Ayurvedic Cure for Dandruff

How Dandruff is Formed

Drying up of hair root coupled with excessive body heat leads to loss of oil on scalp. When one combs such a hair, the outer layer of scalp come off in scales. This is called dandruff.

The body 'heat' mentioned here is not the temperature of the body. Ayurveda states the body's 'heat' increases due to various reasons. Frequent strenuous work, inadequate sleep, excessive consumption of meat, over indulgence in sexual activity etc lead to build up of body 'heat'. Obviously to normalise this 'heat', proper rest, adequate sleep, consumption of green fibrous food, sex in moderation etc are needed.

Unsightly Dandruff

Simple Ways to Treat Dandruff

Using soap and soap nut powder etc dry up the scalp very badly. Hence frequent usage of soap should be avoided. Instead, one can use rice conjee, bengal gram powder, green gram powder etc. Using anyone of these mixed with water and washing the hair helps maintain the moisture of the scalp.

Dhurvathy thailam available at all leading ayurveda stores can be used instead of other hair oils.

Also, before bathing, apply this oil onto hair and allow it to penetrate the hair roots. Wash off the oil after half an hour, using the either black gram powder or green gram powder and conjee paste.

Some types of dandruff spread to other areas of the body like ears etc. In such case, eladhi oil can be used. Application of a paste prepared by mixing pepper powder and milk is found to be beneficial. This paste should be applied and allowed to remain for 30 minutes before washing it off.

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Mr Nice profile image

Mr Nice 7 years ago from North America

Sex has nothing to do with dandruff. Here is the link to find out health benefits for having sex.


Suresh Kumar 6 years ago

WHat is that Eladhi oil. we can get it in ayerveda shops.

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ellahall2011 5 years ago

Excellent hub! I love natural remedies.

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