BOB Beginner Reader Books

BOB Beginner Readers

BOB Books are written by Bobby Lynn Maslen and the pictures are drawn by her husband John R. Maslen, and sold by Scholastic. These wonderful little book sets are helping young children to read and enjoy reading everywhere.

The first set of books is Set 1 and is packaged in a small blue box that is designed to keep the books safe and is easy for any child to open and close. Inside there are 12 beginning reader books.

Each book teaches your child letter sounds, starting with four letter sounds in the first story. New sounds are consistently added in a gradual pace until all the books include all letters of the alphabet, except Q.

Short vowels and three letter words make it easy for young children to read the simple sentences inside the books, and feel great about being able to read by themselves.

My 5 year old son and I sat down with the first book "Mat", and I was happy to find on the inside of the first cover that the Maslens introduce 4 letters with upper and lowercase letters. Beside each letter is a picture, then beside the picture the word that goes with it is shown. For example: M - (picture of moon) moon. These examples help my son grasp the sounds of each letter that was to be used when learning to read the book.

The pictures inside the book are nicely drawn, and are cute and easily identify the sentences to the pictures. After going over the sounds and letters, we began reading the book. After going over the first sentence a few times my son and I went on to the next pages. The books are not long at all, they are very short, which makes it nice with this age group having a short attention span.

Later in the day, we got out the first book again, and I was surprised to find that my son remembered the sounds and was able to identify some of the words in the story after reading it just one time. This excited me, and I immediately got out the second book "Sam."

I recommend the BOB Book Sets to parents everywhere with young children learning to read. In my experience they definitely make reading easy and fun, and children can easily identify the words with the stories. They are for ages 4 and up, and sell for $16.99 in the US and $19.99 in Canada.


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