Asthma and homeopathy

Asthma: Totally Curable with Homeopathy


Has your life been crippled due to asthma? Can your son never enjoy winter holidays due to bad asthma he gets? No doubt, asthma is the cause of your worry and you are right to be worried. Asthma is a disorder that makes patient physically and mentally weak through the years of suffering.


What is asthma?

Asthma is the chronic inflammatory disease of the lungs in which the patient suffers from breathlessness, cough, wheeze, and tightness in chest. It does not depict same pattern in all people. It varies from person to person with mild to severe degree of discomfort. In acute attacks, one may have to take help of a medical expert who can give respite to the suffering individual.


However, is there any way by which one can get rid of the asthma spells totally? Yes, the alternative system of medicine, Homeopathy can serve the best when it comes to asthma treatment. You just have to take care that you take treatment from expert homeopath only and not self-treat yourself.


Constitutional medicine for asthma in homeopathy:

The homeopathy as we know is the holistic system of medicine that gives immense importance to individual. Therefore, different individuals’ asthma is different according to homeopathy. Thus, one medicine cannot suffice the requirements of all patients. This is the reason in homeopathy doctors prescribe different medicines depending upon the symptoms of the asthma patient.


Thus, if you want to get rid of those nasty asthma spells and enjoy your life heartily, there is no alternative to this alternative mode of asthma treatment, Homeopathy!

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Mary Aspinwall 5 years ago

I agree with you that homeopathic constitutional treatment is a great way to get rid of asthma and all sorts of chronic illness because it really gets to the root of each person's individual dis-ease.

For first aid situations and minor illness it is safe and easy to treat yourself. A homeopathic kit is a good starting point.

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