Black man for President?


My answer is yes but; I feel some white Americans are saying no. We had our primary presidential elections yesterday in South Carolina. After the votes were counted, I watched the news to get an update and to find out the percentages on the election. I wasn't surprised to hear the news reporter say that one voter mentioned to her that he voted for Senator Clinton because he didn't want to see a black man get it. As well educated as Senator Obama is and the promise he makes to change the world, it still doesn't sink into the minds of some people that he's here to help us all. Would people really rather see our economy fail than allow a black man to do what's necessary to improve it? Why are we still breaking barriers in the 21st century? I'll tell you why, because some people don't think a black man belongs in a "white house". To me, I think Obama is the right man to get the job done but; I also support Senator Clinton and would love to see one as president and the other as vice president.

I am very happy to be receiving the tax breaks and the tax rebate but it's only good for a month or so, then most will be back in the same boat they are in now....a sinking boat. It's unfortunate that funds will have to come from the cut of food stamps and unemployment. Why cant we pull some of the money from the war to filter back into the United States? Or better, why cant we just fire up the machine and make more green? While the working class celebrates with our rebates, the less fortunate will suffer even more. Please don't misunderstand me; I truly think people are thankful for it but I also think it will not fix our economic. I believe in Obama when he says ‘Its time for a change", and I believe he can help improve the economy and bring the gas prices down. I currently spend around $100 a week on gas, that's $5,000/year.

I choose Senator Obama because of all the things he stands for....making education affordable, helping the elderly and disability, world peace and improving the economy. Gas prices are ridicules; people are losing their homes and jobs by the hour, and the war in costing us billions of dollars on a monthly base. I was absolutely sick when I learned we were paying out billions for the war. Can we bring back equality to Americans? Can we stabilize the economy? Can there be peace in the Middle East? Obama says yes!

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septembertate profile image

septembertate 8 years ago from Memphis, TN

well, i'm white, and i support obama :D

robie2 profile image

robie2 8 years ago from Central New Jersey

The whole Kennedy family supports Obama too.You can't get whiter than that:-)

He is very impressive. He commands respect and has an amazing charisma. On top of that he is mixed race and multi cultural which gives him a very unique point of view on some very important political and cultural issues.

Yes, there are some whites who won't vote for a black man and some men(and women) who won't vote for a's a shame but that's the way it is. I haven't made up my mind yet--but for my money, a black man or a woman for president is a step forward not backward. Nice hub. Thanks.

writerlady profile image

writerlady 8 years ago from South Author

Thanks Robie2. I just heard today that the Kennedys are in support of Obama. We are truly making history!!!

Jep 8 years ago

I definitly voted for Obama on Saturday. I too agree that he and Hilary on a ticket together would be great and in my opinion, is the winning ticket! Obama is the face of hope and definitly, without a shadow of a doubt, the man with the plan!!!

writerlady profile image

writerlady 8 years ago from South Author

Thanks Jep! Let's have a drink to celebrate

Kennedy 8 years ago

The Kennedy support is a funny one. Dem's today are not what they were 40 years ago. If you gave Kennedy's Inagural Address to anybody today, they would see that he is a Republican. Liberals are well intentioned but their ideas are often not realistic and harm the country more than they help. 'People are poor...give them money' is a prime example. I feel bad for people who aren't motivated enough to work but by giving them money you are only promoting them to keep doing nothing while we all pay for it. Same goes with 'Universal Healthcare'. Sorry if you can't prioritize your life well enough to buy yourself health coverage. Statistically speaking the numbers are very small of people that actually NEED a handout. On a few other points...politicians don't have a ton to do with the gas prices. Plus with the 'Global Warming' policies the Dem's want to implement will only raise taxes on gas, thus raising the prices. Dem's and their social programs will hardly help the economy. Global peace is a novel idea but it will never happen. Study Radical Islam and the situation in the Middle East a little more for todays example. History has some other great lessons on 'world peace'...there's never been any. Also sorry for those people that over extended themselves and took out loans they couldn't afford. It's about personal's not the fault of the lending companies or anybody else. Obama is well intentioned but I don't see a lot reality is his (or any other Dem's) vision.

writerlady profile image

writerlady 8 years ago from South Author

Thanks for the comment. The United States is headed for a recession. I don't know who to blame or who to point the finger at but I do know that we need help. The war is senseless, who started that? The gas prices are unreal because of the war. People arent losing their homes because they didn't budget right. They are losing their homes because the government is sending their jobs away. I have faith that Obama can change things. If you don't see we need a change, you must be rich and living in Europe.

Kennedy 8 years ago

The war was started on Sept 11 when people flew planes into the twin towers killing 3000+ innocent Americans. The war had begun much much earlier than that (there has always been instability in the Middle East) and we had terrorist attacks under Clinton (USS Cole, US Embassy in Tanzania, etc.) but he lacked the will to address the problem back then and even downsized our military and threatened our National Security. You can read 'Dereliction of Duty' (Patterson) to find out more about that. My current read is 'America Alone' (Steyn) and it provides a good synopsis of the problem the world faces with the Islamic threat. If you think everything will be ok if we leave the area, you are fooling yourself. If we leave, I would want us to shut down our borders...Obama has no plan for that. Illegals can be as much to blame for the recession as anybody. They don't pay taxes, abuse our health care, and cost us a lot towards staying unified as a country. The government is sending jobs away because Dem's won't allow free markets to take control. Anti-Capitalism is not American. Wal-mart is not evil as some would like to think. I think we need a change but I don't see it happening from the Democratic side. Don't forget that the House/Senate/Congress (otherwise known as our system of checks and balances...Pres Bush is blamed for wayyy too much) is all controlled by Dem's. What's their approval rating?...18% - Fantastic. Obama's call for 'change' and 'unity' means everybody follow me and my liberal policies. I can't agree with any of them. A lot of people call Reagan's presidency the greatest in the last 100 years and he strictly followed conservatism (Capitalism, Family Values, National Security, Small Government, etc.) This lead to his 49-state landslide victory in 1984 when the country was really as united as it's ever been and we enjoyed great economic properity. I am the son of an immigrant family who moved to the US right after WWII. I currently spend 7 months of the year living in Europe and my fear is that we will adopt social policies and become a passive nation that will no longer defend for our and the worlds freedom.

writerlady profile image

writerlady 8 years ago from South Author

ok, thanks

dafla 8 years ago

I think Obama is a wonderful man, and I'm originally from SC. No surprise that they are racist there, but they have a huge black population, so this was a chance for them to make their mark, and I'm proud of them for doing so. I hear there was a record turnout of black voters...FINALLY!

I voted for Hillary today, but not because Obama is black or Hillary is a white woman, but because I think Obama really needs to get in there and get some more experience before he takes over the office of President. Once he does that, I'm all for him being our first black POTUS.

And on another note, I left SC because I got tired of the racism, only to discover that people in Florida hate EVERYBODY!

writerlady profile image

writerlady 8 years ago from South Author

Lol, thanks for the comment.

ohohdon profile image

ohohdon 8 years ago from Yakima

The only reason I would vote for Obama is if Hillary and Edwards were the only other options. It has nothing to do with color. In fact, I voted for Alan Keyes in the primary, several years ago. The fact the the Kennedy's are supporting Obama gives me plenty of reason to cast my vote elsewhere.

robertino profile image

robertino 8 years ago from Canadian in Dubai

The whole world is watching America NOW!You have a good chance to start regaining trust and respect NOW!Fact is you choose twice a President that is a “miserable failure”

Let the “Old Timers” Go. And vote for New and Change. It should not matter blue or red, back or white. Wake Up America!There I said it;-) Good Luck!

huba7 profile image

huba7 8 years ago from Uganda

I like the Idea that a black man could easily be leading the greatest democracy in the world-a super power nation! Obama is special to me because we share a history-his father is a Luo of Western kenya, and I am a Luo of Northern Uganda and as Africans with a common root in the Southern Sudan, it touches me passionately to even imagine that Obama resonates with great men like the Kenedies! I am waiting with a beating breath to see Obama as the Amercan President!

writerlady profile image

writerlady 8 years ago from South Author

Thanks for the comment!!

jjpmarketing profile image

jjpmarketing 8 years ago from Louisville, KY

I support Obama 100%. I believe he is what this country needs to pull us out of the Bush mess. I supported Bush the fist time around. I didn't the second time around. I don't hold allegiances to a specific political party. I look at all candidates and see which one is best.

I believe if Obama chooses Edwards as his running mate then he will be our next president. If he doesn't it is going to be an absolute dog fight to win against McCain. Honestly I don't think there is any candidate that could do worse than Bush.

I knew if he got elected the second time around we would be in for a rough road ahead. Everytime I see Obama speak, or try to convey his ideas to the people listening, it reminds me of the effect JFK had on our nation. I believe that if Obama were elected, we may have a chance of returning to our former glory. If not anything is possible.

I just don't want it to be Clinton. Not because she is a woman, but because there is a reason we have a 2 term limit on presidential terms in office. Having her in office, could be like having Bill back in office for 4 to 8 years. I believe eventually a woman will be president, but not her. Obama is exactly what this country needs. Oh, by the way, I am also white.

Racism is still prevalent in our society because you have a lot of baby boomers still active socially, particularly in politics. These baby boomers were taught racism at a young age. Once the majority of the baby boomer generation is gone, I am certain racism will be less and less of an issue.

The only issue at hand, is if Obama is elected, will assassination attempts be a constant concern because he is an african american? I would hate to see what could be the best thing to happen to this country in a long time, be ruined by closed minded, selfish people's actions.

Another thing. The reason I would like to see Edwards as his running mate, is because, if I am not mistaken, he was very animate about improving on education. This country is in dire need of educational reform, and not just at the high school level or lower, but also at the post secondary level.

writerlady profile image

writerlady 8 years ago from South Author

Thanks for your commet. I also thought about what was the chances of Obama getting assassinated....but all I can say is if he gets it I pray he take nothing for granted.

jaymz profile image

jaymz 8 years ago from USA

I have nothing against him being black. I just don't think he doesn't have the enough experience to be president.

urbanmate94 8 years ago from Prudenville, Mi

Personally I think that Obama shouldn't be president and it is not because he is black. The only reason why is because he for one refused to salute the American flag at a honoring event and two he is Muslim. If It was my decision on who was President then I would most not definetly choose a muslim who after all sounds like a terroist to me. If I had to choose between Hilary Clinton and Barrack Obama I would most definetly choose Hilary Clinton.

writerlady profile image

writerlady 8 years ago from South Author

Urbanmate I think you need to be more educated on Obama. None of what you listed above about him is true. People will say anything to bring a good man down. Thanks for your comment.

urbanmate94 8 years ago from Prudenville, Mi

yes it was because it was on a live broadcast of a televised event.

robie2 profile image

robie2 8 years ago from Central New Jersey

Urbanmate--are you sure that TV program isn't in your head? Obama salutes the flag, swears on the bible, and goes to church--but in my book where you really get into trouble is assuming that Muslim equals terrorist. There is absolutely no reason a native born American Muslim should not run for President. One probably will one of these days. We do, in theory at least, have no religious requirements for the office. Muslim terrorists are a tiny group of politicized religious fanatice--there are Christian fanatics too who do violence in the name of God.

robertino profile image

robertino 8 years ago from Canadian in Dubai

Urbanmate that sounds more like country side mate. No disrespect intended but that is exactly what you get by watching Fox News and other controled media in the land of the free.

t steevns 8 years ago


tsteevns 8 years ago

Obombus empty rhetoric

I Stand for Change

I am a candidate of Hope

I want Hopeful change

I support Changeble hope

I have a plan for changing hopefully to hope for change

I sure hope i don't have to change this message

C.S.Alexis profile image

C.S.Alexis 8 years ago from NW Indiana

1. your sexuality

2. your religion

Two things that are so personal it is best not to discuss them in public, and if you do it is a good way to start arguments and make enemies. Sex behind closed in a booth with the curtain drawn. I like MY privacy. Good hub too. What if we were all blind and we could not see the color of another person's skin? I always wonder about that.

haha 8 years ago

kennedy is the only one using half his brain, Hussein Obama doesn't stand for anything but poetic empty words...his pastor is a black rascist and anti-american and you can't go to a church for 20 years and not believe what is being preached

writerlady profile image

writerlady 8 years ago from South Author

Have you heard the entire tape or are u just like a few other americans and only got the broken line pieces. My advise is simple........listen to the entire speech from the preacher and then comment.

Rose Ella Morton profile image

Rose Ella Morton 8 years ago from Beverly Hills, Michigan

Yes you must hear the whole tape. What about the children who are growing up with racist parents. Will the children be respected better if they cut ties with their parents. Should we fear The children because what their parent teach. If all they can find on Obama is what his ex-preacher said. Then he must be a great man.

I want him to be our next President

kolohe 8 years ago

I am an American living in Australia and I voted for Barrack Obama via absentee ballot. Well said about Obama Writerlady!

WELOVEOBAMA 8 years ago


writerlady profile image

writerlady 8 years ago from South Author

Thank you for your comment!!! YES WE DID!!

Rose Ella Morton profile image

Rose Ella Morton 8 years ago from Beverly Hills, Michigan

Obama is for all people. That is why he was elected. It took all of us to make him President. White, Black, Brown, Yellow, Red. I went to the movie by myself about six weeks ago. While in the show I notice how black and white were huddle around together in the center where we could see the picture better. Years before it would have been different. We should all learn from Obama.

nonsense 7 years ago


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