self – esteem, but, lack of confidence and, eventually, your exit from society – common traits among acne scar victims.

Hundreds of medications have been tested in the past years. The categories that these acne scar remedies fall into are: Home remedies, antibiotic therapy, chemical cure and herbal treatment.

A great amount of the skin care community agrees that natural creams provide excellent results. Nonetheless, these creams require a good amount of time to see results, rather than a surgical procedure. Chemical induced creams also provide great results but are known to leave side effects.

If the methods above are not of your likening, I suggest herbal teas. Besides being natural there are a great variety and flavors within these ancient remedies that may do the trick for your acne scar.

Plus, the ingredients used in these remedies are common kitchen and bathroom necessities. Besides being of organic origin, the ingredients used in herbal treatments trigger oil production, alleviate bacterial infection, remove skin blemishes and fade your acne scar after a certain period of time.

They are quickly becoming the treatment of choice for acne scars.

The common ingredients used in this rising acne scar treatment is rosemary essential oil, lichen extracts, lemongrass essential oil, grape seed oil, among others.

Here are the herbal teas I recommend:

ALOE VERA: The extracts that come from this natural substance are highly recommends for diminishing you acne scar and fighting acne. Aloe Vera extracts are highly recommended in fighting acne and removing marks on the skin.

GREEN TEA: After extensive studies, it shows up to 3% of green tea produces results that match those of 4% benzoyl peroxide, an effective chemical antidote. This treatment helps reduce inflammation, fight acne scars, effective detoxifying agent, and lowers hormonal activity lowers hormonal activity. The Chinese are famous for the use of the green tea.

TEA TREE OIL: The high-rising herbal treatment for an acne scar is tea tree oil. This natural oil is extracted from the Melaleuca alternifolia tree found in Australia. Tea tree oil is considered to equal or as good as salicylic acid. Aboriginals are known for using this tea.

Ironically, acne scar victims are oppressed not from a requirement of cures but an ample amount of remedies. These treatments are a safe bet because they don’t damage the skin.

If none of the treatments above seem like a remedy for your acne scars or acne, then I highly recommend snail secretion. Arguably the most natural and effective skin care ingredient.

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Pete Marsh 8 years ago

Very well-written article. I also liked the advice. I have an acne scar on my shoulder and want it to dissapear.Going to try these tips - Thanks again.

Harry 8 years ago


Great article and great tips. Although food has not be directly linked to causing acne, it has been proven to greatly help treat it, and home remedies such as herbal teas often work very well on acne, even scars!

biocutis profile image

biocutis 8 years ago from NV Author

Thanks Pete and Harry! Appreciate the feedback. Heard about this method and thought an article was needed.

Here, check this product out. It's recieved great feedback for its effective and natural results.

<a href="">acne scars</a>

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