Baby Changing Bags - Buy a Cool Diaper Bag

Do you have a new baby coming and need to buy a baby changing bag?

Are you looking at baby changing bags as a gift for a baby shower?

Are you a first time parent and want a cool diaper bag?

Are you having another baby and want to find a nice baby changing bag instead of the old one you have used for your other kids?

Whatever the reason you are looking at new baby changing bags, you have a lot of options and should be able to find a cool diaper bag that you are proud to carry around. You can even find a really nice baby changing bag that you will be able to use long after your toddler has stopped wearing diapers. There are tons of cool diaper bags out there so you don’t have to settle for a plain old, boring diaper bag you don’t want to be seen in public with.

Pockets and Size

The first thing to look for in a baby changing bag is pockets to keep stuff secure. You don’t want all of your stuff to be all over. You should have pockets that you can put baby bottles in, snacks, baby wipes, and diapers. It doesn’t hurt to have space for baby powder, ointments, and any other special items you need. Oh, and don’t forget, you will want to make sure you have enough room for everything you carry in your purse unless you want to carry two bags.

Diaper Bag Styles

Another thing to consider when buying a baby is the size and style of the bag. You may want it small so it is easy to carry and fits under your stroller. You may want a large bag so you can put a lot of stuff in it. There are also back pack style bags that can make it easier to carry your stuff and your baby. This one is a personal preference thing.

Prices of Baby Changing Bags

One of the last things to consider is price you want to pay. You can go out and get a functional diaper bag for under $20. Now it won’t be pretty and will probably wear out before you are done needing it, but for $20, you can probably afford to buy a second one. On the high end, you can spend over $1000 on a designer baby bag. For my purposes, I am going to consider $500 or so the top end as that is something many people can afford if they really want a nice bag. There are tons of designer diaper bags in the $200 to $500 price range. The great things about a top end baby changing bag is that you can use them as a purse when you out grow the need for a diaper bag or don’t have your baby with you. This is also a great way for a mother to feel like she is on “The Real House Wives of Orange County” when she is out with her friends.

Baby Changing Bags from Famous Designers

What is your favorite designer baby bag brand?

  • Kate Spade
  • Mia Bossi
  • Nest
  • Debbie Rott
  • Baby Kaed
  • Cole Haan
  • Elaine Turner
  • Isabella Fiore
  • OiOi
  • Cynthia Rowley
  • Arturo
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If you are looking for premium baby changing bags, some of top designer baby bag manufacturer’s are Kate Spade, Mia Bossi, Debbie Rott, and Elaine Turner. You are going to pay between $300 and $500 for most of the bags these top designers make. However, carrying one of these bags will make any mother feel like a celebrity so the price can be well worth it.

Some of the other top designers that have cool diaper bags in the $100 to $300 range include Isabella Fiore, OiOi, Cynthia Rowley, Arturo, and Baby Kaed. You will find really nice bags that will last and look a whole lot better than the $20 specials.

There is one last niche of baby changing bags you may need to explore. Remember that it takes a mom and a dad to have a baby. This means that you may need to buy a diaper bag for a man. There are some lines of daddy diaper bags that you may need to explore. Mia Bossi also makes designer diaper bags for men. There is also a company called Diaper Dude that makes mens baby changing bags and Nieman Marcus carries some men’s diaper bags. There are a bunch more, but these are a few that I know of off hand.

Now all you have to do is decide what you want to get. Good luck on your quest for the perfect diaper bag!

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Jen 4 years ago

I love the cool diaper bags out right now. LOVE the one you have pictured actually! This could very well just be a purse! lol

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