Indian Food Recipe - Banana/plantain Chips

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    2 raw green plantains(Banana), firm and unripe

    oil for deep-frying

    salt to taste

    chilli pwd to taste OR 1-2 dry red chillis de-seeded (optional)

    1 Peel the plantains, cut into thin slices. You can even cut each slice into quarters (optional). Alternately, you could use a chip grater/mandolin and slice the plantain directly into the hot oil. I wouldn't recommend the second method for beginners. 2 Heat oil in a heavy bottomed vessel. To test if oil is hot enough for deep frying plantain slices, drop a slice into the oil, if the oil bubbles around it with a sizzling noise, the oil is ready. 3 Into the hot oil, drop the sliced plantain quarters (depending on the size of vessel used for deep frying, drop just enough plantain slices such that the vessel isn't overcrowded) into the hot oil. On medium flame, deep fry. 4 Use a slotted stainless steel ladle to stir the chips gently. When they reach golden brown color, remove them onto a paper towel to absorb any excess oil. Repeat with the remaining batch of plantain slices. 5 Season with salt and chilli pwd. Store them in an air tight container when cool. They can be stored for a few days.

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