Born in the Year of the Buffalo

Born in the Year of the Buffalo

Quiet and patient, diffident and slow, precise and methodical, balanced and self-effacing, the buffalo hides an original and intelligent nature behind a façade that is downright homely. He has the gift of inspiring confidences, which is the trump card of his success.

The buffalo is a contemplative – which is probably why he likes to be alone so often. He is often pursue and ideal to the point of fanaticism. He is often a chauvinist, sometimes a bigot - one of the reasons why he is often criticized.

Despite his appearance of tranquility, however, the buffalo is in fact swayed by a choleric – sometimes a violent – nature. Although he is usually self – contained and introspective, the buffalo can in times of need command a formidable eloquence. Although rare, his rages are non e the less frightening for that.

It is beat not to try to cross him – for he can become dangerous. And notwithstanding his placid appearance he is a stubborn beast and hates to be thwarted in anything he undertakes. It’s too bad for anyone who stands in his way: he can be very mean and he spares nobody. He is a leader of men and nothing can stop him.

He detests anything new-fangled: it upsets the even tenor of his way. You will find him, therefore, among those railing against Picasso, modern jazz, hip-hop, miniskirt and long hair for men. He will never tolerate anything like that in his family.

The buffalo is an authoritarian. His family, in the broad sense of the word, plays one of the most important roles in his existence. But his conventionality, his sense of the traditional, forbids any innovations. Females born under this sign can be relied on to cook dutiful pancakes and dress exactly in the way expected of them. It’s no good whatever waiting for them to display any sense of sartorial imagination.

The buffalo is a hard worker who can produce a great output and bring prosperity to those near to him. For the Vietnamese peasant, the possession of a buffalo is a sign of wealth – but the wealth benefits nobody but the owner’s immediate family.

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