Blowing my Nose


Okay, so we all suffer from the same symptoms. Here are a few tips to help you out.

After speaking with a few experienced nasal expectorators, I came up with these nose-blowing nuggets:

  • Choose tissues over washable handkerchiefs — used hankies wadded-up in your pocket provide a breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Take a deep breath (through your mouth) before you blow your nose.
  • Keep your mouth slightly open when you're ready to let loose. This can help prevent damage to your ear drums.
  • Blow out little, gentle puffs, as opposed to hair-raising honks, which should also spare your nostrils, Eustachian tubes, and ear drums from a harmful beating.
  • Close your eyes to make nose-blowing a more comfortable experience.
  • Block one nostril while evacuating the other, and then trade as needed.
  • Inhale steam or take a shower before blowing your nose, facilitating "clean-out" by loosening those tough clogs.
  • Wipe your nose to make sure nothing else is hanging around when all's been cleared.

Reducing your risk of catching a cold may be one way to eliminate the need to blow your nose in the first place. Also wash your hands frequently, get enough sleep, reduce stress, and manage your allergies and hay fever, if you have any.

As one of my friends said to me, "Use a handkerchief and cover your mouth".

Great places to buy one:

Cute embroidered items.

Good luck and feel free to post questions if you have any.

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