An Overview Of Love And Why It Is The Most Powerful Human Emotion

What is Love?

In my search through life to figure it out, I have come to some answers about love that astonish me. Let me first tell you I don't think Love is a natural human emotion. I believe it to be a strong emotion from the highest power, God. I know first you have to believe in God to understand where I am coming from but if you entertain my thought process to the end of this hub you will see why I say that.

I am a Christian, actually a student pastor at a southern baptist church in southern California. My understanding of love started when my parents divorced when I was 6. I learned very quickly that love was an emotion that could be discarded easily and that it wasn't natural for us to love. I saw my mom grow a huge hatred towards my father. As a 6 year old all you strive for is love from your parents. My sister and I didn't receive it in the way we wanted. We received lessons on anger and bitterness instead.

My father though showered us with love, every other weekend and Wednesdays. We were taught what love was supposed to be from him and my grandparents. They showed us unconditional pure love. The most powerful of all loves. The love a child should see and learn to have. The difference between their love and my mom's was that my mom had chosen to fill herself with other emotions. Hatred, anger and bitterness. She had made a choice to stop loving my father because she couldn't understand true love.

My mom couldn't face her past and this developed into pain. When she was given pure love by my father she didn't know what to do with it. She only knew how to deal with pain and suffering.

What I am trying to get at is that we make choices based on our own disciplines and comfort. For my mom it was easier to shake off love and live in her own pain and suffering. This in turn pushed all those who loved her away. She made a conscious effort to turn from the love she was receiving. She had never been taught real love by anyone and wasn't willing to learn. To this day she still struggles with understanding what love is. She tries to buy our affection instead of just letting us love her.

See I know now I have to choose to love people. It is very hard for us to do it but when we do, we can change lives. Now learning how to truly love is a lesson we need instruction on. Most would say that the bible can't be true. But I say look deeply into it. Why is it so difficult for us to believe. It teaches us the most basic truth. LOVE. The gospel is rich with God's love for us and how we can love others. It is the manual for what God made us for. To love. To love Him and to love others.

But this love this pure love. One that would love an enemy is the single most powerful weapon on the planet. Could you imagine if everyone decided to choose to love each other now matter what. To really focus on unconditional love for each other. I would love to see the mainstream Church focus on that. Wow what a concept. Basic love is the ultimate power. I have seen the hardest people cripple with receiving love from another. I know of a man who was in gangs and murdered another gang member change his life because he was shown love.

I know that as children all we want is love. Nothing more. It is our choice to use it or leave it. Love is about humility, peace, honesty, sacrifice, perseverance, determination, selflessness, giving and I could go on and on. But here this Love is not about you being first. Love is the ultimate emotion. Nothing can top the feeling of when you truly love some one and can envelope your entire being into it.

That is my overview of what I personally have learned about love. I am still trying to understand it. I am challenged daily to love others. I hope that helps.


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