SALES - Talk your way out of a sale! NOT!!!!

Or 'Anti' Communication

Um will kill your sales.

What is um?

Um is a disqualifyer. A non-word that destroys your credibility as a speaker and a salesman.

Salesmen have to be able to speak, that goes without saying. But, often times, how you say something can be more important than what you say. And if what you say has many disqualifyers, it will devalue what you say every time.

Heres what I mean. Lets say you are selling a high-end item, something worth several tens of thousands of dollars, and your customer is a very prim and proper elderly gentleman. If your presentation is full of stuttering and use of "um", "uh", and "like", your customer will have stopped listening to you.

In other words, your sale is dead.

Most people use a disqualifyer without realizing it. It is something unconsciously inserted into their conversation due to long time habits usually adopted in their teens.

The tried and true method to eliminate the "Um" and its friends is a two step program. This was the method taught to me and I am passing it along.

The first step is awareness. This means noticing when you use it, and taking note of your customer's reaction to it. Some people, you won't be able to discern any reaction, but then you'll run into someone very sensitive and expressive and you will be shocked by their reaction. They will flinch like you slapped them across the face. You see that once and it will change the way you view communication.

The second step is correction. Correction means you do your best to remove disqualifyers from your vocabulary completely. When you use one, apologize briefly to your listener and explain that you are trying to eliminate that word from your vocabulary. You will only have to do that once or twice before you realize that you have corrected it right out of your life and your sales.

I started doing this close to twenty years ago, and I am still working on it. My speech has greatly improved, but it is far from perfect. I believe the secret to developing phenomenal communication skills is to never stop trying to improve.

Removing disqualifyers from your vocabulary allows the customer the honest chance to hear what you say, instead of how you say it.

And thats the whole point.

Go forth and sell.


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