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Was surfing the web about Asia'h Epperson and found this snippet of an interview with Asia'h Epperson on

Q: Who are your favorite male pop artists?

A: Anthony Hamilton, J. Holiday.

Q: Who are your favorite female pop artists?

A: Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera.

Q: When did you first start to sing?

A: n/a

Q: Do you have any formal singing training?

A: No.

Q: What other talents do you have?

A: Dancing, sports, fashion, make-up, acting.

I would sign Asia'h Epperson in a whim

If I was a recording company, I would sign Asia'h Epperson up immediately. I would release her album right after the end of this season.

Why would Asia'h Epperson's Album Sell out?

1. Asia'h has a marvelous voice.

2. She has a loyal audience from American Idol.

3. She has a story to tell. The Asia'h Epperson story of her father will sell like hot cakes..

Come on..sign her up. Asia'h Epperson will sell like hot cakes!

Sexy and Hot Asia'h Epperson

Sexy and Hot Asia'h Epperson
Sexy and Hot Asia'h Epperson

Wild-Policy: Asia't Epperson may be another Clay Aiken

The Wild-Policy that saved Clay Aiken may save Asia't Epperson this time round. According to Reality Rocks, 5 semi finalists who failed to make it to the top 10 will return to the American Idol stage for the April 9th Idol Gives Back charity special. The 5 "booted out" idol will compete for a wild-card slot on this summer's American Idol concert tour.

My guy feel is that Asia'h Epperson will be one of the 5 candidates. The affinity that the audience feels towards Asia'h can translate into many concert tickets and i think that the organizers know..

Asia''s wishing you all the best!

Pitting Asia'h Epperson Against The Top 10

I am going to do a ranking and comparison of Asia'h Epperson against the rest of the Top 11 American Idol contestants (Of course my Number 1 will be Asia'h Epperson :) ) :

1. Asia'h Epperson. For Obvious reasons, she has the best voice, energy and passion.

2. Micheal Johns. He has such a nice voice to boot and loads of potential. Comparing him to Asia'h Epperson, i would think that Asia'h Epperson come across more affable to the audience.

3. Brooke White. She is wonderful. If anyone, I would say that she has as good a voice as Asia'h Epperson..but I am going to refrain from saying that she is better. I hope Brooke White wins if Asia'h is not coming back to the competition. But if Asia'h is making a comeback, according to the grapevines, then i will be rooting for Asia'h Epperson again!!

4. Jason Castro. Cute dude with a ok voice. I think that he is still in the competition cos there are many females voting for him. Can't you girls vote for Asia'h Epperson instead?

5. Carly Smithson. She has a almost near perfect pitch but her X factor is a bit lacking. There is'nt the oomph like with Asia'h Epperson.

6. David Cook. He is mediocre at best. His voice is pretty common. He needs to be more radical to win.

7. David Archuleta. Talent is oozing out of this kid. I would say that Asia'h Epperson and this kid was probably the most talented of the lot.

8. Syesa Mercado. I really like her in this week's performance. But I have doubts she will pull through to the end. She needs more talent than what her voice can give out.

9. Kristy Lee Cook. She is the blonde country singer that some would like to see go home. For me, her voice is pleasing enough for me to hope that she stays a while least until they bring Asia'h back.

10. Chikezie. I am neutral towards him. No vides nor any zing here. He would not last a minute with Asia'h, side by side.

11. Ramiele Maluby. She has such common looks that you will not remember her the next time she appears on cd covers. Star quality looks are as important as your voice. I doubt she will last, although i will feel sad when she leaves cos she looks like a little girl trying to make it big.

Well, this is the Top 11 Charts for the American Idol 7 cos I am still gunning for Asia'h Epperson. Let's keep our fingers crossed that she will be back.

Asia'h Epperson May Make a Comeback

Rumours are flying around about a American Idol Season 7 episode where they will bring back 5 of the contestants who were kicked out earlier on. Asia'h Epperson is one the singers tipped to be brought back.

Asia'h Epperson has one of the strongest reasons for America to bring her back home. She has a truckload of talent and she has lots of Asia'h Epperson fans who will be supporting her.

Asia'h Epperson Voted Off American Idol

Asia'h Epperson has been voted off American Idol Season 7. Asia'h Epperson was one of the most talented singer on season 7 and I did not foresee her being voted out.

Why was Asia'h Epperson Voted out of American Idol Season 7?

She was charismatic, humble and as sweet a voice as anyone. Asia'h Epperson's talent was undeniable and her attitude and energy affects all her audience and fans. How could America be blind and not pick Asia'h Epperson as one of the finalist and eventually as the winner?

In my opinion, i think that the media coverage of her father's death was a double edge sword. Although many americans felt sympathy towards Asia'h Epperson, there are quite a few who actually thought that she was using the event to sought publicity as well as gain sympathy votes. Asia'h Epperson had one of the most beautiful voices in this season, but there are some voters whom have become skeptical towards her.

I still think that Asia'h Epperson is more talented than all the singers in the Final 11 and that if she did not made in through American Idol, she will appear sooner or later with a record deal of her own. The recording studio would be nuts if they did not want to sign Asia'h Epperson up.

I will eagerly wait for Asia'h Epperson platinum album, which will probably outsell the American Idol 7 winner's album...ouch!!

Asia'h Epperson Emotional Audition

Asia'h Epperson is the 19 year old girl from Joplin, MO, whom have won the hearts of the American audience when she sang "How Do I Live?" in the Audtion. Asia'h Epperson was so amazing in her audition rendition of "How Do I Live?" that even Paula Abdul cried.

Asia'h Epperson was able to put some much emotion into her song because her father had just passed away two days before the audition. She had decided to carry on with the audition despite her father's death cos she had felt that her father would have wanted her to. Asia'h Epperson displayed humility as well as courage. It was a touching moment.

Asia'h Epperson | Favorite Asia'h Epperson Pictures

Asia'h Epperson sining "I Wanna Dance With Somebody"
Asia'h Epperson sining "I Wanna Dance With Somebody"
Asia'h Epperson Janis Joplin song.
Asia'h Epperson Janis Joplin song.

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Asia'h Epperson 7 years ago

She's hot hot hot! No doubt about that. Shame she din'nt make the final three.

Jared L profile image

Jared L 8 years ago from Singapore Author

Wow Samantha, I wish I could be there to see her in real life too! Did she sang for your school?

Samantha 8 years ago

i just got to see asia'h today in our school in missouri. she came today for the talent show. she is realated to my BEST FRIEND Myka

cgull8m profile image

cgull8m 8 years ago from North Carolina

She has a great voice, I am sure she will get a good music label for her to sign.

kakafish 8 years ago

cool page. nice comparison between asia'h epperson and the rest

passerby 8 years ago

You sure that Asia't Epperson will get back into the race for American Idol? I am doubtful that Asia'h Epperson is that well liked by the American audience. I think that she is overly matured for her age and that if the viewers or more importantly voters for American Idol are of a older generation, perhaps Asia'h Epperson would stand a better chance!

emily 8 years ago

i hope that asia'h epperson gets back to the race. My family has stopped watching american idol after she was voted off. But I have also been hearing rumours that Asia'h Epperson is likely to be invited back. Go Asia'h!!

mike 8 years ago

Asia'h Epperson pictures look great!

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